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Tomb Sweeping Day

Do you know there is a wholesale florist in Petaling Street that sell lots of beautiful flowers? Don’t know about you, I just can’t part with flowers. I will go crazy when I see one. When my 5th Sis, Julie, told me that she is going to Petaling Street to buy flowers for Cheng Beng, I just jump at the opportunity.

You may think that Petaling Street is so far but if you intend to make bulk purchases, it is worth the money. This is only one of them. They have tons of colours and many other types of flowers you will be so spoilt of choices all you want to do is buy every each one of them.

Okok, to make the long story short, I only bought one bouquet for my late MIL. I think my Sister bought 6 or 7 bouquets.

Warning: If you have the ability to see ghost, please do not proceed. Or you can proceed at your own risk. Don’t tell me I never warn you.

Change image to black & white just incase some think it is eerie.

Saturday afternoon I beg hubby to fetch me to his late Mom’s cemetery. Ever since she pass away, I have not step foot on her cemetery before. Not only I have to beg, I have to scared him with this, “You not scare your Mom angry with me issit? Later at night she come and find me. How?” Haha.

I still like coloured photograhs.

Being a Christian, we just pray without joss stick and place flower. I hope MIL won’t mind. I know she won’t. She is the nicest MIL in the whole wide world (or at least better than some of your MIL *sticking out tongue*) It is very funny how I get this question, “You take photo at a cemetery. Not scare ghost ah?” Errr…. broad day light wor. I thought ghost come out only at night?

This little girl…

She has not seen her late Grandma before. She was only 26 days old when her Grandma passed away. And today, she told her Grandma, “Today is my birthday, Grandma”.

Sorry, tears just rolled down my eye. I need to stop here.

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“Prevention is Better Than Cure” – Yea, I always agree to this quote.

While writing this post, my backache is still bothering me. I know I have to do something about it before it is too late. It has been on and off for a year now. Usually the pain will persist for 2 to 3 days before it disappeared without me taking any medication at all. While googling on the Internet for more information on my backache, I stumble upon more aches associates diseases like fibromyalgia. Thank goodness none of my symptom matches fibromyalgia. Even though I have stiff neck and backaching, they doesn’t hurt when touched. That sounds so scary. I would say, eat right and always exercise.

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*Great Hotel Deals

It’s the time of the year again we started to plan for our annual vacation. This year, we concluded a few places like Maldives, Italy, Amsterdam, New York or San Francisco. As usual, we will try to hunt for the cheapest yet worth-the-money accommodation at Shermans Travel as they have a wider range of hotel deals to choose from. Just decided if you want to stay in Midtown, Downtown or Uptown, they have the whole list of hotel bargain for you to choose from. I’m sure you will be spoilt for choices.

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Short Hair Policy in Chinese School

Dear Diary,

Today my teacher cane me on my palm because she say my hair is long. I feel that is not being fair to me. Well, you see, it is not my fault at all. I told my Mummy last Wednesday that Teacher already ask me to cut my hair. All Mummy replied was, “ASK YOUR TEACHER TO CONCENTRATE TEACHING AND NOT BOTHERING YOUR HAIR.” And on Monday, again the teacher ask me to cut my hair. But you know, my Mummy is working full time. She reach home at 6.30pm and I come back from school at 7.00pm. She have to make sure my baby, my brother and me got proper dinner waiting on the dining table for us. But most of the time, we get tapau food only. I’m ok with that. Cos I know my Mummy is really busy. I ready say she is busy so she can’t bring me for a hair cut on a weekdays. So yesterday, the teacher cane me on my palm 🙁 .

I don’t understand. I am not stupid nor naughty. Why small matter like the hair also the teacher want to cane me? And I was caned in front of all my other 48 classmates. I was embarrassed. Tomorrow I don’t want to go to school.Well, my Mummy is afraid that the Teacher is going to cane me again tomorrow. So, she bring me for a hair cut. But, it is 8pm. So late at night and I have my violin class at 8.30pm. Mummy gone crazy again. Yelling at us, at my baby and brother because they like to fight. Mummy drop di-di at the violin class first and we walk to the salon just few doors away.

This Mummy ah, she is really crazy and fierce. She walk in the salon, let me rephrase, a high class salon. The cheap salon close already ma. Ok, so she walk in to the salon and say, “Give her a hair cut. A fast one. 5 MINUTES! Make sure it is short! No touching collar!” Mummy saw a magazine with a pretty aunty on it. She then ask the hair stylist to cut the same hairstyle. The hair stylist so scare of Mummy. He say, “This hair style 5 minutes cannot finish.”

“Ok. 10 minutes.”

“Miss, cannot la. At least 20 minutes.”

” Ok! Ok! Make it 15 minutes.”

This Mummy hor, I’m running late again but she is still so fussy with my hair. She want it shorter. It is already very short! Good thing the hair stylist bi, bla, bi, bla then Mummy say okok! Everything also ok. Aiyer.

Now I like my designer haircut 😀 . Luckly I was just in time for my violin class. So in a rush can die lidat.

Today was a sad and hectic day for me. I am so sad. Just now, Mummy tuck me to sleep. She teach me how to stand up for myself if this thing happen again in future. This is what Mummy say, “Teacher, it is not my fault. It is my Mummy’s fault. You don’t cane me.”

