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Yoda Save Yoga


Director: Hijackqueen

Writer : Nazlan J.

Release Date: 27 November 2008

Genre: Cartoon

Plot: Yoga Bear was banned from entering Jellystone Park. Yogi Bear reported the news to his Cousin, Yoga Bear in Jellystone Park. Uncle Yoda came to their rescue!

Cast: Yogi Bear
Yoga Bear
Yoda Master

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Superstar Libra Cruise – Day Two

I was awaken rudely by a ringing tone. Obviously it is not my mobile phone. I hurriedly stood up and make my way towards the sound. As I was half awaken and still blur, I lost my balance and fell on my bum. I realised one side of my leg is numb. NO WONDER I CAN’T WALK! So I limp to the cabin’s phone and it was my MOM on the other line. Gosh! It was a morning call! And it was 6.30am!!!

The itinerary was like this:

Day One
12 to 2pm – Gate open for boarding.
4pm – Ship sail to Langkawi

Toay is Day Two –
4am – Ship reach Langkawi (Can you imagine the ship sail for 12 hours?)
8am – Passenger is allowed to disembark in Langkawi
12noon – Ship sail again to SG

Day Three –
4pm – Ship reach SG (Can you imagine the ship sail for 28 hours!!!)
4pm – Passenger is allowed to disembark in SG.
7pm – Ship sail back to Port Klang

Day Four –
10am – Ship reach Port Klang

So where were we? Ok, day 2 and my leg was numb. I tried to continue my sleep but can’t cos the air conditioning compressor is humming. Since my MOM was so excited to disembark from the ship, I woke my other Sisters. They took ages to get ready so I told them I make my way first to meet my Mom who was already waiting at the restaurant. It was like 7am? While on my way, I spotted the sunrise!

I am not a morning person. This is probably my 2nd time taking shots of sunrise (1st time was Angkor Wat’s trip). The beauty of sunrise is the soft blue effect they created in the morning compare. I walk about the ship and ended at the bow (front of the ship).

They are so beautiful. It’s a restricted area so I just stood at where I was allowed, took few more shots then proceed to meet my parents for breakfast before we disembark from the ship. The rest of the people was wondering how come I left the room first but last to reach the restaurant. *hehe…During disembarkment, you can either pay a large small sum of money to join some tours organized by the Cruise or you can DIY yourself or just stay on board. Activities on board still carry on like usual. We just walk about Awana Morto Malai Hotel just across the jetty to kill time. What else can we do?

Lots of camwhoring of course! This is the only photo I shot of my Parents together.

Youngest Sis (6th) and Nephew (5th Sis’s Son)

2nd Sister with her 6mths old Daughter. The last time I saw the Baby when she was only 1mth old. Time flies.

Ahem, ah then hor… I ended up buying a straw hat from Awana Porto Malai’s souvenir shop at RM33.90 and we was having so much fun and lots of crazy moments again.

Jonathan, the floor dirty or not???

Advertising for Magnolia ice-cream

5th Sis idea to go in the rubbish bin. Yes, it’s a bin!

The worker came out yelling at us from the cafe. So hillarious we almost die laughing.

Too much gila-gila liao. I have whole lots of camwhoring pics in my hard drive. Too paiseh to show all. Let’s tone down a bit. Some serious shot.

Yoga Pose – Inverted prayer.

We spent about 2 hours out under the hot sun and later decided to go back to the cruise. Mom was holding a magazine over her head as a shield from the blazing sun and said, “Look at my hat. I don’t have to pay a single cent for it.” O.o don’t la char me like this, Ma.

While walking back to the jetty, this two is the last photo of the day cos after which…..

…after this shot….

… my niece hat flew away and in a nick of time, I stretched out my hand to grab it only to realized I was holding my spectacle with that same hand. Now that I’ve grabbed hold of her hat but dropped my RM200.00 spectacle into the sea! Can you imagine how I felt that time? I really want to cry! I really want to turn back the clock! I really regretted my act! I walk silently back to the cruise, back to my cabin and buried my head under the pillow. And for the whole day, I was not in a mood for photography. Heck, I’ve forgotten what I did on the 2nd day. Now you know why photographs is so important.

Night life on board is quite fixed. After dinner, we catched a show at 9pm, there after adjouned to the open deck at deck 10th. Just lazying around, crack some jokes, admire the full moon, on our way back to the cabin, we dropped by the casinos, inhale some nicotine cos we are the tech savvy people we only play at the best casino online. *cough* The next day we will repeat the same thing all over again. I can say that life is slow and stress free on board. Love that. The most amazing thing is today, we are going to sail across the ocean for 28 hours before reaching our destination and still we felt like we are not sitting on a moving ship at all. Amazing isn’t it?

