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Day 2 (Part 1/5) Sunrise in Angkor Wat

… continue from Day 1 (Part 3 of 3) – Sunset in Phnom Bakheng Hill

Early rise today. Mr Tuk-Tuk was already waiting at our hotel at 5am sharp. Today is a long day as we planned to go temple hopping (click for map) and fully utilized our ticket (US$20) as it is valid for a day only.

5.30am – We started out in Angkor Wat for the sunrise.

We was told by Mr Tuk-Tuk to wait at this spot (outside the gate). While waiting, we camwhore lots of ‘silly me’ poses. 10 minutes later, the sun started to rose from the East hiding behind some bushes.

I was very dissapointed. This is not what I’ve wanted. I want the sun to rise behind Angkor Wat and not along some bushes! *sigh…

We then proceed to enter outer gate of Angkor Wat. Not knowing where to start snapping till I saw the cambodian child. Again!

I love the angle and setting my camera to sepia makes it blend in with the occasion perfectly. I tried myself in sepia too but didn’t quite like it. I still prefer original colour.

Trying to impersonate smashin’ pOpstar

The towers in Angkor Wat resemble a lotus bud. Did you see that the surface of Angkor Wat is covered by moss? If you want to visit Angkor Wat, do it now. I’m sure in 5 to 10 years down the road, the whole of Angkor Wat will be covered by ugly moss. Unless they give it a nice clean scrub, otherwise…

I love corridor. Don’t ask me why.

Inner corridor
Outer corridor

Maybe it’s because I like to play peek-a-boo. *big grin*

My sis then said, “Jie, lidat not nice liao. We should try one like pole dancing.”

Me old liao la. Got fat tight only.

We can see the main temple from far.

So, lots of walking to go and watching out for puddle of water.

And we walk, and walk, and walk….

The moment I saw this, the first thing that came to my mind is….


There’s so many of them!

>We are almost there but not quite there yet.

While I was taking this shot, I saw a hot air balloon in front of me. So I just turn around and snap this pic.

And finally… the most photographic place in Siem Reap.

The reflection of Angkor Wat in lotus pond. I’m so happy and excited! Finally, I saw what I’ve always seen in the internet.

7am – We was by the side of the pond and came some kids taking orders from us for breakfast. Somehow I finally realised that I’m hungry. We graciously ordered a omelet sandwich and a cup of milk coffee.

Came a few boys trying to sell souvenirs. Again! I just shook my head and smile at them. They all left after giving up on me except for a boy. He’s trying his luck by showing me some key chains, post card, fridge magnet. ALL also me not interested, ok!

Finally my food came. I excused myself from him cos I need to eat now. Can you believe what did he say?

“You eat first. Later buy from me, ok?”

I almost fall off my chair. Don’t know should cry or laugh. But that is so hilarious!

The coffee is so kau (thick)! Full of umph! The omelet sandwich is just so-so. Nothing to shout about. Guess how much does my breakfast cost?

US$3!!! That is a freaking of RM10.50 for my breakfast. It’s all my fault. I should have ask for their price first before ordering. Note to self, always ask for their price! *sigh… Remember ah, don’t eat at the stall inside Angkor Wat.

Time to conquer Angkor Wat!

Corridors again
Buddha statue

Very beautiful Bas-relief and Apsaras Dancer.

It is believe that Apsaras Dancer is a bunch of sexy yet mysterious supernatural fairies.

And we did lots of Apsaras dancing too *cough*

That’s so much on Angkor Wat. I have lauzy sunset pic. Vowed to myself that I will be back again. Just for the sunset at the lotus pond. Anyway, Hubby is so jealous after seeing all my photograph. Well, my next trip to Siem Reap would be with him. It’s a matter of time now ;).

We left Angkor Wat and headed to the South gate of Angkor Thom. Bayon, here we come…..

… to be continue in Day 2 (Part 2/5) – Bayon

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5 years ago today; A Birthday and A Festival

According to chinese calendar, today is 15th day of the 8th lunar month where chinese celebrated Mid Autumn Festival (Traditional Chinese: 中秋節; pinyin: zhōngqiÅ«jié) and my Little Boy’s Birthday (pun intended 😉 ).

Son’s actual date (according to angmoh calendar) falls sometime last week. We only have TGIFriday in mind since the place and their foods is child friendly.

