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Coconut Shake

The original recipe of coconut shake called for coconut milk (santan) and milk. I am somewhat sitting on the balancing scale – watching the calories, modifying the recipe and you get a rating of 7.5 out of 10 of result here. This is my version of coconut shake for health freak people like me.

The oldest ‘young’ coconut you can get. Avoid using too ‘young’ coconut as the flesh hasn’t produce any milk. Yet!


Freeze the coconut juice and coconut flesh in ice cube tray for approximately 3 hours. I dare not over freeze it in case my 9 years old blender can’t take the pressure and it might break the blade. Blend the freezed coconut cube for about 2 minutes.

A cool drink to quench your thirst.

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House Key

I was glad I have a Sister staying just next door. We have each other house key for urgency access during unforseen circumstances for example bring in my laundry during rainy days or popping over to borrow an onion or _____________ (just fill in the blanks) when anyone of us is not around.

Can you imagine if my Sister did not have a set of my house key, where am I going to sleep that night after the incident of my car mishap while Hubby is still away on his business trip?

The next day when I relate the incident of stolen house key to my collegue, I pop out the question to her:

“Do you give a set of house key to your Mom or anyone just incase when this type of things happen?”

“Wah, my Mom in Banting la.”

“Banting only la. My Mom in Sitiawan, you know!” (Yea, my Mom even had a set of my house key just incase she dropped by when I was still at work.)

So, do you give a set of house key to someone you trusted like immediate family member, neighbour or even your babysitter? I can’t imagine calling a doorsmith to cut the padlock or even saw the grill to gain access to my own house.

Some of you might be thinking that leaving the house key in the car is not the right thing to do. I can tell you frankly from the view point of a snatch thieve victim, the world today is not safe anymore be it in the car or in your sling bag. But I can say chances of getting snatch is even higher now. However, I do know of a very safe place to keep your valuable. Keep them in your Bra lor *ngek, ngek, ngek*

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Tulan Tuesday

Do I need to say more?

  1. My car was break-in between 12.15pm and 5.15pm at my working place.
  2. The thieve/s has another proton key that is able to slot in my car’s ignition to disable the alarm. How do I know this? Cos that key is still stuck in my ignition slot! The thieve/s could have left in a hurry and forgot about that key. Well, they probably need to steal another key for their next car break-in.
  3. The thieve/s took my Smart Tag (RM200) and Touch n’ Go (RM83.00) *bye-bye $$$*
  4. The thieve/s took my coin box (approximately RM20) *not so heart ache*
  5. The darn CB LC MPK thieve/s took my house key too!
  6. Yesterday spent another RM100 to buy a new pad lock for my house. CB lang!
Other than the above, I do not know what other valuable that the thieve/s took. Anyway, I don’t remember having any valuable things in the car.

I should thanks God for this:

  1. Luckly the thieve/s did not break my window, or else I would have suffer more loses.
  2. Since the thieve/s have another key to disable my alarm, he could have driven my car away!!!! OMG, this really freak me out!!!
  3. I’m still in one piece. Amen!

This morning, I went back to that parking space to pick up my lock. Hopefully the lock is still in working condition so that I don’t have to change the whole lock system. What a tulan Tuesday!

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Sitiawanese Blogger’s Meet: From Ohio!

Sila is more of a ex-schoolmate than just blogger friends. We have been to the same school since primary and met each other again 3 years ago thru our Alumni Forum and in person during her wedding. Talking about Alumni, it is always about meeting old friends and teacher. Now, our ex-teacher has turned out to be our friends.

Those that turned up that day was Athena, Alkapocino, Hisham and J. J wants to stay annonymous so I shall respect her wish. I’m sure you know who she is (*wink at Albie & Jerry).

I shall not elaborate on the meet up. But I can tell you, when you put a bunch of Sitawanese + Foochow = NOISE!