More camwhore in Day 3. Stay tune!

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Fatwa on Yoga

The decision make by National Fatwa Council to banned Yoga has shocked many of us. As a Yoga practitioner, I have been following the news very closely. Today’s news send a little breather to many Muslim practitioners – The implementation of Fatwa ban was put on hold in two States i.e. Selangor and Perak. Unfortunately. Just hang on to your mat and don’t burn that books yet, Yoginis.

I am not writing to debate the details of the Fatwa. This has quoted many times by the Council that practicing yoga’s physical poses, known as asanas, without spiritual elements such as chanting and meditation is considered alright by Islamic law, although is not encouraged as “doing one part of yoga would lead to another”. Through my 2 years involvement in Yoga, I have never heard of anyone who has deviated from their personal faith, converted to Hinduism or denounced religion because they practice yoga. I am still a Christian today for Pete’s sake! Let’s just put it in a simple way. If anyone of you after seeing the below photograph thinks the poses is spiritual, then lift up your hand. Here goes:

Inverted Prayer

Standing Pigeon

Wheel & Cobra

Tree Pose

Revolved side angle seated pose

Bow Pose

Garland – Practise this to help relieve menstrual pain.

Crescent moon

Half/Crescent moon

Baby in downward facing dog

Triangle Pose – Good for relieving backache

Wide Legged Forward Bend – I can touch my head to the floor but you can’t *sticking out tongue*

Side plank – I have stronger arm than you do *sticking out tongue*

Headstand – I can stand on my head but you can’t *sticking out tongue*

Warrior I, II & III

The Crow

So tell me guys. Did you see anything spiritual? I can’t! Cos all I saw is just gymnastic and acrobats act. Can I change your perception on yoga now? It is true that if you put the three elements together i.e. poses + meditating + chanting = spiritual. For your information, there are 2 types of yoga in this modern world i.e. Traditional and Modern which already modified into physical yoga poses called asanas (in Sanskrit) which is similar to gymnastics or acrobatics. There are no spiritual elements, such as chanting and meditation involved. Religious sensitivity surrounding this issue has raised not only by Muslim but my own religion i.e. Christian and from day one, I have been very careful with what I do. And you don’t *toot* come and tell me yoga is not for Christian if you don’t know nuts about Yoga!!!!!!!

And over my 2 years involvement in Yoga, I get myself into 2 heated debate with some people that disagree my involvement in Yoga. Some of you may not know, in Christian, Yoga is deem as spiritual too and the Ministry too discouraged us from taking up the so-called exercise for health. I can go on and on defending Yoga and if I do, this post is going to be full of words.

What have I benefit from Yoga? I used to be very bad tempered but Yoga has taught me to be more calm. My backache is gone, my blood pressure is back to normal. The above 2 pics is not taught in my class. I have build up my core and my legs are strong hence why I am able to lift my kids up.Who knows I can even juggle you in the air like the acrobats! Heck I am able to stay slim without all those Hydroxycut hardcore diet pills.

You know what is spiritual? Spiritual is like when you are able to fly. I am somewhere there but not quite there yet.


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Bento Marathon #56, 57, 58

Once in a while I will consolidate few unattractive Bentos that is taking up memory space in my laptop computer.  Those unattractive but taste heavenly creation is usually when I have ran out of food in the fridge or when I was dead tired to wake up at 6am.

Bento #56

Left to right: Yakult (cultured drink), mini Toblerone chocolate, biscuits in clear silicon dish and tuna mayo as dip to go with the biscuits in penguin silicon dish. Wedges of golden kiwis in oval silicon dish. There is a small spreading knife for the tuna spread next to the penguin dish if you look carefully. While I was processing this pic, my 8 y/o dotter said, “Mummy, this look delicious but too bad, I did get to eat them.” That is so pitiful to hear. What happened was she forgot to bring her lunch box to school as she left them in the fridge. As the two younger rascals came home first before the eldest Sister, they happily gobbled all the food like monkeys. You know, monkey? Greedy, fighting & making lots of noises? I promised Jie-Jie I will make a similar bento for her other time cos this girl is totally nuts over tuna.

Bento #57

Left to right: Fairy bread in a shape of tulip, Yakult (cultured drink) and cheese sandwich.
Even though this is non cook food, the preparation is quite time consuming especially the fairy bread as I try to be very careful not to spill the Hundred and Thousand on the work table to minimal cleaning.

