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I Can’t See Youuuu

Model – Jonathan Sia (3 years old)

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Baby Samantha @ 2 months old

Before I start with my rambling, first and foremost, YES!  I AM BACK!!!!


Secondly (LOL), I know it’s been a while and many was wondering why I’ve stopped blogging.  The truth is, I have never stop blogging.  Blogging takes up a lot of time especially when I have to drained a lot of juices from my brain for words.  With Facebook, things got even simpler.  The picture speaks for itself and save me so much trouble to think of something to say even though I have nothing much to crap.  Another thing was, whatever pictures I’ve uploaded in Facebook will eventually be  blogged later of the day.  So it is like doing double work.  When I sat down and think about it, I feel bad that some of you have to look/read  things twice.  In one word, all the above summed up to LAZINESS!

Thirdly, I am still very much addicted to Twilight Fanfiction.  They are like my personal bedtime stories.  If you are much a vivid reader like me, you will know it is very difficult to put down a good book.  In one word, it means FAVOURITISM!

Lastly, I think soon I will have to change my nickname from HijackQueen to MafiaQueen. After getting addicted then bored with Farmville, I started playing Mafia Wars on Facebook.  Boy oh boy, it involved so much killings, so many bashings, so my type of game, ok!  So busy can die liddat even no time to enjoy the new LCD TV . In one word, who like to do boring stuff?

So, to summed up  1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = I am happy to be back even though I am still lazy to blog but at night can catch up Rob Pattinson in my dream even though the finger now very itching to check out Mafia.  There!  Told you so,  blogging is just like talking crap.  Muahahahaa!

Let’s put a side all the crap and continue where I left the other time.

Right!  I was talking about my newest niece, Samantha.  It is not my position to elaborate on her sickness (psst.. she is just lying!  Lazy say lazy la) but I do mentioned here and there as to what happen to Samantha in Facebook.  After Samantha returned home from her Mummy’s confinement period, I did a simple yet impromptu photoshoot for her.

You get to see more from my Facebook.

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Julie @ 7 Months

Took this photo for my Sister Julie when she was around 7 months pregnant with her 2nd baby.  Even though she took the best prenatal vitamins I still find her tummy small.  The old wives saying, “that is because she is carrying a baby girl!” By the time I’m writing this post, my sister is about to due in a weeks time.  That is how much I’ve procrastinate with my blogging. *sigh…*

I tried studio style this time.  To be precise, home make shift studio.  The only thing missing here is a studio light.  Look at this 2 pictures and I’ll elaborate further:

My Sister, Julie and my other nephew

CAn you see what is the difference?

Look at the background.  Without a studio light, we tend to get greyish background even though our backdrop is white.  For the 2nd picture, I edge and delete the grey background.  Hence how you have a white background.  This is to say, if you want the real studio effect, photoshop it!

I’ve upload the rest of the photos in Facebook.  Enjoy!

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FGS Dong Zen 2010

It’s been a long time since I have a picture-over-loaded post.  This is going to be one.  FGS Dong Zen is a temple situated in Jenjarom about 30minutes away from Klang.  We go there every year during Lunar New Year for photography.  If you plan to do some photography, I would advise you to reached the temple around 4 or 5 o’clock (depending how long you intend to spent on shooting) for daylight shoot.  Lights will be switched on around 7pm and from there, you can do the night shoot.  Usually I will skip the night shoot as I am not very good in it. Yet.

Okie, less talk and pictures time!

I love these few shots of Kharlette.  Mischivious little girl she is!

That weekend we was there, WWF was having a ‘Save The Tiger’ campaign whilst making a record of painting 1,000 faces.    We are part of the participants. Kudos to all the volunteers from WWF. In fact, this is my first time getting my face painted.  I was very nervous while waiting for the painter to finish her job cos my ‘beauty’ is in her hand. It was such a relieved when she handed me the mirror cos I’ve seen a few people had their face badly painted.  Next time I shall find a job or volunteering job like this so that I can make people look ugly.  Wahahahaha!

I’ve upload more pictures in Facebook.  Enjoy!

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See Me In Action

Not very often, I had myself appear in photographs.  But this time I was quite pleased as my sifu had quite a number of my candid shot taken during our recent photography outing.  Love him for that!

Candid shot courtesy from, taken using lens 17-35mm f2.8-4.

With this,

(This is when the live view came in handy when you can’t reach the view finder.  My first time switching it on.  Unbelievable!)

I get this:

With this,

I get this:

With this,

I get nothing. LOL!  There is no bugs on the dead tree trunk.  Just some wild  wood fungus grew on it.  Furthermore, the wood fungus doesn’t looks nice at all on macro.  It is other wise if they are mushroom.

