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Photo Hunter: Sweet

It’s too sweet.  Suddenly I’m lost for words. rofl…

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Thank you HSBC! Thank you Osim!

A week after my birthday, I received a birthday card from HSBC Bank – Credit Card Centre . Along with the birthday card, they included a Osim gift voucher for redemption at any Osim Centre for a battery operated toothbrush.

(Manglish post coming up. Soliiiiiiiiiiiiiii.)

Usually, I will ignore their marketing gimmicks. You know la, they say it’s your birthday, no need to purchase anything to get free thing. But hor, where got such a big frog jumping on the street wan. Sekali you go, they will try to sell you this and that. Sai hei. Then one day, I read Sengkor magic post and thought, maybe I should give myself a chance. Anyway, this is electric toothbrush wor. Dem expensive 99. The most I kena lecture few minutes or few hours la.

Then hor…. the usual lazy busy me. Proscrascinate till last minute cos the voucher only valid for one month from the date of my birthday. So, yesterday I went and redeemed my gift. Ear plug all get ready liao.

Once I reach there, I pass them the voucher. That sales girl took them from me and ask for my HSBC credit card and I/C. Then hor, then hor, she ask me to take a seat. In my mind I know what she is up to. Trying to sell me something la. Expected ade. I smile at her and pretending to attend to my 2 monsters. She ask me to sit again saying the procedure will take sometimes cos they need to key in some data. Aiyah, then I ma sit down on their red red dei comfy sofa.

“Oh, this one is the new uPapa”.

Upon hearing that, she quickly walk over to me and ask,

“Miss, wan to try or not.”

Ma try la. Wah lao eh, the uPapa is like a Chinese Drum. Instead of massaging my back, I can imagine someone using a drumstick drumming on my back. Dizzy la wei, lidat. After pretending to be less interested in their product, I ask to try on their uZap. This one very good product but me, boh lui la.

Plus hor, Baby was a bit terrified to see my body shaking. Actually I also beh tahan. Dah lah my tummy so flabby, that uZap can shake it to the max! After a while listening to yeh sou story, I saw my gift ready on the counter liao. So I quickly walk over to claim it. The sales girl again ask,

“Miss, since this is your birthday, we are giving you 5% off the uZap. Very good price liao.”

*smiling and shaking my head* Quickly cabut without checking on the product.

Once I reached home, dem excited liao. First thing I do is try on the toothbrush. Fuyoh, syok 99. like a virgin first time popping the cherry. Somemore hor, the electric toothbrush cleans better than my convention toothbrush. Now my teeth is smooth and sparkle!

Thought want to take pic on the toothbrush but last night too late and lazy liao. Want to sleep ma. So this morning, I google the pic for you all la.

Exactly the same model and colour, minus the toothbrush holder, butterfly and cup.

So I google further. Wah got orange colour also wor. Nice! Thought of buying that for my daughter. Then google again. Aiks! The model name is Osim uKids Sparkle.

For kids wan ah? Dem potong stim liao this time. 666

Still better than nothing hor. A zillion thank you to HSBC Credit Card and Osim. ailubyu 99!

p/s: This HSBC hor, for 3 years liao I’ve been trying to cancel my card but they won’t let me. And for that 3 years I never use my card. Only once when I do “balance transfer”. So you say paiseh or not lidat? They lub me, I lub them too!

p/p/s: Must stop reading Sengkor blog now. His manglish bugs get me this time. No eye see.

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Grandma’s Birthday cum Pangkor Island Trip

After meeting up with Chiwiland, we went to Pangkor Island. That is where my Mom’s hometown is and where my maternal Grandma is residing after she got married to my late Grandpa. Fyi, Grandma is a Penang lang.

Tip: If you plan to go Pangkor Island, remember this. At the Lumut jetty, ferry operator is selling the tickets at Rm10 for tourists and RM6 for Pangkorists.

Not many people know about it. More like a hush-hush thingy among authorities, but my Mom warned us beforehand that we should pay for the tickets at RM6. I mean, we are still a locals and these people hike up the price to earn from tourist. So, what happened was…. my Mom went and bought the ticket.

“Sepuluh ringgit.”


