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Superman’s Widow Dies

We all know that Dana Reeve, a singer-actress who gave up some of her own career to be one of the nation’s best-known caregivers to her late husband Christopher Reeve the one-time Hollywood Superman who went through his decade of near-total paralysis after a 1995 horse-riding accident and died in 2004.Dana Reeve was a constant companion and supporter of her husband during his long ordeal. She’s there with him 24/7 anywhere and anytime. After losing her husband, another challenge fell on the shoulders of Dana Reeve as she battled lung cancer.

She had her share of adversity with the deaths of both her husband, Christopher Reeve, and her mother, within a few months of one another. Pretty much similar to our Prime Minister when he lost his beloved mom and beloved wife.

It’s been more than a month since her pass away I only spotted her news today while doing a google search on Superman. Funny that it’s been pretty low profile about her death. Not sure if it was just me.

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Gua Tempurung, Gopeng – Perak

This was supposed to be a post-entry. I’ve hosted them in my other ancient website in Geocities sometime in 2003 (how time flies *sigh…).

We started our journey early travelling from KL to Gopeng via the highway which took us about 1hr 45min at the speed of 110km/h and…. Your Highness is the one driving! Not bad eh.

We was greeted by the beautiful, green, rich and thick forest reserve around the cave. By the time we reach there it’s about 10am and we still can hear the beautiful cricket cripping. It’s like a music to our ear.

After paying the tour guide, we joined another bigger group of crowd cos there are only 5 of us. So the 30 of us enter the cave quipped with torch light. Some even bring along the headlight and I think it’s a very good idea at least you’ve got your hands free. You will know why, later.

The first hour of tour in the cave are pretty boring and not much of a adventure at all. There are man-made steps and stairs in the cave. You will be seeing lots of Stalagmites and Stalactites there. Some looks like an elephant or kangaroo, some even looks like my hubby’s little brother!!!

Not forgetting our Malaysia cave is full of bats and bat’s shit!!! Just imagine, you are admiring one of the big Stalagmites high up and human instinct was jaw wide open. There goes the bat’s shit in your mouth!!! *grrr… It’s true. The cavemen constantly remind us to keep our mouth close.

I can say that the Stalagmites and Stalactites is not as big and beautiful compare to the one I visited in Perth Mammoth Caves but the cool thing is the obstacle. Just name anything and they’ve got them all there. The tunnels….. stream…. the sliding….. the rocks climbing….

We have to go thru lots of obstacle trail and luckly the other group of people has enough man to at least pegang our tangan guiding us up or down those big rocks. At this moment, how I wish I don’t even bring along the torch light. Reason 1) My torch voltage is dem low and I can’t even shine far and those guy behind me is using a bigger voltage and can shine about 10 feet away. 2) Scare the hell of tumbling down those steep rocks and has been holding my dear live at any support I could get hold. I don’t even have enough hand for the torch light and not forgetting my camera.

No way for you to walk down the slippery limestone. You will have to slide down. There is this couple, his gf is dem lame. She refuse to slide down (fear of height) and was holding on to her bf almost in tears. Finally, they both decided to slide down together with his gf holding on to his back like piggy-back.

See, those guy down there, they are about 6ft tall and without them can you imagine how I land on the ground? Probably just fall flat on my face.

For guys that are wearing pants size 33 don’t try this. You will get stuck and they probably have to dig the hole bigger to let you pass thru. You’ll just have to take the 2nd option that is jumping down the cliff about 5meter high. I choose the hole cos there are some guys (*wink) holding on to my dear life again at the other end. I tell you, those guys are very helpful. Without them, all the girls will be crying their heart out and U-turn back.

I think when passing this obstacle it’s about 2 hours passed. After much more of trekking up and down getting yourself all hot and sweaty, it’s time too cool off…

Get yourself on all four and pass thru the undercave to get to the other end. According to the caveman, if it’s a raining season, the water will be higher and you will have to dive thru instead of paddling thru. It’s kinda cool under there with all the stalagmite hanging from the top. Just have to be extra careful or else kena cucuk.  Did anyone care to ask what about my camera???

Just like during school day kena punish from the teacher and have to do the duck walk around school. Dem tiring. If you don’t duck too low, then your head will get knock on the stone. *ouch, ouch!!! And if you duck too low, your movement is slower and your leg gets tired and aching.
At this point, my kolig who is wearing a 5y/o shoe decided to betray her. The bottom came off like the crocodile mouth.

