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Most Irresistible Chocolate

This is the most irresistible chocolate biscuit! And also because I am a caramel lover *lick fingers* .  They say the best Arnott’s Tim Tam came from Australia cos their chocolate is richer.  Don’t know how true it is but I always get my supply from a dear friend of mine, Ian, whenever he drop by Kuala Lumpur from Perth.  Gotta love that man.

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I’m Lovin’ It!

I meant to blog this earlier but my attention was always distracted by other thing whenever I sit down in front of the lappie.  So I’m glad I am here now sharing with you guys a great big deal from McDonald!

In conjunction with the celebration of Gold Putra Brand Award that McDonald achieved, for the whole month of March 2011, you are getting 2 Big Breakfast for Free (!!!) with any purchase of RM5.00 and above.  You can get the cut-out of coupon from the newspaper or just drop me a line with your e-mail address and I will be gladly to email them to you.

This is probably my 3rd time in my whole life eating Big Breakfast.  Seriously!  My choice of breakfast is definitely not from a fast food eatery.  The first time I had Big Breakfast is at the airport and another time was in Singapore.  All the while I thought Big Breakfast comes with everything including hot pancakes (i heart those!).  If you see the picture above, I have requested the maple syrup thinking I could enjoy my hot pancakes.  No wonder the waiter look at me with a funny face when I asked for it! LOL!  With the promotion going on, we had been eating them 3 days in a row now.  I was kinda know of the promotion late too.  But it is better late than never 😉

So there you go, guys.  Two more days to go before March ended.  2 Big Breakfast for FREE!!!!

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Twist, Lick, Crush

Eating Oreo cookies is not only addictive, making oreo ice-cream is none the less very addictive too!  Let’s just short-cut the process unless you can make a tub of sinfully heaven vanilla ice-cream otherwise, just buy them like I did.    It is easier to fold crushed Oreo into semi melted ice-cream so the best time to make the Oreo flavoured ice-cream is that very moment when you reached home with your groceries.


1 bar/packet of Oreo cookies
1 tub of vanilla ice-cream


Twist Oreo cookies but please DO NOT lick the cream! :p  Remove it and pop them into your mouth :p The amount of cookies depends on your licking.  However, too much of cookies will over power the ice-cream.  Lightly crush your cookies.  When it is all done, pour crushed cookies into semi-melted ice-cream.  Stir moderately. Cover the lid and freeze it.  You may notice that your ice-cream is not fluffy anymore and has shrunk.  It unavoidable!  But it is extra delicious now 😉

Like I say, it is very addictive.  The kids love it very much.  Sometime, they even sprinkle crushed Oreo on it to get that extra crunch.  When you start counting the calories, you will cringe!  But not to worry, epistane can help.

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The Next Best Thing to M&M

…. is Reese’s Peanut Buttercup.

They are so good, so, I have to ugly’fied the photo or else, each time I look at the photo, I will be drooling on my keyboard. =.=’

Ok, I have exaggerated too much.  I did not ugly’fied the photo but thanks to the iPhone camera which does not do a good job in macro. Blueh!

For those who are on diet pills, don’t eat too much of Reese’s.  They are very fattening cos they are… Peanutbutter!

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How To Get A Free Domino Pizza

Aitelyu, those guy will never arrive late.  If you really want a free pizza from Domino, gotta try some dirty trick.  It happens to me accidentally so I’m sharing my experience with you guys now.

The answer is……:  Order a pizza during rainy day!

Since we are talking about pizza, which outlet do you usually go to?  Currently, my favourite is Domino cos they have this awesome Secret Salmon Pizza aka Salmon Sausage Pizza.

Other than that, their Chicken Lasagna is much better, 100x better than Pizza Hut.  It really melts in your mouth. And, and that cinnamon bread is out of this world!

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Ramadan Bazaar (Manglish Post)

Jessie: Helo? Kak Z! Puasa ke tidak?

