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… of flirting and smelling of petrol

I was at my usual morning routine filling petrol at my regular petrol kiosk on the way to work.  While I was trying to get the Dollar to it’s nearest rounding, this regular attendant was walking toward me – young Malay chap around in his mid 20s.  Gorgeous hairstyle exactly like Gorbin Bleu (or the well known Chad staring in High School Musical) but he seriously need some fat burner, .  As usual, I will flash him my morning smile and he would strike up light conversation while waiting to get my car filled.  This is when the perasan case came in:

(actual conversation was in Malay)

Attendant:  You looks beautiful every morning.


Me:  So you mean I don’t look beautiful in the afternoon?

*I was still blushing and never listen to what he was talking as I was still in the mid of rounding up the Dollar*

Attendant:  Oh, that is a large keloid on…

*suddenly I felt cold water trickling down to my feet.  I look down.*

Me:  Oh Shit! Oh Shit! (Over flowed tank!)

*I was cursing silently at the faulty pump as lever was supposed to jump right?*

I grab my credit card receipt from the machine and before entering my car, I growl at him, “NEXT TIME DON’T TALK TO ME!”

I heard him laughing and another female attendant was clapping her hands.   I was still blushing and can’t wait to get rid of the petrol smell from my feet while continue my journey to the office.  What a morning.

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Romancing Edward

I met Edward on my flight to Beijing early of this year. And I must say, I was like a sixteen years old school girl falling all over a guy the minute we met.  Vampire movie is never my cuppa tea but having to endure 6 hours of flight and nothing to do, I just watch whatever they have and it seems that fate brought us together to Twilight. Fyi, the vampires in Twilight are vegetarian so they are pretty save.  Don’t worry.

When I return from my Beijing trip, I can’t keep my mind off that gorgeous messy copper head actor.  I hit Google searching for information I have on Robert Pattison or better known as Edward Cullen and stumble upon a Twilight fan fiction site that has so many author wannabe making up stories using the character from Twilight.  I was really hook on the fiction stories than Twilight itself.

You don’t know how much Edward has make me into.

Eh, wait…..  I don’t think you will want to hear how I romance Edward right?  If you are a big fan of romance novel, this is one of my recommendation.  Go read Holding Out For You.  This is the story about Edward Cullen (with 2 kids) who lost his wife in an automobile accident, met with Bella Swan(with a son) a divorcee.  They fell in love but things was not easy especially with Elizabeth (Edward’s daughter) who thinks that Bella is trying to replace her mother.  I must warned that this is not child friendly reading material.  Lots of lemon and angst but it also makes me weep buckets.  If you are up for some online reading material, do check them out.

I know I’m married but no rules say I can’t have little crushes over an actor right?  *wink*

p/s:  I thought I should make things clear here for the Hubby as he was getting a bit suspicous at the amount of time seeing me curling up on the sofa (sometimes even on the floor tiles) every evening staring at the iPhone crying!” I not guilty to admit that I’m romancing Edward Cullen.

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Little Ballerina: Continuation

Aiyoh, don’t ask me la.  I also don’t know why suddenly all my blogging inspiration has lost.  The thing is, I find updating in Facebook so much convenient these days.  Sharing photographs online doesn’t require much words at all.  Unlike blogging, I have to crack my brain what to write and also have to watch my grammar, which sucks big time.  And I think I’m going to go slow in  my blog till I get bored with stuff like farming, fishing, Twilight, New Moon, OMG! NEW MOON!  They are screening in cinema next month.  I am so excited!  I can’t wait! *jumping like a college girl*

OK,  just a few more photographs on the Little Ballerina like I’ve promised previously.

After looking at this photo, it gave me an idea.  The next time I’ll have to include the full shadow in the frame.  The reflection is just too breathtaking, too shiny like the granite tile.

The last one is my favourite.  Obviously they have gone thru a series of colour editing.

More photographs has been uploaded to Facebook.

Ciao, Bella.

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