Just the Three of us

Don’t ask me why we always have to go TGIFriday to celebrate Birthday. Could it be the food? The environment? The people? Their soprano singer? Their Reggae Group?

Yea! I like the last one. Their Reggae Group and who don’t?

Their staffs are a friendlier lot. Even the kids are comfortable with the place and son thinks their uniform looks super cool and funky. He insisted to camwhore with one the staff wearing a deer antelope by pulling his arm all the way across his shoulder and down to his chest. Well, I hope Daddy is not jealous when he see this. After the photoshoot, Mr Deer gave him a hard pinch on his cheek. I heard him saying, “Aiyoh, you are so cute!” That’s my son. He is very friendly. Sometimes too friendly *worry*.

Little Boy ask for Bumble Bee. We tried looking for it in Toys ‘R us, Parkson and Jaya Jusco but they have none. We bought him Lightning McQueen instead and still cost us a bomb!

Have you ate a mooncake today?

Play a lantern today?

Camwhore kau-kau today?

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all 😉

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Day 1 (Part 3/3) – Sunset at Phnom Bakheng Hill

continue from Day 1 (Part 2/3)

4.00pm – We have only 30minutes left before the sun set. First stop at the ticketing counter.

Tickets are priced at US$20 (1day) and US$40 (3 days). Tickets are needed at all entrance to temples. However, you can go in for free after 5.30pm, that is after the sun has set. So, today is free for us. The tickets can be used for the next day.

The moment we approach the foot hill, a group of kids came flocking to us. Each carrying something to sell. We don’t even had the chance to glance properly at their item. I was shocked to see them pushing each other while murmuring the prices. All we ask was, “How much?” and everyone started to offer their own prices and it goes lower and lower without us haggling.

“One for One Dollar.”

“I give you 2 for One Dollar.”

“I give you 4 for One Dollar!”

“I gib you 6 for One Dollar”.

Finally, the lowest win!

But that is not all, the other girls keep on coming, “Lady, this one not same. Red karer. Buy one.”

I can only felt pity at them. There’s really nothing much I can do. Anyway, I have to catch the sunset.

“Phnom” means “Hill” in the Khmer language. It is situated up on a hill. Climbing the hill after a day walking around the monuments can be a challenge, but the view from the top just before sunset is a rewarding sight.

Tourist are everywhere

Spot the rainbow?

A little of camwhoring while waiting for the sun to set

I like the ray

Manyak olang lor (Many people)

This would make a perfect sunset photograph if not for all the strangers here.

It started to drizzle before we get the hang of the sunset. Remember that this is a hill and if it rains, the path will get wet and slippery. We started trekking down hill at a faster pace.

At the foot hill, once again we are surrounded by kids who is trying to sell us books varying from the archeology of Angkor Wat, guide books, etc. And again, I was attracted to one of the kid books. The haggling goes.

“Lady, 10 Dollar.”

“No. 5 Dollar.”

“Eight Dollar.”

“No. 5 Dollar.”

“Bla, bla, bla. That is too low. See, this is a good book. How about 6 Dollar?”

“No. 5 Dollar.” I just walk off. The child then ran after me.

“Ok, Lady. 5 Dollar.”

I was amazed he can speak English very well. I guess most of the children are motivated to speak English in order to make the sales.

We are exhausted and called it a day. Mr Tuk-Tuk appear to be quite an honest man. After he drop us at our hotel, he ask, “How about tomorrow sunrise at 5am?”

“How much is that?”

“15 Dollar.”

This time, I have to play smart after kena con by the first tuk-tuk. I took out my “homework paper” and ask him, “Does it include Angkor Wat? Bayon? Preah Khan? Boeng Barai? Elephant Terrace, bla bla bla…?”

He almost drop his jaw when I read him the whole list of temples and he goes, “Yes” while smiling at me. He must be thinking this women sot-sot dei wan. So kiasu yet kiasi. What to do! I’ve learn my lesson and is playing smart this time.

… to be continue, Day 2 – Sunrise in Angkor Wat.

