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Return of Kenko Diet Plum

When I first started to write for advertiser (all post title start with an ‘*’ asterisk on it), one of my kolig actually came and clarify with me if I really take those diet pills. I have to explain to her that I was paid by advertiser to introduce their product and not to believe anything that I wrote in there as many of them are just fiction. And I have to remind my readers again, never ever take my words seriously in paid post. Than Q belly much. I have my own principal. If I am fat If I think I am fat or put on weight, all I need to do is control what I eat i.e. less carbo and more protein or reduce the food intake. No way that I am going to buy what-what diet pills. That way you don’t burnt your pocket too. You can rest assured that this is not a paid post. *scout swear*

Two years ago, I did consume Kenko Diet Plum. After purchasing the 2nd box, finally I realized my own principal. Why spent money on food, yet spending more money to get rid of foods. If you understand how Kenko Diet Plum works. The diet plum help create bowel movement, and perform internal cleansing by excreting toxins and faeces. Therefore, you might find yourself visiting the toilet more often after consuming the plums. What you eat will flush out the next day. It also claims to gave you a slimmer waist line. What I totally love about the plum is the way they create bowel movement especially for someone like me with irregular toilet trip.

With the remaining plums I had, I just kept them in the fridge to be consumed when I had constipation. I think I left them lying there for more than 8 months when lately, Hubby had constipation too and has been asking me for the plum. I restricted him to one plum a day and remind him to discontinue once his bowel came back as usual. If you still don’t understand the plum, the more you continue them, the slimmer you are going to be cos the plum just flush out everything you eat the next day. aitelyu, it is very very effective. Further more, Hubby is already very slim. I do not want him to look like a tong sampah (waste paper basket). Three years ago, MIL passed away from colon cancer and Hubby being the eldest son vowed that he must shit once a day. If he don’t, he will sit on the toilet bowl till the cow comes home! Another word, ‘kiasi’. Finally, he finished the last packet of plum and asked me to replenish the stock again.

This is my 3rd box of Kenko Diet Plum. The new price is RM139.00 for 30 plums ($$$!). Previously, plums are divided into 2 small packaging like this:

I pick up this empty bag from the bin again just to show you guys how it looks like. Siao.

The new packaging came in a bigger box and the plum are pack individually. This way, the plum stays fresh longer.

I can’t say that I only eat the plums when I have constipation. Sometimes when I over indulged (especially during CNY) or ate too much unhealthy food like char kwey tiao or red meat, I will pop one plum after dinner and the next day, you will expect some very soft almost runny stool.  Nowadays, pangsai also need money. Siao!

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Vitagen Collagen

Vitagen has a new release of their cultured drinks.

Vitagen + Collagen

I was pondering at what is the usage of collagen in the drinks. To my general knowledge of Collagen, it is like an “anti-aging” agent that makes our skin springy aka elastic aka more supple. It has nothing to do for our digestive system.

Collagen is definitely not for kids! However, if they consume it, they won’t die la. Well, as we all know, many parents buy Vitagen for their kids consumption. I just hope the company will at least indicate what collagen is on the bottle cos some uneducated parents will just blindly buy them for their kids thinking it has some magic potion.

As for me, I bought one pack to blog try. I have to hide them somewhere in the refigerator so that the kids won’t see them. Like I’ve said earlier, collage is not harmful for kids. It does no usage for them at all. But this new drinks cost double (RM6.80) compare to the normal Vitagen (RM3.80)! So expensive can die!

Loctor-loctor sekalian, any komen?

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myPhone, iPhone

After months of klang-klang and hoo-haa’ing bloggers made, finally I’m into their club now.

I’m definitely no stranger by looking at the phone. All the little icons was way too familiar not to forget. All the way from the States for only US$399, I was told that they are going to sell this baby at RM2k plus during their launching around June.

I don’t intend to turn this post into a review, but I really could not help myself. I just have to show you guys how cool the phone is.

Nowadays, I can have my own privacy of surfing the net anywhere at anytime I like.

Gone was the day when I have to haul the heavy and bulky laptop to the loo. While I did my business the heat from the laptop would slowly penetrate thru my fat tight.

The SMS is so cool they actually sort messages according to phone numbers.

Now, you can read all of them in a glimpse. (I have yet to learn how to delete the one that I doesn’t want instead of erasing the whole thing.)

And of course, they have the iPod, iTunes, YouTube, e-mail all in a touch of button.

How about this? GPS navigator.

Once I press the button, intelligently the machine detected my location. So you say, chun or not jek? I just need to key in my destination from point A to point B. (If no Wi-Fi can go hor lan liao.)

Now I am Hubby’s little helper.

