Baby Samantha @ 2 months old

Before I start with my rambling, first and foremost, YES!  I AM BACK!!!!


Secondly (LOL), I know it’s been a while and many was wondering why I’ve stopped blogging.  The truth is, I have never stop blogging.  Blogging takes up a lot of time especially when I have to drained a lot of juices from my brain for words.  With Facebook, things got even simpler.  The picture speaks for itself and save me so much trouble to think of something to say even though I have nothing much to crap.  Another thing was, whatever pictures I’ve uploaded in Facebook will eventually be  blogged later of the day.  So it is like doing double work.  When I sat down and think about it, I feel bad that some of you have to look/read  things twice.  In one word, all the above summed up to LAZINESS!

Thirdly, I am still very much addicted to Twilight Fanfiction.  They are like my personal bedtime stories.  If you are much a vivid reader like me, you will know it is very difficult to put down a good book.  In one word, it means FAVOURITISM!

Lastly, I think soon I will have to change my nickname from HijackQueen to MafiaQueen. After getting addicted then bored with Farmville, I started playing Mafia Wars on Facebook.  Boy oh boy, it involved so much killings, so many bashings, so my type of game, ok!  So busy can die liddat even no time to enjoy the new LCD TV . In one word, who like to do boring stuff?

So, to summed up  1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = I am happy to be back even though I am still lazy to blog but at night can catch up Rob Pattinson in my dream even though the finger now very itching to check out Mafia.  There!  Told you so,  blogging is just like talking crap.  Muahahahaa!

Let’s put a side all the crap and continue where I left the other time.

Right!  I was talking about my newest niece, Samantha.  It is not my position to elaborate on her sickness (psst.. she is just lying!  Lazy say lazy la) but I do mentioned here and there as to what happen to Samantha in Facebook.  After Samantha returned home from her Mummy’s confinement period, I did a simple yet impromptu photoshoot for her.

You get to see more from my Facebook.

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  1. Bernard said,

    August 24, 2010 @ 11:41 am


  2. the Razzler said,

    August 24, 2010 @ 6:59 pm

    Mafia…. Queen…

    Very very happy! 🙂

    Samantha is so cute..

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