Now gotta go catch my beauty sleep…. zzzzzzzzzzz……

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Day 1 (Part 2/3) – Tonle Sap Floating Village

… continue from Part 1/3 here

3pm – A tuk-tuk offer us US$3 for a trip to Floating Village. We negotiated with him US$5 to floating village and sunset in Angkor Wat. He agreed to it without hesitation. So we hopped on. Upon reaching the village, we were asked to pay US$12 per person for the boat ride to see the real Floating Village. Where we are now is just the jetty. Dang, did I not done my homework properly? How could I over look on the fees for boat ride!

Part of the jetty

I’ve seen the pictures from internet and don’t find the floating village interesting at all. The water is so murky and the village is so run down. Even Pangkor Island is much better than that. And now you ask me to pay a freaking US$12 just to see some ulu kampung? Over my dead body. I came from a kampung la, dude!

So I told the tuk-tuk that we just snap some photographs here and adjourned to Angkor Wat. He’s not happy with the idea. Probably he do get some small commission from it.
“You see here not happy. You go and come back, you happy.”

Happy my foot! Now my pocket is not happy *blueh*. I continue doing my business i.e. snapping the village kids.

They are enjoying themself playing guli (marble). Exactly the same game we the boys played in younger days.

I don’t need money. I need a comb.


You give me one marble. I give you my slipper.

Actually, today is my son’s birthday. He has been asking for Bumble Bee (Transformer). Maybe I should get him an old slipper too *evil laugh*.



3.30pm – After finished snapping photograph, I told the tuk-tuk driver:

“Why don’t we go Angkor Wat for sunset.”

“Here also got sunset. Nice.”

“No. I want Angkor Wat. Here not nice.”

“Angkor Wat far from here. Here sunset beautiful.”

This time I know kena con liao and I was darn mad at him. I don’t see a point arguing with him.

“Ok. Nevermind. Since no Angkor Wat, I pay you your actual price US$3. You sent us back to Old Market.”


Kanasai that felle. First day already get con by them! Luckly we are still early for sunset. I can always get another tuk-tuk to go Angkor Wat.

Someone go slap him for me, please!

Remember this number – 0450. If you see him, don’t use his service. Big con man. I have not finish with his con story yet.

When we reach our hotel instead of Old Market, I gave him US$3. He refused to accept it. He said it was supposed to be US$5. I said no Angkor Wat so back to US$3. And he go bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla US$4. I’m so tired with his antic and arguing on my holiday is not what I’ve wanted. Finally I paid him US$4. *sigh…..


He spoil my mood and I have to pulled a sour face stomping in to the hotel but was greeted by this every friendly and helpful front desk reception. He ask, “Sunset at 4.30pm?”

I jumped,“Yes!” …. and wait, “How much for sunset?”



We hopped on another tuk-tuk that was waiting outside.

Sunset! Finally! *keeping our finger cross that this tuk-tuk doesn’t con us again*

… Coming up, Part 3 – Sunset in Phnom Bakheng Hill.

p/s: Yes, I can tell people that I’ve been to the Floating Village. But kanasai jetty only.

pp/s: From now on, you will hear lots of kanasai from me. Cos these people really con us kau-kau. They really kanasai wan.

ppp/s: Kanasai = Like shit!

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Day 1 (Part 1/3) – Old Market, Siem Reap

Some of you might have forgotten or have not read the post where I’ve mentioned my winnings in’s photo contest. This time round, my airfare to Siem Reap is fully borne by Asiayak. So it’s free for me except for other miscellaneous expenses.

Before you continue reading, if you need to pee please do so now cos this is a super duper long post. Not long in words but it has been spam by tones of photographs by Yours Truly of course (ahem). Since the page need sometime to load, why don’t you go and pee even though you don’t need to pee?


While you are there, why dont you go grab yourself a drink or some snacks?

… or eye drops?

*pat-pat* Good girls and good boys.

The flight from KL to Siem Reap is about 2 hours and 5 minutes journey. I am staying in Golden Temple Villa which includes transfer from the airport to their hotel. The moment the van stop outside my hotel, my jaw almost drop cos the road is full of yellow mud and very dusty. Good thing the hotel is clean.

Every night before we sleep, we have to pick up all the flowers. So troublesome!

For US$18 per night with internet service, water heater, air-condition, 24 hours banana/coffee/tea what else I can ask for from the Third World country?

