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She Will Be One Today

… if Baby Sam is still around.

Rest in peace, Sam!

~ In Ever Loving Memory, Samantha Sia Ern Ling March 24, 2010 – November 19, 2010 ~

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Valentine With The Significant Other

I used to discriminate against Valentine’s Day because my Hubby won’t buy me flowers they are over rated .  But come to think of it, over the years, Hubby and me used to dine out during Valentine’s Day. To me, Valentine’s mean nothing but a normal day with the excuses to eat-out.  We don’t have to go lovey-dovey and confess all the sweet nothing to each other on that miserable day.  We have 365 days to do that.  To say that we don’t celebrate Valentine is an understatement.  We just did not do it big.  If I am in the mood, I will get him a gift.  If not, there will be nothing.  And heck, I’ve been buying him something on and off and I don’t see why gifts have to be present on that particular day only.  That goes the same for my Significant other and I don’t expect a V-Day gifts at all.

Do you think woman that doesn’t like flower is not romantic?  Yea, that is me.  I rather have the cash anytime and since Hubby and me are on the same frequency, we click! Hehehe!  Few years ago, I did get a stalk of rose.  And you think Hubby is romantic that year? Nah!  He was having lunch in a kopitiam (coffeeshop) and was approached by some youngsters selling roses for charity.  RM10 for a stalk of rose – I think that is the standard price during V-Day.  And till today, I still tease him about that as if I am his charity case.

So, how did we celebrate V-Day this year?  Like I’ve said, it is merely an excuses for us to eat out.  We dined at our favourite eatery with the kids and avoided ordering their love bird’s set course dinner.  See, told you we discriminate against V-Day :p .  As for the gift, I get him nothing cos I know he got me nothing too. LOL!  But wait, that is no the end.  Sometime during the afternoon, a car salesman came to look for me in my office with a paper for me to sign.  I thought it was a prank but he said, “Mr Neo ask you to sign on the dotted line for the purchase of new car.”  And I go, “Say what!”  It took me one whole day to recover from the shock.  Since he bought me a gift, maybe I should buy him something too.  What about I pay for the car insurance?  Gonna decide that later by checking auto insurance reviews.

And this funny thing happened after our dinner.  While walking back to our car, we spotted this young couple.  The lady was clutching a large bouquet of flower in her arm like a baby and instructed her boyfriend to take a photo of her.  That is so cheesy!  So I nudge Hubby and with my puppy eye and pouty mouth, and decided to tease him, “Daaadddy…..” (still pout-pout a bit).  Daughter was laughing as she know what is coming as I’ve told her the story of “charity-rose”.  Hubby whipped out his camera (phone), “You go borrow the flowers from her la.”

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The Money Matter

In my 12 years of marriage giving angpow, this year is my first time of not getting any RM10 new notes.  According to ‘sources’, Bank Negara did not print any new RM10 and RM5 notes because of lack-of-funding.  Once I get my payday cash advance,  this is the best that I could do.  Change RM1 crispy notes.  Looks like this year, my angpow packet will be very thick.

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Hello Five Months, Goodbye Sam

Looking back at my last post, I realised that I have not been updating my blog since 5 months ago. How time flies! I meant to update my blog few months ago but was held back by my emotion.    I have been skeptical and procrastinating if I should… you know… continue where I left behind.  It is not a happy topic to write about. This few days I have been giving myself a thoroughly thought.  And this morning I told myself, “Life goes on.  Just do it and carry on with your life.”  So here I am now.  Picking up where I stopped 5 months ago.  The final update on my niece, Samantha.

Like I say, it is not a happy post and if you are the superstitious type, please do not proceed.

So this is kind of a farewell post to Samantha.

Samantha has returned to God on 17th November 2010.  She is about 8 months during her passing.

We love you so much and missed you dearly, Sam!  We missed everything about you.  Your nappy changing, your feeding, your cuddles, your screaming and most of all, we missed your cries.

… and so life goes on and we shall embarked on a new journey.

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Me And My Significant Other – Part 5

After more than 10 years in marriage, I started to feel the difference and changes in my Significant Other.  Man do change – either to better or worst.  It all changes according to things surrounding us like jobs, etc.  Mine used to have sense of humor but now, you don’t know when he can take a joke and when he cannot.  It seem man do go thru a series of PMS too.  That is when their testosterone level was high and they tend to lost their temper and at other time, they are not.  Who says men are easy to understand???!!!

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… of flirting and smelling of petrol

I was at my usual morning routine filling petrol at my regular petrol kiosk on the way to work.  While I was trying to get the Dollar to it’s nearest rounding, this regular attendant was walking toward me – young Malay chap around in his mid 20s.  Gorgeous hairstyle exactly like Gorbin Bleu (or the well known Chad staring in High School Musical) but he seriously need some fat burner, .  As usual, I will flash him my morning smile and he would strike up light conversation while waiting to get my car filled.  This is when the perasan case came in:

(actual conversation was in Malay)

Attendant:  You looks beautiful every morning.


