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This is what it looks like during the Lunar New Year.  These ladies sure need portable phone batteries for their gaming addiction!  But seriously speaking, the iPhone4 battery can last me two days on standby mode.  The super fast battery charging time is about 2 hours if I am not mistaken.  Recently I’ve installed Whatsapp.  They work like MSN.  You get to send text messages as long you have wi-fi connection.  Apps is not free but it is worth the $1.99 I am paying!  Nowadays, I don’t pay for SMS anymore.

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Dog and Water Fight

Belle, our 10 months old pet dog love chasing after golf ball and she heart them so much!  So much that when she wants to bite something, she tend to forget that the golf ball is still in her mouth.   And her biggest enemy is the water.  Whenever we water the garden, she will come charging at the water and tried to bite it (with the golf ball still in her mouth!) LOL!  Good thing is she won’t chew our  designer upholstery fabric sofa.

There is one thing that I don’t understand about Belle.  She loves to jump on us.  I was told that Belle spent too much time in her cage and is lack of obedience.  Hence the moment we let her roam, she tend to jump on us.  *shrug*

But generally, cocker spaniel is regarded to be more active.  No?

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Ban All Tobacco

I remember long time ago on November, 2006, I’ve blogged about Shisha when I spotted one in Planet Hollywood, Kuala Lumpur.  So this photo is dated back then.

Recently the newpapers reported on the danger of smoking Shisha.  Why does it take so long for them to realised smoking a Shisha is equivalent dangerous to cigaratte or cigars?  No matter what it is, they all uses tobacco and is deadly in any form.  Shisha or sometime known as hookah is a  flavoured tobacco and contained opium or hashish which can get addictive. Smoking Shisha for hours is like smoking 400 cigarettes and to make it worst, by sharing the pipe, contagious diseases is passing from one to another.  So if you wanna die young, might as well make it luxury.  Smoke a cigar!

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Bathroom Renovation Work

Our recent renovation work includes total makeover for the 2 bathroom we have in the house.  I leave the tile to my Interior Designer to decide as I am totally drown in choosing the tiles.  There are too many choices and every one of is “Nice!” “Hey, this is nice too!” “I like this one!”  So, end of the day I told my Interior Designer,”Just come out a design for me.  I’m ok with anything”.

So they proposed the Lampang Tiles.  This is imported from Bangkok.  The looks on it is like a broken glass tiles with fine line of cracks on it.  The turquoise colour come in 3 different shades.  Comparison with the local made Lampang tiles, the crack lines look very artificial and colour come in one 1 shade.  Pricing wise, of course the imported ones is cheaper.

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Gaga Uh La La

I am a radio person and no longer a TV person cos I spent too much time on the pc and my kids is hogging the TV all the time.  I listen to the radio in the morning on my way to work and evening, while on my way back.   I recognized singer by their song and their voice but not their face.  Pathetic, I know.

And now this thing about Lady Gaga.  My kids and me love her song.  I have not seen her MTV before and one day, someone posted one of her MTV on Facebook  condemning her clothing.  Holy crow, for an adult viewing I would say that she is HOT!  but her scantily cloth is so inappropriate for kids!  My 5 years old ask me, “Why is Lady Gaga dancing in her pantie?” And it is not a granny pantie.  It is a G-string for goodness sakes!

Now the most shocking news about her is the recent 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.   Our dear Miss Lady Gaga arrived at the scene wearing the most outrageous DESIGNER dress that was made from raw meat.

Photo time! (Oh please someone give me a sleeping pills that work cos the more I look at her DESIGNER dress, the more I wanna puke)

From top to toe is covered with raw meat.  Her hat is raw meat, her dress is raw meat, her clutch bag is a piece of ragged raw meat.  Look, it even sway with her while walking (Yucks!) And her boots… was very neatly wrapped up in bacon.  She is really a piece of meat!  Hmm… I wonder if her cloth is fire resistance cos it would be delicious to put her on the barbecue.