Hmmm… since it is not my fault, then the Teacher should cane my Mummy lor. See, the Teacher is not smart like my Mummy. They just simple cane student as they like. But I think Mummy should talk to the Teacher. If not, next time the Teacher will simply cane me or other children again. And since I’ve already cut my hair, the Teacher will assume that my Mummy is ok with the caning but in actual fact, she is not. But what can I do. I am only a 8 y/o child.

Nevermind la. It’s late already. I want to sleep. Oh, I just remember, Mummy took a photograph of my ‘longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg’ hair. Ok la. Not that long but the little end there already touching the collar. Cannot wan you know. Our hair must be like Boy George lidat.

I laugh not because I am happy. I’m laughing at my Mummy is so crazy. She ask me to pose like a prisoner lidat. Tomorrow I go and show my teacher my new hair style. Very pretty wan. Good night.

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It’s funny how people will gave me that stare whenever I pick up a packet of wipes at the drugstore. Ok, maybe I should specified that it’s not a baby wipes but adult wipes.Come on, don’t they know that other than using wipes for soiled bum-bum, we can conveniently used it as a wet cleaning tissues for toddlers that still mess up their face and hands when they eat. I prefer to use a adult wipes as the paper are tougher and bigger in size. One sheet is just what I needed instead of 2 or more sheets if I use baby wipes because they are usually smaller in size.

Hehe, maybe I should consider to order the adult wipes online to avoid embarrassed stare.

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*Alcohol are Evil

You probably ask yourself, what is there in the alcohol that they drank? I would say, “EVIL”. Not only they are harmful to your body, when you are drunk, you tend to turn violent upsetting your love ones. Some even meet with fatalities like road accidents and even suicide.

Alcohol is a substitute inability to cope with problem in life. But remember, you are once a non-drink. Probably you start off as a casual drinker and excessive of drinking will turn oneself into addiction. Think for yourself the consequences as a alcoholic. It does more harm than good. If you are serious to kick the addiction and don’t know how, why not try signing up at a alcohol rehabs centre. With their many years of experience, understanding therapist and comfortable environment, I’m sure you will walk out the centre feeling rejuvenate from the evil than hindered you.

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*DIY Tools

How can anyone resist Ikea sales. Yes, the sales is back! Since I have a Primary Two school going daughter who have tones of books, I’ve decided to grab 2 big book shelf during the sales. My biggest headache now is putting them up since I don’t have a proper air tools like the drill and screwdriver without hurting my fingers or rather Hubby’s fingers *evil laugh*. So we decided to invest one unit since we have been buying a lot of furniture from Ikea.

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Finally, the Photobook has arrived!

Satisfied, but not totally.

The hardcover, the papers, the finishing – I gave 2 thumbs up.

The ink? I’ll say it is more on the darker side. They blame it on my photo. I can accept that. I know I’m not a good photograher.

But, look at this!

White line appearing on most of the pages. And they still put the blame on me cos I dragged the image exactly on the dotted line instead of over the line. But, but if over the line, my image will get cropped. So how? Over the line or on the line or before the dotted line? You tell me!

I’m happy to say this, Their Customer Service is really out of this world. NOT!

I bring the matter to their attention on Monday. The girl promised to get back to me but I have yet to hear anything from them. I am so impatient I can’t wait any longer to show you guys this wonderful book with ugly lines on the side.

Some of the pages that I’ve put in more effort like this:

I go totally wild when I saw how beautiful the outcome is.

I would encourage everyone to put their photographs in a Photobook cos the cost of printing one is even cheaper than developing a 4R prints. And if you really into making one, don’t be shy to MSN me for tips. I can be a better Customer Service person than they are. I probably know more technical stuff than they are. I can even teach you a thing or two about scrapbooking. And la. Having that white line has got nothing to do with scrapbook software. Scrapbook is not a software at all. Scrapbook are images. Siao she ren.

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*Shopping for Gold Watches

Ever dream of owing a crafted gold watches?  You should try snooping at Jewel Elegance as they have a wide range of watches from dressy, trendy, classy and elegant womens gold watches for you to choose from either range of bracelet in traditional white gold or gold metal.  Their 14 karat diamond watch is really an eye-catching piece that will woo attention during that dress-to-kill function.  Their watch is famous of the classical design incorporate with the latest trend and style every woman can dream of.

Well, thinking of owing one?  I can only dream of!


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*Alcohol Rehab

Have you ever face with a problem when you want to get rid of your alcohol addiction badly but don’t know how? Maybe you should consider going to a alcohol rehab center instead of just staying at home sulking about it.

In a rehabilitation centre, you won’t be left alone to overcome the addiction yourself. They have well trained therapist who will work out clinical programmes that fit individual people from drug treatment, detoxification, counseling and most of all lots of support from them.

Many people wanted to get rid of their addiction but they are just too shy to approached their friends for help. Well, I may say that a alcohol rehab center is the best place as some cater like a holiday home. Why not? Get yourself enrol for a month. Treat it like a vacation and when you are back, you will feel rejuvenate and lead a new life.

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