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Wild Mushroom

We went up to Cameron Highlands over the weekend.  As usual, most car will stop at the waterfall to take a break from motion sickness.  While taking pictures of these wild mushrooms, a local man came over and told me they actually consume them.  Errr… no thanks!

Before we continue our journey up the winding road, Daddy can’t resist buying some golden yellow looking bananas.

My suaku kids is so used to seeing barcode scanner in Hypermarkets.  They was pretending weighing banana on the weighing machine used in pasar malam.

More post on Cameron Highlands after this 😉

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The Bookworm’s Baby

My Third BIL (Brother-In-Law) is a bookworm.  He had nice collection of books that was nicely kept and arranged.  Too bad they are all in Chinese.  I was at my Sister place last weekend and the more I look at his row and rows of books, the more I find them fascinating.   Suddenly my inspiration came and I ended up with this:

Baby Ezekiel @ 13 days old.  This is my most favourite shot for now.  Will save them as my wallpaper.

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Jonathan Getting A Home Haircut

My nephew Jonathan never like haircut.  The last time he had a haircut, he came home with a big ‘hole’ on the fringe.  I just had to laugh at him so hard! LOL!  His Mummy, that is my Sister decided to gave him a hair cut trim a month later.

Day after days, this favourite nephew of mine has grown so much more macho than before.  I’m not saying he is not macho previously.  I just love how he looks like right now and that bak-bak (fleshy) body.  Love him to bits! This is another new sets of photographs of him that I love.

I didn’t know he was so ‘itchy’ until I review the photographs on my laptop.  Yikes, he is making me itchy too.

p/s:  I’m not surprised if someone commented that my son is cute.  This always happen cos they don’t bother to read and comment for the sake of commenting.  Some even say, “you are cutting your son’s hair so who is taking the photograph?” *stick out tongue*  Don’t know should be happy or sad.