Of course, the ticket seller was caught by surprise and was dumbfolded. 😀

We made a stop at my Grandma’s house. As usual, my aunt had prepared a big pot of asam laksa. That was our favourite! Maklumlah, ikan kembung (mackeral fish) originate from Pangkor. And… and… do I have to add? Aunt uses the traditional way to cook the stock, i.e. by using charcoal and clay pot! Syok 99!

During our younger days, we used to stay over night at my Grandma’s house. Nowadays, you know… our family members have multiplied by 4. There is no way to accomodate so many of us plusssssssssssss I CAN’T SLEEP WITHOUT AIRCON!

Off we went and checked in at the hotel near the beach. Woohoo! Suaku city people like me love bitches beaches.

I have sea phobia; sudden drop + big wave + swept by wave + drowning. It all happened again when we recklessly assumed one of us is watching the kids. I’m sorry baby. But when unexpected things happen, please don’t blame the other to make yourself look innocent. Ok? But, didn’t I tell you to play at the beach and not in the water???!!! Huh! Huh!

We had fun digging a hole and burying Baby Princess in it. At the beginning, she was smiling and laughing with us. After sometime of wiggling, she found out that she can’t move any of her body part. She was wailing for help. All we could do is continue laughing and mummy is so bad to camwhore with her. lol

Beach isn’t complete without going for a stroll for seashells. And I stumble upon this right before my big toe.

I have seen and picked star fish but not this type of seashell with an engraved star on it. Overall, we found 4 of this. Isn’t God creation marvellous?

I waited whole afternoon……

… where art thou?

By the time I finish writing this post, it turn out more than “Pangkor Island Trip cum Grandma’s Birthday”. lol

So, Grandma is turning 93y/o this year. Still going healthy and strong.

Typical chinese with typical red eggs.

Dinner so-so only. Nothing much to show off but I’m sure this is attractive!

Mantis prawn in steam egg. The taste? Really nothing to shout about. This is not my usual food angle. They look a bit crappy to me. What to do? I’m sharing a table with my other cousins and they can’t wait to dig into this dish.

The whole night I have been bribing my kids with this,

“Who did not finish the rice, tomorrow cannot sit fast-fast boat.”

“Who is naughty, tomorrow cannot sit fast-fast boat.”

“Time to sleep. Don’t talk. If not tomorrow cannot sit fast-fast boat.”

So, be good ya? Tomorrow I bring you go sit fast-fast boat 😉

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Blogger’s Meet: Visiting Chiwiland

Greetings from Sitiawan – The Foochow settlement.

Last weekend I was home for my maternal Grandma’s 93rd birthday and thought I should meet up with Chiwi. Firstly, can I intro some authentic Foochow food to you (since she is late for the meet!)

When she ask me for venue suggestion, my first question was, she (presume) don’t mind but will he mind?

Still, I choose to eat at this stall cos they serve truly authentic foochow noodles in Sitiawan.

This is what I meant by truly, truly authentic!

Kampuang mien

I still think that our kampuang mien is much much more delicious than Sarawak kolo mee *duck from rotten eggs*

Generous amount of bamboo shoot, cuttle fish and etc, brings you another truly, truly authentic foochow loo mien.

Loo mien

Eating in this stall is like walking back to memory land. We have been patronising this place since childhood days. I remember back then, the Jukebox cost only RM0.20 for a song and we just hang around the store for the next 2 hours for their Bandung (condense milk + rose syrup). They have since stop making the rose syrup. This is another option that we opt beside ABC.

Cham-cham (mix-mix)

Basically, it is a mixture of leong fun + red jellies + pineapple + longan + shaved ice.

Good thing after taking all these pic, Chiwi Mum arrived with Kiwi Dad and Chiwi Kids.

Kaitlyn is defending herself by showing an angry face to refrain stranger from carrying her. Smart girl! Little BamBam in his usual macho self. He is very adorable. And that’s our Chiwi mum saying, “Eat la, don’t keep on taking photos.” Hehe… cannot help it la. Food can wait but pictures cannot wait. Fyi, Chiwi spent her childhood days in New Zealand and back to Malaysia again when she’s about ….. I forgot the age! rofl…. But pardon me, she speak fluent Foochow. I was amazed. She beat me flat on that. Gah!