Bento #58

Daddy’s bento consist of cheese and ham sandwich. Dessert was passion fruits and thanks to Christine for the red dates.

This time I wrapped the sandwiches in cling wrap so that they won’t fall apart.

One of my blog reader wants to know where she can get this elastic bento band that I am using. For your information, I make them myself! They are not for sale and I don’t think you would want to buy something that is hand stitched compare to machine stitched.

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I Also Have Milk

I was eavesdropping the conversation between Baby Princess and my Sister while she was breastfeeding her boy in my house:

Kharlette:  Wu Yi (5th Aunt), I also got milk.

Wu Yi:  Show me where is your milk.

Kharlette:  In the kitchen.

Haha!  What were you all thinking?  When I heard that little rascal’s reply, I was sniggering at my Sister.  Kena juga dia.

Another incident happen just recently when I was babysitting my Nephew during my Sister’s absence.  This little boy can tell time and he will start crying if he stays any longer in my house.

Kharlette: Mummy, let Jonathan drink your milk la.

O.o Asif I am still productive. Chis!

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Superstar Libra Cruise – Day One

I signed up for Superstar Libra Cruise way back in June when they are running their ‘Buy 1 Free 1’ campaign at RM2,240 for 2 adults. Since my Mom has been influence by relatives talking about Cruises for the past 2 years, I jump on this opportunity to bring my Parents for a holiday without my kids tagging along so that I do not have to juggle between being a filial daughter and a responsible Mom.

All these while, we have heard good and bad reviews about Cruises. I’m not taking side on any of them till I have my hands on it. Initially, my Mom wanted to try the big ship i.e. Superstar Virgo but the boarding has to be in Singapore which means that we will need to take a bus ride to Singapore and board the Cruise from there.

And since Mom has been poison many times by her relatives/friends, her mind is set on Superstar Virgo. If you must know, my Mom is the type that get car sick most of the time. I have to convince her a few times before she agrees on Libra.

View of the cabin right at the entrance

We took the 2nd best category room even thought they are slightly more expensive for the sake of comfort. I want my Parents to go home with sweet memories and not grudges. Still, the cabin is as big as a bird cage and the bed?

The width is as wide as the size of the pillow. How pathetic! Can you imagine what it is like in the lower category cabin? Don’t even get me started on the toilet. The attached bathroom is as wide as my shoulder width cos each time I shower, my elbow will brush against the shower curtain. *yikes. And the wash basin and the toilet bowl is all about the same. Good thing I have a petite size so it is not much problem to me.

The advantage of smaller cruise is that you do not have to walk too far to your destination.

Right after we dropped off our luggages in the cabin, we went to the highest deck that is deck 9th and 10th.

If you are the type that doesn’t play mahjong, doesn’t gamble in casino, doesn’t swim, doesn’t play board game, doesn’t like to join activities on board, doesn’t like to do anything and the only thing you want to do is eat and sleep, I would suggest you to stay home. Really!

My Dad is all of the above. All he does is eat, sleep, watch Wah Lai Toi and probably joined us for a little night show and walk around in the casino for 10 minutes. That’s all about it. Dad knows how to play mahjong but none of us that went, play mahjong. 🙁 . The only mahjong I play is on the internet.

Kids probably spent the whole day dipping in the pool. Now you know why I decided to cruise alone. Either I have to play ‘lifeguard’ to my kids or I would have neglect my Parents. I can’t say, “Ma, I bring you go holiday” but in the end when my Mom is there I go, “Ma, help me jaga my camera. I go take a dip with the kids.” Plus… plus hor, my ‘good friend’ came and visit me. Aiseh. Really cannot dip.

View at the 10th deck.

Cruise to some is heaven for food. If you are planning to go for Cruise, this is what you do. Don’t even bother to take your breakfast or lunch. If the boarding gate open at 12pm (cruise depart at 4pm only), go ahead and board the Cruise. From that minute, food are free flow. Eat all you can eat!

There are 3 restaurants for you to choose from – Oriental, Western or International buffet. Five meals a day and the only meal we skipped is the supper which starts at 11pm except on our last day where we went for the Wild Wild West party till late. Now you can see why I need to diet again.

Oh, before I forget, once you step on board, all transaction is by Singapore Dollar. The boarding card is basically used to swipe almost everything on board – entrance to your cabin, the restaurant, on board purchases and disembarkment.

