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Blogger’s Meet: Bento Party!!!

This is my first time attending a Bento Party! Or was it the first bento party ever held in PJ/KL? I doubt so. We had a marvelous time on Saturday. All thanks to Patricia and Emily who take the effort to organize the party and they even took the trouble to held a little competition for us. All together, there is 21 participants + 2 organizers.

Yours Truly & Patricia

Patricia’s 16 y/o *ahem* Daughter & Emily

Patricia’s lovely Daughters aka Official Photographer *ahem*

I must say a big thank you to Sue and other contributors (sorry, don’t know who else contributed the item) as all attendees was given a goodies bag filled with stuff like Clinique samples, Kikkoman soy sauce, cookbook, popcorn, cookie & sausage cutter, bento box, cake-mix, etc.

Frankly speaking, I do not know who’s coming and who’s not. I was hoping I do not ended up staring at the ceiling and was hoping to meet someone familiar. I was glad Sue from Cooking Momster and Christene from All Things Purple sat right opposite me as co-incidentally they are the only two blogger that I know.

Sue, Christene & Yours Truly

The thing that excite me is the cupcake. They was bought/contributed by a food blogger from Ipoh. I need Pat to confirmed om this.



Look at all those cutesy sushi cupcake. So adorable can die!

Food from the buffet spread.


I hearts tempura prawn! Too bad everyone is only allowed to take one. The bento competition goes like this. Everyone put some food from the buffet spread on your plate, then goes back to your place and pack the food into a bento box that is provided to all. The best presented bento win a prize.

And the competition starts with everyone taking 4:3:2:1 – 4 portion of rice, 3 pcs of chicken, 3 pcs of maki, 2 tempuras and veges.

Contestants was seen busy with their masterpiece.


Forgot her name. *paiseh* & Christine



Packed food was then photograph for judging later. We then ate what was packed in our bento box.


My Masterpiece


Christene and Terri waiting for their masterpiece to be photographs

While I was processing this picture, my daughter exclaimed loudly, “WAH!” She said that really loud!

I was jealous cos Daughter never Wah that loud at my bento! Fyi, this bento belongs to Christene. Nice right? Full of accessories like baran, sauces bottle and silicon cup.

There are lots more other bloggers sited on the next table. The place is a bit squeezy to move around so I better sit kwai-kwai plus I was kinda shy to go round snapping pictures plus, plus the place is too orangy! I really hate photographing under orange light.

lalala… I am so out of words today.

lalala… I think I shouldn’t continue writing rubbish.

lalala… Gave kids the cupcake instead. And guess what?

Biasalah tuuuuuu…. who can resist cutesy things?

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… and We Met Again After 18 Years

This is really a miracle. Through Facebook, I met a very very old schoolmate and we used to attend Sunday School together back then. The funny thing is when we was younger, we hardly even talk to each other or none at all. He is from the ‘genius’ group and I am from the ‘not-so-genius’ group. Meaning, these ‘genius’ people always came out top 10 in position but the ‘not-so-genius’ people like me is considered lucky to came out top 200 in school. In another word, this ‘genius’ group of people hardly cross the border to take the initiative to make friends with us or even strike a conversation. To make thing worst, they might not even notice you in school. So we syok sendiri aje la. LOL!

His family migrated from Sitiawan to Perth when he was 15y/o and I never heard a thing about him after that. Surprisingly after 18 years, we met each other through Facebook again. So, who is the ice breaker this time? Of course the one syok sendiri wan la. Obviously he can’t remember me or even have any impression at all. We chatted quite a bit on and off catching up with each other, updating him on things and people (ex-school mates) that I know and guess what? Let’s put it this way, we have became best chat buddy *cough* after that. This is to prove one thing. To excel in school or not, one day when we grew up, that is not important and should put behind us. There shouldn’t be any barrier in friendship. Enough of grandma stories.

Want to meet today’s guest of honour?

Everyone say hi to Ian.

Ian, say hi to everyone.

Few weeks ago Ian came back to Malaysia to renew his passport and we met up for the first time after 18 years. 18 years man! That is quite a big number there but it seems like it was just yesterday that I’ve last saw him in blue shorts and white shirt. Amazing!

