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Baby Samantha

Remember sometime during February click here I’ve posted some pregnancy shots of my Sister?  Well, baby Samantha is now a month old.  I haven’t had a proper chance to get a proper shots of her.  I do have shots laying around in my camera’s memory disc but I think those are not counted.  Just by viewing them from the camera, I’ve already knew they are not good.  Anyway, the first week of Samantha’s life was hectic especially to my Sister & BIL.  To keep a long story short, Samantha was diagnosed with Inborn Metabolism Error.  On her 3rd day, she had lots of acid in the blood and required a emergency blood transfusion.  That is when everything go hair wire.  I might write a longer post of Samantha once I get some pretty shots of her.  At the meantime, Baby Samantha is doing fine now.  God wish her well.







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*Gold Coin

While the PayPal was loading the last request to deduct US$150 from my account, I chicken out and clicked X. I wonder how many ppl out there was so addicted by Mafia War that they actually spent money to buy…. NOT real money *slap self*

*If you are not a hardcore gamer especially Mafia War, you will not understand this feeling. Having extra  gold coins meant a lot to us as we can used it to buy more powerful weapons, upgrade energy, etc*

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