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More Than Two Front Teeth is Gone

All children have to go thru the toothless day but never a child experience the same process.  Eldest Princess is very fortunate to have the new tooth pushing out the milk tooth therefore she do not have to bear with the boh geh (toothless in hokkien) humiliation for long.  As for Prince, the new tooth is not seen at all.  To add on to it, he had 4 teeth drop all at the same time.  But beautifully!

Looks like some secret code there huh.  When he went for his routine check up, the Dentist had a good laugh at it. Other than running away from the camera, he really is enjoying the toothless day.  For example, challenging other people with clench-teeth-sticking-out-tongue! LOL!

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The Hip Hop Dance Challenge

Few days ago, we was watching a Hip Hop Dance competition on teevee.  This is how the competition goes. There are three contestant. Everyone need to show a few Hip Hop movement and the one awe the judges most win.  My 7 years old son was watching it with “eye popping-jaw dropping-salivar drooling-lost in the world” concentration.  Breaking the silence, I dare him to challenge me.

Same rules, each person should out beat the other with a Hip Hop movement.  He was more excited than me!  Rolling his shoulder, pulling up his sleeve and he challenge me with his first movement:

*rolling eye*  The Hip Hop way of handstand

Now my turn *ahem*.  The Mummy doesn’t know Hip Hop but you know, most of their dance movement is so closed to Yoga.  Drum rolling…

The Kondinyasana
(Ya la tu, I know I got a dem fat thigh. Can stop staring at it now unless you can recommend  diet pills that works for the thigh.)

You should look at the expression on my 7 years olds son!  His eyes popped out and jaw dropped one more time!  That is a priceless moment! LOL!

This time he beh kam muang (don’t want to give in).  He took a deep inhalation, pull up his sleeve again and challenge me his second movement:

*waving white flag*  I can’t do a cartwheel.  He was darn happy that he won!

Everybody, clap hand la!

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First Science Project

My 7 years old Prince came home from school one day with some green beans and cotton.  His first science project is to watch the growing beans, measure and jot down it’s height from day 1 to day 8. Seeing how playful he was, I never thought his beans will sprout.  But it did!  They spouted on the second day.  Both of us was very thrilled.  I was glad I do not have to ‘fake’ the answers on this science book. LOL! I should learn to have more confidence in him, huh.

I have enquiries from friends how I managed to transformed my pictures into such a lovely layout.  Well, this is called scrapbooking.  No special custom software needed but at least some knowledge in photoshop.   I’m glad you like the layout.

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Don’t ask me what happen or how it happen cos I really don’t know. By the time I saw them, they already like that.  Is like…. suddenly the nail decided to divorce the finger. *tsk, tsk*    Initially we wanted to bring Prince to the doctor but few days later, a new nail grew and Daddy said the new nail will push the old nail out.  I hope Daddy is correct or else we will put the blame on him.  You all be my witness, ok!

aitelyu, my heart ache when I think of the pain my poor boy have to endure while getting the nail  pull out by the Doctor.  Let’s see how it goes the next few weeks.  Hopefully we don’t need the Doctor.  *sigh…

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Bento Mania #64 – Back to School

Guess most Mothers find it difficult to drag themselves up this morning after the long hiatus from bento’ing since the 6 weeks long school holiday. I almost ‘u-turn’ after shutting the alarm clock at 6am.

Top left to right: Blanched broccoli, slices of orange, pudding and Kewpie mayo in bear container.
Bottom left to right: Tuna roll with japanese cucumber, rolled up japanese cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

I was a little stress out and anxious since this is my Boy’s first day in Standard 1. I’ve brainwashed him the day before, “If Mummy make bento for you, DON’T BUY FOOD FROM THE CANTEEN, ok?” To him, obviously everything is A-OKAY. And guess what?

Food picks was a gift from Whoisbaby when Hubby met her last month in Las Vegas. Blessed her kind soul.

The first thing after he came home from school in the evening, he passed me back the bento box and said, “Mummy, today I bought noodle from the canteen.” LOL! I was not exactly angry but must show a bit unsatisfactory face. This is proven that boys is always boys. They are always curious and is brave to try new things. My Mom used to nag us, “the money in your pocket can bite, is it?” meaning we must buy something when we have the money. LOL.

And can you imagine I just threw all the food away? So wasted. I have to get assurance from him again, “Tomorrow how? You better tell me you want Bento or buy food from the canteen”. He can’t seem to give me an answer. I know, he felt like a big boy and buying food from the canteen is new to him but those noodle is so unhealthy! Not only that, they are just plain noodle with a miserable piece of fish cake. Read my lips. Just one piece of fish cake. Nothing else. No taugeh, no nothing! He finally said he wants a Bento for tomorrow lunch and requested bread + butter + sugar. And I offered to threw in a cultured drink. His face was gleaming. As long he is happy, I am happy too 🙂 .

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Kids Say The Darnest Things

We was at the Paediatrician the other day when Kharlette was sick and at the same time to visit a friend and pass her the personalized baby gifts to her newborn. Kharlette was then asked to stepped on the analog weighing machine – She weights at 15kg.