Another ex-schoolmate decided to join us too. Same case, she left the little town of Sitiawan at the age of 15. Wanna meet the alibi for that day?

Everyone say hi to Azura.

Azura, say hi to everyone!

Azura belongs to the ‘genius group’ too but she is not the arrogant type. We talked a lot in school and we still go crazy over NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. Not! She is one modern Malay girl and obviously my type. We had a great day eating, bitching and catching up.

Itu je. It is quite amazing to meet long lost friends after 18 years.

On an unrelated topic but to me still related la. While I was playing ‘tourist guide’ to Ian, we stumbled upon a very interesting foot reflexology in Midvalley. The Garra Rufa fish foot spa has been an ‘in’ thing nowadays. Since we have nothing much to do, we decided to gave it a try.

Fyi, that is not my foot!!!!! I don’t have such a long hair growing on my leg!!!!

Ok, I am much better now. Back to the foot spa thingy. If you happen to be in MidValley, why not have a try at Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa. We just did it for fun and out of curiosity. Not a bad thing after all having your foot nibbled by fishies. For a moment, we felt like out foot has turned into some sort of pet supplies. The fishes attacked you in school.  It was quite discomfort at first but we soon started to get the hang of these nibbling.  It is quite therapeutic I would think. Those tiny fishes you see in the above pic is nothing. You should try the big ones. And I mean really big! Bigger than Ian’s toe!

I know you just scrolled up to see how big his toe is. Too bad, his toe was cropped. Muahahahaha!

For a 30minutes session, RM38 is not cheap but it is definitely worth the experience.  The whole 30minutes fish spa included a routine of occasionally leg lifting (hey, this is part of Yogaing), lots of squealing and controlled giggles. The end result – the skin is smoother and cleaner especially on the back of the heels.  I would advise you to apply some moisturizer after the session.  Not sure about you but I do felt my skin is a bit dry from all the nibbling. I would return for another experience, simply because it is such a bizarre and amusing way to have my legs exfoliated.

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Jomel’s Wedding and….?

…. can I also include it as a Blogger’s Meet so that I can file them under the “Blogger’s Meet” category? Hehe, thank you!

So, it was Jomel’s (no point linking her since you have to be an invited reader) wedding over the weekend and she is so kind to put the bloggers on the same table. Luckily we was assigned to a table at one corner. That way, we have lots of ample space for us to walk around and camwhore. As usual, me and my weaknesses. I really need to get an external flash as soon as possible. All this crappy pictures is driving me bonkers. And the worst part is, the Bride and Bridegroom has finished with their smooching and the darn built-in flash still shows the “BUSY” sign. Grrrr! Another new thing I’ve learnt or explored at this wedding reception apart from what I’ve learn during my cousin’s wedding. My Sifu was lecturing me as why I did not use the prime lens (aka 50mm lens) instead of the zoom lens. And he go bla bla bla which I don’t see the logic at all. He could be right and also wrong at the same time. My main reason was 50mm lens is good for portrait and not wide angle shot. And he go bla bla bla again. Alright! So this time I tried to shoot the reception with my prime lens. Well,everyone have different preference. I think I will stick back to the zoom lens for wedding reception.

First shot on Ms Titoki:

I can never go wrong with portrait shot. Kinda like expert in this field la. *Ahem*

Fyi, today I came as a guest. Not the photographer ok? This is the official photographer.

Everybody say Hi to Ah Tak! After you saw his work, you will think my skill can go down the longkang. That is why whole night I don’t bother to take many pictures. No point lor. Mine only crappy camera with no external flash. 🙁 There we go again talking about the flash. Huhuhu.

The deco on every table.


This is a very good idea as a ‘Thank you” gift. I love how Jomel replaced the mints wrapper with her personal note.