Jazzmint reckon I took many sunrise/sunset pics throughout my 4 days on board. Sad to say, I managed to take once (only) on sunset and the sunrise next morning. Our meal time always clashes with the sunset and since I am not the morning person, I don’t even bother about sunrise.

On our first day, show starts at 7.15pm and the next show is at 9pm. Being the kiasu Malaysian, we went for the first show so that we do not have to join the crowd that comes in after their dinner. Which means some of us have to had our dinner at 6pm and whoever finish their meal can help us to book the seat at the lounge. Being the kiasu me (again! since I got no kids ma), I volunteer to leave the restaurant at 6.45pm. That is how I spotted the sunset. While the rest of my family members happily chomping food, I was happily snapping photos. And I don’t even care if we have to sit at the back of the hall during the show! I know I was so irresponsible but photography come first in this case. *ahem* I told myself I still have day 2 & 3 of sunset to shoot but sad to say there are always something that crop up.

By the time I finished taking pictures, one of my BIL is already at the lounge. haha! The shows is pretty entertaining. A bit of singing & dancing.

I learn a new thing from my youngest Sister this time. Fyi, both of is using Canon 400D. Auto mode for WB makes the stage pic looks crappy. We switched to ‘florescent’ and viola! Chun to max!

The last two performance is quite hilarious but contained a bit of 18SX. LOL Performance is by the cabin crews from various department. They are so talented!

A performance by Goldie from Philippines. He is really beautiful even in real life! You know what I mean. They are cabin crews during the days but turned into a stage performers during the night. Now, this Goldie and another guy was performing to this song from Christina Aguilera. The lyrics contained something ‘mirror’. It’s quite a famous number. The following pictures is quite obscene. Proceed at your own risk.

Now, Goldie sees another reflection in the mirror and is trying to challenge his reflection like taking off his clothes *ahem*, removing his bra *wolf whistle*, doing the break dance and they even do the cartwheel. So darn funny can die! To me it is hilarious but to my Mom, she finds it quite embarrassing especially when we have foreigners watching. Well, you know… low class performance. It take one humor to accept another. That’s all I can say.

It’s Goldie again in another performance. Look at that tummy. Beats mine anytime! If the one on the stage is me, you probably will be staring at a woman carrying a spare tyre dancing. All of them can dance very well. Very entertaining.

Every night at 9pm we never failed to sit in the lounge watching shows. Well, like I said before, you either stay in the cabin and bored yourself to death, or you find an entertainment on board and enjoy yourself.

Another performance to the song titled “Macho Man”. They are fully clothes and ah huh, they went topless again. It’s free show, so who cares! Unless if you don’t mind paying for the Topless Broadway show at SGD35. The performance is by the real Broadway dancers and not cabin crews.

On the way out of the lounge, Janet (youngest) wants to be part of the Macho Man *rolling eye*.

Julia (2nd Sis) follow suit.

Yours truly and Julie (5th Sis) cannot tahan ade. We all wants to be part of the Macho Man!

For the last 3 days everyday after shows we all gather at deck 10th. Just laying on the lazy chair, feel the breeze blowing. Heck, we almost forgotten we are on a moving ship until we look down at the sea! Seriously, we can’t feel anything at all. And once in a while, I love to gazed down looking at the wave created by the moving ship. It is so amazing. Sailing across the ocean, almost 22 hours everyday and still we felt nothing at all.

Everything that I did, it always reminds me of the kids at home. For example the Wii Game competition, I knew my Prince will love that. And all the art and craft, the hip hop dancing workshop, etc. I vowed to myself, in 5 years time, I will have another trip with the kids. This time, it will be Superstar Virgo. And every night before I sleep, I’ll go thru all the beautiful pictures I took of other people’s children and the tears starts rolling down and I’ll cry myself to sleep.

Wah lau eh, not so serious la! LOL! This only happen on the first night as I couldn’t get any telecommunication signer. Miss the Daddy and kids so ma sob a bit lor. A bit only la. So big already still cry meh. Sot!

More to come after this post. Watch out for this space. Over and out.

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Bento Mania #55 – Pasta & Ham Salad

*psst… yes, I’m back from my cruise. Pics will come later. Haven’t started any processing yet.*

While the kids had cutie looking pastas two days in a row, I can’t wait for our chance to savour that packet of maple leaves shaped pastas.  errrr… I could be wrong on maple cos they are not maple at all.  Correct me if I am wrong.  At the mean time, let’s just pretend they are maple 😉 .

