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Konnyaku Jelly

I’ve made Konnyaku Jelly again. Not because I am craving for them, but because I bought a new Mickey Mouse mould. Woot! This time, I’d prefer to leave them in their original clear transparent colour and also using canned fruits. As usual, please refer to the cooking instruction behind the packaging.

Talking about canned fruits especially the cocktail, I’ve learnt a lesson. Never buy the cheapest brand on the shelf. There was once, the kiamsiapness (stingy) in me bought the cheapest brand which still costs me about RM6. I was so dissapointed with the content as they are full of pineapples! This time round, I grabbed the 2nd cheapest – Ligo Brand that cost me RM8.10 in Jaya Jusco. Surprisingly, they are full of pears and peaches! However, the pineapple can hardly be seen. I will keep on trying other brands tho. I never know buying a can of fruit cocktail can be this is challenging. You’ve never know what to expect in the can until you’ve open them up. Don’t know should be happy or not.

Can you spot the Mickey shape? You just have to try harder if you can’t see them. Other than having them cool in the konnyaku mould, I had some of the liquid pour into the kid’s bento box for tomorrow lunch. It is not a good idea to remove the jellies from the mould. Once you do that, they will slowly turn watery.

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Just For Laugh – Part 2

My stressed level is up 90% today. Really, really super stressed! Good thing I have friends that is willing to listen and lend a helping listening ear. Thanks mate! This is my stressed antidote for today.

John Potter  – what is wrong with his tongue! Real clown la him.

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Just For Laugh

I don’t usually post up forwarded e-mail I received, but this one is really hillarious and make sense too. So all men out there, better appreciate your TV and fiddle your HP less!

Wife is like TV, Girlfriend is like Handphone (HP)

At home watch TV, Go out bring HP.

No money, stay home watch TV, Got money, change HP.

Sometimes enjoy TV, but most of the time play with HP.

TV free for life but HP, if you don’t pay the services will be terminated .

TV is big, bulky and most of the time old,

but handphone is cute, slim, curvy and very portable at any time.

Operational cost for TV is often acceptable

but for HP is high and often demanding .

Most Important,

TV got remoteHP don’t have…

Last but not least……. .

TV do not have virus,

but h/p yes……… .have VIRUS……. ……..

once get it, terus KONG(kong kiau = die)…….. hahahahaha.

….so better choose TV ….. 🙂

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    Bento Mania #14

    It is a drag to wake up at 6.30am everyday just to prepare the bento for kids. At times especially mid week when I really needed my beauty sleep, I’ll prepare some quick food for them. They had pandan swiss roll, puddings and cultured milk. There you go, the three basic nutrients – calcium, protein and carbohydrate in this simple meal.

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    Name Analyzer

    This is what the Name Analyzer I took from Facebook say about me. Well, ‘Spontaneous’? I don’t think so. Depending on which field. Sometimes I just pretend not to notice anything. hehe… If only they could analyzed ‘LING’, I think the result would be:

    L – Lazy

    I – Intelligent *cough*

    N – Nagger

    G – GILA!

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    Bento Mania #13

    I am still posting my bento from last week when the kids was still having their school term break holiday. We all had mini chicken ham burger while I had something extra i.e. egg salad (I heart chu!) with blanched broccoli and emperor pear.  The bread is about the size of a 8 y/o palm so they looks rather cute in actual.

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    Nintendo Wii Fit – Yoga Game

    I am so in love with the new Wii Fit console by Nintendo especially the Yoga component. To start playing the game, firstly you must buy the Nintendo Wii Games console which costs about $250 and the Wii Balance Board retails at $90. Prices could varied elsewhere.

    The game consist of 15 yoga poses but only four was ‘unlocked’ for starter i.e. Deep Breathing, Half Moon, Warrior I and Tree Pose. You needed to practise for a certain amount of time before the next 2 yoga pose is available to you. Perfection is secondary here. However, scores will be given depending how perfectly the poses is done. The game could also tell if you are balancing evenly or imbalance. At the end of each pose, the game gave you a ranking of Yoga Newcomer, Yoga Novice, Yoga Trainer or Yoga Master.

