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Valentine’s Day Prank

For the past few years when my Sister became our neighbour, she has been playing prank on my kids especially during their birthday.  She will leave presents outside my house and sign off as Optimus Prime or Troy Bolton (Zac Efron).  Now I regretted I did not take any pictures of the past presents especially the lastest one for the Prince as Sis really deco the box and drew a big Optimus Prime on it.

Last Saturday being Valentine’s Day, there was a red envelope address to the Princess with postmarked postage from U.S.A. I have to hold back my laughter when I retrieved them from the post box.  I called out to Princess, “Kharsyn, there is a letter for you!” She came running, “Yes!  My friend send to me wan.” She tore the envelope and pulled out a Valentine’s card of Troy Bolton on the cover.  That’s very nice!  Of course the silly girl was so thrilled she was totally speechless.

My Sis is always very creative but this time, she had gone TOO creative! Suddenly I felt like photoshopping my own face next to Troy Bolton.  The 9 years old is not easily tricked now after the past few years prank.  But we still keep the true identity from her.  It takes a reality to know Troy Bolton won’t send her a card, that is for sure and she kept on asking me who send them.  “You see, it was signed by Troy Bolton wat.”

To spice things up, there is a postcard size photo attached *rolling eye*

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FGS Dong Zen 2009

A visit to a temple called FGS (Fu Guang San) Dong Zen in Jenjarom has been a tradition to us since 2006 (I have blogged about it in 2008). Not for praying but for photoshoot. Every year, they put up decoration from different theme to attract tourist. How to get there? If you are coming from Kesas Highway, exit in Banting. There is only one road leading to Banting. You won’t get lost. Trust me. Along the way, you will spot 3 to 4 signboard indicating you are on the right track. Just follow the signboard and take a right turn at a traffic light. The journey is about 30mins after exiting the Kesas Highway.

Usually the flowers is the main attraction but this year, I somehow find them so-so only. The thing that excite me is the artificial cherry blossom. I am so thrilled! This is the attraction that bought me to FGS Dong Zen in 2006. What are we waiting for? Pictures of course!

They shift the little monk every year from one location to another to make them looks like new.

The Wishing tree

Last year the bamboo is still young but has now grown so bushy they almost block the Kwan Yin Buddha’s view.

The mascot of this year – Moo-moo cow sponsored by Dutch Lady o.O Spot the grass. This year they are brown. I like it this way. Even if it rains, they won’t be muddy at all.

Something new this year. The past 3 years they kept using the same ole lantern.

The 12 Chinese Zodiac sign. Co-incident the three of them get to stand next to each other. The lantern zodiac sign is also from previous year but was shifted to a different location to make them looks new. Smart ass.

Daddy is very fond of anything that is ‘Rooster’. He bought this Rooster at RM50 since the money will proceed to the Old Folks Home fund.

I saw this horse but Daddy did not approve it so I say, “Buy for Di-Di la. He is born in the year of Horse ma.” Immediately he approved it! So easy to manipulate man hor.

Their theme for this year other than the moo-moo cow, they display some miniature wat (temple).  Take the spot light as comparison to see how small is the clay monk.

My best shot for that day, the lantern pagoda.

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Happy ‘Niu’ Year

Yvonne: I expect to see some pictures on CNY photoshoot this year, KNS, post kueh kapit pictures pulak.


Ok, there you go, my good buddy. I dressed kids up and took some pictures of them at home. One of the thing that we always do without failed before Chinese New Year.

The scroll was a gift from Eldest BIL. Not hand written but some commercial type.

Kids with my Nephew, Jonathan.

Sorry Sis. It’s all my fault. I was lazy to fix on the external flash and was shooting at ISO1600 F3.2. Your son moved too much that is why the pix is blur. We retake again, ok?

I kinda like this but still not the best shot from me.

As usual, the little Princess love to make goofy faces. LOL

Trying my best to get a picture of the three of them. I am really trying my best, ok! The little glitch here is…. THE GOOFY FACE AGAIN!!! But I love the way Carlgene hold on that little hand drum (whatever you called them?)

p/s: You know my banana Boss spelt them as Kong Si Fah Chye. I have to tease him that he is such a typical angmoh. hehe.