This is something about Sitiawanese. Everyone seem to related to someone and everyone seem to know someone. I was told by my sis that Chiwi’s mom was my eldest sister’s ex-piano teacher. Isn’t that a small world?

“Mummy, this is my girlflend.”

City kids was happily swinging on the hammock. I can’t remember when was the last I sit on a hammock. 20 years ago? Gee…

We have a great time chatting and Chiwi is so daring to let me experiment around with her SLR. Ah… all these people is trying to tempt me into buying a SLR. No good.

From left: Mrs & Mr Kimmysia (co-founder of!), Yours truly, Kiwi Dad and Chiwi Mum.

“Be good girl and good boy, ok? Tomorrow I bring you go Pangkor Island. Sit fast-fast boat.” 😉

Short Talk – There are numerous vacation packages available for people from every race of life. If you want to, you can stay at a travel lodge or go for resorts too. Many people who have been doing cheap cruises frequently, prefer staying at a travel lodge as that is much more economical.

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Spaghetti ala Lasagna Style

Hubby and kids will never, ever, eat leftover dishes.  Since I still have a large leftover portion of spaghetti, I have to work some magic in it.  Today, the Queen is turning into fairy a witch – not casting evil spell but to cast wholesome of calcium with 45% less fat (that is what written on the packaging) from the mozerella cheese.

Place leftover spaghetti in a baking caserole and top with lots of mozerella cheese.  Bake them at 190C for 20mins or till brown.  Thanks Gawd my kids are cheesie mania.

Look at the amount of melted cheese and you can guess how much cheese I’ve used. *cheesin*

The kids love them so much and even ask for 2nd helping. pssstt…. just don’t tell them it is leftover 😉

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Photo Hunter: Shiny

On my 21st Birthday, my maternal Grandma gave me this:

Not a diamond but sapphire. Still, I love them to bits. Grandma is turning 92y/o tomorrow. Stay tune for more travel pic as we are celebrating her birthday in Pangkor Island.

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Choy Sun Tou

Choy Sun Tou – The Prosperity God is here

This morning, I received a snail mail. Woot! It just slip off my mind that the mail is coming in this week. I knew right away the mail is from Leah.

So I quickly rip tear off the envelope and pull out another small red envelope.

Huh? Is she playing a prank on me? Choy Sun is Prosperity God wor and it is not even Chinese New Year.

Then I turn the envelope over…

I’m not seeing things kua. This is memang angpow packet.

Then I digged further into the bigger envelope and pull out another angpow packet….

It spelled as L.E.T.T.U.C.E. Suddenly it rings my bell. Lettuce! The vege and I over look on Choy Sum and not choy sun.

Now all my bells started to ring. Ding, ding, ding. Last week, I’ve requested some seeds from her and without hesitation she complied to my request. That is so thoughtful of her. Thank you so very much!

Looks like this weekend I have a new project to do. A quick trip to Tesco for rectangular flower pots and organic soil. I’ll let you know what type of fertiliser I’m using in my next post 😉



Wendy: Aiyor… driving oso wanna take pic…

Jessie: Halo, traffic light, ok

Wendy: Traffic lite oso take pic… u really boh su cho

Jessie: No time to take pic la. Cannot take in the office ma plus i need to upload the pic today. best thing is in the car lor

Wendy: Aiyor…. so vain…

Jessie: err… you no understand wan la

Wendy: Not to the extend of driving stop kat traffic lite take self pic… lol

(wei, at this extend Aunty a bit angry liao, ok!)

Jessie: You no understand wan la. Dunno how to tell you. Being a blogger are lidat wan. We where got time go to beach to take photo. Plus this morning my topic is about my new perm. So ma take photo in the morning lor. How to take photo at home. Usually i rushed out from the house plus the traffic light need to wait so long.

Wendy: ic. new perm. say so la

Jessie: So now can understand or not.

(This explain too why I look a bit blank out or stunt in the pic cos I’m in the car plus the car next to me keep on looking at my direction.)


Again another unrelated:

Babykahuna was admited to the hospital for a surgery.  Speedy recovery to Baby. xoxo

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Vain Pot

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Happy Duan Wu Jie aka Dumpling Festival

How do you like your zongzi aka dumpling to be?