This is what was printed on it –

  • IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, UNWRAP & SAVOUR. Hmm… I wonder what type of emergency is it. Maybe as a mouth refreshment?
  • INGREDIENTS: 100% Love, Caring, Sharing, Respect, Hope, Understanding & Faith
  • BEST BEFORE: June 2058 – And again I am wondering what it meant. Could it be the shelf life of the mint or ….. nevermind. *slap mouth*

Sweet cupcake for everyone.

Jomel almost bake her own cupcake. She is one super lady.

Every nooks and corner was decorated with something. For example the walkway, rose petals was scattered all over the red carpet.

If you look carefully on the left bottom, that is actually a heart shape formed by lots of rose petals. Can you imagine how much Jomel spent on roses and also tealight holder?

Bloggers that presence that day: (Don’t ask me what happen to the pic!) (Finally hijacked Ms Titoki picture.  I love them I mean us so much.  so Wacky!  Just like us!)

Nyonya Penang, Win Liuliu, Sengkor, Ms Titoki, Nine3 Nine4 and Peter Tan

The MC for that night is Ivy. She is very very very friendly. If you are looking for MC, I would highly recommend her.

Look at me! I was so tanned from my previous Pangkor Island trip.

And this is someone I was so thrilled to see. The Co-MC and also Mandarin translator is ThaiBoxingGirl!

When Ivy told us she is ThaiBoxingGirl, all of us almost go ga-ga. Mind you, her Mandarin can beat anyone flat anytime! Her accent is so extraordinary, so pleasant to the ear and she can sing very well too. I was totally caught off guard by her.

You may want to camp at Ah Tak’s blog for more pictures. (If there is any). All these pictures I’ve posted has passed my stringent QC. The rest will remain in my hard drive. Dare not show people. haha! For the closing, may I present you the Bride:

I like this shot but she prefer the other one.

So I just put up 2 shots of her. Solve my problem.


… and the Bridegroom

(I know you love all my pictures. Don’t have to cry la. *pat, pat*)

Many Happy Return to the newlywed. The End.

Clap hand la everybody!

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Bloggers Meet: BKT cum Photography Lesson in Klang

I was frustrated with the result of my photography and has been bugging Kamkuey to hand me some ‘face-to-face’ tutorial rather than ‘online’ tutorial. And since last Thursday was a public holiday, we took that as an excuse to meet up for brunch too. Well, there’s also a ulterior motive. Hehe… want to meet up with his jar boh pren also ma (Sorry, no pic. *ngek, ngek, ngek*)

With partner in crime, Athena. (psst… do you think she looks like Sammi Cheng or not?)

Both our spouses was there but I didn’t take their photo la. Not that I’m interested with other people’s husband.

haha… just kidding!!!!

Well, a bit of havoc created by my kids at the beginning. Fighting, yelling, crying and my camera dropped on the tarmac road. Good thing it was in my camera bag – well cushion!

Food! The ever famous Klang dry bak kut teh.

My fellow guests never failed to give it a thumbs up. All scrapped to the bottom. Nothing was left except some dry chilies.

We adjourned to Bandar Bukit Tinggi for another specialties in Klang. The Yu Yu ice (Mandarin – Yau Yau Ping). Whatever it is. So, lots of testing shots here and there la. Kamkey with his ever famous trick shots:

Si beh chun hor. It is not easy. A lot of coordination work with the zoom and shutter button.

I played with his 50mm F1.4 lens too.

Chun to the max! Look at the creamy background.

Finally after many sessions of theory, practical, quoestionaire, even some head bang from Kamkuey, I do understand ………………………………………………………………..

………………………………………………………………………………………………………… A BIT ONLY LA.

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Sitiawanese Blogger’s Meet: From Ohio!

Sila is more of a ex-schoolmate than just blogger friends. We have been to the same school since primary and met each other again 3 years ago thru our Alumni Forum and in person during her wedding. Talking about Alumni, it is always about meeting old friends and teacher. Now, our ex-teacher has turned out to be our friends.

Those that turned up that day was Athena, Alkapocino, Hisham and J. J wants to stay annonymous so I shall respect her wish. I’m sure you know who she is (*wink at Albie & Jerry).

I shall not elaborate on the meet up. But I can tell you, when you put a bunch of Sitawanese + Foochow = NOISE!