Me:  So you mean I don’t look beautiful in the afternoon?

*I was still blushing and never listen to what he was talking as I was still in the mid of rounding up the Dollar*

Attendant:  Oh, that is a large keloid on…

*suddenly I felt cold water trickling down to my feet.  I look down.*

Me:  Oh Shit! Oh Shit! (Over flowed tank!)

*I was cursing silently at the faulty pump as lever was supposed to jump right?*

I grab my credit card receipt from the machine and before entering my car, I growl at him, “NEXT TIME DON’T TALK TO ME!”

I heard him laughing and another female attendant was clapping her hands.   I was still blushing and can’t wait to get rid of the petrol smell from my feet while continue my journey to the office.  What a morning.

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Romancing Edward

I met Edward on my flight to Beijing early of this year. And I must say, I was like a sixteen years old school girl falling all over a guy the minute we met.  Vampire movie is never my cuppa tea but having to endure 6 hours of flight and nothing to do, I just watch whatever they have and it seems that fate brought us together to Twilight. Fyi, the vampires in Twilight are vegetarian so they are pretty save.  Don’t worry.

When I return from my Beijing trip, I can’t keep my mind off that gorgeous messy copper head actor.  I hit Google searching for information I have on Robert Pattison or better known as Edward Cullen and stumble upon a Twilight fan fiction site that has so many author wannabe making up stories using the character from Twilight.  I was really hook on the fiction stories than Twilight itself.

You don’t know how much Edward has make me into.

Eh, wait…..  I don’t think you will want to hear how I romance Edward right?  If you are a big fan of romance novel, this is one of my recommendation.  Go read Holding Out For You.  This is the story about Edward Cullen (with 2 kids) who lost his wife in an automobile accident, met with Bella Swan(with a son) a divorcee.  They fell in love but things was not easy especially with Elizabeth (Edward’s daughter) who thinks that Bella is trying to replace her mother.  I must warned that this is not child friendly reading material.  Lots of lemon and angst but it also makes me weep buckets.  If you are up for some online reading material, do check them out.

I know I’m married but no rules say I can’t have little crushes over an actor right?  *wink*

p/s:  I thought I should make things clear here for the Hubby as he was getting a bit suspicous at the amount of time seeing me curling up on the sofa (sometimes even on the floor tiles) every evening staring at the iPhone crying!” I not guilty to admit that I’m romancing Edward Cullen.

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Nothing To Be Yucky About. Own Blood, Ok?

Sticky note: I have since upgraded to Canon 40D and need to disposed off my 18 months old Canon 400D (click link for info) @ RM1,800.00 (Original RM2,500).  And the worst part, my Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home is too small for the new camera.  Yes, I’m disposing that off too @ RM200.00 (Original RM249).  Anddddddddd, since I am a light traveller, the Crumpler Keystone is of no use to me.  That need to go @ RM400.00 (Original RM569).  If you are interested, please drop me a note in my comment box.

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Look!  The cloth pad from Mama Patch is so beautiful!  I can’t wait for my next menses to come!

I have  the night pad tailor made to suit my preference.  The original length is 11″ but I had mine tailor made at 13″.  So kind of Chinnee and she did not obliged at my request at all.

The fabric is very soft to the feel.   Among all the design, this is my favourite.

The colour was very matching and really bring out the feel, not the boring type.  If you want to find out more about the cloth pad, go to Mama Patch website.  All the information is there.

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One Happy Family (Asif real farming is not enough)

This is our newest family photo taken in Cameron.  Yup, we are on uniform.  (You should see what is at the bottom!)  I’ve been wanting to get our family photo taken since ages.

On the other note, I have been tied up with virtual ‘harvesting’ ever since I came back from Cameron.  Among the clique, all we talk now is who’s farm to harvest, who’s land to plow, wanna hire me?, want to work in my farm?,  It is so addictive!  If you are wondering what it is all about, check out Farm Town in Facebook.  Ah… I can see your satellite radios is tingling.  What else can be addictive if not for game right?  Don’t tell me I did not warn you.  Once you tried it, you want to have more!

So, for the next few weeks, you will see me less in my blog.  And if you miss me, come be my ‘neighbour’.  Hahaha!

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Kinda Like Twilight Scene

Two horny nights ago, bedroom lights was switched off, 4 years old was moved to her own bed next to ours, we was playing bedminton *cough*.  All of a sudden, she was standing next to our bed watching us!  It was dark and we could hardly even see her eye.  So we pretend to be sleeping. kekeke….  She went back to her own bed after that.

The hillarious conversation happen yesterday night in our bedroom.  My 4 years old took off her shirt.  I ask her why.  She said she is feeling hot (Nabeh, aircon was at 21C).  Then she continue:

“Why last night you are not wearing your shirt.”

Caught off guard I replied, “Cos I was feeling hot!”  *phew*

“Then why Daddy is wearing shirt?”

“Cos Daddy is not hot.”  *rofl*

This little rascal.  Must think of a way to chase her out from our room!

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