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When you are famous…

… every Tom, Dick and Harry will claimed that they know you. Even if they can’t recalled seeing you, most important thing is you know them. Ngam mou? (correct or not)

If you remember a while ago, our former Ms Malaysia aka ex-Mrs KRU was on the front page because of some scandal thingy with Engku Emran. Ahem! That Engku Emran used to be my ex-school mate. Really wan. No bluff you wan. During school days, he is a hottie among girls and ahem… changing partner like changing clothes. Enough about his scandal. So I was like so proud lidat when someone I know is now a famous celebrity or rather the CEO of Suria FM. You may think I am boasting but nevermind la. The title tells it all.

Got one more famous people. If you are in food industry, you might heard of Chef Raymond Siek. I’ve blogged about him sometime last year when I visited him at The Datai, Langkawi. Few days back, he did an ice carving for charity some where in Langkawi shopping mall.

Thought wanna share with you guys his achievement and to show off a bit la.

I was amazed by his talent and creativity. It is not easy to have the ability to carving an ice block. During our childhood days, we used to be the notorious type. Never serious in our studies. And today… we are much an achiever. (*ahem).

Beside the ice carving, they entered the Guinness World Record for making the longest roti jala measuring 500meters.

errr… roti jala only wat. Where’s the curry chicken? I want the biggest pot of curry chicken!!!!

There is something about man in white. Not sure if it’s just me, but I find them very………………. (please filled in your own words)

Ok. Enough publicity of him. So, Sitiawanese sekalian, come and make some woof whistle. I’m sure you know him 😉

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Emperor Noodle

Instead of the usual egg noodle, this time I used Emperor Noodle or in Chinese 皇帝面 (huang di mien). I forgot to take a pic of the noodle. This is best what I can describe them for you. The shape is exactly like egg noodle but came in a dry form. The colour is slightly yellowish and the noodle is finer. What I like about emperor noodle? You do not have to go thru the hassle of precooking in boiling water, rinse with cold water to get rid of the starch and blanch in hot water again.

You can cook them in gravy form, stir-fried or soupy. This is an example in soupy form.

Anchovies or chicken stock
Blanched kailan


  1. Boiled anchovies for 30 minutes. Using a strainer, scoop anchovies and discard them. If you are using chicken stock, bring them to a boil.
  2. Blanch kailan in stock. Removed them.
  3. Put wantan in boiling stock. When wantan float to the top, scoop them up.
  4. Still with the same pot of anchovies/chicken stock, put in Emperor noodle. Cook till noodle soften.
  5. Serve noodle and soup in a bowl. Arrange your kailan and wantan on top before serving.

Another reason why I like Emperor Noodle.  It has a longer storage life.

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Photo Hunter: Creative

I sew this diaper bag and cot bumper during my first pregnancy. I love patch work and thought it would looks great on the bumper.

However, now that Baby is completely diaperless, I’m thinking of getting rid of them with a very heavy heart. But the bumper? Those are of sentimental value. Maybe I should keep them but since the diaper bag and the bumper came in a pair, I shall part them in a pair too. *sigh… shall see about that.

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Third Recital

After her 1st Recital, we are less excited about it now. Guess that’s the nature of human being 😳 .

There is also another thing I’ve found out – “NOT TO WATCH AN ORCHESTRA WITH HUBBY!” He is just plain annoying by nudging me. *grrrr…..

But, what to do. This is his first time watching his daughter performing. Oh, and this is Baby Princess 2nd time watching her Big sister performing. End of the performance, no one clap but Baby was cheering so loud, she goes “YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”. Everyone just burst into laughter and followed by applauses. That, I would called a good show!

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Photo Contest

So far this month, I’ve entered myself in 2 Photo Contest. One is held by Winter Time and another is by

There’s not much rules for the Winter Time contest which was advertised in the newspaper. You just need to send them a 3R or larger prints and wait for your name to be announced.

However, is a bit different cos it is a forum’s contest. The rules is we can send in as many entries as we like and to DOUBLE up our chances of winning, we have to blog about it in our blog. The chee-kek part is, we are able to see the number of entries/participants and how good their photos is.

This morning, I was ter’chee-kek la. So I decided to post another 2 entries to out beat that angmoh.

If you want to participate, you have to register to be a member of their forum. The Grand prize is an Air Asia air ticket. Should you choose not to accept that, you can opt for the cash prize of US$150; approximately RM517.00. Not bad for just submitting photos and praying for it to win. :D

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Am I Still A Girl?

I was flabbergasted when Mumsgather awarded me this:

Someone, please slap me! I’M STILL A GIRL for gawd sake. Whatever it is! It is such an honour to received the award. I’m floating on cloud nine now and kembang a bit la.

And again, Double Z’s (Zara & Zaria) Mom awarded me the same award:

Yea, sometimes I think I rawks too without a maid. I think having a maid around can drive me insane. ooOoo… check out her pom-cha-cha rabbit in her blog. Dem cute and geram betul.

This morning when I logged in to WP, my Technorati showing another new link to my blog – wooooohooo! I Rock!

Wow! Like a collection of pink badges huh. But I wonder what makes me rock huh?

Now is my turn to pass on the pink pink tei badge.

1) Chanlilian (She rawks to the max. Juggling between 13 blogs, 4 childrens and she still have time to impressed her ATM with her fabulous cookings. At the same time, she can squeeze in this meme during her Blogathon. Jia yu! Jia yu!)

2) Sila (I must learn how to cook and bake like her too)

3) Kooky Culinary (She can cook and bake very well too. Not forgetting her food pic can make me drool to the max!)

4) Karen Cheng

Oh, did I mention that you are being tagged too? 😉

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Braised Roasted Duck with Salted Vege

What do you do with your leftover roasted duck or roasted chicken or even roasted pork (sui yoke)? Other than stir fried with garlic and caramelized sugar, I braised them with:


Salted Vege (make sure you did not buy the wrong type)
Roasted duck/chicken/pork
Cloves of garlic
3 Dried chilies
1 pickle sour plum
One inch long ginger
Sugar to taste


Cut salted veges into thin stripes. Wash them throughly and soak for about 10 minutes. Discard water. Place all the above ingredients into a cooking pot. Filled water slightly above the ingredients. Bring water to a boiled and continue simmering in slow fire for approximately 1 hour. Add sugar to taste by adding 1/2 tablespoon first. The taste should be slightly salty, slightly sweet and slightly sour. 🙂

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Photo Hunter: Tiny

Tiny little origami stars….

Tiny little fish roe….

Tiny little insect….

All this are the wonder of macro shots!

….and also not forgetting, a Tiny little hand in prayer going out to TNChick.

Wishing her a speedy recovery. Little Princess asking FATHER to send ministering angels to assist her throughout the ordeal.

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Something is very fishy here…

On July 12, I was tagged by Giddy Tigers for some charity meme created by Idham but I would prefer to called him Bakpo (for heaven sake!). Well, and today when I tried to click on the permalink given, it doesn’t work anymore. However, I managed to Google him and the only url that works is his Yahoo 360deg blog.

Hmmm…. something very fishy hor. What is the reason he took down the post?


Updated:  A new link to the meme was posted again on 20 July.  Guess that everything is back to normal.

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It’s Sprouting!

Leah, come see this!

Soon, I will have some home grown organic Lettuce and Choy Sum. Woohoo, yeehoo! Woohoo, yeehoo!

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