    However, I do find it weird doing Warrior I pose with one foot elevated on the 2 inches high board and the other on the ground. Isn’t that what we called body imbalance? No wonder the poses is so limited comparing to the original 1000 poses we did at the studio. But then, the console is a good buy as it can be used for other games too like jogging, step aerobics, hula hoop, rhythm boxing, find step, skiing, snowboarding, heading soccer ball, tightrope walk or balance bubble. Hehe… so who is up for a challenge? Athena? Wuching? Kamkuey?

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    As Frugal As Possible

    This tag came just in time from Lian during this current petrol price hike period. I believe every household is taking some measures to live as frugal as possible since the cost of living is going to already shooting at ceiling height. What cost cutting measure did you take? All along, we have been living in a very frugal lifestyle. So if I were to be more thrifty, I think my kids will ended up eating bread only.

    1) Domestic Helper
    After 2 incidents of having a stranger living with us and all the horrifying nightmare, I finally sent home my maid of 9 months. No. 3 was only 7 weeks old then. Since that day, I did all the house chore myself and occasionally Hubby will help out. Financial was constrained during that time, so I’ve never thought of getting a hourly maid. Good thing though cos I am so used of not having a maid at home. To me, having a messy house won’t die. Having them in my house added more stress. That one I can die! At the same time, they can be very expensive cos they go round your house breaking electrical appliances and food always runs out SO fast. I wonder why. Nowadays, I do get a hourly maid that is charging RM10 per hour. Not on weekly basis tho. Something like 3 months once when I needed someone to clean the greasy kitchen.

    2) Transportation
    This is our biggest expenditure. I tried to drive at 90km/h now and not hitting the break abruptly. We are cutting down travelling out from Klang on a weekend for shopping. I think Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang has everything we wanted. Have a shopping list so that I don’t miss anything and safe me extra trip to the shops again.

    3) Food
    Kids started to bring Bento to school. I don’t save much there cos the food I put in the box for them sometimes cost more than their pocket money but I get to control what they eat. Noodles at the cafeteria contains so much MSG. On the other hand, my lunches is more expensive than the kids. So I do save few Ringgit there. Even if I had lunch outside, I tried to go for frugal food. More greens for me, definitely. That way, I get to jaga badan sikit la! Talking about bento, it was supposed to be a frugal meal. Other than investing in bento boxes, good thing I am not so crazy over their accessories yet which is costing a heaps! I tried to go a bit creative like rolling up the food, cutting them with cookie cutter, skewing them, etc… Sometimes, kids needed a little pampering like McDonald Happy Meal. However, we does that less often now compare to previously which is like a weekly affair.  Joining the Kids Club, we are entitled to a free cone or fries or apple pie with purchases.  Kids can have the burger, while I can have the apple pie 😉 .

    4) Shopping
    I hardly shop for clothing nowadays even during the Malaysia Mega Sales. Hubby bought mostly branded clothings for us from outlet store in States. They are really cheap. A piece of OshKosh t-shirt is equivalent to the price for a piece of Kiko t-shirt in Malaysia. Guess t-shirt is selling at about $7 to $10. Not that he bought a lot. Just two to three pieces each person to wear on CNY. Good thing kids doesn’t mind wearing hand-down clothings from their cousin. At the same time, SIL from Singapore used to buy Giodano for the kids. Giodano in Singapore is so cheap! Shopping in Malaysia sucks big time la! When choosing where to shop, I go the one that give me good rebates like Jaya Jusco and their Member Day Sales is such a crazy event.

    5) Income
    I was bitching with the nasi lemak seller one day when the nasi lemak biasa has increased from RM1 to RM1.20. “I pun mau jadi peniaga. Bila barang naik, mereka ikut naikkan harga. Orang makan gaji macam kami ni, gaji saja tak naik.” Good thing I have commercialized my blog. If not, life will be more difficult.

    6) Electricity
    From using the electric kettle, we have switched to using the stove kettle. Air-conditioning is switched on from 9pm to 2am only.

