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First Recital

re·cit·al (rĭ-sītl)

  1. The act of reading or reciting in a public performance.
  2. A public performance of music or dance, especially by a solo performer.

I’m so scared! I’m so scared! I think I’ve been reciting the word many many times. There are parents and also students with their instruments watching me. The moment I step on the stage, my heart is beating so fast. I have to keep myself cool. Breath, breath…. I’m so nervous I think my teacher notice it. She ask me twice if I’m ok as tho I’m going to pass out on the stage. Probably I will? That picture is my teacher on the grand piano and me on the violin.

After I’ve finished, the audience applaused. Finally! It’s over *phew… Hey, it’s not bad afterall playing on the stage. I think I love it. 😉

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Me and the significant other

I felt a very big dissapointment in my other half. My other half that almost became a quarter. He choose to polish his boss’s nuts play badminton with his boss rather than watch his daughter’s 1st recital. Probably to him is no big deal, but to me it is. I wouldn’t mind if he doesn’t want to attend the 2nd or 3rd or 4th. But this is the FIRST! FIRST! FIRST! A mother wouldn’t want to miss their children’s first development. Regardless whether it is their first crawl, first fall, first step, first word, etc….. and of course with the anticipation of the other half who they called ‘Daddy’.

The way he’s trying to get away from attending and his excuses of course hurt me so much :(  🙁 🙁

After last night incident, I know where he put us in his priority list. I do agree when they say man will change year after. I’m not here to judge any man but you will see in 5 years or 10 years time. But I know, my man did change…. lately.

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Wisdom? My foot!

Why is the name wisdom yet it gave us lots of trouble? I’ve been having slight toothaches since 3 years ago. Of course the pain act up and subside in few days time. The four of them take turn. Up, down, left, right. Lately it was down right.

And my tongue is telling me both the upper wisdom teeth is decaying. I can’t go with an extraction which looks like a pretty easy (presume!) task and less pain. Mine is impacted and needed some surgery. I was told that what is a realtively minor operation at 20s can become quite difficult in patients who is 40s and the younger patients recover much quickly too. Gosh! I am already pass 30s!!! It freak me more when I hear that.

This is Kennysia when he got all four wisdom tooth extract at the same time. I know for sure I’m going to look like that. Like a big buffalo!!! *noooooooooooo…

Anyway, I’ve make an appointment to see my dentist in 2 weeks time. I have to. I have no choice cos this conversation with my mom keep on reflecting in my head, “I was like you at the beginning. Scare! Then my friends told me if I don’t get my teeth done now, don’t blame the kids if they can’t serve you crabs in future.”

And also all those horror stories about the extraction/surgery associates with PAIN! No one blady hell say not PAIN! When the needle poke you during anaesthetics, it was fine but when the dentist cut the gum, she can feel something… something. I presume it’s a undescribeable feeling.

Sometimes I just wish that the dentist will let me sleep throughout the surgery so that I won’t be able to hear all those surgery instruments hitting each other on the nicely sterilized tray. You know the sound, that goes clink, clong, clank… But then, if I’m asleep, I can’t keep my mouth open. Maybe they need another nurse to pry open my mouth like opening a durian.

Arghhhhhhhhh……. just tell me it’s not painfull!!!!!!

But then…. what is not bearable compare to labour pain?

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What does signboard mean to kids

Carlgene was all excited when we announced that we are going to take a ride in the train as he’s been asking to go on one each time he sees the LRT or KTM without fail and it’s all empty promises from us. We does feel bad about the white lie and we know we won’t be taking one cos we are not that type that depend on public transport.

Over the weekend, we just hop on the train and headed to Subang Jaya for lunch and back to Klang again. Since this is the first time for Carlgene, he’s been acting very curious and pinned to his seat gazing out the window thru out the journey. There are sure lots to see out there. The passing view was magnificient! All the kampung houses, murky rivers, industrial area…. He hasn’t move a bit from his window seat at all as I would expect him to move around in the moving train (*phew…).

Mummy: You see that sign up there? It says that you are not allowed to smoke in the cabin.
Kharsyn: *Nodded*

Kharsyn: So the 2nd one says we are not allowed to drink fizzy drinks and eat hamburger in the cabin?

