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Pre-Birthday Wish

The Little Munchkin is turning 6 and out of the blue, she asked, “I wanna sit on tu-tu train.” So we granted her the wish and went for a train ride.  And I recalled when Jie-Jie was her age, we went on a train ride too.  Good thing I blogged about it!  And viola, just punch in “KTM” as the keyword on the search engine and Google pulled up my old post. Easy job right 😉

Left:  Jie-Jie (then 6y/o) with Di-Di (then 4y/o) Right:  Mei-Mei (now 6y/o) with Kor-Kor (now 8.5y/o).

Another significant is the dress the girls are wearing.

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I’m Lovin’ It!

I meant to blog this earlier but my attention was always distracted by other thing whenever I sit down in front of the lappie.  So I’m glad I am here now sharing with you guys a great big deal from McDonald!

In conjunction with the celebration of Gold Putra Brand Award that McDonald achieved, for the whole month of March 2011, you are getting 2 Big Breakfast for Free (!!!) with any purchase of RM5.00 and above.  You can get the cut-out of coupon from the newspaper or just drop me a line with your e-mail address and I will be gladly to email them to you.

This is probably my 3rd time in my whole life eating Big Breakfast.  Seriously!  My choice of breakfast is definitely not from a fast food eatery.  The first time I had Big Breakfast is at the airport and another time was in Singapore.  All the while I thought Big Breakfast comes with everything including hot pancakes (i heart those!).  If you see the picture above, I have requested the maple syrup thinking I could enjoy my hot pancakes.  No wonder the waiter look at me with a funny face when I asked for it! LOL!  With the promotion going on, we had been eating them 3 days in a row now.  I was kinda know of the promotion late too.  But it is better late than never 😉

So there you go, guys.  Two more days to go before March ended.  2 Big Breakfast for FREE!!!!

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Twist, Lick, Crush

Eating Oreo cookies is not only addictive, making oreo ice-cream is none the less very addictive too!  Let’s just short-cut the process unless you can make a tub of sinfully heaven vanilla ice-cream otherwise, just buy them like I did.    It is easier to fold crushed Oreo into semi melted ice-cream so the best time to make the Oreo flavoured ice-cream is that very moment when you reached home with your groceries.


1 bar/packet of Oreo cookies
1 tub of vanilla ice-cream


Twist Oreo cookies but please DO NOT lick the cream! :p  Remove it and pop them into your mouth :p The amount of cookies depends on your licking.  However, too much of cookies will over power the ice-cream.  Lightly crush your cookies.  When it is all done, pour crushed cookies into semi-melted ice-cream.  Stir moderately. Cover the lid and freeze it.  You may notice that your ice-cream is not fluffy anymore and has shrunk.  It unavoidable!  But it is extra delicious now 😉

Like I say, it is very addictive.  The kids love it very much.  Sometime, they even sprinkle crushed Oreo on it to get that extra crunch.  When you start counting the calories, you will cringe!  But not to worry, epistane can help.

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She Will Be One Today

… if Baby Sam is still around.

Rest in peace, Sam!

~ In Ever Loving Memory, Samantha Sia Ern Ling March 24, 2010 – November 19, 2010 ~

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iWant iPhone


This is what it looks like during the Lunar New Year.  These ladies sure need portable phone batteries for their gaming addiction!  But seriously speaking, the iPhone4 battery can last me two days on standby mode.  The super fast battery charging time is about 2 hours if I am not mistaken.  Recently I’ve installed Whatsapp.  They work like MSN.  You get to send text messages as long you have wi-fi connection.  Apps is not free but it is worth the $1.99 I am paying!  Nowadays, I don’t pay for SMS anymore.

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iHave iPhone!

“iF you don’t have an iPhone… well, you don’t have an iPhone”

That quote is catchy right?  Apple recently release two campaign advertisement posted on Youtube. The starting of the ad goes with “If you don’t have an iPhone” and ends with “… well, you don’t have an iPhone”.  After watching the end of every video, I shouted (in my heart), “Yes! I have an iPhone!” *sticking out tongue*



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Bento #102 – Udon & Tempura

Sometimes you must make your kids remember names of food they like.  For example, the ‘fat’ noodle is called Udon.  While the ‘thin’ one is soba.  After a few times of drilling, finally it stick to their brain.  Cleber girl!

This is the first time I bought pre-packed udon from the supermarket.  The verdict?  They are yummilicious!  The pre-pack noodle contained udon only.  What you see on the packaging is for illustration purpose.  See, they forgot to mentioned that on their packaging! :p

Just follow the cooking instruction at the back of the packaging.  They are ready to eat under 3 minutes.  I throw in some mushroom, scallop and artificial crab claw. And on the side dish, a udon is not complete without tempura. I don’t ask me if this is a rules but the Japs always serve udon with tempura. I just follow suit. *shrug*

From left to right:  Prawns, sweet potatoes and lotus roots.

With all the cooking and frying, I kinda cheat thru dessert.  They may look nice (and delicious!) and sophisticated, but to tell you the truth, it is yogurt layered with cut strawberries and some passion fruits.  They kids love them!  My daughter said that I am qualified to compete in “Top Chef”! LOL!  Quick, quick!  Where is my trophies then?


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I Can’t See Youuuu

Model – Jonathan Sia (3 years old)

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We Are Family

Model – Shao Wei & Jia Jin

A perfect ‘reversed’ combination from both.  Little man cried cos he doesn’t like the pokey grass.

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Bento #101 – Mr Piggy Bear?

Ever since we moved in to the new place,  I have this obsession of making pancakes for breakfast and goodness, the kids has never get bored with it. Yet!  Sometimes I would make a big batch of pancakes and frozen some for their next day lunch box.  To spice up our weekend morning, the Little Munchkin would request for a piggy pancake.

To make a piggy pancake you need 1 large circle for the face, 1 medium circle for the nose and one small circle to be cut into half for the ear.  Now the tricky part is the medium circle.  If you make it slightly bigger, they will look like a bear after assemble.  That is how the supposedly piggy pancake now looks like a bear.  It is important to get a right size for the nose.  Lots of trial and error but they are still edible none the less.

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