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Water Droplet

The rain has just stop but did not completely stop. Gazing out my front door, I saw a humming bird bathing under the gushing water from the gutter. I quickly ran and get my camera. That was a quick under 10 seconds sprint but the bird is no where to be seen. Too bad, the bird didn’t want to be seen bathing nakid and probably ended up in the blogsphere. Boohoo!

Since I have my camera in my hand, I just shot the water droplet from the fence.

Timing has to be right even thought the cam was set at multiple shots. Out of 20, this is the closest to what I’ve wanted.

And out of 50, I could only managed to capture 2 shots with the water splashing. Obviously the water drops from the roof/gutter.


Aitelyu, I spent a good 20 minutes squatting in the water puddle snapping this. By the time I’m done, you can see me walking like a duck. My bad back la!

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Growing Bulbs in Malaysia?

Tulips and cherry blossom are two type of my favourite flowers. Since it is now Spring in most of the 4 season country, I can’t help but to ogle over their p.r.e.t.t.y flowers. Wuching is someone who loves gardening thus his enthusiasm helps him to start a new gardening blog. And each time I am there, I will go so envy looking at his props that my face is starting to turn green like his plants too.

Since Wuching lub me so much and he is afraid that one day I might turn into a Shreak, he decided to sent over a bouquet of flowers to me all the way from Melbourne (Read: PROVIDED THE FLOWERS BLOOM!) so that I won’t die with a green face.

Well, the package is here now. Woohoo!

Infact, this is supposed to be a post-dated post. The package arrived last week. He is quite skeptical that the tulip will grow in our climate but I just have to try. Who know! And he insisted that I try daffodil too cos they are easier to grow than tulip.

Upon opening the package, beside the 2 packet of bulbs, Terese (his darling) included 2 packets of dried pineapple. Awww… isn’t she sweet? If I would have known, I will ask him to stuff in a packet of Tim Tam. Aussie Tim Tam is such a die for! If you must check out the price, a packet of Tim Tam in Jaya Jusco cost you about RM10.90!

This is how a bulbs looks like.

The one on the left is daffodils and on the right is tulips. Before we put the tulips in the soil, we must play a trick on the bulbs first. It says here on the direction to put the bulbs in a paper bag and place them in the crisper compartment in your fridge for 30 days. This is to trick the bulbs that winter is over and it is now time to sprout. Smart eh?

Instead of putting them in a paper bag (which I assume newspaper), I have a special container from Tupperware to keep my greens crisp and fresh.

There it goes, the tulip bulbs.  I’ll see you in a months time.

By the time I’m writing out this post, the daffodil bulbs is already in the soil.  I water them with icy cold water and sometimes i place some ice cubes in the pot.  My daughter thinks that I’m crazy. Well, I would be really crazy if I lug the flower pot in the aircon room with me! (which I think I’m going to do if I don’t see any sprouting sign on the bulbs)

Wish me luck!

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Bento Mania #3

What is your reaction when your dotter came home and told you that she has been sharing her lunch with her classmate? Well, I did not want her to be selfish and at the same time, I want her to be aware of some classmate who likes to take advantage on people (like getting a feel meal!). And of course I asked if her classmate bring a lunch box too. The answer is yes but not as luxurious as mine! . Well, she also claimed that they have been sharing meals and her friend’s bread with honey is yummy. I almost puke. So from there onwards, I make sure I have something extra for her friend so that dotter will have a more fulling meal.

For this bento, I have some mini cupcake which I baked the night before, carrot sticks and dip.

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A Meme: Fabulous Friday Fives

I don’t know why lately my link is not showing up in Technorati and almost miss this Meme from Wuching. So here you go, a simple Five question meme to be posted on a Friday. Lame!


1. To watch or participate?
I am no busybody. Usually I will just watch. But comes to housework, I would prefer to RUN!

2. Malls, catalog shopping, or the Internet?
Wuching is right. This meme is for women only. Malls all the way for me! Woohoo! *syok sendiri*

3. A bath or shower?
I would prefer the traditional way to use scoop. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush from the water above you. You know how sometimes a shower can potong stim when the water pressure is low.

4. To talk to people by telephone, in person or by e-mail?

5. Typing or writing?
Both also lazy. Voice recording can ah?

Now to tag:

1) Montessorium Mum
2) MizzGrace
3) Day-Dreamers
4) Giddy Tigress
5) Athena

Give face a bit ya. This is my first Meme for this year. hehe…

Well, the weekend is here again. Have fun everyone and say hi to your Mom for me 😉 *muaks*

p/s:  This meme is to be posted on a Friday.  And that is an order!  Hmm… I wonder who started this meme tho.

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Bento Mania #2

I have 2 existing bento box at home – a 2 compartment bento and a 2 tier bento. But I want something that look sweet for my girl. I mean Princess! And of course I did some searching on the internet and saw quite a number of Hello Kitty face bento selling at US$9. Well, I was tempted to get them but decided to do more searching and also compare prices locally. And guess what? I went to a shop at my place and they had the same Hello Kitty bento box! I don’t even have to think about the price before buying. That is really a steal. From Japan somemore!

Well, at least the cute pinkish sissy Hello Kitty motivates me every morning. You know how I have to dragged myself at 6.45am. My next target is to get a 3 compartment bento box and I think I can stop buying after that. Hopefully…

Bento tray #2

The kids has these on a rush Sunday morning – Jacob’s cracker with tuna mayonnaise. Squeeze a lime juice on the tuna if you hate the fishy smell.