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Old CNY Pix

While gathering some old photographs for the new next Photobook that is expiring very very soon, I found this two CNY theme photo a bit nostalgia and that shows how my kids has now outgrown their cuteness.

Feb, 2005 – I was around 32nd week pregger with no. 3.

Yea, I know. I don’t look pregnant at all cos I hardly put on any weight during my 3rd pregnancy. Blame it on stress. I can’t help but to notice my little Prince. Cute-nye!

Some where around 2005 too

This is not CNY. The kid’s kindergarten was having a ‘traditional costume’ day. Eldest Princess is in cheongsam and Prince dress up as Sinbad! And the cutey one here is Little Princess who was then about 6 months old? Not very sure of that.

And today, they look something like this: *to be continue tomorrow as I have not download the latest pics from my camera* ngek, ngek, ngek

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Homemade Kueh Kapit

So many things to do, so little time I had. Last weekend we have so many events lining up to be done like 1) a CNY photoshoot with my kids, 2) Daddy is planning to send his car to the workshop for tire balancing and alignment, 3) sending kids to Arithmetic tuition for CNY replacement class and if I choose plan 4, all plans have to be scrap cos plan 4 is going to take the whole day to finished that is a kueh kapit (love letter) baking session in my Sister house.

That morning the moment I walked in to my kitchen, I can smell kueh kapit lingering in the air. So aromatic! Must be someone in my neighbourhood making kueh kapit too. I pick up my phone to called my Sis if they really confirmed making kueh kapit. Sis said they already finished mixing the ingredients and now getting ready to bake. Wah, I syok already cos finally the CNY mood is here. So I told Daddy to drop us (me + 3 kids) at the KTM station but Daddy was super nice that morning. He said, “Family come first. Tire can wait.” awwww…. But then, safety come first also hor. *tsk*

Reached my Sis house at 10.30am and did not managed to snap the earlier session when they prepare the ingredients.

By the time I reached, Mom has already down to business. This is always the norm. First few pieces (or maybe 10 pcs) of love letters is ‘coffee flavour’ = burnt. As and when we goes, the colour gets better and better.

Every item we used here is as old as me. But Mom reckon old mould is not a good mould cos they tend to stick and the engraving is not that obvious anymore. Mom is planning to invest in few new mould next year.

Few years back, Eldest Sis learn to master this skill from my Mom. As for me, I’ll always be the assistant. The fear is “HOT”! But you know what? I’ve discovered something. Will let you know at the end of this post 😉

When we was young, my Mom eldest Sis will help with the making too. She will tell us stories and they always start with… “Long time ago….” you know stuff like World War II, all the running and hiding and how when they was younger, the whole village have marathon love letter’s making session for 24 hours! So now was Mom’s turn. This is how she goes.

“Last time when we was young, we have to wake up at 3am. Not like you people so fortunate. Wake up at 9am only. We have to grate the coconut using the traditional grater, squeeze the coconut milk. Now ah, just go market and you can get fresh squeeze coconut milk and even mix the ingredient using electronic gadget.. Oh ya, the rice flour leh. We have to grind the rice using the stone mortar. Last time no electric city somemore. We have to use kerosene lamp, etc…” the rest not so interesting liao. hahaha.

I asked Daddy to take this shot of us, working. Mom teased me, “Aiyah, you should switch place with me. If want to show off must be the chief only is the real thing.” Char tou! Notice my 3rd Sis in the background? She is coating ‘nien kau’ with grated coconut for consumption. Syok nye! This is what I called CNY mood la. Mom occasionally switching place with my Eldest Sis so that she can rest a while. It is very tiring you know. Especially our back and our leg. You all only know how to eat *sticking out tongue*.

Towards the ending, I took over the task from my Sister for the first time!!! And you know what I’ve found out? The person who handle the mould has an easier task compare to the person who fold the HOT love letter. Trust me!

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The Eve of Christmas

Back when I was a little child, Christmas Eve was one of the best and busiest day. Mom will prepared her ever famous sweet corn pudding for the night carolers. Being living the furthest away from the Church where we are attending, our house used to be the last house the carolers would arrived and they normally reached way past midnight. Before we knew it, all the sweet corn pudding is gone. We have to get used to the small kampung tradition called TAPAU!

