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Happy Belated 1st Birthday…

… to Hijackqueen!!!

To be exact, it falls on September 8th, 05. Totally overlook on the date.

Went thru my older Blog a minute ago. Things in there is in a big total mess. You called that a newbie, huh :shy: .

YRH 1st Birthday’s wish is to earn more side income from Google Adsense (*sigh… which is not enough to buy my daily bread!!!) and birthday’s resolution is to brush up on my photoshopping skills which is still xucks!

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Mid Autumn Festival – Part II

Lotus paste with salted egg yolk remains my all time favourite. Another one will the Mix Fruits and Nuts. Tho I can’t say it’s my favourite but I have craving to eat at least one piece during the season to satisfy my soul.

I don’t quite figure out why do they named it “Fruits” when I don’t see any fruits in them. Ingredients: Walnuts, Almond, melon seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts, maltose, winter melon sugar, lards and etc… etc… etc… This is the most unhealthy mooncake of all. Very sweet and very high in colesterol! A cup of green tea is the best way to go with this during tea break.

How many of you out there still practise the chinese custom of exchanging gift during festival? I do! My siblings does! Sad to say only a very small minority of my in-laws doesn’t practise that 🙁 . During my first year of marriage, I used to buy for them but have never get anything back in return. That goes on for about few years before I told hubby he has the worst relatives of all that I’ve known. I know it’s the thought that count but after many years of I-did-not-ask-u-to-buy feedback, I grew tired of it and stop eventually. In Chinese, I always believe that mother plays a very important role to nurture their children. When anything goes wrong, all fingers will point at their mom and not dad. With this, I vow to God that I will continue what my mom taught me and pass it down to my children.

oops… sorry that I carried myself away. Back to the mooncake, I received a package from my sisters (share-share among 2 sisters)

Tupperware version of hamper set. 3 containers- Blue, yellow and red.

A pack of green tea

2 pieces of mooncake

One of them with the word “Tupperware” crafted! So cute can die lidat. Price wise is not that expensive considered it is “Tupperware”. I’ll repeat that again. “T.U.P.P.E.R.W.A.R.E”!!!

I.Am.A.Tupperware.Geek.! Nevermind if I don’t get the mooncake. Just give me Tupperware.

Well, another 1 week to go before the festival end, if you forget, remember to buy a mooncake for the elderly this weekend and don’t forget the lantern too. Have a great weekend ahead and say hi to your mom for me 😀

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p/s: Drop me a note if you want to place an order for the hamper set.

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Me and the significant other – Part II

Short Talk: Wow! Discovered this site that gave out freebies. They even have free hotel stay!

Scenario 1

Conversation took place at Midvalley where we are supposed to meet my sis for dinner in a Penang type of restaurant but can’t remember exactly the name of the restaurant.

Queen: You check the information board where is Penang House.
Hubby: *check, check for 2 minutes* Don’t have wor.
Queen: *walk over and check for 30 seconds* Got it.

Even tho I say Penang House but the board wrote Little Penang Cafe among other 15 eateries who don’t even have the word “Penang” in significant? Can’t they just think out-of-the-box sometime?

Scenario 2

Hubby bought 5 hand bags from his previous trip from Vietnam. And since all the embriodery is so gorgeous I make a big hoo-haa in my blog. This time round, he bought again for me handbag from Sabah.

Look at the size of the bag. Can only fit in a purse and a handphone.

I think I’ve got enough bags and I am running out of space to keep them! If I don’t tell him this, he will keep on buying bags for me thinking I love them soooooooooo much.


Lesson #1 – Man need to be told what to do and nagged at! Woohoo!

Lesson #2 – Women is hard to pleased. I won’t argue with that :D.


Unrelated matter

Baby princess can’t resist climbing on her big sista back. So cute I thought I must post this pic. 🙂

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Parenthood/Baby Fair at Midvalley

It has been around 5 years since the last time I went to a baby/parenting fair. This year, aside from exhibitors, they organized more games for the babies and toddler up to age 4.

A few games that we participate.

1) Baby crawling competition

“Look at all lame babies. My Baby Princess sure win wan.”

One minute later, “DISQUALIFIED!!! This is crawling competition la. Not running!”

“Aiks, wrong match? Baby Princess supposed to be in the running competition!”

2) Toddler Running Competition

Run Forest… I mean Baby. RUN!!! The first few seconds, baby was leading but she was distracted by all the cheering mothers strangers. She stop and look at them wondering what are they so excited about. Darn!


