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High School Musical 3: Senior Year

We grab the High School Musical combo set consist of one HSM cup and popcorn with HSM printed on the box for RM9.90. Walked in to the theater right on time. Once we sat down, Eldest Princess eyes was glued to the big screen while still holding on to the popcorn. Five minutes later, she is still holding on to the popcorn. Ten minutes later, she passed me the popcorn without eating them at all. That is how crazy a 8y/o child towards the movie.

What more can I say? This is the best Musical compare to the first 2 released. Not much of wacky choreography compared to HSM 2 but this time, they have more dance moves especially Waltz. I so love that part where Gabriella teach Troy to Waltz on the rooftop. They sing, they dance, they smooch a little. Or at least 3 smooches ON THE BIG SCREEN!!! I know I am blushing.

You ought to watch this movie not for the story but for some reason other than the singing and dancing. This time, it is filled with lots of them!

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Spiderman 3(screening in cinema now)

As well as the challenge that Spiderman faces from the Sandman — he learns of a connection with the murder of his Uncle Ben — a mysterious black substance has turned his Spiderman suit black. It brings forth a darker side of Parker and Spidey that nobody has seen before when he is conveniently infested with an alien parasite. Indeed, the central theme of the film is that even superheroes can have a dark side.

The problem is that even Spiderman’s “evil” side is still hopelessly mild-mannered. We are shown a montage of his sub-Mr Hyde depravities. His hair droops over one eye; he swaggers along the street; he flirts with passers-by; his girl ditches him; and he makes an ass of himself in a nightclub. In short, he behaves like a textbook drunk on any given Saturday night.

A horrifying glimpse into the unspeakable pit of the human soul this is notsource

I would highly recommend this movie. Some claimed that there is not much fighting going on. Halo…. this is not Jet Li kungfu movie, ok. This is Spiderman. The guy that hangs around tall building and goes web swinging.

Pirates of the Caribbean(Opening nationwide on 25th May)

I did not watch Part 1 or 2 and don’t intend to watch part 3 cos I’m saving up for …..

Fantastic 4 and Harry Potter!(coming soon in June) I can’t wait 😀

Shrek 3 (coming soon in June)

Well, not my type of movie. Good thing Hubby volunter to watch it with my 2 eldest. Hopefully the Carnival Sales is still on at that time.

Looks like all the good movie is lining up in June. Gotta mark my calendar and start saving from now on!

Talking about $aving$, our TeeVee finally died on u$ after $erving u$ faithfully for 10 year$ and not forgetting the con$tant abu$ing from the kiddo$ for the la$t 6 year$. Bye bye money and hello new TeeVee. Don’t know $hould be happy or $ad. I’m eyeing on $ony LCD Flat $creen :D. $ay only la. Where to get $o much money.

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Superman Return

Photo ©Warner Bros. Pictures. All rights reserved.

Kate Bosworth & Brandon Routh

Look up in the’s a bird…it’s a plane…no it’s a guy in form-fitting tights, that’s the spitting image of our mind’s eye’s Superman…now how’d they do that.

There’s a lot riding on this Superman’s broad blue shoulders. Not only does newcomer Brandon Routh have to deal with a comparison to the late Christopher Reeve (the definitive screen Superman) but “Superman Returns” has to blow the stink off two very weak sequels, “Superman III” and “Superman IV.” Many has shown two thumbs down for the “Returns”.

I’m just thinking, can Brandon Routh win the hearts of movie goers like how the late Christopher Reeve affirming the role of Superman as our ultimate superhero saviour and break the movie boxoffice?

One thing I realised that this hensem chap has got the 5 ‘S’ criteria that I’m looking for in man.

Superhero, Saviour, Sexy, Slender and Single! He definitely deserved the ‘S’ that boldly crafted on his sturdy, six pack chest. 😉

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‘Cars’ Review

Hubby: Don’t think I’ll join you guys for the movie.
Me: Why not?
Hubby: Nothing as excited as watching Formula One live on TV.
Me: Ya! Right!!!

Meet Lightening McQueen (where lightning comes after thunder) – the latest rookie hot-rod on the racing circuit on his way to a competition that will crown him the new king of the Piston Cup Championship. He lives fast and drives fast and can’t wait to find himself a respectable sponsor.

The opening of Cars involves a drawn out car race and there is plenty of lights, sound and flashes. Not forgetting CRASHES!!! Each angle of the cars was nicely taken which surprise me as how good the animation are. and I should brush up my photography skill too.

On his way to California to the big race, he is stranded in the nowhere town of Radiator Springs a small town off Route 66. Lightning McQueen gets into a spot of trouble there where he turned the town in havoc and is sentenced by the town judge/doctor Doc Hudson to repave the main road in town.

McQueen’s a bit of an arrogant ass so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he has no friends. But he finds one in a rusty, run-down tow truck named Mater (Larry The Cable Guy, surprisingly funny). He also falls for the small-town girl (a Porsche, duh) Sally Carrera and manages to learn a lesson or two from the crabby town doctor (and judge), Doc Hudson who for some reason has something against race cars like McQueen. They and a handful of other delightful characters help McQueen learn the value of friendship and give pause to his overly ambitious fast-paced lifestyle.

Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera – spot the magnificient backdrop. They have more in the movie.

The Cars movie has provided Route 66 aficionados another way to look at the fictional town of Radiator Springs.The gorgeous landscapes especially the waterfall facinate me the most. I wonder if they are still so beautiful in real life. Flies are little tiny cars with wings. And just wait till you see the Cars universe’s version of cow-tipping. They are so cute and funny. In the total make-believe land there’s none a human in sight. The cars drive themselves and even hold down jobs as TV reporters. This is a universe created just for autos. That is including the cow which is a tractor (dem funny) and pit crew members.

There are moments of humor for both the kids and adults. I recommend the film to anyone with interest in fast moving cars. The ending is very unpredictable to me but can’t blame the writer as they put priority of friendship in this movie.

Spoiler – Lightning McQueen did not win the Piston Cup as he agreed with Doc Hudson that Piston Cup is nothing but an empty cup.


Hubby: *&$(*# nothing excited this race.
Me: Ah, why?
Hubby: No crashes at all. Should have watch Cars with you guys.
Me: Ya! Right! Serve you right!!!!

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