I love mine with lots of chinese mushroom, salted egg and very very fat pork belly and a bit of the mung beans (shelless green beans). There is also plain zongzi or the hockkien called it kijang, made only with glutinous rice + alkaline water and to be eaten with kaya, honey or sugar (*drooling*).

Last year, I wrote a super duper long entry on the folklore as how the festival came by.

Making zongzi is a difficult proposition. Even experienced Chinese cooks find it a challenge to manipulate the bamboo leaves into a funnel shape and place the rice inside. But if you want to try, here are a recipe to help you celebrate this truly unique event.


Long glutinous rice
Pork Belly
Dried mushrooms
Salted egg yolks
Soy sauce
Chinese five-spice
Borad Bamboo Leaves


Wash sticky (glutinous) rice and soak for three hours. Chop pork into 4cm long and 2cm wide strips. Soak mushrooms until tender, remove stems and cut into strips. Mix soy sauce, Chinese five-spice, salt, and sugar. Let pieces of pork and mushrooms soak in above mixture for two hours. Cut salted egg yolks in halves or leave them whole whichever you prefered.

Thoroughly clean, soaked and softened bamboo leaves and string. Shape two long bamboo leaves into a funnel shape using one third of the length of the leaves. Fill the funnel half with rice and half with pieces of pork, mushroom, and egg yolk. Cover the “funnel” with additional rice, and then wrap the mixture tightly with the remaining portion of the leaves. Tie string around zong zi and cook in a covered steamer over medium heat for two hours.

Please note that making zongzi takes a great deal of patience and free time.

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Blogger’s Meet: Loctor is in town!

While driving to SS2 for the blogger’s meet, I was thinking to myself, if (touch wood), I met in an accident, with only one phone call, there will be FIVE doctors coming to safe my life. That prove how great and important the Queen is *cough*.

So, which Doctor is in town? Neh, the one and only famous leng chai Doctor from Sg. Petani, Dr. BernardChan. Whether he’s related to LilianChan or not you have to ask them la.

For Starter, let me presents to you…. Mushroom soups & Joseph!

He has lot of funny characters. But you know kids, when they are shy, the tend to do funny things to make you laugh.

And the main dish and dessert….

Ms Titoki – This is her trademark. The James Bond look. Finally I had the opportunity to meet up with her and also camwhore. I would say this is a privillage. We are talking about Ms Titoki, ok. Not some Tom, Dick or Harry.

East Coast Life – She must be Dr. Bernard’s loyal lansi fansee. She flew (let’s imagine a bus can fly) all the way from Singapore to meet up with him (or us?) even tho she had a schedule meeting in Penang to meet up with him in July and not forgetting someone from Italy. I wonder who ah? *rolling eye*

Dr. George – Fuyoh! All this while I can only pictured him in surgical mask and robe. But when he came with his T-shirt, just look at that mascular body. Don’t prey-prey.

Dr. Bernard – Ah, our VIP (Very Itchy People – just kidding. rofl). Good thing we met up earlier as when the crowds pour in, we hardly had the time to chat nor exchanging a wink glimpse as I was busy catching up with Titoki and ECL. He definitely looks much younger compare to his pic in his blog.

Dr. Yenjai – The blue-blue tei is me and green-green tei is of course yenjai :lol:.

Cik Nyonyapenang – I’ve never read her and of course now different story la. She won’t let me post up her pic so I’m giving her a smack on her face. wakakaaa….. How I wished she allowed me to do so cos the three-some pic is my best shot and fav of all – no forced smile, infact all of them had natural laugh.

Dr. Eve Leng Leng – I was told she has skin as white as snow and hair as black as ebony. I can proved them wrong. Where got skin so white like a corpse leh. I can say, she has a porcelain skin – Fair and glowing. If I’m not wrong, she is one of the co-organizer of this blogger’s meet and not forgetting to mentioned Yenjai too.

Who else was there? What a lulu question hor? Of course Lulu and just me was there (pun intended).

How’s the blogger’s meet? Lidat la. Dunno what to say. No food pic cos I don’t like all their food there.

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