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Look Ma, It’s a Baby

~~~ Trying out my new Canon 40D *wink* ~~~

Look Ma, it’s a baby.  Boy!

My Third Eldest Sister recently gave birth to a healthy 3.8kg baby boy.  She has been looking forward to a ‘girl’ but God kept blessing her with boy, boy, boy!  The thing with Chinese oldfolks, even if you have 10 boys, the Grandparents won’t mind a bit at all.  But when you have 10 girls, fuyoh, don’t know what to say. Whatever girl or boy, most important is health and not pondan ler.

The proud parents

I knew the baby is going to cry once you remove the blanket!  I am not even there yet, I just pull away the blanket to exposed his feet and he started yelling.  Geez!

Why la, why?

All baby will have flakey skin after birth.  Nothing to be alarm of.  What I did is to apply some baby oil on the skin and at the same time give them a good massage.

Can you tell what is this?

Doc said Sis’s womb/uterus is too weak to carry another baby so she decided to get a ‘sterilization’.  That is her fallopian tube in the bottle.  Don’t say I never teach/show you new things hor.

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I Heartchu Weeds

The longer the better. LOL

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Up In The Blu Blue Sky

Come every weekend, we never failed to bring the little rascals to the park.  If you read weight loss pill reviews on the internet, a successful diet must include an activity chasing after kids in the park!  This was just an ordinary piece of empty space at the neighbourhood.  One day, some traders decided to earn a few quick bucks by selling kite at the road curb and eventually, turning the empty land into a kite flying zone.

These are just some of the traders.  There are more on the opposit side! (I was joking with my Sis that we should set up a stall selling kite too).  After some pestering from the little ones, we decided to get a kite too and the kids sure had lots of fun.

Princesses with their Baby Cousin Brother. It was a short fun when all of the sudden, some other kites got tangle with our kite in the air before the string decided to break and our kite just flew awayyyyyyyyyy and disappear into thin air. Bye-bye money 🙁 .  RM17!!!  Gone within 15minutes!!!

Good thing Uncle Kimmy know how to share.  Thank you Uncle Kimmy!

Ya la, I know la.  Very dramatic.  But you know hor, very the sien wan when you only stand there watching people flying kite.  Luckly Eldest Princess brought along her PNS camera.  What you see today is all shot using my faithful Sony T-10.  A little post-processing was applied here.

I did regret a bit as I did not bring along my dSLR.  I have always wanted to take cloud picture and furthermore the cloud was so beautiful that day.  No special skills needed.  I just point and shoot.

A little conversation I heard between two man that evening.  They was flying an eagle kite.  I can’t deny it was a beautiful looking eagle.  Then this statement makes me want to rofllol (rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-out-loud!).

“Eh, lu eh jiau boh hami balan.”

If you don’t understand Hokkien, you might not get the joke.  The translation:  “Your ‘bird’ is not so balance.”

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Lost In The Hundred Acre Woods

This huge Winne-The-Pooh was left sitting on a bench in the playground on the first day I saw him her. On the 2nd day, he she was moved to the location above. That is when I found it cute and decided to take a snap shot of her. On the third day….. she was moved back to the playground but this time, not on the bench but on the floor. The sad thing is…. her brain + her intestine + her blood + dislocate neck was all over the floor. I mean the cotton stuffing la. Not sure if it is the work of human or pariah dog. Even if they are human, they better be a pariah dog. Brainless and heartless.

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Merry Kissmas

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Cousin’s ROM

In tech world, ROM is known as a class of storage media used in computers and other electronic devices. In its strictest sense, ROM refers only to mask ROM, which is fabricated with the desired data permanently stored in it, and thus can never be modified. However, more modern types such as EPROM and flash EEPROM can be erased and re-programmed multiple times; they are still described as “read-only memory” (ROM) because the reprogramming process is generally infrequent, comparatively slow – Wikipedia

However, my translation of ROM here is known as Registration of Marriage. In it’s strictest sense, ROM refers to two person that was fabricated into one with their desired status permanently stored as ‘Not Available’, and thus can never be modified. However, more modern types of ROM has been erased and re-programmed many times too. In one word ‘divorce’ la.. So now you see the two similarity to both ROM?

Now, back to topic, I covered my Cousin Sister’s ROM over the weekend in Buddhist Mahavihara Temple in Brickfields. Initially, there is only me going as official photographer. To cut the long story short, my Sifu who happens to be Aaron’s Cousin was invited too. And to cut another long story short, if Sifu is there, how can the toudai (student) become the official photographer right? I have to give my Sifu face ma. So I suggested that he take the lead and I shot from belakang (knowing how bad my skill is and not further embarrassed myself!). That is how my Cousin Sis ended up with 2 photographers and lots of uninvited guests (according to them).

Before I was officially given this task by Cousin, she make me promised not to post up her beau.ti.ful face in my blog o.O

So, sorry folks. All you see today is many parts of the body part o.O

Kancheong (nervous). Every couple took about 20mins for the ROM. Man sitting further away is my new cousin-in-law *cough*. Don’t play-play as he works as a motorcycle accident attorneys.

With just a paper and filling up at the dotted line, they are now pronounce as “Man & Wife”. His money is now her money. Her Money is still her money. It’s a tradition, so stick with it *sticking out tongue*

I love the reflection on the table!!!!

Working officially on an assignment with my Sifu, I learnt a few new things again – The manipulation of the external flash. I’ve never done so many twisting (of the flash) in my life before. I think my flash is going to break soon if the ROM session is one hour long.

The couple adjourned to the temple for blessing.

Just fooling around. It takes one imagination to tell. *evil grin*

Even by not looking at their face, we can tell that my cousin is made from lace & ribbon & all things nice….

Lighting up the joss sticks. I failed to create a better bokeh on the lotus candle. Sometimes, things don’t happen as how I wanted them to be. Crappy isn’t it?

Parents of both couple praying for their children. How I know what they are praying wor.

Little Baby busy cruising around. Cute la they way she tippy toe.

Blessing by the monk. Sifu busy at work.

Congratulations to my Cousin & CIL (Cousin-in-law. Wow!)

And that makes me related to my Sifu now? Yikes!!!!

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Basic on Photography

This is no expert talking. Just want to share a few tips on basic photography (as how I do it). First of all, get rid of the PNS and go buy a dSLR.

I was just kidding. LOL!

No, I am not. Seriously.

Ok, ok. I was just kidding.

Secondly, flash makes the photograph looks crappy and it all depending on situation too. Try not to use flash. Instead, choose a correct white balance, play around with your camera mode, etc. For dSLR user, increase ISO, reduce field of depth, external flash is the next option. (That’s what I did la!).

Thirdly, get as close as possible to your subject if you intend to shoot a macro. Level your camera at eye level with your subject. Don’t just stand at your height and shoot from the top. Be creative with your angle.

Under a florescent light, without using any flash at all. The background turn out black. Crappy isn’t it?

First candle was lit. See how the natural lighting brings out glow to your picture. Remember to bring yourself same level as your object. Sit on a chair if you want but for me, I was sitting on an ‘invisible’ chair. Go figure 😉

Lighting the second row. You can try for yourself how it looks like with flash. aitelyu, sure beh kua wan.

This is the result of natural lighting. Your picture looks like something that is shot in the dark but the fact is, they are not. Amazing isn’t it?

That’s all for this post.

p/s: The birthday candles is an ‘IN’ thing nowadays. Cute isn’t it? This year, FIL birthday candles look like this. Gee… don’t think he even notice them.

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