3) Leapfrog Telematch

Looks easy tho. The rules: While you carry your child, they have to pick up a balloon from any 4 boxes at the corner and put them in the box at the centre of the stage. Adult is not allow to help the child with the balloons. They are given 1 minute for the task. Team with the most balloons in the box win.

My personal opinion on this match. The organizer has a brain as small as a frog. There is no age category for this match. Children age 1 to 4 is competing with each other. Just imagine this, you ask a 1 year old baby to pick up a balloon. Can she do it? The answer is NO! And since my son is 4y/o we pakat with him liao. He has been sniggering while watching all the babiessssssss. Some babies refused to drop the balloon in the box hence the adult have to shake them vigorously.

And guess what?

The most expensive ever prizes giving out during the fair!!! Check out Leapfrog if you want to know more about their educational toys. The match looks easy but it appear as not easy tho. I tried them at home with my son and my arm almost broken! And exhausted!

Closeup view on the talking computer.

Ever wonder why are we getting a computer suits infant & toddler age 0-36 months whereby Prince now is 4 y/o. So I get the unit trade in for the Preschool (age 3-6years) unit with the condition of buying 2 books costing RM64 (US$17.30) each from them. Wtf, that cost me an arm and leg for 2 books!!! RM128 can feed the whole family for 2 weeks!!! So with all the hoo-haa and complain queen and her SISTA in action, we bought only one book and walk away with the Preschool unit while our back is full with holes right now -_-. At least I tried.

At the mean time, next to the Parenting/baby fair, the wedding fair is also ongoing next door. Again, I drag hubby to participate in their “couples” games. No pic for this. But we win lots of expensive goodies. The most expensive is grand prize sponsored by S2 Slimming Centre – some cosmetic thing with the price tag still intact; RM300!

What is the most important things a wedding couple need on their first night?

So colourful and it was on promotion. Buy one free one!!!

Princess: Mummy, what is this?

Queen: err… ohh…. balloons… err….. PERFUME!!! yeah, PERFUME!!! See all those fragrants? 😳

The best part being there is you get to bring home sample baby foods or disposable diapers. They are in every nooks and corners. Just hang around their promoters, there will always be someone different to approach you with their newly released disposable diapers. Every participation in talks will be entitled to milk powders too and if you answer their question correctly, you will walk away with more baby cereal!!! Everywhere is milk powder, cereal, rusk, cereal, rusk, diapers, biscuits… bla bla bla….

What did i warned you? Can open a sundry shop liao.

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Try to find the shoes

There’s a pair of shoes in front of the door. Can you find them within 3 minutes? Prizes to be announce later.

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Soup: Lotus Roots

Boiled the above ingredients in a pot or crook pot for approximately 3 hours.  Since peanuts takes a longer time to soften, pre-soaked them for at least 6 hours to reduce cooking time.

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Mid Autumn Festival – Part I

Some people may called them Mooncake festive cos around this time, chinese will be buying and eating lots of mooncake to symbolise the festival. Some people may also called them lantern festive cos around this time, chinese will be play with the lantern and candles to symbolise the festival. What the heck, the kwai low called them Mid Autumn Festival cos it is Autumn now???

Neway, this year the date falls on 6th October. I started bringing kiddos to walk around the neighbourhood and have yet to bump into any parents doing the same. It is a totally different feeling nowadays celebrating festival compare to my childhood days. I’ll rant about this other time.

Hope parents out there will continue this chinese tradition by letting your child experience what you’ve gone thru during your childhood days. Take this opportunity too to bond with your children and spouse after a hard day at work. Jessieling can do it, why can’t you 😉 ? Have a good day playing with the lantern and say hi to your mom for me :D.

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My Prince is 4 today!

How on earth did I get 5 candles up there??!!!

Since I didn’t want to rush things on a weekday, we had an early celebration over the weekend as some of you might have already notice.

Apart from serving mee suah (vermicelle) and hard boiled egg (make sure you serve 2 eggs and not one! (Lidat only balance wat 😉 *hint, hint) for the birthday boy, later of the day we went to T.G.I. FRiDAY!.
I love TGIF. I love their food, environment and their service especially if you are celebrating your birthday there, they will give you a slice of chocolate moist cake and a small presentation by their staffs. Kiddos love the place after we celebrated Baby Princess’s 1st Birthday there.

Prince with one of their waiter.

Don’t worry. Not every staff dress up like him. You would have though you had stepped into some circus but… hey, basically every of their staff has a bit of resemblance of graduating from the University of Circus! I mean, gosh! Look at their uniform, wonder where did they get so many badges?

