Julie @ 7 Months

Took this photo for my Sister Julie when she was around 7 months pregnant with her 2nd baby.  Even though she took the best prenatal vitamins I still find her tummy small.  The old wives saying, “that is because she is carrying a baby girl!” By the time I’m writing this post, my sister is about to due in a weeks time.  That is how much I’ve procrastinate with my blogging. *sigh…*

I tried studio style this time.  To be precise, home make shift studio.  The only thing missing here is a studio light.  Look at this 2 pictures and I’ll elaborate further:

My Sister, Julie and my other nephew

CAn you see what is the difference?

Look at the background.  Without a studio light, we tend to get greyish background even though our backdrop is white.  For the 2nd picture, I edge and delete the grey background.  Hence how you have a white background.  This is to say, if you want the real studio effect, photoshop it!

I’ve upload the rest of the photos in Facebook.  Enjoy!

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