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Tropical Spice Garden, Penang

I was trying to squeeze in this post many times but always get busy with other matters.  When I look back at the photographs now, some of the kids has grown more matured like my Prince Charming aka Prince Carlgene *cough*. Last year (26 Dec 2008) during Christmas, we went to Spice Garden since we are in Penang.

Admission rate was charged at RM35.00 for 2 adult and up to 3 children.  I feel the price is way too expensive for a little garden like that.  Nevertheless, her are some of the pictures i took:

Eldest Sis with Jasmine admiring a dangling flower right at the entrance.

They claimed that they have more than 200 type of spices in the garden.  However, I do see a lot of screwpine leaves (daun pandan) only.  The rest *shrug*.  And the whole place smell so fresh.  It took me quite a while to guess the smell.  Alas, they are lemon grass (serai) and no.  Not from the fresh plants but they are the lemon grass flavoured mosquito repellent.

Spot the green leafy plants? They are called daun kadok another type of betel leaves (daun sireh) used to cook otak-otak. Penang otak-otak rawks! I don’t like the Johore version.  And guess what I’ve spotted?

Wood fungus!  aitelyu, sometimes I get so mad at my Tamron lens.  They are always out of focus and they like to focus object next to it.  It happens so many, so many times!  Now you see why the wood moss is sharp but the fungus is blur.  Haiz…

I love this picture of my Eldest Sister swinging on the hammock. The place is so serene and cricket chirping is like music to my ears. Only one thing that I am afraid of… SNAKES! Or lizard!!! Or whatever that has 4 legs!!!

While busy playing photographer for my Sis, my Prince Charming called out to me and when I look up, HOLY MOLY!

This is one huge giant swing that I’ve ever see before!

See my Prince Charming?  He look so babyish (to me he is!).  Maybe it’s his hair style.  Ever since school started, he has been wearing that army spikey hairstyle that I never like.

Various plants around the garden.  They are not spices.

The four older children are born just month apart. Can you imagine that year, my mom’s house had 4 babies?  The little boy in stripe is an intruder!  From left to right:  Jean Suen (2nd Sis), Jasmine (1st Sis), Daniel (3rd Sis) and Kharlette (My Little Missy and I’m 4th).  We did not plan this.  It just happen!

The spaghetti sure taste good cos by the time I’m done with photography, they are all gone.

ooo… this one must try if you love lamb.  They are very delicious!

3rd Sis with Daniel.  Sis said Daniel hardly smile for the camera.  I think this photo deserved to be publish 😉

Jean Suen – Drooling man!

Food photographs not shown are some cinnamon drinks and ginger tea.  The spice cookies rawks too!

Very cosy ambiance at the cafe.  A blend of zen, western and oriental which makes them looks… to me, not nice la!

This is the Gents’.  The door is so ancient looking.  I do hope everything inside adhere to the standard bathroom safety.

Very shady and windy place for a quiet reading too.  In the evening you may catch a sunset.

The whole bunch of us.  Over looking are the sea.  Don’t know why my sea is badly over exposed.

Check out more pictures at my Facebook.

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Bento Mania #82 – Healthy Instant Noodle

Some of the weekdays when it rains and I can’t get down from the car to tapau (pack) for the kids, we will have instant noodle.  Instant noodle are not exactly unhealthy. I always make a point to obsolete the seasoning by replacing it with ketchup and dark soya sauce.  Kids love it this way.

On closer look:

My usual way is to crack an egg to the boiling water but this time, I did a sunny side up.

Just pop the Unagi that I bought from Jusco for a quick 2mins in the microwave and I’m done with my meal.

Lately I got the hang of stuffing my kamaboko with Japanese cucumber. You should try them. The cold and refreshing cucumber balance up the savoury taste of kamaboko.

Just incase if you still think serving instant noodle to kids is not a good idea, how about if I throw in a cultured drink?  And that two slices of sweet and pesticide free home grown mango?  Will that change your perception?

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Yogi Clown

I have been a Flexitarian for almost 18 months ow.  Lately I have discovered that I dislike to eat KFC.  The smell, the oil, the meat, the whole KFC really put me off.  I do take meat occasionally and still goes for Bah Kut Teh 😉 .  But this KFC thing is weird. Generally, I am leaner now compare to last year which I almost resorted to weight loss pills.  I think the idea of being a Flexitarian is not bad at all.  It sure gave me the benefit of doubt.

