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Initially, I was tagged by Simple American. Either my understanding of English is bad or he’s been very confusing. He make me even more confused by skipping the “Introductory” part and what is the purpose of this meme. Things clear up a bit after I read bernardchandotnet. – My Name in my Domain List. To find out what, where and who has gone wrong, I started clicking the below list of link all the way till Chanliliandotnet.

This is an apparently exclusive TAG for those who use their name as their domain. There is nothing much to do for this tag, no 10 Birthday wishes, no 5 Death wishes, no Deep Thoughts, nothing.. except flaunt your kiasu-ness because you own your domain name! Yeah, and then tag three others who are just as kiasu.. *grin* – By albiewongdotcom

Now you know why it is so exclusive to use our name as a domain. They even cater a meme especially for us.

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Still on Relevant subject:  It is really disheartening to see this meme going round the blogsphere with tail but without head.  If only they know what are they doing by just simply copying the link onto their blog.  Please la! *sigh….

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She’s no Longer a “Baby”

Just yesterday we remember seeing her in her birthday suit. Within minutes, little one was wrapped up in blanket and rompers. Today, her chubby body snugged perfectly under that long flowing dress.

Being the 3rd child in the family, she had to share Mummy and Daddy’s love and attention with her two other siblings. You can’t blame Mummy when she totally forgot about the Birthday cake 😆

And since TGIFriday refuse to give me a discount on dining, I won’t give them another good review nor post up any of the food and that yummilicious creamillious devilish mud pie *blueh*

Nah! Left over from Jurrasic Park *ngek*

I missed Tony’s Roma steak so much. Maybe during my Birthday, I’ll eat my heart out there.

Here’s a video for viewing pleasure if you are interested to know how their staffs make such a stomping ruckus during birthday celebrations that the next country also can hear.

“Baby, tell all the lengchai Uncle and lenglui Aunty how old are you today?”

Oops… bad habit die hard. We will still be calling her “Baby” at home cos she’s still a “Baby” in our eyes.

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Day 5 – Tours That Is Not Found In Your Local Tour Packages

After feeling so comfortable staying 2 nights in Lawrence’s Hotel, we have a very heavy heart to check-out. Feel a bit sad and agitated to leave, we have too. We have trouble him too much during our stay. Morning milk and banana, morning chaffeuring, evening chaffeuring, dinner treats, sightseeing, unlimited usage of wi-fi…. you name it, he’ve done it. Oh, don’t worry. We know where to go. I’ll go and trouble another friend. Hakakakaa… So my middle name is “Troublesome” -_-

That’s where I stay for the last 2 days. Why does the grass is always greener at the other side? Even their flowers is more beautiful and bigger than the one in Malaysia. I’m not a fan of calla lily, just someone I know 😉 . I’ve scaled down the pic. In actual, the calla lilies is bigger than the one I’ve seen during ‘her’ wedding 😉 *hint hint*

Every night before we hit the sack, Lawrence will informed us what time we should leaving the house the next day. Usually at 8am. Last night, Lawrence told us to get ready by 7am.

“Huh! Why so early.”

“Better leave early cos by the time you finished taking pictures, it’s almost time.”

😳 I’ve been bugging him to stop at one of the neighbourhood so that I can take a picture of the ORANGE TREE!

Me, first time seeing real ORANGE TREE! Of course I have to act suaku. This is not a mango tree. This is an ORANGE TREE, ok!!! Lawrence took half a day off in the morning so that he could show us around Los Angeles before I meet up with another friend of mine. He’s so kind and humble. We really owe him in kindness.

The Arboretum is his favourite hangout place for his Friday morning jogs with his dog. It is a private botanical garden.

In the park, you can see many peacock walking freely. Of course the male is always a “flasher”!

All the flashings and flashings. Such an exhibitionist! I’m watching out for white peacock as some said, if you spot a white peacock flashing it’s tail, make a wish and it will come true.

IF! only I’m that lucky to spot a white peacock *sigh….

And we move on, passing by some cactus and beds of flowers. The guys is always ahead of me.

And I spotted the….

*smile and nod head like a Geisha* yea, it’s the Sakura aka Cherry Blossom. Isn’t them Now I can strike Japan off my list of travel. My wish is fulfilled! Yay!

My best picture of now. I’m saving it as my wall paper.

Look at the mirror reflection in the lake. Good thing Lawrence spotted this cos I’m too engrossed picking on hubby perfecting my macro shots of the flowers.

Hmm…. very calm water isn’t it? Let me do some photoshop.

Can you spot the difference? Which one do you like best?

We went in deeper thru the woods. Again the guys is ahead of me.