Can you see the difference between staff in plain uniform and staff with lots of badges? I think they looks so cool don’t they? Below pic is a small song dedication to the birthday boy. Prince love their reggae/rap (what ever you called them). He has been impersonating their clapping ever since and shouting something that we can’t understand. But we know he mimic the staff in TGIF. So cute can die lidat.

Even tho we bring along our Birthday cake, they insist we had that slice of cake as it is their tradition. See, everyone had their own tradition. Not a bad thing, huh. “Kasi tapau boleh ka?” (“Can I have a doggy bag?”) lol. Before I could say that, kiddos munch them all up.

This is what we had for dinner. The rest that is not featured here is nothing to shout about.

Three of US!

If you browse thru their menu carefully, majority of their steaks is served in Jack Daniel’s sauce.

aitelyu, this is the best sauce that I’ve eaten in my whole life and it would be in my “10 Food to Eat Before I Die” list!

Dessert – Mud Pie

Lipsmacking, gooey, creamy, chocolatey Mud Pie! So sinful yet a die for!!! You can trust me on this. I don’t blog anything that is not worth bloggin especially in a thread that is dedicated to my son and now it almost turn out to be a food review blog *slap forhead*. The chocolate is so delicious that I have to scrap the remaining and lick the fork. Well, if I were at home, I’ll lift up the plate and start licking right there!

Now you know why I like the place so much. First the staff put up an amazing presentation, then the food is so yummilicious I must ask them for the Jack Daniel’s recipe. My guest also in a happy mood and decided to camwhore a bit.

Phee weetttt…

Me? How to be happy when the bill came. RM180++ !!! (bye bye $$$) I patroned that place so often and I think I deserved a discount card or at least something la. Must go claim from them or else won’t give them another review when I eat there, hor.

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Why does a women nag?

I feel that Simon and Caroline (FM105.7) love to argue on air all the time like a 15y/o children. Gosh, make them sound so babish, inmatured and unprofessional!

Yesterday it in the news headline that nagging is proven healthy. What they meant is a wife/women that nags on their smoker hubby finally gave up smoking. I think only a minority of smokers will listen to their wife. Man hates nagger. The more you nag, the more they wanted to do it. I used to and still nag on my boy friends whenever I see them smoke.

Jessie says: I’m blogging about nagging on smoker!!!
Jessie says: should read them
HuntingtheSnark says: *sticking tongue out* you ain’t married to me
HuntingtheSnark says: so you have no right to nag me
Jessie says: it’s for r own good
HuntingtheSnark says: *sigh
Jessie says: I’ll nag, nag, nag
Jessie says: if i don’t love you i won’t nag at you
Jessie says: nag, nag, nag
HuntingtheSnark says: maybe I should give you an orgasm just to keep you quiet
Jessie says: rofl

And this morning, Simon and Caroline (FM105.7 deejay) again brought out the topic about nagging. I nagged almost everyday at kiddos, “Stop watching TV and eat your rice”, “Do your homework”, “don’t do this, don’t do that”, “enough cheese for today!”. All this is everyday’s nagging. They need me to nagged or I won’t get anything done at all. If I don’t nag during dinner, I’ll be spoon-feeding them while they watched TV. And if I don’t nagged on the school homework, Princess is not bother at all about her homework. And mind you, Princess can eat 3 pieces of cheddar cheese at one go even right after dinner. Pokai lo like this.

I’m sure, women don’t nagged for no apparent reasons. For example hubby, when you least expect him to make that silly mistake and yet he did it. So I’ll go, “nag, nag, nag.” There’s a saying, “the log doesn’t burn by itself if you don’t start the fire.” Hey, I do get nagging from him on occasion and make sure I remember not to repeat the same mistake.

If my mom don’t nag at me, I won’t be who I am today. (psst… she nagged even more now as she grew older. *gosh!)

Conclusion, nagging is good and we should keep it that way. Wakaaakaaa….


Edit:  Depending on individual how you classified a reminder/talk as nagging.  We used to complain that my mom nags too much but she always protest, “Like this you called nag?  It’s a advise for you!”  So, it is really up to individual if you can accept a constant repeating of a same word as nagging or advise.  (You better agree with me or else I’m going to nag at you! :D)

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Sony Playstation 2

Quick, tell me which game I should buy!!!

I know Athena is crazy over warcraft, so I’ll be adding that to my list.  I need something that is not violent for my 4 y/o.

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