Bento #103 – Yellow Ladybird


When I finished putting up this bento for my youngest, I thought to myself, “Now, this is quite plain”.  But it took me about 15mins to put them (the ladybird and mushroom) together! It would take me longer if I have not cut up the nori for the ladybird the night before.  Yes, lots of hard work but the looks on my youngest’s is priceless!

Food consist of fried noodles.  There’s some omelette, meat balls and cabbage hidden at the bottom of noodles.  Don’t want them visible as it create distraction to the presentation.  Yellow ladybird is hard boiled egg decorated with cut up nori sheet.  Mushroom is cheddar cheese, carrot spot and facial consist of punch out nori sheets.  On the other hand, bought this new bento box from my recent trip to Osaka.  It came with a set of cutleries and a matching hankie.  So lovin’ it!

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