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Result of Travelling Too Much In A Car

* Just for laugh.  Kids nowadays not so lu-lu, ok.  More travel pictures after this post.  Oh, before I forget, Happy National Day, ya’all!

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More Than Two Front Teeth is Gone

All children have to go thru the toothless day but never a child experience the same process.  Eldest Princess is very fortunate to have the new tooth pushing out the milk tooth therefore she do not have to bear with the boh geh (toothless in hokkien) humiliation for long.  As for Prince, the new tooth is not seen at all.  To add on to it, he had 4 teeth drop all at the same time.  But beautifully!

Looks like some secret code there huh.  When he went for his routine check up, the Dentist had a good laugh at it. Other than running away from the camera, he really is enjoying the toothless day.  For example, challenging other people with clench-teeth-sticking-out-tongue! LOL!

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Why No Updates Wan?

I know I so deserved to get my ass kick.  Too bad I have a mission to accomplish and I am some what almost there.  I can’t wait to show you my farm!  On the other hand, I have been pretty tight up with quite a number of things (family involvement i.e. Sis undergo appendix surgery, Mom undergo a minor surgery, weddings, kids exam, homework, housework, etc, 4396510) (swearing in numbers as my cap lock is faulty!) and next week, I’ll be travelling with my kids again.  Woot!  I think that makes me somehow not in a mood to blog.

Some pretty photographs I took during my Cousin Yun’s wedding:

The last photo shows that there are too many photographers around!  This is a good thing when you have lots of friend carrying a dSLR.  You get free shots but then, bad day for the official photographer (the one in green shirt) as he can’t get a nice shot without ‘additional’ faces in there.  I have never felt so uninvolved in my cousin’s wedding.  Seeing so many photographers around, I better kwai-kwai sit in one corner, yea?  I only sneak up when the official photographer is out of sight.  I know I am such an obedient dog.  Woof!

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Nothing To Be Yucky About. Own Blood, Ok?

Sticky note: I have since upgraded to Canon 40D and need to disposed off my 18 months old Canon 400D (click link for info) @ RM1,800.00 (Original RM2,500).  And the worst part, my Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home is too small for the new camera.  Yes, I’m disposing that off too @ RM200.00 (Original RM249).  Anddddddddd, since I am a light traveller, the Crumpler Keystone is of no use to me.  That need to go @ RM400.00 (Original RM569).  If you are interested, please drop me a note in my comment box.

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Look!  The cloth pad from Mama Patch is so beautiful!  I can’t wait for my next menses to come!

I have  the night pad tailor made to suit my preference.  The original length is 11″ but I had mine tailor made at 13″.  So kind of Chinnee and she did not obliged at my request at all.

The fabric is very soft to the feel.   Among all the design, this is my favourite.

The colour was very matching and really bring out the feel, not the boring type.  If you want to find out more about the cloth pad, go to Mama Patch website.  All the information is there.

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One Happy Family (Asif real farming is not enough)

This is our newest family photo taken in Cameron.  Yup, we are on uniform.  (You should see what is at the bottom!)  I’ve been wanting to get our family photo taken since ages.

On the other note, I have been tied up with virtual ‘harvesting’ ever since I came back from Cameron.  Among the clique, all we talk now is who’s farm to harvest, who’s land to plow, wanna hire me?, want to work in my farm?,  It is so addictive!  If you are wondering what it is all about, check out Farm Town in Facebook.  Ah… I can see your satellite radios is tingling.  What else can be addictive if not for game right?  Don’t tell me I did not warn you.  Once you tried it, you want to have more!

So, for the next few weeks, you will see me less in my blog.  And if you miss me, come be my ‘neighbour’.  Hahaha!

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Bento #92 – BBB: Ben 10 Bento Box

Ben 10 is making a hit among little boys nowadays.  I have one mania at home too.  Not only Carlgene wants everything that is Ben 10 theme, his favourite colour now is G.R.E.E.N.!


Food from left to right:  Cheese spagetti with a dash of seaweed powder and carrot.  Further to the right:  unknown type of fishcake & octopus sausages.  I’m trying to create a sea creature theme here but they don’t look so nice.  Looks like I need some planning and more pond supplies.

This is his first Ben 10 bento box.  I like them, not because it is Ben 10.  I just like how the cutleries is neatly store on the top compartment.

I happens to be at The Mall the other day and was browsing BIG Bookshop and chance upon this box.  Priced at RM22.90.  A bit pricey but like I say, I was attracted by the cutleries compartment. LOL.

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