Among the meet up and stuff, we (Athena and Me) was looking forward to our yarn stash. Yeah, Babeh! All the way from Amalika (America)! I shall blog on the yarn one day. At the meantime, go ogle at how much yarn Athena bought. She is now living in the yarn heaven.

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Ginseng Soup for The Tired Soul

You can get the chinese herbs from chinese medical hall. Double boiled them with spring chicken for 3 to 4 hours.  However, I don’t quite like the sweet taste from honey dates.  Maybe I should replace them with red dates instead. Hmm….

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A Baby’s Full moon

My nephew, Jonathan marked his first month of arrival. This day also marks the end of confinement period for the mother as she now is allowed to bath (asif!) and wonder out of the house freely. The feeling is something like getting out of jail after 10 years in prison. Really!

Being an Aunty to Baby Jonathan, I got up early in the morning (asif!) wandering in my garden and neighbourhood picking 7 type of flowers. You will know what is it for later.

The Baby was signed up for a medicure session…

… a pedicure pampering….

… and a new hairdo…

…. and of course the beauty centre which is run by none other than MsJessieling get an angpow. Hopefully she will be as fatt as the figure inside there 😉 . The finger nails, toe nails and hair was wrapped individually with a red paper or angpow packet.

Well, the folklore said that the womb is a dirty thing so after being in the womb for the past nine months, the baby is to remove some of the bad luck by shaving or trimming of his hair. But, but, why want to keep bad luck in red paper? *tsk, tsk*

The Baby was then adjourned to the spa for his flower bath.

Placing of mortar pounder will make him as brave as Tarzan and coins is for properity. Well, how about the flower? Errr…. is it so that when Baby Jonathan grew up, he will have a beautiful wife? *tsk, tsk*

Now, he is a clean Baby adorned in his new clothes. We gave the jewelleries a pass since I’m not into the jewellery folklore. All it, a one month old Baby is treated like a King or the Malay saying, “Raja Sehari”.

Moving on to the kitchen, these are the things to be given as gift to relatives & friends announcing the arrival of the new born. The red eggs looked rather spectacular.

The eggs symbolised a new life and red is rather a auspicious colour for chinese.

Ang Koo Kuih or Red Tortoise Cake means longevity and prosperity.

I was told, the tortoise shape (right in the pic) to be given when you had a baby girl. And when you had a baby boy, you have to gave both shapes. In olden days, the round ang ku (left in the pic) is shape into a cylinder.

The typical Foochow family must have Red Wine Mee Suah.

Fyi, this is not cooked by me. I prefered my broth to be rich in red wine and not so dialuted. However, Hokkien family would not miss on the Yellow Festive Rice or Nasi Kunyit which I cooked for the later evening banquet.

That evening, Jonathan was certainly pictured like an “Angel”, very well behaved and only dissapeared twice to his personal bar for feeds.

Looks like everybody get into the “pass-the-baby” game.

This is my blog, ok. So I get to beautify my own picture with The-King-Of-The-Day *ngek.

… with maternal Grandpa


… with maternal Grandma


… with paternal Grandma


… with Da Yi (Eldest Aunty)


… with Shan Yi (3rd Aunty)


… with maternal Grand Uncle (Angpow. Yay!)


… with Church friends


(Look at his eyes. Looks like mother hor. Look at his hair so thick. Aiyah, such a beautiful genes. The Mother must produce more babies) Those are the things I heard that night. Crappy!

Here he is, end of the day after drifting in and out. Dozing peacefully none than wiser, being the King-Of-The-Day!

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Nasi Kunyit


  • 400gm Glutinous rice
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • Salt
  • 20 white peppercorn
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 6 cloves
  • 2 pandan leaves, knotted
  • 100ml thick coconut milk


  1. Wash and soak glutinous rice in water. Mixed turmeric powder, cinnamon sticks and 1 tablespoon of salt for five hours or more.
  2. Drain well the soaked rice, then place in a steamer with peppercorns and pandan leaves and steam for 15 minutes.
  3. Remove the steamer and add 1 teaspoon of salt to the coconut milk before mixing it to the rice. Mix well then steam for another 15-20 minutes. Fluff up the rice and continue steaming for another 15 minutes.
  4. Remove rice from steamer and set aside to cool.

