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Despicable Me Overload

Minion balloon

Despicable Me fever is still going on.  Last weekend we was invited to my cousin nephew’s 1 year old birthday bash.  Lo and behold, they have a birthday arch made from Despicable Me balloon.  If I remember correctly, there is about 6 or 7 life size balloon on the Minion.  Right after the party ended, Minion 2 and Minion 3 was lucky to be gifted with the balloon.  Obviously I don’t look very happy being squeezed at the center behind the car.

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iHave iPhone!

“iF you don’t have an iPhone… well, you don’t have an iPhone”

That quote is catchy right?  Apple recently release two campaign advertisement posted on Youtube. The starting of the ad goes with “If you don’t have an iPhone” and ends with “… well, you don’t have an iPhone”.  After watching the end of every video, I shouted (in my heart), “Yes! I have an iPhone!” *sticking out tongue*



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Photobook Offer

Two years ago, I have printed several photobooks.  It seem that their package is getting better nowadays.  If you check out Photobook Malaysia, sometimes the books are 40% off.  At other time, you may get free shipping.  Since I have settle down in my new place, I might start working on photobooks again.  They are what we called it the coffee table book.  Good to entertain guests when they are visiting.  So far I have 4 books printed and was displayed on our contemporary coffee table.

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What Do You Want To Scan?

When I first put up this new banner, I was asked this question, “Is that barcode real?”

What he meant was if they are the real stuff that can be used on the barcode scanner.  My first thought was, “What do you want to buy?” lol.  But then, if you are really curious, why not try them see if it works.  Let me tell ya, they are part of scrapbooking images with a little of photoshop work to include my nickname there.  Cute right?

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UGG Boots

During my trip to Beijing, I bought my first pair of ugg boots.  You know how they say to never wear a new pair of shoe for your vacation as they will hurt your feet?  I never had that problem with UGG boots.  They are so comfy and keep my feet warm all the time.

Sad to say, I can’t wear the boots in my country as we had Summer all year round.  So, the boots will have to go in storage till my next vacation and it has to be somewhere cold.

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Baby Samantha

Remember sometime during February click here I’ve posted some pregnancy shots of my Sister?  Well, baby Samantha is now a month old.  I haven’t had a proper chance to get a proper shots of her.  I do have shots laying around in my camera’s memory disc but I think those are not counted.  Just by viewing them from the camera, I’ve already knew they are not good.  Anyway, the first week of Samantha’s life was hectic especially to my Sister & BIL.  To keep a long story short, Samantha was diagnosed with Inborn Metabolism Error.  On her 3rd day, she had lots of acid in the blood and required a emergency blood transfusion.  That is when everything go hair wire.  I might write a longer post of Samantha once I get some pretty shots of her.  At the meantime, Baby Samantha is doing fine now.  God wish her well.







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The Sleepy Dust Fairy

Have you heard the stories of Sleepy Dust Fairy?  This is one story that I would told Baby Princess before bedtime how The Sleepy Dust Fairy would come and sprinkle dust on little children eyes and they will start yawning and would fall asleep like how sleeping pills helps the adult.  The first time I told her the story, she ask, “If I am good, does she leave me a dollar under my pillow like what the Tooth Fairy did?”


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Hand Dryers

Many years ago, I came across a random article in the newspaper talking about public hand dryers.  It says that there are many bacteria, etc, all things yucky in the hand dryers and we should avoid using them.  From that day onwards, I never use the hand dryers in public.  I rather wipe them on my skirt or just swat the water from my hands. LOL.  And if you notice especially man, after washing their hands, they would fuss with their hair.  That is another way to dry your hands.  Ah, hahahaha!

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Things That Makes You Go “WTF!”

“Satu Fillet-O-Fish tak mau tartar sauce.  Bagi mayonnaise.  Satu Cheese Burger tak mau onion, tak mau cucumber.”

“Kalau macam tu kena tambah duit.”


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Result of Travelling Too Much In A Car

* Just for laugh.  Kids nowadays not so lu-lu, ok.  More travel pictures after this post.  Oh, before I forget, Happy National Day, ya’all!

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