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*Gold Coin

While the PayPal was loading the last request to deduct US$150 from my account, I chicken out and clicked X. I wonder how many ppl out there was so addicted by Mafia War that they actually spent money to buy…. NOT real money *slap self*

*If you are not a hardcore gamer especially Mafia War, you will not understand this feeling. Having extra  gold coins meant a lot to us as we can used it to buy more powerful weapons, upgrade energy, etc*

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Repair Bad Paymaster Record

For someone who has turned over a new leaf after a series case of  black listed under Bank Negara or any banks for offenses like unable to settle bank loans, credit card or bankruptcy, your name will be stuck in the black list like forever if you don’t do something about it.  Meaning, you can’t get a new bank loan or apply for credit cards with any other banks.

There are few ways you can go about to clear your name.  One of them involved getting help from credit repair service with some fees implied.  Another way that was proven effective (or has already proven effective in my case) was be good, behave yourself, pay all your dues on time, start building up savings in your bank account again.  Once the bank took notice of you, eventually they will come to you automatically offering their services (credit card).

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Roselle Drink & Flash Photography

The other day my Sister gave me a big plastic bag of her home grown organic Roselle. The buds is so pretty!  So ang-ang (red)!  The best way to bring out the shot is by having a white background.  This is how i do it.

Lay a piece of white paper as the background.  Use a white ceramic bowl.  Switch on your flash and viola!  You get white background and a shadow.  Unlikecropping of the background which will make your subject look so fake.

Now that I’ve got the shot taken, it’s time for cooking.  The taste of Roselle drink is very close to Ribena  minus the colouring and artificial flavouring.

Peel the petals.  Discard the seed. Boiled the petals in water for 30 minutes and sweetened the drink with rock sugar.

This Daddy hor, he is very weird wan.  I asked him to get me a packet of rock sugar.  He always come back with 2 packets of sugar anything!  Now that remaining one packet of rock sugar is taking up space in my fridge. *blueh!*

Chilled Roselle in the fridge.  Do not discard the buds as they are consumable. Another flash photography on the drinks.

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Four Generations

My maternal Grandma has just celebrated her 94th Birthday.  The picture of the four of us turned out so perfectly taken with all of us smiling at the camera.  Totally love it!

I just did a quick arithmetic here.  My eldest Niece is now 17 years old.  If she gets married and have children say in 5 years time and if only my Grandma can live till the age of 100 years old, it is a miracle for me to record a ‘Five Generations’ journal.  Long live my Dear Grandma!

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I’m Flying On The Jet Plane

You know, I am so wanna bad mouth this Malaysia Airline (MAS)!!! Is there any reason why they can simply cancel their schedule flight 7 days before departure and never thought of the inconvenience that we (THEIR CUSTOMERS) is going to face? So irresponsible! Because of them, I have to fork out extra $$$ to fly with SIA and they really screwed up my timing and wasting my time with all the stewpig transit in Singapore. So kanasai lidat!

Ok, done ranting now.

This time I won’t be gone for long. Just 6 days compare to previously when I was away for 15 days! My Mom have been staying with us for a week now. I do felt very relax when she is around especially when come to the cooking part. All finger is cross that the kids will obey their Grandma and their Guardian. But I need not worry too much about that cos my Mom is more fierce than me. Muahahahaha.

On the kids part, the two girls is quite ok about my absence even though Baby Princess sometimes will ‘teh’ (manja) a bit. But the 7 y/o Prince? Fuyoh! Every day he will purr like a cat. You know how the car purr right? Body away from you but the head resting on your arm/shoulder, rubbing and I can’t even hear what he was talking! That is my definition of purring. hahaha! I really don’t know how to leave the house tonight 🙁 .

On work wise, no eye see. Must remember to lock all my stationaries. Those bugger love to steal my stuff especially my pen & pencil. The only thing they won’t take is my ruler and box cutter. Quite an idiot right?

I will have one schedule post on Monday on my bento and will try to sneak in some update if time permit. Till then, take care, have fun, say hi to your Mom for me. XOXO

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