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I know I’m a dem lazy bugger!

Have been doing this many many times ever since I sent my maid away.

Came out squeeky clean and dry under the sun even faster. I’m not sure about you, basically i dump any washable item into the machine.

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Klang Dry Bak Kut Teh

I’m sure you have heard lots of good review about Klang BKT and the ever famous and common type is the soupy with lots of herbs in there. There is a shop selling dry BKT.

Dem! Makes me hungry again by looking at this pic.

They are cooked in savoury thick gravy with shreaded cuttle fish (yau yee). For first timer, they will thought that it is salted fish. But to someone who cooks, wtf, the smell of cuttle fish is so different from salted fish, you know!!! A few ladies finger was added to the sizzling claypot. My view on this? It is better than the soupy type. At least something new to my tastebud as we have been eating BKT for donkey years. Also a bit sien liao.

This is my favourite part. It’s the end of the leg. I’m not a lean-meat person. Basically of the mixed type. Fat skin and a little lean meat in them. Yummy.

Location wise leh…. just those shoplot outside my house and if you want to know where my house is, kindly e-mail me. Anyway, Klang not very big la.

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High Drama Kicks Off At Sepang

We was given a invitation to the Perdana Suite for the recent Japan GT Championship held on 23rd to 25th June 06.

What could I say more when we had the VIP parking and the pass in hand. Over the years, fans had always been treated with a legandary race in Sepang. They can expect the same thrill and excitement at this year race too.

Birdview from the balcony in the Perdana Suite.

What is a Perdana Suite or what is so special about the Perdana Suite? Perdana in Bahasa means Prime. When you put the Menteri which means Minister next to it, you got Perdana Menteri, that is Prime Minister. And a suite is like a rating for a hotel room in a 5 star hotel. Hmmm….. am I making myself confusing here? …which means, Perdana Suite is the place where the Prime Minister sit and watches the race and guests there are basically by invitation from the VIP, that is none other than *hush, hush!*.

Other than posh lounging, exotic buffet spread, highranking VIP’s sharing the same table as you and familiar faces standing next to you watching races from balcony…..

Drink Excel. Excel is good for you!!!

… enough said. I’ve been floating on cloud nine the whole afternoon. Even the blazing sun and humid weather is like a perfect windy weather walking on the white sandy beaches on Mauritius bay 🙂

One more show off stylo pic for the readers!!!!

You want more pic on Alex Yoong? 😉 Ain’t it looks like a *cough, cough* family pic? Muahahaahaaa….. beh tahan.

More birdview pic from the Suite’s balcony –

F1 race before GT race. After the positioning of F1 cars on their track, mechanics making final check on the cars before the flagoff. Something that you don’t get to see on teevee.

With its track measuring up to 20 meters width, the 5.543km Formula One track provides plenty of overtaking opportunity. Driver also have large run-off grass area, allowing them to return to actio if any of their overtaking maneuvers fail to provide the desired results.

I don’t understand why they have to haul the eight tyres in and out from the track. Not that the tyre will go puncture or melt by the hot tarred road. *ish..

Ok, ok. Enough of camwhoring. Was supposed to go for the pitwalk too but missed it by merely 30seconds 🙁 before the allocated time. We tried the outdoor grandstand. Spectacular view amidst the blazing sun and humid weather. Can’t even stand being 15min there and we have to yell for the air-con again.

You see, as a privillage holder of the Perdana Suite pass, we can enter just any room we like. Found this room for GT Club members. It is just above where the pit stop is and we had the closest pit view looking at the pit crew members changing their tyre, switching drivers and so on. The best part is one of the car (no. 13 Endless Golden Cruiser, if i’m not mistaken) failed to start up and you can see all the panic mechanics running around the pit with their equipment and busybody Japanese chick reporter broadcasting live there. Not forgetting the original Vroommmmmmmmm……… unfiltered ear-piercing sound when the cars zoom by. A totally different experience you had there compared to watching any live telecast from the teevee.

Just as when things started to heat up, the digi cam battery started to die on you (always!). Boohoo! There goes all the pretty japanese umbrella girl walking on the street. The crowd which is hugely boosted by the presence of the gorgeous GT babes is as popular with the presence of more than 45,000 spectators on race day.

