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Conversation With My ‘Other’ Son

While the Receptionist is out for lunch, the office phone rang so I picked up:

Son: Ma?
Ma: !!! Yea?
Son: Why did you call me just now?
Ma: ??? Why? Cannot issit?
Son: Why did you call me just now?
Ma: !!! Where were you just now?
Son:  My phone was upstairs.
Ma: *Wah, 5 y/o got personal phone somemore*  What are you doing now
Son: Watching TV.
Ma: You are supposed to do your homework right?
Son: *quiet* Ma, can I eat papaya?
Ma: *holding back laughter* Okie
Son: So what time?
Ma: What time what?
Son: What time do I need to do my homework.
Ma: *rubbing hand* You are supposed to finish your homework before watching TV right?
Son: Okie. *quiet* Ma, why you sound so funny?
Ma: *laughing* How funny?
Son: Just funny la. Ma, where is kor-kor?
Ma: How do I know.
Son: Where is kor-kor la.
Ma: I don’t know! You go and do your homework first ok?
Son: Ok.
Ma: Bye. *click*

Fyi, that is not my son and his Mama need to thank me too.

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No Clean Bill

Me: Di, show you something. Nah!

Daddy: (face liven up) What is this! What is this!
Princess: Baby!
Daddy: What is this la.
Me: Baby lor.
Daddy: You sure or not.
Me: Sure! Baby!
Daddy: How long already ah? (getting excited)
Me: You slowly wait la. It’s a fibroid!
Daddy: Chehhhhh…

You see hor, now only I know Hubby really looking foward to no. 4. So scary! But then hor, when I told him it’s a fibroid, he don’t even pity me. Alright. If you see clearly in the above ultrascan, you should be able to spot a white circle. That is the fibroid. That should explained all the blood clot and heavy bleeding. What a life being a woman!

And few hours before I learnt I had fibroid, I just booked the ENT Surgeon on Saturday for Prince. He needed some small surgery in his nose to ‘weld’ some burst blood vein. Aiyah, I don’t know how to put them in medical term. I just know I have to go to the hospital at 7.30am and see a wailing child strapped up on the OT table. I’ll write a longer post with more details on his bloody nose after the surgery. Nothing to worry as this is not a big issue. So if you were to ask me how was my day? I would say I get double blow in a day. So, how was your day?

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Close-up Shot Without Using A Macro Lens

Ever since I bought a 50mm F1.8 lens, I have been neglecting my 18-55mm kit lens that came with the dSLR unless I need to take a panaromic shot. Till lately, my youngest Sister, Janet share with me a new trick using the 18-55mm lens to get a crisp and super clear close up shot.

The above pic is shot using 18-55mm lens at a distance of 3 inches away. Some distance similar to my Sony T-10. Now, this is how you do it:

Follow the red arrow indicator. Switch your lens to MF (manual focus). Aim camera at your object and focus the sharpness by moving the front portion of the lens and not the center as that is your focal zoom. Very simple isn’t it? Try the trick. I’m sure you will love it. With this, I don’t have to spent few thousand ringgit on macro lens. Now don’t say I never share with you guys any good tips hor.

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Bento Mania #9

I made triangle onigiri using the sushi mould with a piece of pizza flavored sausage on the center. I also cut out a stripe from the nori sheet to wrap around the edge.

I know kids don’t fancy rice too much so I gave them more sausages on the skewer and some baby carrot. Far back is an orange.

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My First New Filter

(Note: Manglish post ahead. Anyway, today is Friday ma so let’s chill a bit, ya? 😉 )

Many, many moons back, I attended my school’s Alumni makan-makan gathering. This pic was taken by one of my friend, Justin, who is using the what-what-tau-hin-hin filter.

You get three images in a shot. So you know la, such a super cool filter I thought I must go get one also. But then hor, let’s just keep the long story short. I get this filter instead.

Si beh chun hor. This filter can make your image likes a bit mabuk (drunk) lidat.This filter is called….

…. wait ah, I go google for the model.




… ah, this one is called ….

… Canon KPT – 666 lens

In full, this is also known as Kaputed – 666 lens o_O’

… No la. Just pulling your leg only. The photo hor actually is a rosak wan. But then hor, rosak pic sometimes also looks nice ma like got apply what-what-keng-cau-skills lidat. So this one I’m keeping it instead of ended up in the recycle bin. Itu je. Thanks for reading my crap. I lub you all kau-kau. *hugz*

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Bento Mania #8

Nothing fancy today. The kids each brought a piece of their Daddy’s birthday cake to school – jelly layered sponge cake and I still have pearl corn lying in the fridge. Decided to include more fruits to their diet so I just simply throw in some grapes.

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Trip To Pulau Ketam

You know, sometimes people has got weird cravings for food for example sour, sweet, spicy, yada, yada… but the weird me has got cravings for picnic! To add in the weird stuff, I wanted a picnic specifically in TTDI park and starts calling up SIL (they stay nearby) for a picnic but too bad, they has already got plan over the weekend. Well, since Monday is a public holiday, maybe I should bring the children to Pulau Ketam (Crab Island) since I’ve been wanting to go there for ages. Now my last victim would be my neighbour aka younger Sister.

Since the green light is on, excitedly the next morning after breakkie, it took us only 10 minutes to reach the jetty in Port Klang.

This is how the jetty looks like from the departing area.

Tickets are sold at RM7.00 per way for adult and RM4.00 for children but we conveniently forgot to buy the children’s ticket. *ngek, ngek, ngek* Ini Sitiawan mali punya style.

The boat is definitely much lower than the one in Pangkor Island. I am feeling like I am sitting in a submarine and almost submerging.