Among the meet up and stuff, we (Athena and Me) was looking forward to our yarn stash. Yeah, Babeh! All the way from Amalika (America)! I shall blog on the yarn one day. At the meantime, go ogle at how much yarn Athena bought. She is now living in the yarn heaven.

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Blogger’s Meet: Visiting Chiwiland

Greetings from Sitiawan – The Foochow settlement.

Last weekend I was home for my maternal Grandma’s 93rd birthday and thought I should meet up with Chiwi. Firstly, can I intro some authentic Foochow food to you (since she is late for the meet!)

When she ask me for venue suggestion, my first question was, she (presume) don’t mind but will he mind?

Still, I choose to eat at this stall cos they serve truly authentic foochow noodles in Sitiawan.

This is what I meant by truly, truly authentic!

Kampuang mien

I still think that our kampuang mien is much much more delicious than Sarawak kolo mee *duck from rotten eggs*

Generous amount of bamboo shoot, cuttle fish and etc, brings you another truly, truly authentic foochow loo mien.

Loo mien

Eating in this stall is like walking back to memory land. We have been patronising this place since childhood days. I remember back then, the Jukebox cost only RM0.20 for a song and we just hang around the store for the next 2 hours for their Bandung (condense milk + rose syrup). They have since stop making the rose syrup. This is another option that we opt beside ABC.

Cham-cham (mix-mix)

Basically, it is a mixture of leong fun + red jellies + pineapple + longan + shaved ice.

Good thing after taking all these pic, Chiwi Mum arrived with Kiwi Dad and Chiwi Kids.

Kaitlyn is defending herself by showing an angry face to refrain stranger from carrying her. Smart girl! Little BamBam in his usual macho self. He is very adorable. And that’s our Chiwi mum saying, “Eat la, don’t keep on taking photos.” Hehe… cannot help it la. Food can wait but pictures cannot wait. Fyi, Chiwi spent her childhood days in New Zealand and back to Malaysia again when she’s about ….. I forgot the age! rofl…. But pardon me, she speak fluent Foochow. I was amazed. She beat me flat on that. Gah!

This is something about Sitiawanese. Everyone seem to related to someone and everyone seem to know someone. I was told by my sis that Chiwi’s mom was my eldest sister’s ex-piano teacher. Isn’t that a small world?

“Mummy, this is my girlflend.”

City kids was happily swinging on the hammock. I can’t remember when was the last I sit on a hammock. 20 years ago? Gee…

We have a great time chatting and Chiwi is so daring to let me experiment around with her SLR. Ah… all these people is trying to tempt me into buying a SLR. No good.

From left: Mrs & Mr Kimmysia (co-founder of!), Yours truly, Kiwi Dad and Chiwi Mum.

“Be good girl and good boy, ok? Tomorrow I bring you go Pangkor Island. Sit fast-fast boat.” 😉

Short Talk – There are numerous vacation packages available for people from every race of life. If you want to, you can stay at a travel lodge or go for resorts too. Many people who have been doing cheap cruises frequently, prefer staying at a travel lodge as that is much more economical.

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Blogger’s Meet: Loctor is in town!

While driving to SS2 for the blogger’s meet, I was thinking to myself, if (touch wood), I met in an accident, with only one phone call, there will be FIVE doctors coming to safe my life. That prove how great and important the Queen is *cough*.

So, which Doctor is in town? Neh, the one and only famous leng chai Doctor from Sg. Petani, Dr. BernardChan. Whether he’s related to LilianChan or not you have to ask them la.

For Starter, let me presents to you…. Mushroom soups & Joseph!

He has lot of funny characters. But you know kids, when they are shy, the tend to do funny things to make you laugh.

And the main dish and dessert….

Ms Titoki – This is her trademark. The James Bond look. Finally I had the opportunity to meet up with her and also camwhore. I would say this is a privillage. We are talking about Ms Titoki, ok. Not some Tom, Dick or Harry.