Mummy: Errr… I know all foods are not allowed. But, drinks ah….

Mummy: I think drink from the bottol can gua.

Kharsyn: Then I want a sip too.

Kharsyn: Then the 3rd sign say cannot stand and throw rubbish issit?

Mummy: What makes you say that?

Kharsyn: Cos that aunty left the sweet wrapper on her chair.


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I need Review on Sony Cybershot DSC-T7

My early Birthday present!!!!

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History and Art of Zongzi

… or the the chinese called it 端午节(Duan Wu Jie) is on 31 May this year or 5th month and 5th day on the lunar calendar. One of the saying is that this festival is to remember 屈原 (Qu Yuan).

Read the Folklore on how this festival came about here.

To add on, why dragon head are used and not others;
The dragon is a mythical monster in fairy tales and legends. For a long time the dragon stood for evil. Tales of serpent monsters roaming the earth devouring everything in their paths have been recorded for centuries. However, the Chinese adopted the dragon as a symbol of nobility. Until 1912, the dragon was the national emblem of China. Many Chinese consider the dragon a god, one to be worshipped. Therefore, dragons appear in every area of Chinese culture. The dragon has always played a major role in Chinese literature. Children’s books are full of the legendary appearances of dragons and, frequently the dragon is found helping a poor or unfortunate victim overcome his enemies. During Dragon Boat Festival, giant heads of the serpent, decorated with fierce markings are painted on the front of the boat, helping the crew to victory.

On Dragon Boat Festival, parents also need to dress their children up with a perfume pouch. They first sew little bags with colorful silk cloth, then fill the bags with perfumes or herbal medicines, and finally string them with silk threads. The perfume pouch will be hung around the neck or tied to the front of a garment as an ornament. They are said to be able to ward off evil.

Back to the Art of Making Zongzi. Each region of China has its own special form of zongzi. For example, in southern China you will find Savory versions that may have Chinese sausage (xiang chang), Chinese ham, Chinese dried “bacon” (la rou), chestnuts, dried mung beans, peanuts, dried shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, dried scallops, and salty duck egg yolks packed in the middle.

Meanwhile, Beijing zongzi is the Sweet and plain version to be be dipped in sugar or honey prior to eating for an instant sweet treat. Sugar and whole red beans may also be mixed with the rice prior to being wrapped. This method creates a sweet and colorful zongzi. Sweetened red bean paste, dried Chinese dates, nuts, or fruit jams packed into the center can also be used to liven up zongzi. There is also plain zongzi or the hockkien called it kijang, made only with glutinous rice + alkaline water and to be eaten with kaya, honey or sugar.

Zongzi can be many shapes, but the most common shape is pyramidal or triangular.

Making zongzi is a difficult proposition. Even experienced Chinese cooks find it a challenge to manipulate the bamboo leaves into a funnel shape and place the rice inside. But if you want to try, here are a recipe to help you celebrate this truly unique event.


Long glutinous rice
Pork (I prefered with lots of fats!)
Dried mushrooms
Salted egg yolks
Soy sauce
Chinese five-spice
Borad Bamboo Leaves


Wash sticky (glutinous) rice and soak for three hours.

Chop pork into 4cm long and 2cm wide strips.

Soak mushrooms until tender, remove stems and cut into strips.

Mix soy sauce, Chinese five-spice, salt, and sugar. Let pieces of pork and mushrooms soak in above mixture for two hours.

Cut salted egg yolks in halves.

Thoroughly clean soaked and softened bamboo leaves and string.

Shape two long bamboo leaves into a funnel shape using one third of the length of the leaves. Fill the funnel half with rice and half with pieces of pork, mushroom, and egg yolk.
Cover the “funnel” with additional rice, and then wrap the mixture tightly with the remaining portion of the leaves.

Tie string around zong zi and cook in a covered steamer over medium heat for two hours.

Please note that making zongzi takes a great deal of patience and free time.

Of course the art of eating the zongzi is straight from the bamboo leaf. Try them yourself if you don’t believe me.