    7) Water
    Never wash your dishes bit by bit. Do them when they start stacking up or when you are running out of spoon. lol. Drinking cup is non greasy. Just rinse and put them away. Some lazy bugger will dump them in the basin together with other greasy dishes. I have a bad habit of saving the water from the last rinsing whenever I do the dishes. I used them to wash the kitchen towel (for cleaning the table).

    8) Holidays
    The local ones we went is usually from our timesharing package. Even the Pangkor trip was free. Hubby just pack us all into his luggage. *sticking out tongue* Should we or shouldn’t we go on with our plan this year? That is the question now.

    What more can I do to be more frugal? I have been holding back my plan to get a new lens and the external flash. I am pretending I did not hear about the Galvanic Spa from NuSkin. I recycle almost anything now even little bits of paper. They do contribute some weight on the scale.

    I decided not to pass the tag to anyone. If you like it, JUST DO IT!

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    Wedding: Andrew and Agnes

    The night before the wedding, I was still debating with myself if I should go ahead to be the OFFICAL photographer for my Cousin’s wedding. Being the official photographer means I cannot afford to make any mistake. Pressure was on me now. At the other hand, if I pulled out, Cous will have no one to take pic for him. I think I’ve made the right choice after seeing all their guests and friends snapping away from the mobile camera.

    Just shaddup if you think so and so Louise Pang or Kid Chan or Ah Tat can take better picture than me. I am not a professional photographer. The pictures I took are mainly for my eyes only and for fun. You don’t compare an orange with a watermelon, right? Thru this experience, I’ve learn a few things about myself. The bad ones would be lack of experience and lots of weaknessess. And you don’t think my Sifu is easy to deal with. When you go to him for advice like, “Sifu ah, why the pic like this and like that wan?” In return, he will question me back instead of telling me the answer. Me, “I increased ISO to 1600 and switch on the flash. Aparture f5.6 liao wor.” Sifu final answer will be, “If that is the case, go get a new lens and external flash.” Really char tou!

    Please enjoy the full wedding pictures from my gallery. In future, you may also click on the ‘photo album’ link which is situated on my right bar. Good thing I’ve decided to upload them on the gallery so that I can spare the mercy on my readers for the torture and eyesore having to going through tons and tons of photographs in my blog. Here are some random shots that I like.

    This shot will looks nice on a fish eye lens. Too bad I don’t have one.

    Oh, spot my new watermark? Another Cousins was saying my previous watermark is too distracting. It should be mini like the Mini Cooper.

    I totally love this shot on Cous main door.

    Love the new watermark.

    I was waiting for this moment. I hearts fake lashes!

    Sorry about the zits. No time to photoshop it away. Totally love the lashes again.

    Learned a new trick so that I don’t appear in the mirror.

    Some people may not like darker pic so I have another one taken with flash.

    What do you think? I still prefer the first one. Regretted that I didn’t took the full length of the dress. Was just plain lazy to change my lens.

    Conversation with 8 y/o: Mummy, why *hands was seen cupping her own breast* it must be so big? Mummy, why *hands cupping her own breast again* they like it to be different there? (Lots of glitters)

    With the help from natural sunlight. Totally love the effect.

    Was standing on a chair. I think I need a ladder! *you lazy ass. where is your wide angle lens again?*

    Effect from natural sunlight again.

    Reminded myself to take a shot of their rings. I just keep on forgetting. Urgh!

    Black watermark doesn’t looks nice. Bluek.

    Thanks Cous for giving me the opportunity to cover your wedding. Come collect from me your CD consisting of 370 pictures!

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    Bento Mania #12

    I woke up pretty early one fine morning and had the left over rice fried with salted fish. The kitchen was quickly fill up with pungent smell so early in the morning I was so afraid the neighbour will start swearing. I felt so fresh cos it is indeed quite aromatic! I added some raisins into it for fiber and had them wrapped up in thin egg like the nasi pattaya.

    A little dessert on the side – I had freshly cut organic zucchini and triangle juicy and sweet watermelon.

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