Few weeks ago, we decided to dine out at Yogitree in The Garden, Mid Valley.  The shop concept is to serve everything that is organic and pure.  The food is great!  I’ve got the review in Yogajess (shameless self promotion *cough*). While waiting for our food to arrive, I decided to take few Yoga poses pictures for my other blog.  Knowing kids, they won’t leave me alone and always participate in the things I do.

The result?

Full Lotus Pose

Tree Pose

Very cheeky little boy.  Nowadays whenever I am in Tree Pose, he will tease me with his cheeky pose.  Really makes me piak his backside. LOL

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First Science Project

My 7 years old Prince came home from school one day with some green beans and cotton.  His first science project is to watch the growing beans, measure and jot down it’s height from day 1 to day 8. Seeing how playful he was, I never thought his beans will sprout.  But it did!  They spouted on the second day.  Both of us was very thrilled.  I was glad I do not have to ‘fake’ the answers on this science book. LOL! I should learn to have more confidence in him, huh.

I have enquiries from friends how I managed to transformed my pictures into such a lovely layout.  Well, this is called scrapbooking.  No special custom software needed but at least some knowledge in photoshop.   I’m glad you like the layout.

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Bento Mania #81 – Yee Mee with Fish Paste

Dinner has been fun these few weeks with kids looking forward to eat from the bento tray.  And now they will ask, “who’s turn today?”  So it’s Di-di turn today!

Lately, I realised that yee mee has been the most favourite noodle with my kids.  Not late to found out.  And fish paste is one of my favourite food.

We had this meal on a weekday and I took less than 20mins to get this done. In the morning before I left for work, I boiled anchovies  soup and leave them in the thermal pot.

In the evening, I discard the anchovies, drop in kamaboko and crabsticks, remove them, shape or scoop with spoon the fish paste in the stock, crack an egg or two, lastly the yee mee.  Kautim!

In between cooking or while waiting for the stock to boil, I stuff some japanese cucumber in the kamaboko, arrange the crab stick, etc.

Dessert, we had plum and mangoes from the neighbour’s tree. Fully organic and no pesticide at all. Waitaminute,  they don’t even put any fertiliser.  How can it be organic?   I bump into the Husband while he was plucking mangoes from his tree.  Since already face-to-face, I can’t just walk off right? Have to strike a conversation lor.  So I go, “Wah, your tree bear so many fruits.  One of the day you must climb up and pluck all the mangoes or else later the bees will sting on it or eaten by crow (wtf, crow eat mango meh?) then very wasted.” He just smile and ya-ya at me and before I go in to my house, he gave me a plastic bag full of mangoes!  Muahahaha!

The Prince had 2nd helping of Yee Mee.  The bowl is kinda small.  Maybe I should look for a slightly bigger size.  Good to the last drop.  It sure makes me happy when they enjoy the meal I cook.  I don’t usually cook dinner on a weekday but when I do, the kids is the most happiest lot.

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Playing In The Rain

I’ve known some parents who is very protective over their children.  This cannot, that cannot.  Must be like this cannot like that. Over protective parents  is definitely robbing them of their childhood.  But of course, they are the kid’s parents.  What can we say right?  All of us have different opinion over things.  Certain things seem right to me but not to others.

To me, I think playing in the rain is alright. LOL

Come on, I did this when I was young too. See, still one healthy fat mama here.

My nephew Jonathan, refuse to let go of his toy car even his Daddy was ‘shaking’ him.

This is the first time for Jonathan and 2nd times for my kids.  Aiyoh, my eldest is already 9 years old and this is only 2nd time she played under the rain?  Must be some kind of joke right?  Maybe I should let them do it more often.

No la, joking only.  This incident happened few months ago.  Cannot remember how all the kids ended up in the rain.  This is what happen when you leave kids under UNCLE KIMMY’S supervision!

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How Was Your Mother’s Day?

Mine was good.

And they came with lots of surprises 🙂

Firstly, sawadeeka!  I received a fan mail that was sent thru my Facebook.  Read this:

Finally I know someone out there, someone REAL , actually appreciate and enjoy reading my stuff.  I’m the Hijackqueen and of course my kids are called Princess and Prince.  And here, Mintie is so observant and she know I have Princesses!  S.P.O.T. the P.L.U.R.A.L!!!  That very day, I read the mail over and over again and of course smiling non stop ler.

Secondly, one week before Mother’s Day, I was snipping nail for Baby Princess and Eldest Princess came and she said, “Mummy, cut nail for me also.”  My reaction was very fast looking toward her direction!  And next, I was screaming and squeeking and jumping happily like a college girl, “OMG, OMG, your nail!”