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How to deal with Insurance Sales People

*(ISP aka Insurance Sales People)

Scenario 1

ISP: Hello misling, you are one of our selected people bla, bla, bla, credit card user. Bla, bla, bla. We have a insurance fit bla, bla, bla. With only RM3.50 per week, bla,, bla, bla, it cover terrorist attack, accidents, nature disasters, bla bla.

Tulan: Sorry not interested.

ISP: Why? It is a good plan.

Tulan: I already had a insurance plan.

ISP: Well, does your plan cover terrorist attack?

Tulan: I don’t think I’m that sui!

ISP: Ok. Thank you. (*toot)

Scenario 2

ISP: Yadda, yadda, yadda…..

Tulan: I was about to sell you insurance plan also leh.

ISP: errr… why?

Tulan: I am also a insurance agent leh.

ISP: Oh, really ah. What company you are attached to?

ISP: yadda, yadda, yadda…

See, as easy as that. Scenario one just happened few minutes ago and I am tulan cos she just hung up the phone. Come on. You are a sales person. Haven’t you got any sales training before dealing with asshole like us? A real good sales person could actually talk you down on that. Probably she knows that I’m going to go on and on arguing with her and doesn’t want to waste her time on me.

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Birthdays Are Meant for Mothers

Do you agree that once you enter Motherhood, your thinking will be more matured than before? Fyi, this is a trackback after reading Kennysia Kimmysia’s blog. Not surprise if he has never thought about this.

Somehow, during every of my kids birthday, I’ll just sit back and refresh the moment of labour bringing my kids to this world. It is full of challenge and every challenge has it’s own obstacle. Only a mother know what it is like – the pain and the joy.

I told Kharsyn on her 3rd birthday, “Do you know that on this day around this hour, mummy brings you to this world?” She just smile. I know she won’t understand what I’m trying to tell her. Time will tell. (dem! I’m going to be a grandma!!!)

Tell you a secret: I’ll boil the pig’s stomach soup on their birthday to reward myself. I know I won’t get any presents. But gawd dammit knows that this poor belly of mine has stretch like a balloon and need some pampering and nourishing. And if stretch marks are brains, I’ll be freaking genius! (Can this be the best quote too?)

Maybe this birthday of mine, I’ll do that (boil the soup) for my mom (co-incident I’m going back on that day).

I’ll share with you (especially man!) another incident took place on Mother’s Day. As you know I just came home from my White Water Rafting trip and that morning busy like a bees washing and cleaning. I was outside the house hanging the washing when I overheard hubby asking the eldest if she wishes me “Happy Mother’s Day”. Spontanously I answer from the porch, “No need! If you want, come and help me with the hanging.” You won’t be surprise if any of them even volunter. Expected!!!

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Charity or Robbery?

Happy Burfday to nieces Crystal and Dana. Yes, they are sisters (same Madher same Fadher). Cool eh?

Recently, my company donated RM300 toward the Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation where they held a bazaar at one of the Park in the housing area. And since the bazaar is near to where I stayed, Boss let me have the token to spent at the bazaar (Yeah, I love my job :)). Much to my horror suprise, the organizer gave me tokens worth RM80 instead of RM300 and claimed that the rest goes to charity! Ah well…. since she said the word ‘charity’ that sounds alright. But I’m wondering what about those walk in to the bazaar. Do they pay RM10 but get token worth only RM3? Not going to question that, I’ll just presume cos we are a organization or in better terms, business associates *sigh…

Things are not cheap tho but since I got the RM80 token for free, I might as well spent all on foods and games. One thing that make me wonder for days. Do you have to sell a Gardenia bread which cost RM0.60 at the shop at RM2.00 during the bazaar just because they say it’s for charity purpose? Isn’t that way tooooooooo expensive??? I think it’s dem, dem, dem expensive!!! I’ve got no choice. That’s the only healthy food around that I can tapau home. So I bought 6 pcs of Gardenia bread which will cost me a total of RM3.60 at shop but at the bazaar, I paid RM12.00 for that!!!! (Ya, i know I’ve been repeating the maths equation and ya! I know it’s free anyway!). Others food like laksa, ice blended cordial juice or drinks was selling at RM3. I think that is quite resonable. Still I don’t understand why a miserable bread have to sell 3.222 times higher than the actual price. Okay! Okay! I should stop bitching about the bread now.


