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Post It Note

Ever wonder why people like to stick Post-It note on the fridge?  My reason is because kids spent more time rummaging food in the fridge rather than looking at the notice board!

Since I’ll be leaving for holiday in 2 days time (uppababy vista), I have to set a reminder for each of them.  They are more like weekly task that should be done before the start of a new week.  Meaning, by Sunday, all homework, uniform, shoes, etc have to be washed/pressed/done by then.  Using a post-it note is more convenient too as when they finish each task, just tear and discard.  I told them, “When you see no more post-it note on the fridge, meaning all tasks has been complete”.

On the other hand, I tried to pack as light as possible for my trip.

Only 30% occupied!  This is all I brought for my 10 days trip to San Francisco and Las Vegas.

1 Hijacker Only?

Six Years Ago Today I Became A Mother For The Third Time

Just a quick post there to commemorate Little Munchkin 6th Birthday.  She is seen here happily posing with her cousin brother.  Both can be real buddy and enemy at the same time!  But they look forward to each other’s company whenever possible.

No Hijack