Check out Bento Mania #1 here.

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Coochi, Coochi, COACH!

Ok.  I know some of you is waiting to see the Coach bag.  Well, infact, Hubby bought me other designs instead of the one I asked him to.  Both also patch work.  Yes!  The patch work!  I can hear Giddy Tigress screaming in the background. lol.

These two are new edition.  When I first saw them in their website, the 2nd patch work looks exactly like my Grandma’s blanket.  But in real, they are really beautiful!

The small size is just right for my weekend outing.  At least they are able to fit in my purse and iPhone.  And if I need to bring along my dSLR, I’ll go for the bigger one:

Nice?  At least better than the first two tote bag that Hubby bought which is not my style at all.  You know what they say about, “women are made from sugar and spice and all things nice”. 🙂 So you can’t really blame us for having so many bags.  Even my Sister was telling me, “You got a lot of bags already, you know?”

“Yea.  But I haven’t got a pink wan.  My next target :D”

Other than the Coach bag, Hubby got  me a Guess hip length blouse too.


The blinkers is exactly what I bought last year except that is is a over lap V shape neck with hip length blouse.  Nice!

And this dress really surprise me!

Seriously, if I am there, I won’t buy this dress nor that black blouse for that type of prices.  Yea, call me a typical woman. *sticking out tongue*

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Bento Mania #1

I have been reading KookyCulinary for a year now and always looking forward to read what she’ve prepared for her kid’s bento. And one fine day, the bunch of grapes that I’ve bought from Giant just inspired me. Yea, nothing too complicated. I don’t even have to think. The next day and rest of the days (keeping my finger cross), my kids have been bringing at least 2 varieties of food to school.

Bento set #1

Globe grapes and mini char siew pau

Globe grapes and mantou with filling of cream cheese, chicken floss & seaweed & sesame seed

For the start, this is what I can think of. Something simple. I am on my next shopping spree for bento set and the accessories. Drop me a line if you know of any place in KL/PJ that sell bento supplies. Arigato gozaimasu!

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Mushroom Mania

My kids just simply love mushrooms and last Sunday, I decided to turn them into 4 ‘Ms’ – Mushrooms Mania on Mouthful Monday! I just simply create this stir fry of Enoki and Bunashimeji mushrooms.  Note: I was told that mushroom contains lots of uric acid which is bad for gout.  Make sure you eat moderately.  Too much of everything is not a good thing tho.




1pkt Enoki mushroom
1pkt Bunashimeji mushroom
2 inches thick ginger
2 cloves of garlic
Oyster sauce


Heat wok with 2 tablespoons of oil. Saute garlic and ginger till fragrant. Add in one rice bowl of water, bring to boil. At the meantime, season stock with oyster sauce or anything of your choice. Add in Bunashimeji to the boiling stock. Bring to boiled again. Lastly, add in Enoki mushroom. Bring stock to boil again and remove from wok. Don’t over cook the mushroom. You should be able to do it quickly.

I’m not the type that is creative with garnishing to my dishes. Probably you can add in some spring onion or carrot. I forgo the carrot, cos we have having ABC chicken soup. If anyone of you cook this with improve version, let me know ya? Can learn a thing or two from you too.

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Me and My Significant Other

Friends started to show concern when I mentioned it in my previous post that Hubby is away again to the States. Thank you guys. I feel so loved! I was then nicked name by one of the blogger as “The Lonely Wife of A Prominent Latuk”.

With 3 kids at home, I wished I have the time to feel lonely. Wait till you see the dirty dishes in the kitchen! And a Latuk? I wish!

Some even asked very dodgy question like “Looking forward to a sex marathon?”

I would say SLEEP marathon! Maklumlah, someone kept giving excuses like jet-lag. *rolling eye*

And the very concern type will ask, “When is your Hubby coming back?”

When I see my Coach bag!

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Emo 8th Birthday

Without her Daddy around (1st time) during her birthday is emo enough for the Mummy and this teenage daughter of mine decided to add in more emoness early morning. *haiz

Daddy called home from States in the morning to wish her a “Happy Burfday” and of course she is more than happy but can’t control her EMOtion. Her voice started to choke and that sleepy eyes of hers slowly turned watery and red. Of course when Mummy see this, she can’t control her EMOtion too. I think my daughter has my gene. Both of us is quite EMOtional type.

Since Daddy is not around, my Sister was kind enough to bring us out for dinner in TGIFridays. Awww….. see, I have the greatest Sister in the whole wide world!

And yes, I heard you, “TGIF again ah?” lol. We really love their yummillicious food and all the crazy stuff they chanted for the Birthday Girl.

But you know what? (S)he is (s)o (s)hy, (s)tunt, (s)peechless and her eyes starting to (s)well again.

You can tell by looking at her in the picture. Watch that guy in red. He has got all sort of action. Now look at my daughter, she just stood there like a statue and that smile is just so fake. Luckly the bunch of crazy guys notice it and quickly ended the session. So emo can die! I gave her hug so that she would feel better and told her TGIF is not her type. She is just too shy! (I was supposed to say EMO but didn’t want her to rain again). So there you go, a emo birthday for her to remember.

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