Overall at the Bazaar was dem a bit boring and HOT!

One game that brought back my childhood memory is the ‘tikam’ game. In another word is lucky pick.

RM1 for 2 lucky picks. During my younger days, we pay 10cents for a lucky pick. (Inflation! Inflation!)

Check the number in it. If it matches with the number on the prize, then it’s yours.

If it did not match any of the number here, maybe you could try buying KTM ticket (Kuda, Toto, Magnum).

They have other games as like ring on the nail, wheel of fortune, gladiator, basketball, face painting…. watch this.


the finishing….

Time to go home for my lunch now. Bought 2 packets of asam laksa. They put the dilluted prawn paste in the noodle instead of in the soup and now the noodle looks like a ‘kon low mee’. Bah!

Oh, don’t worry about all my whinning. I do enjoy myself getting bake under the sun for RM80 which I don’t have to contribute.

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A Simple Golf Swing

Tips from the not-so-pro golfer for starter:

Head down to any golfer’s shop and they have ranges of clubs for you to choose. Let them know your budget.

Finding the right golf bag can certainly be a challenge sometimes. You want a big enough bag to obviously fit all your clubs in, but you also want something you’ll be able to carry around if you’re walking 18 holes.

Shoes – It’s perfectly legal to play with naked stompers, but you’ll probably draw some odd looks and comments from starters and pros—even though they’ll be backslapping guys wearing shirts to shame Duffy Waldorf. You could try telling them that going au naturel was once au-kay at Augusta National—Shoeless Sam Snead learned the game barefoot and played nine practice holes that way at The Masters in the late 1930s, shooting 2-under par.

Glove – A proper golf swing can best be made possible if you have a proper grip. Feel is the variable factor in the grip and a big part of feel can sometimes be as easy as the correct golf glove. Glove quality begins with cabretta leather for longer-lasting softness and performance.

With this three minimum equipment, you are now ready to swing at the driving range.

I thought this looks like a horse racing field.

Buy 150 balls for starter as you are bount to hit 50% of them at 2meter range. As the saying goes, “Practise make perfect.”

Iron 7 will be more suitable for driving range. At least, that’s what I prefered.

In developing your golf swing, you must first remember that all your shots won’t be perfect instantly. For beginners developing their first swing or for more advanced golfers who wish to refine their current swing, it’s going to take time and practice to get the perfect golf swing.

Before you swing the club, you want to make sure you’re holding the golf club correctly. If you’re right handed, make sure, as you’re gripping the club, that your right hand is below your left and you’re wrapping your right hand around the shaft of the club and around the thumb of your left hand. There’s another way of holding your club. It all depends on who your coach is. Of course mine is Tiger Woods style ;).

Lauzy cameraman!!! Captured at the wrong time too early.

There’s really no correct distance in how far from the ball you have to stand. Make sure you just not crowding the ball. As for me, I approach the ball and stand at whatever distance feels most comfortable.

As you’re eyeing up your shot, getting ready to swing, position your body weight so most of it’s on your back leg. This will help you get more power behind your swing. Keep your body straight and your knees slightly bent. As you bring the club back to take your swing, bring the club back slowly keeping your head down and eyes fixed on the ball. I know a lot of people who actually look slightly behind the ball and end up taking a huge chunk of grass out from behind the actual location of their ball.

The perfect body posture after a swing. Ya! Thanks to the camerawomen. Bah!

For drives I bring my driver back with a wider angle in reference to my body than with an iron. I bring the iron back almost parallel to my body. Still keeping your head down and eyes on the ball, bring the club back down and through to the ball. Follow all the way through with your shot keeping your shoulders square. Don’t lift your head or take your eyes off the position the ball was laying until you see green. Once you see the grass where your ball was sitting, you can raise your head. Also, make sure to stay nice and relaxed before you swing. If you tense up, you won’t hit the ball as well as you could of.

You won’t know one day when I have a Jr. Tiger Woods competing in the PGA Tour.

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