East Coast Life – She must be Dr. Bernard’s loyal lansi fansee. She flew (let’s imagine a bus can fly) all the way from Singapore to meet up with him (or us?) even tho she had a schedule meeting in Penang to meet up with him in July and not forgetting someone from Italy. I wonder who ah? *rolling eye*

Dr. George – Fuyoh! All this while I can only pictured him in surgical mask and robe. But when he came with his T-shirt, just look at that mascular body. Don’t prey-prey.

Dr. Bernard – Ah, our VIP (Very Itchy People – just kidding. rofl). Good thing we met up earlier as when the crowds pour in, we hardly had the time to chat nor exchanging a wink glimpse as I was busy catching up with Titoki and ECL. He definitely looks much younger compare to his pic in his blog.

Dr. Yenjai – The blue-blue tei is me and green-green tei is of course yenjai :lol:.

Cik Nyonyapenang – I’ve never read her and of course now different story la. She won’t let me post up her pic so I’m giving her a smack on her face. wakakaaa….. How I wished she allowed me to do so cos the three-some pic is my best shot and fav of all – no forced smile, infact all of them had natural laugh.

Dr. Eve Leng Leng – I was told she has skin as white as snow and hair as black as ebony. I can proved them wrong. Where got skin so white like a corpse leh. I can say, she has a porcelain skin – Fair and glowing. If I’m not wrong, she is one of the co-organizer of this blogger’s meet and not forgetting to mentioned Yenjai too.

Who else was there? What a lulu question hor? Of course Lulu and just me was there (pun intended).

How’s the blogger’s meet? Lidat la. Dunno what to say. No food pic cos I don’t like all their food there.

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Picnic in Morib – Experimental of Mentos + Coke (Part 2)

Last year when I was in Morib, I did this experiment. It was successful but I failed to captured the photographs when the coke exploded. This time I’m not worried as Jazzmint has a very keng cau (good) SLR unlike my previous junkie. And the reason why we failed to captured the explosion? One of the mentos accidentally drop into the coke while we are still busy talking. So, this time, I’m making a little homework here.


I stitched the mentos together to form a chain where I could easily drop them into the coke.

And the end result?

Passed! I can be a scientist now!

The eruption wasn’t that high cos my mentos (which I’ve bought ages ago waiting for this experiment) is a bit lau hong (stale) and soft liao.

Next! Who wanna be a guinea pig to swallow a mentos and glup down the coke?

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Blogger’s Meet: Picnic in Morib (Part 1)

Good thing I’ve managed to hijack a few bloggers for some beach outing aka picnic since I don’t plan to go off anywhere for holiday during Labour Day (May 1st). Even if I can’t get participant for this picnic, I have my plan 2 😉 (hands up if you are up for plan 2).

It has been raining almost every evening and Jazzmint suggested that we had morning picnic instead. Which means…. THE QUEEN HAS TO BE UP EARLY TO COOK! *Boohoo* I have to forgo baking fresh baguette. And since LaundryAmah voluntered to make sandwiches, I cooked this…

… the cucur ikan bilis (anchovies) goes best with sambal ikan bilis.

So, the usual stuff la. Eat.. Talk… Bitch… Play… Chasing after kids!

Older girls don’t play building castle anymore.

She found some dead crab with left over shells and was so happy. Now she called it – “My collections!”

Aiyah, kids can’t live without fighting issit!!!! Where is my cane?!

No la. In actual fact, Baby Princess saw Kieran struggling to push the wagon into the puddle of water. She then went and help him by pushing from the other end.

It’s a hardwork, you know! *ngek

Vyktore Boy makes me wanna produce my own Boy 😐

He’s very adorable!

Kylie was safe in her Apah’s care.

Where is Amah?

Good thing Amah bought this big giant umbrella from Ikea. The price tag is still intact if you were to check out the first pic. And guess what? She is such a Puteri Lilin!!! (Candle Princess)

Right to Left – Jazzmint + Faythe, LaundryAmah and Cheryl. The rest no need intro liao.

We had so much fun amid the scroching sun. We might do this again.

Watch out for Part 2 as the Queen successfully captured the blown up cock coke+mentos! All thanks to Jazzmint’s SLR.

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