Kak Z: Ish, tentulah puasa.

Jessie: Ah lah, manalah tau, mungkin datang period.

Teheehee… the above is my usual opening conversation during the fasting month whenever I called to check chat with the gahment (spelling mistake on purpose!) bodies. I even use the opening line for a male! Anyway, it is good karma to make someone laugh especially early in the morning.

As usual, Hari Raya is not complete without a visit to the Ramadan Bazaar.

What is the food you must get? For those tengah puasa, proceed at your own risk ya 😉

  1. Buah Melaka aka Onde Onde – I love those with generous stuffing of gula melaka (palm sugar) and the almost unforgotten heavenly feeling of lava exploded in your mouth.
  2. Roti Jala – Can never go wrong with curry chicken. This is something that I must have. Have you tried the one with potatoes wrapped in it? Those are good too. Something like curry puff.
  3. Kuih Bakar Berlauk – I love this and I have the recipe too. But you know me la, L.A.Z.Y!
  4. Drinks – Someone have to educate them on food colourings. I think the blue ones is champagne flavour. *yikes*
  5. Popcorn chicken (spelled as C.H.I.C.K.E.N. B.A.C.K.S.I.D.E!) – I tried to stay away from those if possible. They are too good to be true. Fried chicken backside is sold at RM1 for 10pcs. But my sis got hers at RM1 for 11pcs because…………….. because of me! *ahem* I was busy snapping pic at the stall. The makcik probably thought that I’m a Journalist and gave my sis an extra piece. rofl….
  6. BBQ chicken giblet – … sehingga menjilat jari *smack lips*

  1. Roti Boom – Made from roti canai with inner fillings of sugar and lots of margarine which makes them very crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
  2. Ayam Percik and Nasi Tomato – BBQ skewed chicken with kuah kacang (peanut sauce). HEAVENLY!
  3. Satay – My son’s favourite.
  4. Lemang – Rumah siapa ada open house????!!! Nak makan!!!!

So, puasa ke tidak, Sila?

Me? i asyik buka saja. 😳

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… and so, I declared Saturday a Public Holiday!

In conjunction with the Agong’s (King’s) Birthday last Saturday, Hubby suggested we eat out at The Lobsterman in SS2, PeeJay. You think he’s too patriotic issit?

Alamak, photo editing skill a bit cacat today. I have a bad hair day for the above pic. Thought wanna diversified your attention to the lobster. This is not the biggest in the whole wide world but I’ve never seen such a H.U.G.E lobster before!

Do order a charboiled if you wanted to taste the authentic taste of lobster meat. That night, we had:

  • Lobster in XO sauce. It is something similar to kong pou stir fried.
  • For the kids, they had Lobster and seafood rice. To be corrected, the kids had the R.I.C.E and adult wallop all the lobster!
  • Lobster with fruits yogurt
  • Two serving of salmon pasta
  • Garlic escargoat
  • Two serving of Charboiled lobster (the one in the pic)

… and so all the food is gone now, and the red wine too. What are we waiting for? Dessert! We ordered gelato. It came as Green Tea Gelato. We can’t argue right? We should have ask for their flavour. I gave that a miss cos Green Tea gelato or green tea ice cream is not my cuppa tea.

… and so….

… errr….

….errr, I am dem shy la!

… how to put it la….

Nah, read for yourself!

Shy la. Just shy. So old liao wanna announce to the whole wide world that it’s my birthday. To add on to the shyness and paisehness, this New York Cheesecake was from Ms Anonymous! I can’t revealed mia name. Thank you BIG-BIG Ms Annonymous 🙂 . When the waiters and waitresses brought out the cake, they was singing the international birthday song. And you know the line where they go… “…Happy Birthday to XXX”, they pause a bit and was looking at the name on the birthday cake. Hubby quickly tell them “Jessie”. I almost fall off my chair laughing!

So now you know the Agong and Queen share the same birthdate 😉

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Smuckers Goober Grape Rawks!

Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich *slurppppppppppp*

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I saw Nicole Kidman in Planet Hollywood!!!

Talking about Planet Hollywood everybody also get excited liao. hehe… Really! Nicole Kidman was there. I’m not pulling your leg. Let me show you the choronical of that night. And who say only angmoh country got blue sky? Look at the 1st picture above and tell me what colour is the sky. BLUE!!! It’s BLUE!!!

A week before, I called up Planet Hollywood to place a booking. The conversation goes like this….

Aminah: Heloooo
Me: Hi. Can I check with you a few things? Do you allow children to dine in your restaurant?
Aminah: Hold on.

(And there I am, holding on. And still holding on. And holding on…. till the line disconnected. I called them for the 2nd time…)

Aminah: Helooo.
Me: Hi. Do you allowed children to dine if your restaurant?
Aminah: Hold on.

(And there I am AGAIN, holding on. And still holding on. And holding on…. till the line disconnected. I called them for the 3rd time and this time I’m kinda pissed.)

Aminah: Helo.
Aminah: Hold on.

(She just yelled across the room which I can hear very clearly. “Bang, tak tau aper dia nak la”. Wah lau, you tell me you angry or not? When that abang take over the receiver, I gave him a piece of my mind! “For goodness sake, if she don’t understand English just say so la.”)

Oh, excuse me for a moment. Son need to go wee-wee.

My oh my, see how elegant is their gent washroom.

Wait! I can explain on this….. Oh, nevermind. Who’s interested to hear anyway (*whistling away)

I better go check out the Ladies washroom.

Wah, why so scary wan? The shark is supposed to be in the Gent’s and not here. Nevermind. I love them anyway. It brightens and cheer up the atmosphere in here. “Can I bring my food in here?”

Talking about the food, I’ll give them 7/10. Some dishes are really nice. But their salad is nothing to shout at.

Presentation skills was excellent.

Every nooks and corner in Planet Hollywood makes you die for camwhoring.

They are all so nicely design with a taste of Hollywood basically everywhere.

They even have a shisha’s room. This is me again… camwhoring in the shisha’s room 😳

Hmm… very familiar huh. Where did I see them before…… oh, it’s my new banner. Duhh.

Do you know what is a Shisha?

shishapheeweett…. sui jar boh.

And we eat, and talk, and laugh, and argue…. A big happy family with 11 adults, 5 children and 3 babies!!!!

Which Planet are you from?

How do you make a blogger happy? – throw her a digital camera and give her all the permission to click away. That is all what a blogger ask for 🙂

I’m saving the best part of the event for last. Nicole David Kidman!!!

-_- Check out the small print at the bottom -_- Looks like they sent the lip print for colour copying and distribute to all the outlet. Potong stim hor…

This is not all. I have tones of pics of the place safely store in my memory stick. For example the hand prints of celebrity on the white cement. You should check out Mickey’s hand print and his signature!!!! I love them so much!!!! And they have table football to entertain the children and adults too. Not forgetting the live band which started at 11pm so that you can jam away. But I won’t go back there for their food that’s for sure. Wanna know what’s the damage???

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Custard Apple & Jujube

Custard Apple come in green or magenta. They are soft when it’s ready to consume. Apply some pressure by pressing on the skin.

The flesh is milky white. It tasted juicy and sweet. The art of enjoying them is, take a mouth full of flesh, wiggle your mouth with the coordination of your tongue and teeth to seperate the flesh from the black seed.

Don’t swallow the seed!!! Spit them out. Repeat the whole process again.

JUJUBE aka Red Dates

The usual red dates found in Malaysia is sun dried. They look like this.

Common huh.

This is the fresh ones from Beijing. And no! I didn’t go to China.

You can see some is still green but the fruits will turn red when it is fully ripe.


Taste sweet and crunchy. But the skin is a bit hard. So it makes them… chewy.

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