And for some curious people like Aunty Kambing, no, I was not the only rose among thorn during the outing.  Nah, I got proof here *sticking out tongue*:

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Macro Shoot Outing

Date:  17 January 2010

Venue:  Taman Rimba Kiara, TTDI

Time:  Meeting time 7.30am.  Went for breakfast then adjourned to the park. Full swing was around 8.30am if I’m not mistaken.  And round up around 12noon.

Lens use:  Tamron SP90


Other than this first photo, the rest of it was taken with Tamron SP90.  Forummers of

Troops fixing up their gears getting ready for the shoot.

Custom made special flash extender.  Guess what is Andrew snooping about?

Nah, this praying mantis.


Macro was best to shoot at ratio 1:1.  But I notice (for my case) for example this caterpillar.  With 1:1, I can’t get the full body shot.  So half it is.

An eye opener for me.  Taking bugs shot is very different from big object.  We or rather they really look under every the leaves, in the deep bushes, examine every tree trunk, staring at the still water and many more.  But the effort really paid off once you look at the picture.  No regrets.

Final picture from the outing something that is not a bug.  I wonder what species is this?  Looks like nicotine earth worm. LOL

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Make Shift Studio

This is my first time trying out studio photography.  I regreted not taking a shot of how I draped up the white linen as backdrop.  Excuse me, the fabric doesn’t come cheap ok.  I choose the whitest and thickest (so that they would not crumple when step on) fabric in the shop and they cost me around RM40 plus for 4 meters.  What’s missing is the studio lighting.  Overall, I’m quite satisfy as to how the pictures turn out.  Well, based on my standard ok.

The willing model this time is my 6 months old nephew, Ezekiel.  He is our latest addition to my family.  I’ve done some baby shots on him sometime back too when he was just day old.

There’s a few thing that I would like to add to the photos like some shadow around the perimeter but too bad, my laptop has been experiencing some hiccup lately and the CS3 program was wipe out.  I’m getting a new one this weekend.  Yippie!  It’s a good laptop deals. But still, I need the CS3 program.

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Why No Updates Wan?

I know I so deserved to get my ass kick.  Too bad I have a mission to accomplish and I am some what almost there.  I can’t wait to show you my farm!  On the other hand, I have been pretty tight up with quite a number of things (family involvement i.e. Sis undergo appendix surgery, Mom undergo a minor surgery, weddings, kids exam, homework, housework, etc, 4396510) (swearing in numbers as my cap lock is faulty!) and next week, I’ll be travelling with my kids again.  Woot!  I think that makes me somehow not in a mood to blog.

Some pretty photographs I took during my Cousin Yun’s wedding:

The last photo shows that there are too many photographers around!  This is a good thing when you have lots of friend carrying a dSLR.  You get free shots but then, bad day for the official photographer (the one in green shirt) as he can’t get a nice shot without ‘additional’ faces in there.  I have never felt so uninvolved in my cousin’s wedding.  Seeing so many photographers around, I better kwai-kwai sit in one corner, yea?  I only sneak up when the official photographer is out of sight.  I know I am such an obedient dog.  Woof!

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Little Missy

During our recent 2 days/one night trip to Cameron Highlands, I came home with over 400 shots.  Day by day, my pc memory is running low.  Thanks to the 16gb external hard.  Instead of clogging up my blog with pictures, now I have them uploaded in Facebook.  I will still choose some of my favourite shots to share with those who is not in my Facebook account.

This is my 4 years old Little Missy occasionally aka Little Miss Troublemaker or Baby Princess but today I shall address her as Little Missy.  You will know why after looking at her poses.

Tips:  The thing with .jpeg files.  The more editing (resizing) you do, the quality is reduced by the number of usage.  So each time you resize them, got to sharpen it.  By then, you will get very crappy picture. The lazy me always do this.  Open the original picture (2888px), resized them at 600px for Facebook upload (sharpened it), resized them again at 200px for scrapbooking (sharpened it), finally resized again the scrapbook layout to accommodate my blog. (No more pixel to sharpen)  Crappy isn’t it!  If can, always use original picture and never reuse the resized picture.  Geddit?

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Bumble Bees

Have you guys watch Transformers – Revenge of The Fallen?  If you do, you will notice Sam Witwicky address Bumble Bee as ‘Bee’.  Not sure about you but I think that name is a bit sissy to be used for a robot.  And to make him look more sissy, why on earth does he (Bee) have to weep a bucket (a scene in Sam’s garage).  And that scene of Sam parent’s garden is so beautifully ruin.  Awesome!  I wonder how much does the home insurance quote gonna pay for a new house.

By the way, here is some ‘Bees’ photographs that I took in Bees Farm in Cameron Highlands.  The purple flower is lavendar and they have heaps in the farm!


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