I have more pics from the other camera but it takes sometime. So, tune in….

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Latest Family Photo




….. to be continue…….

*evil grin!!!!!*

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Congratulations to June married couples

Short talk: 2nd day of using the tummy trim lotion. I can see my toes again!!!

Came across this chee mui’s wristband made for Piearre and Janice during their wedding.

I think they are cute, very affordable and very easy to made. And the best part is to whoever (ahem!) wedding is just around the corner, I’ve contribute one idea here for you. Nice ya?

Anyhow, this month alone I have 4 weddings but sadly to say,didn’t get invited to one of the wedding (Angela!!!!), then have to skip the other 2 (Subathra, I’m so sorry. Jennifer I’ll make it to your matrimony!) and then just attended one few weeks ago (Caroline, you look so gorgeous!)… of course burnt a hole in my hubby’s pocket. The biggest wedding angpow I’ve ever given. As far as I can remember, there is one more coming in September, October and December.

Guess, we have come to the limit of adulthood and maturity. Slowly our peer group of friends or relatives will surprise you with a e-card, sms or even the ole traditional way of announcing their big day. Another 20 years down the road, you will be slap with invitation cards again. This time of course not your friend (wah liao wei) but their children’s who is getting married!

I’m not sure about big city but back in my hometown, my dad got invited for so and so children’s wedding. For my case during my wedding dinner, 99.8% of the guest are all aliens. 0.2% is either my relative or my friends. And no doubt, the aliens are all my parents friends. Isn’t that silly?

I always dreamt of having a garden wedding. It looks almost like a fairy tale. The arch…. the flowers petals all over the aisle…. the cozy and intimate environment…. But I know it’s imposibble to held one in our humid country. But it could make possible by having mist fans around the canopy. Most importantly, to be surrounded by your love ones, close buddies and mother nature. Nature???? Now don’t get me started with HAZE!!! *urgh….

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Time to put on that Bikini.

“Wah look! Mummy got Indian stomach!!!”

After proscrastinating for months and with envy looks at other beautiful women (especially during this football season!!!) it’s time I get that woobly flabby tummy tone!

Women actually spent larvishly to make themself looks beautiful. Can’t deny the fact cos I am also one of them. Investing in health supplements to cosmetics and beauty products. As I want a quicker result, I do believe if you pay peanut, you get peanut job done. Having to spent on a product that is twice more expensive than others which is displayed on the shelf, I have faith that this one will does the work.

It says, “Result to be seen in 12 days”.

No women wants to look ugly and there is no ugly woman but lazy women. If the woman have pimples, she need to clean her face properly. If the woman is fat, she just need to take special care on her meals, and exercise. If the woman need to look pretty, she put on some photoshop camwhoring makeup. What do u think? But if God want you to have this type of face,

no matter how expensive the product or how famous it is (i.e. SKII ke, Estee Lauder ke) nothing can help. Really!

I do agree that “The beauty of a woman comes from the inner heart”… external beauty should be secondary but in this world everything terbalik. We always get charm by the external beauty. Don’t forget, external beauty doesnt last very long. Wrinkles will come sooner or later.

At this moment, I’ll try to look the best I can. 5 years down the road it might be too late when this old aunty start to loose the elasticity of the skin. Boohoo!

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Cemerlang, Gemilang, Temberang!!!

Check out Malaysianbar. Our Prime Minister has got 10 traffic summons. Now, this is no big deal. We all got summons for various traffic offences. Then we go all teary eyes and plead for a discount. Pay the discounted sum and merrily drive away to commit yet another offence.

Pak Lah, who was unaware of the summonses issued under his name, said he would settle all the summonses totalling RM3,300 after he was informed about it by Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and after several Chinese newspapers reported the matter Saturday.

Was he driving the cars at the time of the offences were made? (Or was it his drivers that are to be blamed for this embarrasing situation.) I presume these drivers are not your ordinary Ali, Bala or Chee Bie but members of the POLICE force too, if they are the culprits!