While the adult had lots of greens, the kids had ham sandwich which I do not intent to blog. The left over ham from the cut out (star), I cut them into tiny bits and they all goes into the salad. Nothing goes to waste that way. I like french dressing. Too much mayonnaise is a bit geli plus mayonnaise is fatty. NO?

The above bento belongs to Daddy. I make him a hard boiled egg out of the star egg mould which has been dusted by some black pepper. I reckoned a heart shape egg is a bit too mushy in the morning. LOL However, I make myself a heart shaped egg cos I have no other mould left except kiddie moulds.

This is my breakfast and lunch. What to do, have to jaga badan a bit. And why does Daddy had Strawberries but I have golden kiwi? That is because I share half of the kiwi with my other kids. This happen to me all the time. I just filled up what ever food I have.

This time I did not dust black pepper on my egg cos I find the pic look dirty with them. Cute eh?

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Where Has My Saturday Gone?

I have been going out of town every weekend since early October. Week one was the Singapore Trip. Week two Nephew’s wedding, week three Picnic in Morib, Week four FIL’s birthday and then last Saturday we was in Sunway Lagoon for Daddy company’s Family Day. Phew… and can you believe this coming Saturday I will be gone again for my cruise trip? *jumping like a school girl*

Suddenly I have too many things to blog but too little time to do so. I have yet to finish blogging my SG trip and after this week, you will see new photos from my cruise trip again. *jumping like school girl*. That is really scary!

Talking about Sunway Lagoon, you should revisit the place. They have a new kiddie water area. Way cooler than previously and wayyyyyyyyy bigger than before. Even the surf pool had sands now compared to previously, they are just pebble stones.

Not much pictures on the kids this time. Don’t know why. Don’t feel like taking pictures of them. I was kinda bored with all those same ole shots. I took more pictures of Daddy’s telematch so that he could share them with his colleagues.

I won’t be updating my blog till I come back from my cruise. *jumping like school girl* I’ve bought some new gear this time. A straw hat! And a dinner dress that I don’t think I will be wearing. You know in some cruise like las vegas nv, people really dress up in dresses for dinner. But then, we are talking about Malaysian. I will feel very uneasy if I overdress but I know I can’t go wrong with ‘underdress’ (don’t bother checking the Dictionary. There is no such word exist!) cos we are Malaysian!

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Bento Marathon #53 & #54 – Pastas Overloaded

Left to right: Macaroni Cheese, smoke ham and a piece of blueberry as decoration, raspberries and raspberry in konnyaku jelly.

Close up on the Animal Pasta. They consist of Giraffe, Tortoise, Lion & Elephant

I think the Mummy is more excited than the kids. LOL Few days later, I opened up another packet of Pasta Zara. This time, they are in shapes of vehicles.

Left to right: Macaroni in bolognese sauce, blueberries, bite sized burger, a small container of mayonnaise for alphabet fried potatoes.

Close up on the Transportation pasta: Train, Car, Motorbike & Aeroplane. If you look carefully, I have the bolognese gravy at the bottom. Didn’t want to mix them so that I could have a better picture showing the graphics.

I did a smaller bite size burger this time compared to previously. And the patties are homemade too. The one sold in the market has too much fats in them. This is part of my weight loss program *cough*

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Basic on Photography

This is no expert talking. Just want to share a few tips on basic photography (as how I do it). First of all, get rid of the PNS and go buy a dSLR.

I was just kidding. LOL!

No, I am not. Seriously.

Ok, ok. I was just kidding.

Secondly, flash makes the photograph looks crappy and it all depending on situation too. Try not to use flash. Instead, choose a correct white balance, play around with your camera mode, etc. For dSLR user, increase ISO, reduce field of depth, external flash is the next option. (That’s what I did la!).

Thirdly, get as close as possible to your subject if you intend to shoot a macro. Level your camera at eye level with your subject. Don’t just stand at your height and shoot from the top. Be creative with your angle.

Under a florescent light, without using any flash at all. The background turn out black. Crappy isn’t it?

First candle was lit. See how the natural lighting brings out glow to your picture. Remember to bring yourself same level as your object. Sit on a chair if you want but for me, I was sitting on an ‘invisible’ chair. Go figure 😉

Lighting the second row. You can try for yourself how it looks like with flash. aitelyu, sure beh kua wan.

This is the result of natural lighting. Your picture looks like something that is shot in the dark but the fact is, they are not. Amazing isn’t it?

That’s all for this post.

p/s: The birthday candles is an ‘IN’ thing nowadays. Cute isn’t it? This year, FIL birthday candles look like this. Gee… don’t think he even notice them.

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