11.30am – We started our tour to the Old Market which is only 3 minutes walk from our hotel. At the same time, we need to get a bite too. Street food is definitely for me.

We spotted french loaf. If you are a muslim, be very caution as what you eat. Cambodian eat lots of pork. Those are pork chop, some fish sauce and pickle veges. French loaf are then put in a charcoal oven to retained it’s crispiness. Very yummy indeed. Cost us 2000 Riel (4000 Riel to US$1).

Next we spotted a fruits push cart.

I like the way the cut the mango. Looks like a lotus bud. Albeit the colour, they are not so sour at all. You can eat with with choices of shrimp paste or salt with chilies. I choose the salt with chilies. Cost us 2000 Riel. However, prices defer everywhere.

We did not try the skewed banana. Looks a bit unpleasant to me.

Enough food for the time being as we can’t wait to attack the old market. My mom has a saying, “The money in your pocket can bite you issit”. lol

I have enough of these bags from my hubby’s previous trip to Vietnam. However, I got myself these:

Smaller pouch for weekend outing selling at US$3 each. I bought 7 bags at US$18. I sucks at bargaining. I know I could get cheaper elsewhere.

Next is some ‘bling-bling’ aka jewelery. My aunt bought them when she is here. My cousin bought them when she is here. I bought them when I am here!

Don’t get fooled by them when they told you it is white gold. They are silver actually. But you can be rest assured that all their stones are real. The 2 ballerinas is for my 2 Princesses. That round sapphire is mine. I Heart sapphire cos I can’t afford a diamond. And I bought the jade for my Mom. My sis bought a bracelet too. All in, I paid about US$70. AND THAT IS A CUT THROAT PRICE! Kanasai nia. Don’t want to talk about price. Past is past.

Then usual lor. We window shop a lot looking for Khmer product.

Outside the market looks clean. Inside looks like pig sty – dark and smelly

They sell lots of Asparas dancer, elephant, buddhist statue and et cetera. It all depending on what you want to buy. Some people can buy the whole of Siem Reap.

3pm – After 3 hours browsing thru the market, we got almost what we wanted. Came this tuk-tuk driver offering us US$3 to Floating Village. Well, that is a good price. We negotiated with him at US$5 to include a sunset tour in Angkor Wat. He agreed. We hop on his tuk-tuk.

… watch out for Part 2 – Floating Village

p/s: I’ve changed my mind to keep my post short. I’ve break them into 3 parts for easy reading/viewing. So, in part 2, no need bring pop corn or coke la.

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Filler Post

Sus’ dei!

That is how you say hello in Cambodia.

I’m back from Siem Reap and boy, was definitely looking forward to come home. As usual, I need time to process my pictures and spam my own blog kau-kau with photographs. Just some filler post today. So enjoy…

Siem Reap International Airport overlooking Air Asia’s Manchester United Airbus in the background

This is my first time being greeted with a placard. Was a bit paiseh (shy) at first.

Tell me, what is your first thought when you reached your hotel (they claimed they are 4 star hotel) entrance and was greeted by this sight?


I told my sis, “I WANT TO GO HOME!”

Some snippets for tomorrow post:

Sunset, food and shopping!

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… of butt in the bin

Well, to reply a few of my readers comment on my thumb sucking post:

  1. I’ve tried minyak cap kapak. But this girl is very smart. She will continuously rubbing her finger on her clothes and taste them occasionally till the spicyness worn off.
  2. I’ve told her horror stories like worms hiding under her nail and she will get tummy ache. But kids don’t buy such a story.
  3. I’ve bought a type of bitter medicine from U.S. to apply on her nail. Either the medicine is not bitter enough or my girl is just too stubborn.
  4. and et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Too lazy to list them all.

One fine day, after picking her up from the babysitter’s house, as usual, she will put her finger in her mouth for comfort. So I told her, “No suck-suck finger. Dirty.” Then she will ‘teh’ (manja) a bit. Somehow, dunno why suddenly I reacted this way. I say, “Since you like to suck your finger so much then I throw you in the dustbin cos Mummy don’t like smelly baby.”

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

She least expect me going to do that!

Her whole butt sinked to the bin and she is struggling to get up. That is so hillarious. After a while, she stopped struggling and of course I’ve finished with my photoshot and get her out of the bin.

