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lalala… I’m flying on a jet plane

10 years ago, this is where we go for our pre-honeymoon trip.

10 years later, this is what we planned.

Not bad for a 10th year ‘early’ anniversary, huh.

Today is my last working day. Wish to have a desk like this.

All wrapped up – no dust and no missing stationeries. Aiyah, you will be surprise to hear this. People tend to like my stationeries especially pens. I’m not surprise if it is missing again.

I’ll be gone for two freaking weeks!

I know my keyboard will miss me cos I’m starting to miss them too, that is including my babies at home 😥

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A Little Ranting on CNY

Chinese New Year (CNY) is also known as Spring Festival (春节 – ChÅ«n jié) or the Lunar New Year (农历新年 – Nóng lì xÄ«n nián) is the most important of the Chinese traditional holiday.

Let me share with you random pictures I took throughout the festive season.

Low Sang aka Yee Sang

Traditionally practiced during the seventh lunar month which is also called “Yan Yat” (every human being’s birthday). Dishes consist of thin slices of raw fish (most commonly used are salmon), crackers, shreaded and pickle vegetables, herbs and sauces. While tossing and mixing the ingredients with a pair of chopstick, one should also chant out loud – Huat ah! Huat ah! which means prosperity. There’s also longivity and liveliness but some hockkien Ah Pek forget them all. Who cares. Toss them as high as you can!

Gingko Dessert (Pat Kor – cantonese)

Longan flesh with Gingko and red dates simmer for hours in rock sugar water.


Back then, we used to play sparkles and some fire crackers. Nowadays with the technology advancement, we get to watch 15 minutes of fireworks display for free. There are many beliefs about why fireworks are used. One is that the noise wakes up the dragon who will fly across the sky to bring the spring rain for the crops. Another belief is that the noise of the fireworks is supposed to scare away all evil spirits and misfortunes, preventing them from coming into the new year. Do not forget, it is illegal to light up fireworks.

New Year, new clothes

A suit of new clothes is a must to significant a new year. Here comes a new Superman PJ’s. Yeah, new red underwear for Superman too. Red symbolizes fire, which according to legend can drive away bad luck.

Again some random shots in the temple.

I find these hanging joss stick very interesting. Makes a good photographic item too.

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Sien Sien dei… (a bit bored)

… so I change my window desktop wallpaper again 🙂 I love this pic of Princess and Prince back then 3y/o and 1 y/o respectively.

Wow! How time had flies. 4 years ago I go oh-ah over their pic. I love babies. They are so cute. Today, I don’t called them cute anymore.

They are pretty and hansem *cough*

OMG, check this out –

That’s what all my relative told me. The two sisters look so much a like. What do you think?

Two more days to CNY. Yay! I can feel it. Since sien sien dei, I went to the bank to change some new notes for angpow.

It smells better than my pineapple roll and it’s crispier than my rolled pohpia! When I was queuing at the teller, there is a women ahead of me changing thousand and thousand ringgit of new notes. Wah lau. In return, the bank teller gaver her some big angpow packets. When my turn came, that bank teller gave me that kicik-mayong (small tiny) angpow packet. *&%$#@. I almost return the packets to her.

Back to my office now. Eat so many mandarin oranges till sore throat *ish. There are so many types and brands of mandarin oranges out there. Do you know which one is juicy and sweet?

Look out for this. Honey Pon Kam! Very very juicy and very sweet. Too bad they are not seedless. A bit pricey but worth every pennies.

SAy Hi to Pon-Pon


Oh please! X-rated again!

Oh no! There goes my belly button. On the other hand, it looks like your little soldier! Omg wakaakaaa… protruding somemore.

Just finish my chicken & char siew rice. Boss belanja (treat). Good eh. Best in KL and Peejay. Some say in Singapore too. Go buy yours from Section 17. No need to drool on mine.

Make myself a cup of green tea.

Eat so full. Now feeling so sleepy…. zzzzz…

Be my Valentine.

Hey, how’s your Valentine’s Day? Mine was good. Bought 4 fishes for CNY from pasar malam totalling Rm116.00. Haggle like mad finally got a discount of one ringgit. Use that one ringgit to buy ice-cream. Share with hubby somemore. Romantic or not?

Sien-sien dei and rant so much nonsense. Sibeh paiseh can die lidat.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Last year –

Boss: You can’t send this out. It’s dated on the 14th.
Queen: Today is 14th. Why cannot.
Boss: Are you sure?
Queen: Sure!
Boss: Tomorrow is 14th la! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.
Queen: *paiseh*

This year –

Queen: Have you buy your CNY clothes?
Cynthia: Think I will buy in Penang only.
Queen: When are you going?
Cynthia: On Valentine’s day.
Queen: Huh! By then CNY over liao.
Cynthia: When is CNY? Valentine’s day is on the 14th la.
Queen: *paiseh* I keep on thinking it was 24th.

This morning –

Athena: so what’s the plan tonight?
Jessie Ling: told hubby to come home early tonight
Athena: OOo
Jessie Ling: I need to go pasar malam to buy fish for CNY!!!
Jessie Ling: hahaha
Jessie Ling: where got time for V-day!
Jessie Ling: 13 years never celebrate liao
Athena: hahahahahaha

It was a flash back memory when I was checking out my last year’s V-day post. That stamper from McD is so cute. Neway, Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Lots of love, hugs and kisses from me to you xoxo 😀

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X-rated Desktop Challenge

Aitelyu, some loctor can be so free and so pat (busybody) until he has to tagged 7 bloggers. Somemore want to challenge us uncensored, x-rated desktop!