She just ripped off the bottom and leave the top still attached to her foot and pretended nothing happen. haha… you can hear her swearing all the way *ouch, ouch*, *walk slower!* lol. At this moment, we understood why there are so many shoes/slippers left in the cave.

I’m not sure if you have heard of Wave Rock in Perth. Wave Rock is one of the many amazing rock formations which was exposed to wind and rain for more than a thousand million years.

Of course this is the mini wave rock. That’s what I called it. Just by standing there, you can feel the wind blowing in a U-turn direction. I think that is how the formation was created. Very amazing.

Well, have to cut long story short, you have to explore the cave yourself. We spent about 4 hours exploring the cave. There are many things that I left out. Some pic didn’t turn out nicely cos the cave is real dark. Total darkness. Anyway, the trip was like 3 years ago and this old brain of mine still can remember all this is consider very good liao. hahaha!

We are so relieve to finally end the trekking as we are soaking wet and dirty from the yellow mud and my poor leg is gonna break any moment.

*Precaution – do not wear light coloured pants if you do not want to reveal other personal information!!!

The first thing my kolig do when we see the sunlight is immediately abandone her betrayed shoes in the bins with 100s pair of other shoes! We had a good laugh looking at those piles of shoessssss.

Your Highness refuse to volunter to drive back to KL. Too dem tired!!! But we had a good meal in Gopeng savouring their famous Chicken+Bread = Curry or herbs chicken bake in the bread. Did not take pic. Like i say too dem tired!!!

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Did you know…..

Next month on Thursday 4th May, 2006, at two minutes and three seconds after 1 o’clock the time and date will be exactly:

01:02:03 04/05/06

This will never happen again


You will think that my entry today is very boh liao. Dunno what to blog about today. I’ve got few food pics in my Sonyericsson W800i yet to be download. All I can say is Proscinate procrastinate rulezzzzz. I love my ability to proscinate procrastinate and still get things done even if they are lousy. lalalalala…

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Would you do it with your friend?

It has never come across my mind that I would slept with a friend but I know someone out there is doing that.

No way!! Friends can never have sex with each other. In any case, they are called acquaintances. Friends are supposed to respect each other – that’s when you learn to trust and be comfortable with each other.

Don’t classified yourself as being conservative just cos you swear in your heart that you won’t do it – it’s about your moral values. You only have sex with people that you love. Having sex with friends or out of curiosity only serves to disrespect, even if it’s about being fun.

I can never imagine how friends can still continue to be friends even after having sex. Yucks! So do they go like,”last night very shiok hor. Let’s have a cup of coffee and discuss about it and then chat.”


Just imagine, after the sleep over, you will became uncomfortable whenever he’s around and you just wished that he don’t brings it up and pretended things never happened and carrying on with the friendship as per normal. Or… you could avoid eye contact with him forever.

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Who lost a tail? Hands up please!

My nephew, Daniel is 28 days younger than Kharlette. Last weekend my sis Woei threw a little huge party for him at McD.

Side Track: In year 2005, 4 out of 6 sisters of us got pregnant at the same time. I mean few months apart. My eldest, 2nd, 3rd sis and me was pregnant. Not sure about you but I think that is kewl.

While everyone is busy taking photo with Birdie, I saw a bunch of banana on the floor. WTH. I better pick them up before someone doing breakdance on the floor.

To my surprise horror, it’s a chicken tail!!!

Janet also almost fainted when she see it. muahahaaa…

I can’t just poke it back her butt. Birdie will thought that I am trying to molest her ala Brokeback mountain style.

Nah…there you go. You poor yellow chicky without a tail.

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My Eldest Princess is 6

2 weeks before I turned 6, I lost my baby teeth. I’m so excited!!! Finally, I will be able to looks like my other cousins sister. I think that is cool.

I’m going to put them under my pillow so that tooth fairy will give me a dollar.

The next morning…
Mommy: Did you check under your pillow if tooth fairy leave anything for you?
Kharsyn: Wow! There is a dollar here.
Mommy: *pretending to get all excited* Whao! It’s a dollar!
Kharsyn: Mom, did you put them here *waving the note in the air*
Mommy: *paiseh* So, do you believe there is tooth fairy?
Kharsyn: *smile shyly* No!
Both of us just hug and laugh. Honestly, I didn’t tell her anything about tooth fairy. I think she read them somewhere.

No point for mummy to get tired and cook a big feast. I’ll just had a happy meal each for my friends. Anyway, kids love fast food and toys.