Traffic police have problems sending summons or inform the public that they have summons. How many times have we heard that we have not received any summons through mails but when we check 1 or 2 years later we found that we have committed traffic offenses that we forgot where we committed it. Can’t Pak Lah see that this is one of the biggest inefficiencies for the traffic department? He even have summons dated way back in 2002. Yowzah! I’ve face them myself when I received a summons last week for some speeding offences exactly one year ago. This that what they called themself “‘Cekap, Amanah dan Mesra?” Pui! Pui!

Check out Pak Lah’s summary of offences:

Click here for larger scale.

Now the thing that make me tulan is he get maximum 70% discount on most of the summons whereby we (public and boh lui ppl) get only 50%. It is so unfair. Not fair! Not fair! So this is what you called by double standard?


Update – 22 June 06

If you are not good in mental calculation, get a calculator and sort out this simple sum. Pak Lah has got maximum of 90% discount for one of his summons. How can!!!!

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JeXXX Ice cream coffee house

Me: This is all you have for your ice-cream?
Waitress: Yes.
Me: And you called yourself a ice-cream house for nothing?
Waitress: *smile shyly*
Me: So, it is basically a name only la…. wah liao.

Can’t remember their name but I’m sure it start with ‘J’. It’s a corner unit at the Klang, Bukit Tinggi shoplot.

I’m sure you used to drink longan brew which is brownish in colour. They serve an unusally special way. That is milk longan drink.

With the added evaporate milk makes the drink rather creamy.

Brazil Coffee with ice-cream. I’ll still go for the milk longan anytime.

Marmite Chicken Rice

I would say it is better than Port Klang’s marmite crab in termed of marmite serving which they used it generously.

I still think that food pic goes well with a flash. This is the outcome without using flash. Blueh….. or I could blame it on their dimmed lighting???


Update:  23/06/06 – After photoshop the last pic.

Looks more edible ya?

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I married your son, not your house chore

It is a myth that when a son gets married and a new daughter-in-law arrives in the family, everything changes. Some daughters-in-law are well trained and well mannered. They don’t come to change the family routine. Read the following:

The new wife (progressive Indian woman of today) was being welcomed at the husband’s home in a traditional manner.As expected she gave a speech:

” My dear family, I thank you for welcoming me in my new home and family”, she said.”Firstly, my being here does not mean that I would want to change your way of life, your routine.”

“No, I will never do that, never in a million years”.

“What do you mean my child?” Asked the father-in-law.”What I mean, dad, is (looking at her father in law):

Those who used to wash dishes must carry on washing them.

Those who used to do the laundry must carry on doing it.

Those who cooked shouldn’t stop at my account, and those who used to clean should continue cleaning”.”Then what are you here for?” asked the mother in law.

“As for me, I’m here just to entertain your son!”

I’m so lucky as I don’t stay with my in-laws but if I do, I would expect what is the outcome. There is nothing more comfortable like your own home. I mean MY home. If I feel like it, I clean. If I don’t, I’ll leave it.

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Yellow Card for Kennysia

I knew what is the conclusion half way reading Kenny Sia’s blog this morning but can’t remember who’s blog that had that almost similar entry. So I have to check all 50 bookmarked website and their archieve but luckly Rojak was the 10th in my list.

Woot!!!… check out both the blogs. Rojak entry was posted on the 8th June and Kennysia’s first bola entry after all those pressure from his loyal readers (that is including me, ahem) was caught copying someone’s work (If no then I apologize lo).

Enough channeling traffic said. You go and read yourself and laugh your head out. Kenny, no worries. I still love you.

For all those lazy clickers, proudly presents the highlight for today World Cup news is ….





(drum rolling pls)……













The Official football design for FIFA 2006 imitate the design of a panty liner for WOMEN!!! No doubt. The German has been symbolised as the sex symbol and is trying to make the World Cup 2006 as sexy as possible. Now…. that panty liner is sexy? No!!!!


Oh ya, for added information directed to the guys, panty liner is not for our monthly ahem. It’s for other purposes la. Go ask your mather, sister, girlflend or any char boh what is it for.

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