I remember clearly on the first day when I play around with this phone, Dow Jones was at it low self 111 points. The day I took this photo was at it’s highest 261 point. Wait ah, let me check. As I am typing this post, Dow Jones dropped again to 187.32 points. Wah Daddy, time to buy shares again wor.

And, and the rotating screen.

And the reducing and enlarging of screen by using your fingers (thumb and index) to pinch on the screen.

The phone is not entirely klang-klang. One thing that dissapoint me is their built in camera. No flash, no macro, no video, no nothing! It’s just a camera by itself. Bah!

I’ll do another bad review later. All I can say is, if you are paying US$399 instead of RM2k, it is a good price to pay for a electronic toy. But with RM2k, I think you can get a better mobile phone compare to this. Soli ya… *run and hide*

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Yahoo! Photo is closing down

Few months back, I read in some blogs that Yahoo! Photo is phasing out their photo sharing website. As usual, the word procrastinating is all over my dictionary. Finally, today I logged in to my Yahoo! Photo account to search for some nice pictures so that I can submit them in photo contest.

Talking about the photo contest, anyone who is 18y/o and above is eligible to participate in the contest. All you have to do is register as a member of the forum and start submitting your photograph. You could win yourself a Air Asia air ticket to any destination of your choice. Should you choose not to accept that, you can opt for the cash prize of US$150; approximately RM517.00.

Where were we? Oh, my Yahoo! Photo. So I logged in today and this is what greeted me:

A screenshot of the notification. If you have any pictures in Yahoo! Photo, do check if you get the notification. If not, drop Yahoo! an e-mail. I’m sure they will help you with the house moving before everything was totally wipe out!

While they are in the mid of transfering my files to Flickr, I was temporarily denied access to my account. No pic as of now till everything is restored in Flickr.

Before I sign out, please take note that the deadline for the photo contest is 15 August, 2007, which means… TOMORROW! So, hurry and send in your entry right now. Don’t be like me. The word procrastinating is stamped on my forehead.

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Photo Contest – Countdown…

This is my 3rd submission to for their photo contest. Dang, I sound so kiasu now. At the beginning, I entered the photo contest for fun. But since I’ve already step foot in it, might as well fight all the way making sure I win!

The closing date is getting nearer that is on August 15, 2007. So, hurry if you want to join the photo contest. You could win yourself a Air Asia air ticket to any destination of your choice. Should you choose not to accept that, you can opt for the cash prize of US$150; approximately RM517.00.

To double up your chances of winning, blog about the contest in your blog. Not bad for just submitting photos and praying for it to win. :D

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Photo Contest

So far this month, I’ve entered myself in 2 Photo Contest. One is held by Winter Time and another is by

There’s not much rules for the Winter Time contest which was advertised in the newspaper. You just need to send them a 3R or larger prints and wait for your name to be announced.

However, is a bit different cos it is a forum’s contest. The rules is we can send in as many entries as we like and to DOUBLE up our chances of winning, we have to blog about it in our blog. The chee-kek part is, we are able to see the number of entries/participants and how good their photos is.

This morning, I was ter’chee-kek la. So I decided to post another 2 entries to out beat that angmoh.

If you want to participate, you have to register to be a member of their forum. The Grand prize is an Air Asia air ticket. Should you choose not to accept that, you can opt for the cash prize of US$150; approximately RM517.00. Not bad for just submitting photos and praying for it to win. :D

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Have you watch Transformers?

If only this truck can transform into a robot…

He’s going to be Optimus Prime! But Optimus Prime is blue & red. Or better still, this shall be the mix breed of ironhide! Muahaaahaaa…


Throughout the movie, images of Hoover Dam keep on flashing back. Hubby and me keep on nudging each other,

“Eh, we’ve been here.”

“Eh, we take photos here.”

“Aiyah, too bad we didn’t visit their engine room.”

Like a grown up kids, once again we are overly excited watching Transformers with some filming took in Hoover Dam.

Do you remember the part where the Nokia phone transformed into a bot and drop and roll into the dam and crash?

This is the place la.

Most of the filming footage took in the engine room. Aiseh, next time must go visit Hoover Dam again.

You must be asking why suddenly I digged my Hoover Dam pic. There’s a forum called Asia Travel Forum. Currently, they are running a Photo Contest for Asiayak members only. If you want to participate, you have to register to be a member of their forum. Next, post up some pictures on your vacation and accompany by description of approximately 100 words. To double up your chances of winning, blog about it in your blog.

