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Ban All Tobacco

I remember long time ago on November, 2006, I’ve blogged about Shisha when I spotted one in Planet Hollywood, Kuala Lumpur.  So this photo is dated back then.

Recently the newpapers reported on the danger of smoking Shisha.  Why does it take so long for them to realised smoking a Shisha is equivalent dangerous to cigaratte or cigars?  No matter what it is, they all uses tobacco and is deadly in any form.  Shisha or sometime known as hookah is a  flavoured tobacco and contained opium or hashish which can get addictive. Smoking Shisha for hours is like smoking 400 cigarettes and to make it worst, by sharing the pipe, contagious diseases is passing from one to another.  So if you wanna die young, might as well make it luxury.  Smoke a cigar!

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Bento#99 – Luncheon Meat Burger

Luncheon meat is something that I rarely cook because ‘they’ say it is the most unhealthy food especially those imported from China.  SPAM was highly recommended tho.

Few weekend ago, I spotted this round looking luncheon meat that is made locally (according to the prints on the packaging) .  So let’s just assume that it is far more safer than those from China.  On the other hand, I bought them cos the round shape is just nice for a burger.  Just pan-fried without oil on a non stick pan.  You will find how much oil it can produced!

My daughter doesn’t fancy much raw veges so I made hers with cheedar cheese and zucchini only.  Halves the burger and they fit nicely in the bento box!  I used a Hello Kitty separator so that daughter won’t get confused by the alternate bun, vege, meat, bun, vege…. you get what I mean?  That way, their little finger just reached out for the sandwiched bun.

Since it was a weekend, my fridge was stocked with plenty of fruits.  The shop that I frequented provide Fruit Deliveries if we order a lot.  Love the purple grapes so much!  They looks perfect on the food pick that I have.  Make it looks like a balloon.

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Big Girl Now

I was shock at how this photo of Kharsyn who is going to turn 11 years old in 2 months time turned out like.  She looks matured for her age.  Since last year, she had stepped into the world of puberty.  I don’t know how someone classify puberty. Does puberty come in a certain age or puberty take it’s course when a girl develop ‘new’ changes to her body? Apart from the ‘new’ development, she is growing fast!  She had outgrown most of her clothes and now we are sharing the same shoes.  If only I am a little *ahem* thinner, we could be sharing the same clothes as well.

On top of that, this little woman has spotted acne on her face!  If you look closer, she have one under her nostril.  Must be the bad gene from Daddy’s side  *duck from flying pot and pan from relatives*.  So far, she is still free from the toxic of beauty product.  I am planning to keep her that way for as long as …. (fill in your blanks).  I still think it is best to avoid all those lotion as long as possible.  I have read and heard enough cancer causing agent in all those product even though they claimed that they are safe on accutane results.

I started her on cooking since last year. Now she is able to cook rice (in the electric cooker) and knows better than Daddy how much water to put in.  Other than that, she is pro at using the microwave!  Big girl is the most helpful around the house.  Love her to bits.

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The Three of Us

Left to right:  Youngest Sister, Cousin Sister and Yours Truly

My yearly trip to FGS Dong Zhen.  This time, my cousin Sister from hometown joined us in the excursion. One subject that I’ve always been wanting to shoot is posing behind a red backdrop. The result turned out beautifully!  Totally love the red background.  Come to think of it, it could be the beautiful model that makes the photo stand out *cough*.  At the age of late 30s for both of us (cousin and I), was proud that we could still preserved our youthful look naturally.  No need all those best wrinkle cream selling in the market.  It’s all in our Mother’s gene 😉

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Bathroom Renovation Work

Our recent renovation work includes total makeover for the 2 bathroom we have in the house.  I leave the tile to my Interior Designer to decide as I am totally drown in choosing the tiles.  There are too many choices and every one of is “Nice!” “Hey, this is nice too!” “I like this one!”  So, end of the day I told my Interior Designer,”Just come out a design for me.  I’m ok with anything”.

So they proposed the Lampang Tiles.  This is imported from Bangkok.  The looks on it is like a broken glass tiles with fine line of cracks on it.  The turquoise colour come in 3 different shades.  Comparison with the local made Lampang tiles, the crack lines look very artificial and colour come in one 1 shade.  Pricing wise, of course the imported ones is cheaper.

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Bento #98 – Bola Rice

Pardon the title as I am really out of idea as what to name this post.  But bola (ball in Bahasa) it is and  it fit the bento well 🙂

This bento is a repeat from what I’ve prepared before.  It’s been quite a while since I last post a bento post so I decided to go ahead with it.

I like using the onigiri mould as it gave a nice and even shape.  If you don’t have a mould, shape them with your hand.  Best to be done by slipping on a plastic glove.  That way, rice won’t stick too much to your hand.  Make a well in the center of the rice before stuffing them with chicken floss.  I find the one with sesame seed and seaweed is more tasty.

Initially I wanted to have a rabbit theme (in conjunction with the Lunar New Year) for the bento but it seems that my rice ball is too big like kena lipozene scam and doesn’t suit the punch out seaweed faces.  Note to self:  Must look for a smaller mould. Looks like no rabbit theme then :(  but if you look closely at the bottom picture, I still have the pink rabbit food pick and green rabbit side dish. Yay!

Scattered around are various type of kamaboko, slices of lotus root and carrot.  I think they compliment the rice well.  My 9 years old son came home with the unfinish lettuce.  That makes me a beaming Mom!