Watching the Carolers

Things has changed now. With us working and living in the busy town of Kuala Lumpur, we (siblings) took turn to host for Christmas. We wind up of a sizeable crowd of more than 20 people so it is rather impossible not to make a big fuss over the event.

Carolers watching us

This year, we celebrated Christmas in Penang and we still talk about the Tsunami that took place that year (2004) we was in Penang. The building shook, we ran hilter skilter out from the condo, screaming histarically thinking that the building is going to collapse. We tease each other’s action.

Christmas day was good. It is fun to see how we as a family created our own tradition. Mom no longer make sweet corn pudding but had whipped up a sinful pot of asam laksa. While Eldest Sis bake lots of other goodies and the only picture I took is the plate of california roll.

Green pea size thingy is wasabi. That is youngest Sis silly idea. The night starts with some Caroling. The thing about youngster in this new era, Carolers no longer carry along a Hymnal. They have all the lyrics recorded in their PDA. “Save The Tree”? Ok lah, not a bad idea actually.

Scripture reading time. What happened to the human’s memory?

We never sat down on the table for dinner. More like a standing-walking buffet enjoying the good food and each other’s company. Later in the night, we went out to the garden so that kids will have a bigger space for their performance.

The Host i.e. 2nd Sis and BIL with their 7 months old Baby

“Who’s Your Daddy?”

Every year, they never failed to choreographed a dance performance.

Jingle Bells

If you look closely, each of them was holding on to a little bell. And if you notice, my two other nieces supporting themself on one hand only, that is one of the yoga pose called side plank or in sanskrit called vasisthasana.

We wish you a Merry Kissmas

The kiasu adult!

Fifth Sis, i.e. Julie cheoreograph another performance to the song title “Silent Night”. We have our own Baby Christmas sleeping on the so-called manger. But more comfy one compared to Baby Jesus. lol

Super cute Baby right? The manger is made out from mini inflatable pool and the top sheet is a quilt.

Dad end the night with a prayer. It is already a tradition in my family.

Everyone in position for a family photo.

This family photo is going to outdated again next year when a new member arriving somewhere in June.

Before we adjourned back to indoor some people really know how to enjoy themself. Julie decided to get a piggy back from Santa. I WANT! I WANT!

The moment everyone is waiting for…. presents time!

Hubby did not specifically bought a Christmas presents for me cos he has already bought a lot of stuff for me from his recent trip to Las Vegas. But deep down in me, I always wish he could replace our 11 years old yellow gold engagement rings with a new  platinum ring *hint* o.O

Total mess! If only I have a wide angle lens, the actual sight is worst than this!

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Why Does Santa Gave Us Presents?

Yesterday night on our way home after dropping No.1 at her tuition center, we saw “Santa Clause” giving out sweets presents at a petrol kiosk. The excited Mummy quickly put on the indicator and turn in to the petrol kiosk. It is not about the presents. It is the joy seeing Santa! And only Mummy will do such things. If it were Daddy, possibly he will pretend…

  1. not to notice Santa
  2. over shoot
  3. lie to kids Santa has ran out of presents
  4. all of the above

The million dollar question from Baby Princess, “Why does Santa gave us presents, Mummy?”

It took me 2 seconds to answer her this *ahem* *sing*, “Long Time Ago In Bethlehem, So The Holy Bible Says, Mary’s boy child, Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day. *stop singing* When Jesus Christ was born, the Wise man present gifts to Jesus. So during Christmas Day, we give presents to people we love as an appreciation.”

Baby Princess just kept quiet. Don’t know how much she understand but the crazy Mummy suddenly get the hang of the song and kept singing the same phrase over and over again till we reached home.

Have A Blessed Christmas with good tidings.

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Happy Early Winter Solstice Day

I was supposed to make the glutinous rice ball (tang yuen) over the weekend but since I wanted to make peanut filling this year, I get my Mom to buy me the crushed peanut from my hometown and they arrived only on Monday and since I’ll be going away again this weekend, that left me weekdays to make the rice ball so that I can put up in my blog before the actual day that falls on 21st December instead of the usual 22nd December due to some leap year thingy in the chinese lunar calendar. (*phew! finally the full stop!)