The Grand prize is an Air Asia air ticket. Should you choose not to accept that, you can opt for the cash prize of US$150; approximately RM517.00. Not bad for just submitting photos and praying for it to win. :D Other Merit Prize Winners will receive AsiaYak’s Limited Edition T-Shirts (fitted to the size you requested – LUCKLY!).

I’ve posted my entry in the forum. Now, wish me luck. If you want to win some Air Asia air ticket to no-where, hurry! Don’t proscracinate anymore. Register as a member and start submitting your entry before August 15, 2007.

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Story behind the Housewife’s murder case

Lately, there’s too many murder cases reported in the newspaper. What have this world turn into? Mother killed daughter, father killed wife, boyfriend killed girlfriend. This is never ending.

Few weeks back, my residence area make headlines in the chinese newspaper. If you recalled, the case where a 41y/o housewife was raped and murdered in her house. Police then remanded her hubby and her maid as the suspect.

So, me go pat-pat with other neighbours, hair dresser and my daughter’s chauffeur. Is lidis wan….

The housewife suffered from post natal syndrome since dunno when. She is very weak and can’t even carry her own baby. She has an Indonesian maid at home. But this Indonesian maid is very fierce towards her. The maid will scold her and so on. However, the maid is very afraid of the “Sir”. As usual la, the maid will act like an angel whenever the “Sir” is around.

Since the murder case, neighbour suspect that it might be the work of the maid cos one of the neighbour saw the maid helping the intruder to climb on the roof.

As how the rumours go round that the maid and the “Sir” is having an affair, that one I dunno la. Even the neighbours claimed that the relationship between the husband & wife is close.

So, today’s lesson is……

If you have a maid at home, please, please instal a CCTV or spycamera or whatever the gadget at home for safety reason. Dunno which one to buy? Go to Spy Review and choose one that suits your household. What?  No money to buy? Then make your own spy gadget la.

Not only maid will abuse children. Master of the house also she abuse. You see la. What type of people we have now?

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Kenko Diet Plum

I started the plum diet on 11th September (gosh, 911!). It was supposed to ease constipation and clear up undischarge stool on the wall of the intestine. I’m one of them that doesn’t poo daily. Something like 3 days once and when the stool gets harden, I bleed. When I was carrying my 3rd child, my constipation get worst and I had piles. It’s not funny. I was in pain for 7 days.

I’ve tried all sort of diet; papaya, prunes, prunes extract, banana, nanana, babana, what ever you can name them it’s just fruitless. The moment I heard of Kenko Diet Plum I told myself I must try it. It is not cheap tho but I just want to try it out of curiosity. It also claims of giving you a slimmer waist line. Wah, double bang!

This is how it works. The diet plum help create bowel movement, and perform internal cleansing by excreting toxins and faeces. Therefore, you might find yourself visiting the toilet more often after consuming the plums. What you eat will flush out the next day.

For first timer, you need to consume 4 plums after dinner. And so I did. After Hubby took 2 plums, I warned him about the regular bowel movements. He swear like hell. lol. The next day, I poo in the morning (like usual). 5 minutes before arriving the office, I had chicken skin. OMG! I told myself must CONTROLLLL! From there onwards, I had 4 poos. Keng leh. Hubby called and swear again!

Subsequent day, you just need to consume 2 plums. At this time of writing this entry, I had sore ass. I asked myself, do I need such a frequent deposit? 4 times a day not counting one in the middle of the night! Crap! Finally I realised how the plum actually work. You eat and discharge. Eat and discharge. That is how you can stay slim too. I’m puzzle as think whether my body will received the nutrients from the food that I took before it was process and discharge? Don’t think so. Maybe I shouldn’t take it on daily basis or maybe I should reduce it to a plum daily.

Since I’m was planning to cook bird nest this weekend and looking at the way I deposit, I doubt the bird nest will go down the drain. Bah. I’m asking for trouble ye?

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Sugar Topping Biscuit

I bet majority of you won’t forget your childhood days where you will be munching on this colourful sugar topping biscuits.

Like many of you, I, too will go for the biscuit first and save the sugar for last. Basically they will just melt on your tongue without much chewing.

Hence when I graduated into adulthood, the sweetness is too much for me to bear and basically not my cuppa tea anymore.  I cringe whenever I eat them *shudder*. I try to stay away from them for health reason.

Lately, I spotted a newer version. They looks like colourful  burgers!!!

aitelyou, this new version is much much more delicious than those traditional ones. Tasted not so sweet and the biscuit is firmer, harder and crunchier.  Funny how baby princess prefer the burger version altho the biscuit is harder.

Do try them if you stumble upon any at the pasar malam (night market).

Wishing you guys have a crunchy and sweet weekend as I’ll be going down south today so you guys will be expecting a few food post when I’m back. 😀

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