Well, it does really looks like a submarine as what Eldest Princess reckon. They are air-conditioned too. But if you opt for something cheaper and more adventurous, you can try the old-fashioned boat.

Great for photographers that doesn’t mind to get wet. Well, if luck is by your side, you may spot a school of dolphin swimming alongside the boat.! All this while, I thought the journey to Pulau Ketam is similar to Pangkor Island, cruising through the wide sea but hey, this is something new to me. We are actually cruising through mangrove.

Jetty in Pulau Ketam

The journey by boat to Pulau Ketam is about 45minutes ride. Not bad since it is an air-conditioned boat. Upon reaching, my children thought we are in Pangkor Island visiting their Great Grandma. hehe…. guess all fisherman’s village looks the same.

But you can tell, Pulau Ketam is much smaller, more quiet, very relaxing lifestyle and not a single car can be seen. Bicycles are all over the place. I think I’m going to love this place.

We started photographing the moment we step foot on land.





I have issue with my hair that day so you won’t be seeing my photographs. I’ll leave the story for other time. Hmm… on second thought…. this one is still quite acceptable.

Suddenly, we are lost of plan. What are we supposed to do in such a quiet  Island? Nothing! There’s nothing you can do except loitering around their village. You can rent a bicycle at RM5 for the whole day. That should be fun. I’ll come back for that other time.

It is sure a very hot day and no, I did not buy that umbrella hat for the kids. A relative bought that for them. Looks fugly but cute on them. lol

No prize for guessing correctly what they are doing there. Just observing some baby crabs crawling on the mud.

You better think twice the next time you eat crab and pregnant lady too.

We started our loitering. Just some look-see, look-see stuff. We should have rented the bicycles plus the hot sun is not helping at all.

Walking is very safe. All you need to do is watch out for the bicycles. There are not a single car in the island. And so we walk and walk and walk. No kidding! Just keep on walking! Bah.

When you think the umbrella hat is cute, watch this.

Thanks to Kimmy the photographer who caught the picture just in time. The wind blew Prince’s hat away. Hmm… wonder what is their face express like. Let me zoom further in ah.

Look at the shock on their face. Poor boy.

See, now he is so sad. What a day. Nah, who wants to help him retrieve the hat?

Reward will be given tho.

Ok la. No more hat. We continue walking and walking and walking and reach a sundry shop. The first thing we do is buy drinks with lots of ice!

It has been such a long long time since the last time I drank from a plastic bag. It does bring back some childhood memories.

So what we did again? Nothing! Just walking! And snapping and more walking!



You can tell that this is a very old signboard or rather the kindergarten has been in existence for a decade now.


One of the owner dried 4 sea horse outside their house. This can fetch a good price at the chinese medical hall.



Once upon a time, my Grandma’s house has wooden door like this. I’m talking about the brown one.


We keep on walking and walking and came to a restaurant. We sat down even thought we are not hungry yet. But I think all of us was so bored and so hot and some relative was grumbling, “You never tell me the place is so hot!”


There are more food on the table. I just choose two of the best to post them. So we just ate and call it a day. But, but that was something like one hour ago when we just set foot in this island! No wonder people has been saying something like “go there makan then come back.” We bought some hae bee (dry prawns) and tiny anchovies. I love those on fried rice.

Then i spotted something nostalgia again.

During our time, it used to be a pacifier. Now they replace it with some dodgy cartoon character.

Err… I make it look so obscene hor. Come, come, cuci mata sikit. Come look at the pretty flower.

*ngek, ngek, ngek*

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Meme: Aluminium Foil

I so love this meme all thanks to Planet Kambing! This is not the usual boring meme with lots of Q & A to answer. But then I was really wondering if others even bother to read the meme especially those 70Qs meme. Gosh! Ok, back to the aluminium foil meme. You are supposed to aluminium foil yourself or your kids like my case, took a pic and post them up. This is not a tough one. Just put on your thinking cap and start to imagine it’s

The Angel and The Devil

Sorry for the wacky pic. I tried to get the kids to pose for another shot but son’s horn suddenly gave way and I have no more cellophane tape way to mend it. Plus we was supposed to leave for a day trip to Pulau Ketam and I was in a hurry.

The next five person that I think is wacky:

  1. Athena
  2. Jazzmint
  3. Sasha
  4. Kamkuey
  5. Mott

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Fish Porridge

What happen to the weather this few days?  I felt myself living in an oven!  Hot weather makes me moody too and when I am moody I tend to loose my temper easily.  Bad!  So, on a hot and lazy day, I have it easy in the kitchen – Red Snapper fish porridge.


Red snapper fish fillet
1 cup of rice (measurement for 2 adult and 2 children)
young ginger
spring onion
sesame oil


Cook rice in low fire for about 1 hour or till rice breaks.  Marinate fish fillet with soya sauce and pepper.  Since fish don’t require longer cooking time, I add them in five minutes before the cooking end.  Season porridge with chicken granules. Leave them in the pot for about 10 to 20 minutes before consuming.  Garnish with young ginger strips and spring onion.  Optional, add in sesame oil and pepper.

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Bento Mania #7

To me, I would prefer to use a sushi mould rather than the bamboo mat. The reason is, with the mould I can never get the shape wrong as I am very fussy and particular to make sure all of them are in the same size.

You just need to scoop your vinegar rice in the mould and press them down.

Transfer rolled up rice to the nori sheet and viola, all done under a minute.

It is important to cut up the sushi with a very sharp knife to avoid any breaking.

All these are my children’s favourite food. They had edamame, pearl corn that we bought from Cameron Highlands and the sushi. Oh, just incase if you are admiring the flower, good thing is, it is edible! They are marshmallow actually. lol

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