Fyi, I have not cut her nail for almost 5 years cos she had the habit of biting nail!  5 freaking years man!  Only three fingers had long nail, the rest, still the same.  And I ask her to show me the other hand,

…. still the same lor 🙁 .  To cut long story short, on Mother’s Day, I check both her hands and 🙂 .  As happy as ever!  Will check her again this weekend. If long nails meaning she had stop her bad habit by herself.  That was quite an achievement for her.  Don’t forget I still have a 4 years old that is sucking her index finger 🙁

Thirdly,  the kids made Mother’s Day card for me during Sunday School.  And I was rolfing when I read this:

To My Hardworking Mum.  She called me HARDWORKING!  OMG!  I thought I was the laziest Mother on Earth.  This is what she say, “Yes la.  Hardworking ma cos you make bento for me in the morning.”  Ok la, at least she appreciate.

Then she show me the card she made for Po-Po (Grandma aka my Mom):

Isn’t the word sweet? *awwww….*

These are the happiness that money can’t buy.  XOXO to all.

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Bento #80 – Our First Lunch Lacquerware Tray

Daddy bought a Japanese lacquerware tray during his recent flight transit in Hong Kong.  I was more than happy to have another gadget added to my already bento mania collection.  Without wasting any time, I started using them the very next day.  I’m not sure how kids (I have three children!) will react when they see meals serving in the lacquer tray but only one of them will get to have them 🙁 .  And of course, this means that the Mummy will have to be bias :(  .

So…… I pick………. Jie Jie.  Reason is because she always give way to her younger siblings and I didn’t want her to think that I have not love her enough.

And guess what happen to Di-di?  He was freating and refuse to eat his dinner.  He wants the bento tray too.   I have to pacify and coax him.    I promised him every one will get a chance to eat from the tray. And he still refuse to eat 🙁 .  Now you know why sometimes I have to spoon feed a 7 years old!  >.<

Closeup on the dishes:

Pan grilled Fish Fillet with other grilled vegetables like baby corn, japanese cucumber and tomato.  Foreground is wakame.

Steam Organic tofu with bonito flakes and a dash of seaweed powder

Seaweed soup with egg drizzle.

Dessert consist of plum and a slice of apple.

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R.I.P…. bicycle…

Before I had the chance to show off post up my bicycle pictures, it   was stolen from my house sometime in April. If you must know,  I REALLY LIKE THIS BICYCLE!!! 🙁

Ever since the petrol price hike, I have been cycling to nearby shop to get anything quick or quick trip.  I find that cycling is even faster than me driving the car to the shop.  I don’t have to worry about parking and queuing up.  And the part I love most is fetching Little MissTroubleMaker from her Kindie (nearby our house too)!  *sobing* 🙁

Mistake was, we did not chain it cos we never thought that someone will want to steal a 5 years old bicycle.  And how did that person steal it?  I think he must have jump climb over our gate and carry the bicycle over the gate. :(  Aiseh, so sad even writing and thinking of it.

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Up In The Blu Blue Sky

Come every weekend, we never failed to bring the little rascals to the park.  If you read weight loss pill reviews on the internet, a successful diet must include an activity chasing after kids in the park!  This was just an ordinary piece of empty space at the neighbourhood.  One day, some traders decided to earn a few quick bucks by selling kite at the road curb and eventually, turning the empty land into a kite flying zone.

These are just some of the traders.  There are more on the opposit side! (I was joking with my Sis that we should set up a stall selling kite too).  After some pestering from the little ones, we decided to get a kite too and the kids sure had lots of fun.

Princesses with their Baby Cousin Brother. It was a short fun when all of the sudden, some other kites got tangle with our kite in the air before the string decided to break and our kite just flew awayyyyyyyyyy and disappear into thin air. Bye-bye money 🙁 .  RM17!!!  Gone within 15minutes!!!

Good thing Uncle Kimmy know how to share.  Thank you Uncle Kimmy!

Ya la, I know la.  Very dramatic.  But you know hor, very the sien wan when you only stand there watching people flying kite.  Luckly Eldest Princess brought along her PNS camera.  What you see today is all shot using my faithful Sony T-10.  A little post-processing was applied here.

I did regret a bit as I did not bring along my dSLR.  I have always wanted to take cloud picture and furthermore the cloud was so beautiful that day.  No special skills needed.  I just point and shoot.

A little conversation I heard between two man that evening.  They was flying an eagle kite.  I can’t deny it was a beautiful looking eagle.  Then this statement makes me want to rofllol (rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-out-loud!).

“Eh, lu eh jiau boh hami balan.”

If you don’t understand Hokkien, you might not get the joke.  The translation:  “Your ‘bird’ is not so balance.”

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