The result? Mine failed cos I cook them in the rice cooker. Note in mind: STEAM them! No finishing picture too as the photographs turned out VERY unpleasant looking it deem unfit to be posted in jessielingdotcom! At least not to my standard la.

Must learn more food-camwhoring poses from Kamkuey!

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Photo Hunter: Flexible

The one being squashed is me when I first started out Yoga in May 07. To gain my flexibility I need an extra helping hand to push myself down towards the floor to open up the hips joint.

It is not painful at all. Really!

And when you have a more flexible body, try doing the forward bending.

This yoga posture increases the flexibility on the hamstring and lower back.

That’s my children. Inspired by my love of Yoga 😀 .

Namaste, everyone!

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I Love Your Blog & Nice Matter Award

I felt loved when Lian spread her love to my blog. Thank you so much Lian and I am so sorry to kept your love for so long. Ya, ya, I know I am selfish *sticking-out-tongue*. It’s time for me to spread the Queen’s love to all….

DashesofKamkuey EatFirstThinkLater BabeintheCity Let’sgetWokking! BlaBlaBlaBlaBla Kookyculinary Thefoodpornographer TheLamentsofaBrokenHeartedSilhouette
Danurasana Oliviasy Titoki’sSecretDiary ofduckiesandfroggies

After spreading my love around blogsphere, it is time for me to pass down some awards given to me by BlurMummy. Thank you once again, Sweetie.

The originator of the Nice Matters award states that it is meant for “those that are just nice people, good blog friends, and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!”

SimpleAmerican ifantabulous Annie’sDoubleTrouble MamasbagofTricks Hishgraphics GiddyTiger BlurMummy theRazzler GroovyOlives Mott’smutterings Chiwiland TheObnoxious5xmom PlanetKambing JustBloggingAround AsZewtAsItGets

After listing 36 Bloggers, I still have a handsful of nice people, good blog friends, carrying friends, positive friends out there. It’s impossible for me to list everyone down. So if your name is not here, please don’t get offended ya?

By the way, for all the bloggers that I’ve penned down your name here, please pass your love and awards ya?

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Sprained Ankle

Credit: Mermaid’s Haven

Daddy got very mad when Eldest Princess sprained her ankle during an outing in 1-Utama over the weekend. We paid RM15 for the entrance to some children’s indoor playground where every child is required to wear a socks at all time for safety and hygiene purposes.

Now, I was educate by my Mom on the danger of wearing socks around house! Who the h*ll would want to wear a socks in the playground for safety reason? I’m not sure if you have been to 1-U (new wing) Starship Galactica. To cut the story short, this is what my daughter told me when I pick her up 3 hours later with a limping leg:

“I was walking up the stairs and a boy push me from behind. I fell. The next thing I know, I have pain on my ankle.”

Well, I’m not trying to turn my blog into some sympathetic piece. All I can say is, accident do happen anytime at anywhere. We are not there with her when the incident happen. We just take her words as it is not wanting to point finger at anybody (tho my biggest suspect now is the SOCKS!).

We seek medical attention using the Eastern way this time. The Practitioner said she had a tear on the ligament which causes swelling. He wrapped some chinese herbs on daughter’s ankle during our first visit. On our 2nd visit, he massaged the ankle to bla, bla, bla untangled the 3 ligaments. And since the swelling is still there, he wrapped the ankle with the same chinese herbs again. Each visit costs us RM48.00. *bye-bye $$$* I hope she will recovered by this weekend cos she had her Taekwondo grading next weekend. She can’t miss the exam cos the next grading will be next year only. But if her ankle can’t recover by then, we really had no choice but to skip her grading, which I hope will not happen.

Well, the other 2 little rascal wants their foot to be photograph too *rolling eye*.

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