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*Maternity Clothes

Coming from a big family with 6 siblings, one of the advantage we shared is pass-me-down maternity clothes. Good thing all of us have petite size and our age gap is different by 2 to 3 years. Whenever any one of us get pregnant, there will be an addition of 2 or 3 new pieces of clothes especially during Chinese New Year. With 6 siblings, you do the calculation as how many maternity clothes we had in the wardrobe. Sometime, when I see some nice ones on sales, I was so tempted to buy and yet reluctant cos we really had enough of maternity clothes.

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“Prevention is Better Than Cure” – Yea, I always agree to this quote.

While writing this post, my backache is still bothering me. I know I have to do something about it before it is too late. It has been on and off for a year now. Usually the pain will persist for 2 to 3 days before it disappeared without me taking any medication at all. While googling on the Internet for more information on my backache, I stumble upon more aches associates diseases like fibromyalgia. Thank goodness none of my symptom matches fibromyalgia. Even though I have stiff neck and backaching, they doesn’t hurt when touched. That sounds so scary. I would say, eat right and always exercise.

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*Great Hotel Deals

It’s the time of the year again we started to plan for our annual vacation. This year, we concluded a few places like Maldives, Italy, Amsterdam, New York or San Francisco. As usual, we will try to hunt for the cheapest yet worth-the-money accommodation at Shermans Travel as they have a wider range of hotel deals to choose from. Just decided if you want to stay in Midtown, Downtown or Uptown, they have the whole list of hotel bargain for you to choose from. I’m sure you will be spoilt for choices.

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It’s funny how people will gave me that stare whenever I pick up a packet of wipes at the drugstore. Ok, maybe I should specified that it’s not a baby wipes but adult wipes.Come on, don’t they know that other than using wipes for soiled bum-bum, we can conveniently used it as a wet cleaning tissues for toddlers that still mess up their face and hands when they eat. I prefer to use a adult wipes as the paper are tougher and bigger in size. One sheet is just what I needed instead of 2 or more sheets if I use baby wipes because they are usually smaller in size.

Hehe, maybe I should consider to order the adult wipes online to avoid embarrassed stare.

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*Alcohol are Evil

You probably ask yourself, what is there in the alcohol that they drank? I would say, “EVIL”. Not only they are harmful to your body, when you are drunk, you tend to turn violent upsetting your love ones. Some even meet with fatalities like road accidents and even suicide.

Alcohol is a substitute inability to cope with problem in life. But remember, you are once a non-drink. Probably you start off as a casual drinker and excessive of drinking will turn oneself into addiction. Think for yourself the consequences as a alcoholic. It does more harm than good. If you are serious to kick the addiction and don’t know how, why not try signing up at a alcohol rehabs centre. With their many years of experience, understanding therapist and comfortable environment, I’m sure you will walk out the centre feeling rejuvenate from the evil than hindered you.

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*Shopping for Gold Watches

Ever dream of owing a crafted gold watches?  You should try snooping at Jewel Elegance as they have a wide range of watches from dressy, trendy, classy and elegant womens gold watches for you to choose from either range of bracelet in traditional white gold or gold metal.  Their 14 karat diamond watch is really an eye-catching piece that will woo attention during that dress-to-kill function.  Their watch is famous of the classical design incorporate with the latest trend and style every woman can dream of.

Well, thinking of owing one?  I can only dream of!


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*Alcohol Rehab

Have you ever face with a problem when you want to get rid of your alcohol addiction badly but don’t know how? Maybe you should consider going to a alcohol rehab center instead of just staying at home sulking about it.

In a rehabilitation centre, you won’t be left alone to overcome the addiction yourself. They have well trained therapist who will work out clinical programmes that fit individual people from drug treatment, detoxification, counseling and most of all lots of support from them.

Many people wanted to get rid of their addiction but they are just too shy to approached their friends for help. Well, I may say that a alcohol rehab center is the best place as some cater like a holiday home. Why not? Get yourself enrol for a month. Treat it like a vacation and when you are back, you will feel rejuvenate and lead a new life.

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*Hilton Head Island

Ever since Athena back from her Europe trip, I have been admiring all her photographs. The sceneary is magnificient it makes me want to go on a holiday too. While I was searching on the internet for vacation destination, I came across Hilton Head rentals.

They offer the type of vacation that I’ve long for – lush greeneries, white sandy beaches, villa rooms and not forgetting all the water sports that they have. I would say it is a good time for the kids to indulge themselves on nature rather than be a couch potato and eyes glue on their portable game machine all the time.

I know I need to save, save, save!

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*My House Has Termite!

The first time I encountered termite in my house was about 3 years ago. From there onwards, I have engaged a pest control company to have my house check every 4 months. I thought my problem will be solved while the guys take care of it but little did I know, the termite attacked again on the bathroom wooden door frame.

I was advise by my neighbour to bait the termite and not just killed them as there is a colony of termite elsewhere in my house. She highly recommended Terminix as they have 60 years of experience in pest control. With just one visit, they have solved the termite problem in my house. No more annoying people coming to my every 4 months just to have my house smell of chemicals.

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*What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

American Home Shield is a company that performed professional home check on the property that you are about to buy. They inspect over 400 items including furnitures and electrical appliances before you put down your deposit for a house. If I were to know the existence of American Home Shield, that could save me a lot of sum when buying a second hand house. Why do I say that?

During the renovation for the new house that I’ve bought, the contractor found out that the parquet flooring was attacked by termites. That really blow my renovation budget as I have to change the parquet flooring to tiles and of course, not forgetting, paying extra sum of money engaging a pest control company to bait the termites.

With the professional inspection rendered by American Home Shield, I would have save a lot on defective item that we are not aware of.

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