About Me

As you know my name is Jessie Ling aka Hijackqueen. A busy mother of 3 lovely kids from Malaysia who is a simple and direct-to-the point writer who writes whatever that comes to my mind.

I love writing reviews for food stuff and review of places where I’ve been to and write fancy stuff about them. At some time, I will write about my family members, particularly my 3 kids. Hubby’s details are included from time to time. I write at least 5 entries a week and most of my write-up are interesting and original.

Did you also note my headline? Yeah! I’ve got crazy hormones. More like tau hong liddat. When I blow, it may look very ugly.

Before I go on, let me give you a quick introduction of my family members.

Hijackqueen – that is me! Which at time, I will address myself as Queen.

The King – what do you expect when the wife is called Queen, the hubby must be king la.

The Princess – my eldest daughter, Kharsyn who is a 6 year old bubbly little girl living in the world of fairy tales books and has been daydreaming of being a princess after she got herself addicted to the story of The Magic of Pegasus. She was nicknamed Princess Analise at home tho.

The Prince – my eldest son, Carlgene who is a 4 years old energetic and also automobile geek has been influence and brainwashed by The King. This prince has got a angmoh look (ahem!) and we thinks he will drive the girls up the wall when he grows up.

Baby Princess – my youngest daughter, Kharlette who is 1 year old. She is the pet in the family hence occasionally target of getting bullied by The Prince.