Right up! Serious desktop.

That is my Tom Cruise with baby Princess sitting on his shoulder and of course me. Took this pic during a picnic outing in Morib.

I’m trying my best to minimize shortcut icon on my wallpaper. Plus, you can’t expect much from someone who is using Window ME *sigh…

Don’t blink ah. Coming up next is x-rated desktop. Want to challenge me?

Have a good day, folks! Please say Hi to your Mom for me. I hope she’s doing fine 🙂

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lalala… revealed!

Currently I’m busy with preparation for Chinese New Year and also my trip to Los Angeles. This is also the reason why you don’t see me hijacking your blog that often and goodness gracious! Sibeh busy can die lidat still kena tagged! You know who you are, but don’t worry. I am very sporting wan 😉

I’m almost as blur as sotong now. Dunno should pack for CNY or for the trip as I’m leaving right after my CNY break. *sigh…

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Cynthia is in Town!

…. and boy! This girl can really curse in hockkien. Wanna hear her curse?

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Pineapple Jam Cookies

An Alumni friend cum blogger came over to my house yesterday for a baking session with her hubby. Yes! Her hubby. She force (didn’t actually force la) her hubby to help out with the baking. But I tell ya, making cookies is like playing with play-doh.

Beforehand, I cook the pineapple with sugars and cinnamon stick for hours till dry and let them cool throughly. This is the ingredients for making the dough:

500gm butter
100gm icing sugar
4 egg yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
700gm wheat flour

Look at her finger! Isn’t it such a waste to put this pic in a collage form? This is my first time making ini maciam punya (this type of) cookies. Shape them into a small ball. Use a clove as the… the… suddenly I’m out of words. But I know you know what I’m trying to say la.

Glaze with egg yolk and condense milk. The pic here is before baking. Bake them at 180C for 20minutes.

By the time we finished the first 1kg of pineapple jam, I can sense that my friend and her hubby a bit lazy liao. Haha! That was only 3 hours of baking. They left after a red wine mee suah lunch. Now I’m left with another 1kg of pineapple jam. My usual way of making is the common pineapple roll.

“Daddy, come help me la.”

“Lazy la.”

“Aiyah, my friend hubby so good. Can help out. Come la” (Ahem! must pressure him a bit)

A good way for bonding too. We discuss a bit on our 10th Anniversary trip 😉

Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough and another rolling pin with teeth mark to make the lines. Cut them 1 inch x 2 inches. Place the pineapple jam on the centre and roll them. Before baking, glaze them with egg yolk.

We continue baking for another 2 hours. Darn tired by then. This is my last baking too.

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London Almond Cookies

Pic 1 – Cream butter, icing sugar and egg.

Pic 2 – Mix in wheat flour and kneed to form a dough.  Place a piece of toasted almond in the dough.  Shape them a little longish.

Pic 3 – Bake them at 180C for approximately 15-20mins.  Let them cool throughly.
Pic 4 – Melt cooking chocolate in a double boiler.

Pic 5 – Place baked almond cookie in a mini paper cup.  Spoon melted chocolate over the cookies.  Garnish with almond nib or colourful sprinkles.  I prefer to pipe some melted chocolate on it. To speed up time, cool them in the freezer for 10mins.


With the remaining melted chocolate, add cornflakes and mix them throughly.  Spoon mixture into mini paper cups and garnish with colourful sprinkles.

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To Stay Single or Married?

According to a survey revealed few days ago by Simon & Caroline from 104.5FM (Light & Easy) , two third of adults prefer to get married than staying single. As usual, it was then the subject of debate as what is your choice – single or married.

During your teenager years, you have this fantasy of wearing that bridal gown, walking down the aisle and saying ‘I-do’. Everybody dreams of that. Nobody wants to be a spinster or a bacholer their whole life. To me, married life is good. You have someone to share the joy, laughter or even a fight with. I would say marriage is also fated. You meet your other half, things went well, you get married.

One third of adults who choose to be single probably had gone thru at least one broken relationship. As time passes by, they became desperate and eventually lose hope. They are such a sore losers to the extent that they cry out loud “Being single is good! I don’t need commitment to tie me down. I have my buddy.”

Halo, you can’t have your buddy with you all your life. You might not want to get married but they do. And what happens after they got married? You are left drinking at the bar all by yourself. Now, quit saying single life is good. God created Adam and Eve and God wants the male and female to be a couple (you can leave gay aside as of now).

I’ve heard lots of lame excuses as why being single is good. That is all so lame. Why can’t they just admit that the right person is yet to be found? That is so simple to answer, right? When you tell someone that you choose to be single, their perception is “this fellow has no more hope”.

What about one day you decided to marry your piao mei at the age of 40 or 50? Hey, that is what we called a fate, ok.

So, do you prefer to get married or do you still stick to your stuborn mind to stay single?

*Reminder: (Please leave children out of this topic as you can choose to get married without having children. The plus point of getting married is “LICENSE TO SCREW” unless you love to have different partner. That is another different story liao. And this post is not targeted at any individual. What I wrote is based solely on my personal opinion.)

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