My best buddy with her big sista.

Can you believe this. My party was supposed to start at 1.30pm. But everyone was late. My best buddy arrived 15mins late.

Finally the rest arrived at 3pm! KL people seriously need to get spank on the bottom.
We had lots of games like passing parcel, mini tele-match and lots more. You can see that our hair is soaking wet like after a bath.

I love receiving presents. And my friends bought me just what I wanted.

…. a small jewellery box for my hair pins.

err… mummy, you see that? My friend is digging nose in public ….. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww…………

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Hoxe’S Cafe

This is my 2nd time dining at this cozy cafe quipped with wifi.

Don’t remember seeing this shanghai vase pot the last time I was here. From far it looks very antique but the more i look at it now, I think the boss just pick them from some garbage dump (*sheesh…)

Each time I stepped into this cafe, it gave me a very satisfying feeling because of the cozy environment and knowing that the menu doesn’t serve some throat-cutting food!

I’m sure for books lover, you can’t help but to grab or even browse their selection of books on the shelf.

and more shelves …

Can’t resist the temptation to show you guys this neatly arranged books.


err…. am i turning this entry into a library?
okok. one more pic. The kids corner.

Isn’t this place cool? You get to read your stuff or surfing while kids get to read their stuff too.

Just like any other hotspots, scenario like this is common.

A table supposed to fit in 6 dinners, now have to reduce to 4 dinners. You know what i mean. They can’t be putting their laptop on their lap while eating right? Shouldn’t they call their gadget table top then???

The food! Whenever I’m here, I’ll go for the Chicken Pie. A must if you are a first timer. Anyway, all the food there is Halal. The boss, Adi, is a Muslim too.

Hot creamy cheese will just melt in your mouth *drool….

Do you remember your mummy always tell you, do not talk with your mouth full? You better remember her words if you do not want any mess on your keyboard or monitor…. or even your Partner’s face!

I’m a smoothie lover. I ordered smoothies whenever I dined out.

Mango Tango

That’s all about the review. One thing that I’m thinking if I should warned the anti-smokers diner. They actually allowed open smoking.

… and this is no ordinary cigarette. It’s cigar!!!! Very dissappointed hor.

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Genuine vs Artificial

Have you ever wonder what does the real cherry blossom looks like? We have the artificial one selling like hot cakes during CNY. This is what it looks like…


And the real stuff photo courtesy from PurpleD


Nice leh….

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Happy Easter Day


“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

As we once again remember the great pain and suffering that Christ went through on the Cross for the redemption of our sins, let us not forget its significance and rejoice in the eternal life that came out of that sacrifice when Christ resurrected on the 3rd day. The curse of sin and death has been broken…..God has promised us eternal life.

The caveat to that is “we need to believe and accept not just by our mouths but by our hearts and walk in obedience”. For the price has been paid in FULL by blood and the gift of life is there for us to just ACCEPT. God bless.

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Hello world!

Finally, I don’t have to tumpang ppl’s house anymore. Fyi, Bondedtogether belongs to Kennysia Kimmysia and he is kind enough to let me tumpang for almost a year. Tho’ I want to extend my zillion appreciation and thanks to him now. *hug* He has thought me a lot about blogging, webpaging and almost all troubleshooting kautim by him. Isn’t he a kwel bil?
I’ve never thought of starting my own webpage cos I’m cheapskate until one fine day a few lunch buddies of mine suggested that. Well, it’s kinda like a trend now. Everyone is writing a blog… everyone has their own webpage… everyone carries a mobilephone…(tho I do not want to talk about ipod nano) Most ppl is chasing for the coolest and newest gadget now. 10 years down the road, can you imagine how many ppl even for teenagers to have their own webpage? If you do not grab a domain now, you will be left choosing some names that you don’t like.

At the beginning, I have a tough time choosing between or As I think that getting famous in your own maiden’s name would be cooler than a nickname. It’s my own name given by my dad and if I don’t grab it now, someone might take them. No worries about nickname as there are plenty to choose and play around with.

One thing that I should get kick on my a$$ is…. I’ve actually spoilt my own surprise birthday gift from Sis Haw and bil. Dem! They was thinking of getting me my own domain for my upcoming (2 months to go!!!) birthday. On the other hand, my lunch buddies was really keen to get me started on my own webpage. But since I’ve promised my buddies…… but hey, sis and bil can always pay for my 2nd year right? hehe…..

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