We used to update our own weight from time to time whenever they are at the Paediatrician.

Since it was free, I asked Carlgene to step on the weighing machine too – 19kg, wow! He has put on 2 kgs.

Now is Mummy’s turn.

Carlgene exclaimed very loudly, “Wah, Mummy, COOOL!!! The needle went so high up!”


p/s: He was amazed by the fast moving needle.

p/p/s: Sad to say, I’ve putted on 2 kgs 🙁

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Kiddie Talent Time

The Kids Sunday School was having a talent time event last Sunday and none the less, Prince (6y/o) & Baby Princess (3y/o) was one of the participant showing off their talent. If Christianity is not your cuppa, I’m sorry about it. I write purely for the sake of my kids. So, can all of us stand up and say a little prayer??? LOL! Come on, the storyline have to start from somewhere right and I’m totally drawing a blank right now!

Baby Princess is very cute while reciting prayer.

Teacher: Dear God,
Baby: God
Teacher: Thank you for bring us here,
Baby: Here
Teacher: To this wonderful church
Baby: Church

… LOL and the whole prayer she just repeating the last word after the Teacher.

Thereafter, they have some praise and worship to warm up the kids.

The talent time started off with kids from age 5, 4, 3 and lastly 6 years old. When the Teacher announced Baby Princess name, she chicken out! She refused to sing! That really took me by surprise as she look very contended and this chili padi is so talkative. That really shows that this kid DO feel shy in public speaking. So I thought that’s all la, can say bye-bye ade. No more picture of her.

The 6 year old turn. Now the kiasuism Mum not only kiasu, KIASI somemore. Prince went up to the make-shift stage and there he goes, decided to screwed up the introductory line but he was so smart to wiggle out of it as he just simply tembak. Now the Mummy was supposed to take pictures of him at close range but decided to stay where she is, afraid that her Son will make mistake again in his singing. Really kiasi la this Mother. Cannot tahan!

The actual picture is like this lor. So small people only. But don’t have to worry cos I can always crop it ma. hehehe… After cropping:

That is my Boy singing “I Will Make You Fisher Of Man”. Round applause to him as he did very well. Managed to finished the whole song without mistake. I am so proud of him. Every participant was then given a little dragon fly toy.

I am still coaxing Baby Princess to go up the stage to sing if she wants the dragon fly like her Brother. All she does was shaking her head and pull a long and sour face. After many coaxing, suddenly out of the blue she murmured, “Mummy, I want to sing.” Lo and behold, without wasting time I quickly shoved her up the stage in case she changed her mind out of the sudden. You know how kids are, sometimes they got angin (air head) wan. I promised her I will hold her hand while she sings.

She just stood there and was staring at the crowd. Wah lau, really like Princess.

I have to coaxed her again… hold her hand…. encouraging words… and finally she sang, but very very very very soft. Yup! Very very very soft. The audience decided to sing along with her. I think they beh tahan with her also. haha!

Fuyoh! After 2 rounds of warming up, the third round she sang even louder. That is just so her in her real self reciting “God is so Good” the English and Mandarin version. That is a lot of courage to stand up on the stage and sing before the 50 audiences. I don’t think I can do that. You see, my kids can only sing.  You should see the others kids.  Some can sing and recite the 10 commandments!  They are way better than me.  And of course the thing that makes her happy is the dragon fly.

In less than 5 minutes, she broke the wing >.< Ouch!

The mischievous boy with his antic.

One of the beautiful creation by God. Ahem.

ooo… this little girl looks like alli (Ally) McBeal – I was aiming the camera at her and her Mama ask her to smile for me and she did. Just like that. I likey! Some kids will shy away from the camera.

Lastly, the picture that paints a thousand word.

Prince favourite teacher, Teacher Joyce. She was so proud of Prince. Well, all I can say is without their encouragement and support, there is no today. Thank you Teacher Joyce for giving Carlgene the opportunity. He is going to miss you next year when he migrated to the Primary department. *sob, sob*

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The Prince Turned Six

It’s the time of the year again we stick to our tradition to celebrate the Kids birthday in TGIFridays. My Sister cringed whenever I told them we are dining out in TGIF. LOL. What to do, Sis. Unless you can find a similar restaurant like TGIF then we will switch venue, ok? Since it is the Ramadan month, we was there super early at about 6pm to avoid the crowd. TGIF have changed their menu and even their cutleries.

All their bowls and plates are red. I likey! This is also one of the new dishes called something Garupa. And our all time favourite is the Friday’s Platter consist of fried mozzarella cheese.

Now you tell me how not to love their food? It reminded me so much of the cruises that I went. We had five meals a day and all we did was eat and eat and eat!

And the must-have each time we dined there is their mud pie.

So chocolatey can die!