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Valentine With The Significant Other

I used to discriminate against Valentine’s Day because my Hubby won’t buy me flowers they are over rated .  But come to think of it, over the years, Hubby and me used to dine out during Valentine’s Day. To me, Valentine’s mean nothing but a normal day with the excuses to eat-out.  We don’t have to go lovey-dovey and confess all the sweet nothing to each other on that miserable day.  We have 365 days to do that.  To say that we don’t celebrate Valentine is an understatement.  We just did not do it big.  If I am in the mood, I will get him a gift.  If not, there will be nothing.  And heck, I’ve been buying him something on and off and I don’t see why gifts have to be present on that particular day only.  That goes the same for my Significant other and I don’t expect a V-Day gifts at all.

Do you think woman that doesn’t like flower is not romantic?  Yea, that is me.  I rather have the cash anytime and since Hubby and me are on the same frequency, we click! Hehehe!  Few years ago, I did get a stalk of rose.  And you think Hubby is romantic that year? Nah!  He was having lunch in a kopitiam (coffeeshop) and was approached by some youngsters selling roses for charity.  RM10 for a stalk of rose – I think that is the standard price during V-Day.  And till today, I still tease him about that as if I am his charity case.

So, how did we celebrate V-Day this year?  Like I’ve said, it is merely an excuses for us to eat out.  We dined at our favourite eatery with the kids and avoided ordering their love bird’s set course dinner.  See, told you we discriminate against V-Day :p .  As for the gift, I get him nothing cos I know he got me nothing too. LOL!  But wait, that is no the end.  Sometime during the afternoon, a car salesman came to look for me in my office with a paper for me to sign.  I thought it was a prank but he said, “Mr Neo ask you to sign on the dotted line for the purchase of new car.”  And I go, “Say what!”  It took me one whole day to recover from the shock.  Since he bought me a gift, maybe I should buy him something too.  What about I pay for the car insurance?  Gonna decide that later by checking auto insurance reviews.

And this funny thing happened after our dinner.  While walking back to our car, we spotted this young couple.  The lady was clutching a large bouquet of flower in her arm like a baby and instructed her boyfriend to take a photo of her.  That is so cheesy!  So I nudge Hubby and with my puppy eye and pouty mouth, and decided to tease him, “Daaadddy…..” (still pout-pout a bit).  Daughter was laughing as she know what is coming as I’ve told her the story of “charity-rose”.  Hubby whipped out his camera (phone), “You go borrow the flowers from her la.”

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Photobook Offer

Two years ago, I have printed several photobooks.  It seem that their package is getting better nowadays.  If you check out Photobook Malaysia, sometimes the books are 40% off.  At other time, you may get free shipping.  Since I have settle down in my new place, I might start working on photobooks again.  They are what we called it the coffee table book.  Good to entertain guests when they are visiting.  So far I have 4 books printed and was displayed on our contemporary coffee table.

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The Money Matter

In my 12 years of marriage giving angpow, this year is my first time of not getting any RM10 new notes.  According to ‘sources’, Bank Negara did not print any new RM10 and RM5 notes because of lack-of-funding.  Once I get my payday cash advance,  this is the best that I could do.  Change RM1 crispy notes.  Looks like this year, my angpow packet will be very thick.

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Hey Belle

The kids has been asking for a pet dog since they were little.  Frankly speaking, I do love to have pet at home but the flashback from yesteryear sent the chills down my spine.  Been there, done that.  Juggling between a full time job and being the full time Mom to my 3 kids is already draining all my energy. I can’t imagine having another ‘baby’ at home that need to be walk every evening.

So each time the kids (especially #3) bring up the topic, the same ole conversation goes like this:

Kiddo:  Mummy, can we have a puppy?
Mummy:  You have to be able to take care of yourself before you are allowed to have a pet.  Tell me, who bath you?
Kiddo:  Mummy.
Mummy:  Who feed you?
Kiddo:  Mummy.
Mummy:  Who make milk for you?
Kiddo:  Mummy.
Mummy:  Wait till everything is yourself then only we talk.  Ok?

And one day, a friend’s cocker spaniel gave birth to 4 puppies. So I jump on the opportunity to adopt one.  Of course the kids is excited about it since this is their first pet dog.  Rules #1 – No dogs are allowed in the house. We bought a huge cage for her and almost bought a  heated mattress pads since the dog sleep outside.We soon realised #3 is afraid of puppy!  So, the 2 eldest kiddos share responsibility like feeding.  We hardly walk the pup, like I’ve told you, me shit also no time ok!  So the pup spent most of her time in the cage pee and poo.  Good for me as we just need to wash the tray.  What sounds like fun soon turned into a daily chores.  That is where our nightmare started. Other than daily pee and poo washing, we have to set aside Saturday as Belle-Fun-Bathing-Time.  Blueh!

And when the pup grew bigger, it seems like Hubby always push the bathing time to me as he is not good in controlling the dog.  So back to square one.  Why me?  Why it always has to be me! When I complained, #3 answered this, “I want a dog but I never say I want to rare one.” If only I know sooner!  Kids!

I may sound like complaining but on the other hand, she is like another baby to us.  At times she make me mad, and at times she makes me wanna hug her.  Don’t know if it is just me but looking at her chasing the ball in the garden bring a smile to my face.

p/s:  Photo of Belle when she is around 2 months now.  At this point of blogging, Belle is about 9 months old.

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