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We Like It DIY

I have friends asking me on the total expenses incurred for our holiday. So this is merely a very brief post on how much we spent for our 4 days/3 night holiday to Hong Kong.  These are the expenses for 2 adult and 3 children that was charged to our credit card:

  1. Air Tickets – Flying with MAS Airline – RM3,441.00
  2. Accommodation – BP International House (3 nights) – RM729.14 (HKD1574.10)
  3. Disneyland Entrance Fees – RM669.04 (HKD1450)
  4. Ocean Park Entrance Fees – RM335.33 (HKD725)

We have other miscellaneous expenses like transportation (public buses), food and shopping.  All in, we used up all the RM1,000 that was allocated for this trip.  I do not know which is more expensive, DIY or tour.  But I think spending around RM1,200 on each person is cheaper than tour packages that could cost around RM2k per person?

Seriously, I have no time to compare prices but I like the thought of ‘sendiri jalan’ (leisurely walk) and what’s more, with 3 kids in tow.  We woke up anytime we like and we don’t have to rush for time or the awaiting bus.  Life is less stressful that way. Even though we might miss out the best duck in town or the best egg tart in town, what’s important is your priority.  Ask yourself what you want during a trip.  Walk till you drop or just a leisurely lazy holiday.  We are definitely the lazy type. LOL!  And I know my kids can’t tolerate long walking or shopping and it’s Summer!  Freaking hot out there!

Talking about which, living expenses in HK is very high!  3 plate of chicken rice cost us about HKD95 (RM45)! Even their Vitagen is so much more expensive than ours!  Transportation wise is very convenient but lots of walking involved.    I guarantee you will go slim even without taking any weight loss supplements. We are a bit spoilt as we are so used to  driving back home.  All in, it was a wonderful and most important, no stress holiday.  How do you definite no stress?  Mine would be – “Mummy-&-Daddy-is-not -yelling- at- each- other- because- of- the- kids.  (well, it happen most of the time) *rolling eye*

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The Little Ballerina

Ever wonder why we blog?  Well, blogging is like writing a diary.  We jot down important dates, remembering happy or sad event, food/recipe that we have tried, or sharing good stuff liked eye wrinkle cream , etc.  We blog not because we want to show off.  Just merely for recording it down.  I always refer back to my blog post for dates.  And I want to record this important date –

The two girls has started their ballet lesson early August.  I have to gave in after years of pestering from the eldest girl (9 y/o).  And this time, I make her promise, “You Finish What You Have Started!” No turning back half way.  And make her sign at the dotted line that it is her, who wants to take up Ballet and not me!

Surprisingly after the first lesson, her teacher told me she had so much talent in dancing and I should have sent her much earlier (*oopsie).  Dancing comes so naturally in her.  I can’t agree more when I watched her during her third lesson.  She is able to follow the steps and flocking like any of her friends.  The teacher even booked her for the coming Grade 1 exam this November.  Wah, save my $$$ man!

Now coming to the Little Missy (4 y/o).  Because of peer pressure, she wants to dance too.  I can say no (despite she is still young and will be wasting my money on Baby Ballet) to her but I can’t stand her whining!  The two girls really love it very much and has been looking forward to their lesson every week especially Little Missy.

Picture time.  Too this shot of Little Missy on her 3rd lesson.  Will upload more in FB when I have time.

There, now I have the dates here so the next time if I want to refer back to what year and what month they started their lesson, all I need to do is type  in the keyword on the left search engine bar and viola!

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The Magical World of Disney

Was gone and back from a short holiday to Hong Kong with the kids during the 3rd term school holiday.  Too much to write but so little time I have.  If time permit, I shall blog the journey, or else you can view the photographs that I have uploaded on Facebook.  I’m not a camcorder person.  Too shy to talk at a machine.  Would prefer still photographs most of the time and this time, I have lots of them!  As usual.

Hey, do try the above collage.  They are quite fun to put them together.

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