It is also TGIF tradition to present the birthday Boy a slice of their signature chocolate cake. And why it always have to be TGIF? Cos they make such a stomping ruckus during birthday celebrations that the next country also can hear. The birthday boy or girl will appreciate the attention (although some pretend to be shy and all lah).

Before blowing out the candle, the staff aked the Prince to make a wish. And I interrupted, “His wish already came true.” Haha! The little boy has been bugging us for a PSP so we decided to get him one after 2 months of empty promises. If you look carefully at the 2 most bottom picture, the big sista was asking him to “sheesh…” “sheesh…” . Basically the boy is jumping out of joy that the next table is able to hear him.

One for the album.

So you think 2 girls and 2 boys make a happy family?  Cringed man!

Fyi, little boy in navy blue is my nephew.

See you again TGIF, Gambate!

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First Recital for Him

The Princess and Prince (8 y/o and 6 y/o) has a recital few days ago. This is counted as the third recital for Princess and first time for the Prince. All I can said is, the Prince played very well despite taking up violin lesson sometime in April. We are very proud of him indeed.

Just before the recital started, as usual the mischievous boy can’t sit still. He was seen here turning his violin into a Cello!

And he have to irritate everyone in the room with that streaky sound from the string instrument. The Mummy will have to go sheesh… sheesh…. or gave him the deadly stare.

The Jie-Jie is nothing but a Princess. Other than her chatty mouth (which girls wouldn’t) I do not have to nag her to sit still. But this girl wouldn’t want to take any pictures. Duhh!

As usual, 7.30pm is too early for Daddy to leave the office. He is giving this a miss. Again! The show was delayed for 30 minutes as many musicians turned up late. Prince got impatient and wanted to call his Daddy.

He is asking why his Daddy is not here yet and asked his Daddy why he doesn’t want to come see him play. Scout swear – I did not ask my Boy to called the Daddy. The whole night I was busy with my camera and I thought he just wanted a chat with his Daddy to kill time. The kids does that all the time at home when the Daddy comes home late. And the last picture here you can see my Boy almost in tears.

My Boy is very very close the the Daddy. He still cling on to his Daddy like a Koala bear. I almost forgot the phone was on speaker mode! Now the whole audience knows that the child’s father is not supportive 🙁 . I heard Daddy said something like… “pass the phone to Mummy” and I quickly took over the phone. And guess what? Daddy is almost reaching home and I asked him to detoured to join us since the show hasn’t started yet.  Of course my Boy was so thrilled to see his Daddy walk in and deserved a big bear hug!

I love this picture of the girls and their violin.

This was shot using a 50mm lens. This is what we called synchronized!

Princess is always duetting with this girl (sorry don’t know her name) as they are of same level.

And the Prince…

I was so proud of him, the moment we reached home I marched to my Sis’s house and show the video to Uncle Kimmy, “Uncle Kimmy, come! Nah, show you something. The child that never practise at home can played so well.”

Really! My kids hardly practise their violin at home. Haha! You may ask why. To me, I never like to forced my kids into anything and if I were to give myself a new chore like nagging the kids to practise this and that, you think it is worth it? I was fortunate as my kids was showing interest and naturally accepted it. Even without the daily practising, they still did well. I am not a perfectionist and I don’t expect to have one. They are what they are, the God’s given child.

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I Won A 4 Million Jackpot!

I have been told that bringing up a girl and boy is totally different. Girls are so much easier and they tend to does thing without being told and of course…. smarter! I have never compare both my kids (Kharsyn 8y/o and Carlgene 6y/o). They are special in their own way. Being smart or not is not important as I was born intelligent but studies ruin me.

Now, the thing that I always need to nag on my boy is his lack of enthusiasm in his studies. He has got my bad gene. He is exactly like me when I was little – very playful and lost concentration easily. Getting him to do his homework without being told is like buying a lottery ticket. And if he really finished up his homework without being told, it is like me, hitting the 4 million jackpot! (This is how from the original title “Of Homework and Exam” was changed to I Won a 4 Million Jackpot! Haha!)

Last Sunday night I kept on nagging him to finished up his mental arithmetic homework. As usual, most of the time he will be playing with his toes and gawd knows what. 30 minutes when I came back to check on him, he is no where to be seen on his desk but pangsai in the toilet. But where is his homework? How come they are not on the table? As I approached the toilet, my anger was held back when I saw him continue doing his homework by using a stool as a table.

Of course I quickly get my camera and shot my winning lottery ticket. 4 million dollar wor! When he look up at me, he goes, “Oh, Man!” <~~ please insert the most macho slang. Of course the little boy need lots of praising to keep him motivated 😉 .

On an unrelated issue but still pertaining to kids, this week is exam week again especially for Chinese school. Whenever daughter came home, the first thing I ask would be her exam:

Mummy: How’s your exam today? Can do or not?
Dotter: Can!
Mummy: Everytime also say can but never bring home 100 for Mummy. You don’t know meh Mummy like the two zeros. Mummy like to eat eggs.
Dotter: Oh, so you mean you like to eat sausage and eggs issit!

Kids nowadays!!!

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