This is when she melt my heart again!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Her million dollar smile.

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Nostalgia Moment

“Last weekend, I spotted lots of booties and mittens on my neighbour’s laundry line. Ah… looks like she is going to deliver anytime now” – this is how I’ve planned to write on my first paragraph but I hate to be fake!

Ah, well…. my neighbour is my sister and I am helping her to wash all the booties and mittens. So nostalgia, aitelyu! I took my time slowly sorting out all the baby clothings admiring those tiny fabric with cute little teddy bear prints on it.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

While I was sorting out the clothes, Baby Princess was holding out the mittens and said to me, “Baby wan”. She is refering the “Baby” to herself. I said, “No, Wu Yi’s (5th Aunt) baby wan”. And she help herself by putting her hands in the mitten. She is so smart. She know the mittens is for hand!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Once I’ve done with the washing, I get the big girl (Eldest Princess) to work. She too was taken aback by the cutie booties and mittens. She was ooing and cooing all the way. Of course she is proud to be part of it. Yea, doing something for Wu Yi’s (5th Aunt) baby.

Looks like Mummy can now work on her evil plan since the big girl is tall enough to reach the laundry line. Insert *evil smile* *rolling eye*, Sheesh………………

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Not Exactly Organic

A homegrown is a homegrown but a homegrown. It is a homegrown after all. What do I say this? Well, even tho I have met the standard requirement in producing organic veges i.e. without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, human waste (say bye-bye to babies wee-wee), or sewage sludge (say bye-bye to air longkang), something is still missing here. I was told, organic veges have to be grown in a confined environment and not exposed to polluted air. Duhh, do i need to move all my potted vegies into my living hall? So I failed the ISO thingy. I shall not called my produce “organic” but “homegrown”.

You see, I don’t have a big garden at home but some available ample porch space which is filled with lots of Bonsai and Desert Rose (Mandarin – Fu Kui Hua). However, I’ve started my own little herbs garden and vegetable plot-in-the-pot. lol.

This is how I fertilized my vegies (some are ala self-created):

  1. Whenever you wash your rice, keep the water for your vegies. Same goes when you wash fresh fishes.
  2. Dump any fruits/vegies skin (dragonfruit, papaya, banana, apple skin, carrot skin, potatoes skin, etc) to the soil. Let them decomposed by itself.
  3. After you have removed the head from anchovies, buried them in the soil. Let them decomposed by itself.
  4. Don’t discard baby’s left over milk. Pour them on your vegies. Now your plants will have lots of protein and calcium. rofl…
  5. If you happen to bake or cook lots of egg, soak eggs shell in water for at least a day or two. Water your plants thereafter. Another way to give you plants some protein. rofl….

The above is some example of things that I do. Well, here’s another one. If you are someone who blend your own soya milk, after squeezing the milk, scattered the ‘char’ on the soil. This way, nothing goes to waste. Infact, it is like having a little composite in your own garden.

However, I just learn on trial and error. For example the choy sum. If I throw item no. 2 (above) on the soil, it will attract lots of snail. And these are not big snail. They are so tiny you can hardly notice them and they hide under all the vegies/fruits skin that you thrown. Slowly by days after eating all the vegies/fruits skin, they started to attack your choy sum. By then, the numbers starts to multiply (about 30 snails). This is when i started to get busy again by killing all the tiny snails using a scissor to snip them into half. Then I got impatient cos the snails is really tiny. So I ended up using my fingers to squeeze them. Ok, you can go ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Not only I have green fingers.  Now I have icky fingers!  Aiyah, just wash your hands lor. So now I stop throwing item no. 2 on the soil. Even if the snail is there, I just let it be cos I’m lazy. Eating one or two leaves from my plot won’t die, right?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Other than choy sum, lettuce and bitter gourd, all year round, I have mint leaves, chives (cantonese – kau choy) and basil. All those can be grown easily in a pot.

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Home Grown Choy Sum

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Remember a month ago I’ve blogged about the choy sum seed that Leah gave them to me that is sprouting in my garden?

Now I have home grown veges.  Not totally organic.  At least I know it is free from pesticide and chemical fertilizer.

So far, I have them (choy sam) in my fried noodles and last weekend, I have them as a dish itself.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Choy sum in Oyster Sauce and Fragrant Garlic

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