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Bento Mania #88 – Back to School

On the first day of school reopen, I decided to prepared something quick as I was afraid I might got caught up in the morning traffic.  I decided to used the alpha cutters which I bought moons ago.

I hardly get to used the upper tray of this bento box cos they are too shallow and I have been wanting to prepare something like this for the longest time.  For the lower tray, I filled them up  with two slices of bread (again!).

Nothing go to waste in my house. *evil grin*

On another unrelated matter pertaining on Michael Jackson’s death. My 7 years old came home from school and told me this, “I think he put lipstick, then died.” Adoi mak, where on earth did he get that idea.

And for my 9 years old, I showed her some video clips of Michael Jackson and she goes, “HE LOOKS LIKE A GIRL!”…  “HE IS SO UGLY!” Sorry about that MJ.  I did explained to her why he become like ‘that’. Told her about black turning white, about plastic surgery, what is side effect, etc.  But she still goes, “BUT I can’t believe it, HE IS SO UGLY!” I think she doesn’t like how MJ looks like but she love the song “We Are The World” since she was a child.  Then I thought maybe I should show her some ‘nicer’ pictures of MJ in the 80s.  Too bad the video cards on the laptop decided to do the ‘Michael Jackson’ too.  Wrong timing.

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Kinda Like Twilight Scene

Two horny nights ago, bedroom lights was switched off, 4 years old was moved to her own bed next to ours, we was playing bedminton *cough*.  All of a sudden, she was standing next to our bed watching us!  It was dark and we could hardly even see her eye.  So we pretend to be sleeping. kekeke….  She went back to her own bed after that.

The hillarious conversation happen yesterday night in our bedroom.  My 4 years old took off her shirt.  I ask her why.  She said she is feeling hot (Nabeh, aircon was at 21C).  Then she continue:

“Why last night you are not wearing your shirt.”

Caught off guard I replied, “Cos I was feeling hot!”  *phew*

“Then why Daddy is wearing shirt?”

“Cos Daddy is not hot.”  *rofl*

This little rascal.  Must think of a way to chase her out from our room!

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Look Ma, It’s a Baby

~~~ Trying out my new Canon 40D *wink* ~~~

Look Ma, it’s a baby.  Boy!

My Third Eldest Sister recently gave birth to a healthy 3.8kg baby boy.  She has been looking forward to a ‘girl’ but God kept blessing her with boy, boy, boy!  The thing with Chinese oldfolks, even if you have 10 boys, the Grandparents won’t mind a bit at all.  But when you have 10 girls, fuyoh, don’t know what to say. Whatever girl or boy, most important is health and not pondan ler.

The proud parents

I knew the baby is going to cry once you remove the blanket!  I am not even there yet, I just pull away the blanket to exposed his feet and he started yelling.  Geez!

Why la, why?

All baby will have flakey skin after birth.  Nothing to be alarm of.  What I did is to apply some baby oil on the skin and at the same time give them a good massage.

Can you tell what is this?

Doc said Sis’s womb/uterus is too weak to carry another baby so she decided to get a ‘sterilization’.  That is her fallopian tube in the bottle.  Don’t say I never teach/show you new things hor.

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The Swine Flu Joke

Some joke I received from my inbox.

A bear, a lion and a pig meet.

Bear says: “If I roar in the forest, the entire forest is shivering with fear.”

Lion says: “If I roar in the jungle, the entire jungle is afraid of me.”

Pig says: “Big deal…. I only have to cough, and the entire planet lives in fear.”

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Bento #87 – Teriyaki Salmon

Top:  Grilled Teriyaki Salmon, blanched Choi Sum cut flower, soup boiled for 3 hours with  black chicken, lotus root and chinese herbs.
Bottom:  Rice with black sesame seeds, seedless guava with sem buoi (sour plum) and fresh Lychee.

My recipe for the teriyaki marinate – Dark soya sauce, light soya sauce, dash of pepper and honey.  This dish is a big hit among my kids whenever I cook them.  Thin slices of salmon fillet grill on high heat on the pan.  Save the gravy as drizzle for the rice and the kids will go yum, yum, yum!

(Sorry, close up picture was a bit blurry due to tummy growling and kids fighting over who-gets-the-bigger-piece) o.O

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She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Teacher

People always ask what is my secret of staying slim after three kids. My formula would be, eat moderately + exercise + be happy = most effective diet pill

Abs exercise is very effective for me.  The above is some example of abs exercise I did with my kids when they was younger.  Pictures taken sometime in 2007.  Eat full nothing to do, this time I decided to try lifting my Teacher to see how far I can progress.  Not that she is going to sit on my leg.  Siao meh?  Lifting her is no biggie actually since her size is petite.

This is my Yoga Teacher.  The proper way of positioning the feet is to place them at your partner’s groin area.  (AND SUCK THAT ABS IN!!! Thank you.)

Not too bad except when I tried to position my arm forward, the legs started to get woobly.

And now is my turn to go on top.

Teacher is always a teacher right?  This time our hands are parallel with each other.  Let me tell you what is the feeling being lifted up there.  Performing Partner Yoga poses builds a very high level of trust on your partner and nothing else. With all confidence and trust, I managed to let go one hand.

I was very near to perfect it with a prayer pose (palms put together in front of your chest) but the non existence of  support really makes a difference!  I was terrified of height!  I was afraid of falling!  I can tell that my legs flew apart and there goes my balancing.

*phew!* Such a terrified act.  I cannot understand why my kids love it so much!  Can’t wait for Daddy to come home this Wednesday.  I’m going to try lifting him this time. muahahaha!

Namaste, everyone!

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Bento Marathon #85 & 86 – …of Hello Kitty & Starry Meals

Bento #85

Top:  Buttered corn with Hello Kitty fishcake, star shaped chicken nuggets.
Bottom:  Grapes, carrot sticks with ketchup as dip for nuggets and carrot.

Fyi, school canteen is selling nuggets at RM1.00 for 2 pieces.  I think that is so freaking expensive!  The next day the kiasu me went and bought a big packet of nuggets too. *ngek, ngek, ngek*

Many Mummies out there was wondering where I bought the Hello Kitty fishcake from.  My current stock is all from Takashimaya Singapore.  The last time I was in Singapore, I sapu about 5 packets of it.  Of late, I saw the same thing selling in Mid Valley Jusco (the entrance where you will see a pool furniture umbrella).  They are hot selling stuff.  Whenever you are there, just take a peep.  I’m sure by luck you may chance upon it.  Price was S$6.90 or RM12.90.

Bento #86

Left to right:  Wholemeal mantou with cut-out cheeses, stuffed kamaboko and crappy-looking-vampire-eyes kamaboko.  Fruits – checkered apple.

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I Heartchu Weeds

The longer the better. LOL

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Four Generations

My maternal Grandma has just celebrated her 94th Birthday.  The picture of the four of us turned out so perfectly taken with all of us smiling at the camera.  Totally love it!

I just did a quick arithmetic here.  My eldest Niece is now 17 years old.  If she gets married and have children say in 5 years time and if only my Grandma can live till the age of 100 years old, it is a miracle for me to record a ‘Five Generations’ journal.  Long live my Dear Grandma!

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What Is Your Current Desktop?

Staying up way past 12.30am waiting for the dear Hubby to come home cos he left his key in the office.  *sigh… what to do.  Yesterday also the same thing.  He called me on my handphone but I pretended to be asleep and my Hero (Carlgene) help me to answer the phone and at the same time went down stairs to open the door for Daddy.  Isn’t he a darling?

Since sien sien dei, let me show you my desktop.

Love this picture so much.  Sigh… dem sien.

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