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Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008

Credit: Shutterfly

“Later Mr. Chung and his family will visit me. I’ll ask them to visit you too! The Chung family members are, Chung Ma Piu, Chung To To and Chung 4D. They’ll be there to wish you good luck for 2008. Don’t worry! One of the members will not visit your for the whole year. Chung SaMan is out of town this year” – These are some of the smses I received since Christmas. They are so hillarious. I saved them all in my Inbox and will read them whenever I am bored. That really lift up a smile on my face.

If you are out partying tonight please remember, don’t drink and drive. As for me, I’m going to Baskin Robbins to do my ‘Aunty business’.

Happy New Year to all 🙂 *hugs*

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School Holidays Coming To An End

Barely a week left till the school reopen for school children. This year, I have 3 school going children. Yea, Baby Princess who is turning 3 next year is joining her Brother in the same Kindergarten and will be staying back full day in the child care. Tomorrow my pocket is going broke ($$$) again as I am going to the Kindergarten to pay for their school fees which might cost me another dSLR. I’m not kidding you. Montessori Kindergarten is a very expensive affair. I can’t wait for them to enter Standard One. No more coughing out monthly school fees and we even get free text books this year. Woohoo!

Talking about which, majority of Chinese school students is make compulsory to wear their name tag. I’m not sure about Kebangsaan school tho.

Four pieces of name tags was given free to each student. But halooooooooh, my daughter had 5 sets of school uniforms! What to do. Pay money lor. Buy lor.

Eldest Princess have her stationaries (cum Christmas presents) to show off this year to her friends.

The sissy pink High School Musical merchandise. Kids nowadays matured too fast. When I was 7 y/o, I know nuts about TeeVee actors and actresses.

Since school holiday is coming to an end, Hubby felt bad for not bringing the kids for a holiday. But I was so broke after buying the new dSLR. Holiday + Money = 🙁 <~~~ me!

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to the new schooling semester. I’m sure most Mothers do 😉 .

******* Unrelated to the above *******

Since I was stitching Eldest Princess name on to her pinafore, I had her Taekwondo’s grading badge sew too.

Taekwondo grading syllabus is a bit weird. The number start from 10th Kup (grade) to 1st Kup (grade). For example:

  • White Belt – 10th Kup
  • White Belt Yellow Tag – 9th Kup
  • Yellow Belt – 8th Kup
  • Yellow Belt Green Tag – 7th Kup
  • Green Belt – 6th Kup
  • Green Belt Blue Tag – 5th Kup
  • Blue Belt – 4th Kup
  • Blue Belt Red Tag – 3rd Kup
  • Red Belt – 2nd Kup
  • Red Belt Black Tag – 1st Kup

She will be Green Belt holder next year. Don’t prey-prey….

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A Wet December

According to the weather forecast, the monsoon season is expected to stretched for another few weeks and the prediction of a wet Christmas came true too.

Few weeks before Christmas, it has been raining every evening without failed. Good thing it was just a drizzle. I would make sure that I kept a spare umbrella in the car at all times instead of the car boot. While digging thru my umbrellas, I’ve found a cartoon umbrella I bought many years back.

Ever since the recovering of the lost treasure, kids have been hopping that it would rain every evening so that they would get the excuses to walk in the rain. And very often, the rebellious kids would fight over who-gets-to-open-the-gate-today!

My intension is to take a photo of the cute duckie umbrella.


Look what happen next. They are tugging the umbrella.


The Prince won! He gets to open the gate while Princess is looking at him with fiery eye. Oops!


That’s not the end as Princess is going to give him a flying kick.

*sigh…. they fight every single day. Enough said. The end.

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Not Just A Click Away

I miss the worries-free-life while using a PNS (point and shoot) camera. Never in my photography life would I need to try out so many settings, change the ISO, increase the shuttle speed, the AV, TV, aparture… gosh!

When I thought this is kinda nice shot, my sifu (master) said the picture is too soft. I should increase the ISO 🙁 . There’s too many calculation and adjustment needed for a newbie like me.

My Dad reading the newspaper

On Christmas eve, I bought a 50mm F1.8 lens too. All the photographs shown here is taken with the lens. I was really paranoid when I don’t get what I want in the first few shots and of course I deleted more photos than I save them. Good thing this is dSLR!

Here are some ramdom shots that I like.

Baby Princess is observing my Eldest Sis pleating her cousin’s hair. She just had her hair done too.

Camera was aimed at my niece’s eye while her Mummy (my eldest sis) was pleating her hair.

50mm F1.8 lens is good for portrait shot to create creamy background. The further the background, the creamier it is.

I still love to take close-up portrait.

The innocent Hijack King
My niece, Jasmine

So apa maciam Sifu-sifu sekalian?  Where should I need to improve?

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Merry Christmas Y’All

QP Credit: Weeds And Wildflowers Design

“Christmas isn’t Christmas,
til it happens in your heart.
Somewhere deep inside you
is where Christmas really starts.
So give your heart to Jesus,
you’ll discover when you do;
That it’s Christmas,
really Christmas for you….”

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Did You Get Yourself Any Christmas Pressie?

I got myself this…

Photo taken with my Sony T-10

Canon EOS 400D!

This is the deal I get from Canon Lifestyle Concept Store @ Mid Valley:

  1. Body & Kit Lens (standard la)
  2. Sandisk 2gb CF card
  3. Jenova dSLR camera bag
  4. Jenova Lens cleaning kit
  5. Kenko 55mm Slylight UV Filter
  6. Silicon screen protector
  7. Smile & save Canon centre Photobook voucher (1 book free + 6 books at 30%)

All for the price of RM2,500.00 CASH!

Bye-bye money….

I’ve never cash out so much cash in my life before and it’s gone within a few minutes 🙁 So, is it a good deal? The next best deal was offered by Key Colour (in Mid Valley). For RM2,590.00 they gave me additional compatible battery. I was advise by Canon dealer that it is not good for our camera to use non genuine kit. That is how I ended buying with Canon instead of their authorised dealer.

I can’t wait to explore the ‘new baby’ and of course I need a sifu. Who want to volunteer as my sifu?

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Gonna Get Myself a Christmas Pressie

Soon, after tomorrow, I will be the proud owner of Canon EOS 400D!

Envelope Image Credit: Newlife’s Dreams

This time I have seriously betrayed my husband, my kids, myself to buy something that is over the household budget but the offer is too good to resist. I can’t sit and wait for my advertising money to come in next year just incase the shop deny me the attractive prices he is offering now.

Since tomorrow is Hari Raya Haji and also a public holiday for me, I’m going to bring my ‘new baby’ home.

Sorry, Dear.

Woohoo for me! Yay!

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Dear Santa…..

* I accidentally left out the word ‘instead’ in the speech bubble. Dang!*

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The Beginning of Christmas

Every year around this time, the dusty boxes that contained ornaments and fake Christmas tree was dugged out from the attic. There it goes, standing in the living hall for the next 30 days thru the month of December (and sometimes thru January. lol)

And every year, I would lay out the 12 socks that I have in my collection. I just adore Christmas socks. Wish that it would be bigger so that some nice ‘Guy’ could drop a bigger present in it.

Kids just love to set up the tree but no one would volunteer to take down the tree and the poor Mummy would have to clean up the mess aftermath.

This also mark the almost ending of 2007. Gosh, how time flies!

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For The 70s Babies

Remember this?


and this?

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