And every year, I will need to refer back in my 2006 achieve for the old tales. I was taught by my Mom to make 3 white ping pong sized and 3 red ping pong sized first. Place them on the centre of your plate and now you can start shaping the tiny ones. The 6 ping pong sized tang yuen (glutinous rice ball is too darn long), represent each calendar month of the year. Oh, wait! How come I have 6 large size only? It was supposed to be 12 right? I better called my Mom now.

*toot toot*

*toot toot*

Dotter: Ma, those small tang yuen surrounding the 6 big tang yuen represent what?

Mom: This year is not 6 big. This year you have to make 13 big tang yuen cos this year is leap year got extra one month.

Dotter: I already make 6 big wor.

Mom: You check the chinese calendar la. It’s written in there.

Dotter: So the small one represent what?

Mom: The big ones is the parents and the small…

Dotter: But, but…

Mom: But what!

Dotter: I thought you say the big one represent each calender month of the year?

Mom: Aiyah, can also la. This is Tuan Yuen (family reunion). Like a big family gathering. The small ones represents the children and the grandchildren.

Dotter: Oh!

Mom: You better don’t simply write la. Go check out the book or go ask Lilian Too.

Dotter: Haha!

There ya go. Some folklore on Winter Solstice day. It is a good education for the kids. We will be having another around of tang yuen tonight. The two girls never ate any because they doesn’t like the brown colouring from the brown sugar that I am using and another reason is because they never like ginger. Maybe tonight I’ll cook some plain syrup for them.

But my Boy love it so much! He loves to dipped the tang yuen in the left over crushed peanut that I used for the filling. To make your own filling, roast or pan fried peanut (with skin) on dry pan till crunchy. Keep stirring the peanut throughout the whole cooking process. That may take up about 30 min to 45min hence now you know why I rather buy them from shops. Let them cool completely before removing the skin from the peanut. You can do this while watching tv. This may take you another 20mins. Watch out for the flying flakes! Next, pound them in a mortar. Add coarse sugar in the peanut. NOW YOU KNOW WHY I RATHER BUY THEM FROM SHOPS! It cost about RM2.00 for a small packet of crushed peanut.

I won’t be updating till next Monday. Till then, have a great weekend ahead and Happy Winter Solstice. Don’t let our Chinese customary die. Educate your kids what Winter Solstice is all about (even though my own knowledge is quite limited also. LOL)

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The 6 Foot Tree Is Up

A day before Daddy flew to U.S., I die-die also must put up the Christmas tree even though I really have no time for it. It’s a tradition in my family that the Man of the House will put up the last piece of ornaments, i.e. the tree top. This year, I decided to just go simple with only the tree minus the other decorations like the Christmas socks and the mistletoe. I know. The decoration is not complete without a mistletoe but then, who the heck want to watch us kissing under the mistletoe leh?

And I haven’t been able to do any serious shopping during Daddy’s absence. Hence Daddy is now back barely 5 day, yesterday Sis and me finally caught up with shopping during Jusco Members Day Sale till 1am. Can you beat that!

I’ve got the pressies for all my family members. A total of 27 items. Can you beat that again??? I just need to find time again to wrap them up with pretty papers and ribbons before placing them under the tree. The unwrap presents doesn’t bother me at all. I am more than happy to see the 6 Feet Tree standing in the corner.

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Mid Autumn Festival

Unlike previous year, this year kids started playing with their lantern one week before Mid Autumn Festival which falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. I have not been buying lanterns for them for about 3 years now. The paper lanterns we had from previous year and the year before is still around. Every year, I have to rant the same thing. How come the rest of the kids all hiding in the house? How come I don’t bump into any kids carrying lantern in the neighborhood? So no fun at all.

My Sister & Nephew

Come to think of that, my own children especially the 8 y/o was not that keen to play with lantern this year. She have the guts to tell me this, “Mummy, I play for 5 minutes only, ok? Later I want to watch Teevee already.” There she goes, at least she fulfilled her culture needs as a Chinese. Can someone please invent a 2 in 1 lantern with a Teevee?

Kids have been playing with this Hello Kitty lantern for the past 3 years. This time, the evil Mummy purposely let the kids abuse the lantern so that they can have a new lantern next year. LOL!

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