Somewhere in the woods, there’s squirrels dashing here and there searhing for food or munching food on the trees.

I think U.S have many wierd wierd thing that amazed me and I have to blog about it. For example their trees compare to ours (in Malaysia). Our trees consist of branches, trunk, roots and leaves and maybe a little flower here or there. Their tree is ….

… full of white gigantic flowers and…

…. no leaves at all!

That’s not all about it. Some tree has….

… no flowers or leaves but full of branches or whatever you call them. Look so scary isn’t it.

The rest of the park is nothing much interesting and I have to save bandwidth *sigh…

Don’t know how true is it. I was told that American don’t save much for retirement. They spent every pennies they have in expensive hobbies like owning a RV aka caravan.

This is a RV’s Park. You pay a some fees for space rental and park your RV here during your stay/holiday. Destress yourself with a cuppa coffee or a glass of wine while enjoying fresh breezy air and the view is PRICELESS!

One of them belongs to Lawrence. *envy!!!*

Let’s bid farewell to Lawrence. Thank you so much for the warm hospitality you shower us during our stay and sorry to trouble you for every knick-knack like buying stamps, etc…. I shall not forget what you’ve done for us and let’s say, now I’ve already count you as a good friend in Los Angeles. [The next time I dial his number this is what I will get – “nombor yang anda dial tiada di dalam perkhidmatan. Terima Kasih. (The number you’ve dialed is not in service)]

At 11am, we met up with Sherine and hubby, John. Sherine is a friend from Malaysia who married John a American-Japanese. You won’t believe how they met each other. But aitelyu, cyber love does happen! We had dim sum in Chinatown. No picture for that as I have to retain my image *ahem*. Need to warm up first ma. Lawrence is different. He’s a closer buddy to me and he know I’m a hardcore blogger. Dim Sum restaurant in LA is so happening and the variety is much much more delicious than ours. But I still like my lormaikai in foil bowl and not lotus leaf.

Another friend of ours, Amelia who flew in from Malaysia about the same time with me was with us. I’ll skip the intro since you will read about her in my later post. She’s a shopping geek. I love shopping!!! Which women doesn’t like shopping!!!

U.S. is famous of Outlets – places where they sell branded item at slashed down prices.

This is where we grab our first item. Hubby pick up a Levi’s jean at only US$13! Guna calculator kali tiga point lima!!!! Can’t remember what other item I bought. But not much. I have another week in LV and intend to do more outlets shopping. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..

Thereafter, we went and have buffet dinner.

There’s something about shrimp in LA. They are so huge!!! And so fresh!!! And so juicy!!! Good thing they don’t steam it. I hate steam prawn. I love shell less prawn!!! And I love it the way it is in the picture above. *slurppp*

That’s John, Sherine and Amelia is in blue shirt.

Again, this is my first time eating Alaska Snow Crab. Soft shell. All you need is your fork to prick (??? whatever) open the shell or bend it and break it. Something about snow crab. They discard the body cos it is empty. You only eat the claw and leg.

Soon we retired to Sherine and John’s house. The moment we open the door, we was greeted by this small flurry cute looking creature. Everyone say Hi to Yober!

He’s such a good kisser compare to hubby *duck from pots and pans*. I scoop him up and he start to lick me on my neck then my ear. And I think he loves my ear cos he won’t stop licking and licking my ear. Make me sexcited only -_-. This is what the Aunty looks that I won’t put up in my blog. Good thing I have Yober to distract attention *giggle* I think I need a hair wash 🙁 .

Tomorrow is another early day for us. Rise at 7am cos we need to drive down to Las Vegas. zzzzz…..

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Six Weird Things about Myself – A Meme

I was tagged by Chiwi sometime ago.  Here it goes…

  1. Jessieling is always right.
  2. I’m not photogenic.  By chance, my pic turn out nice.  At other time,  I really looks like an Ah Soh.  Even in real life!
  3. Some people/kids have the habit of biting their nails.  I’m a gold digger in my sleep!
  4. I like to pick on Hubby 🙂 .
  5. I love baking, but I don’t eat them.  (I know I’ve mentioned this before.  Somewhere.)
  6. If you don’t agree on the above, please refer to item 1 again.

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Day 4 – Disneyland

Early rise and shine. We had breakfast at Mr Baguette.

Best ever Baguette I’ve tasted! Fresh made baguette with ham topped with pickle carrot and raddish. One day, I’ll try my hand pickle the carrot and raddish to be sandwich in sandwiches. It’s totally heaven and makes your sandwich crunchy. The baguette is so good that we pack another one to be eaten in Disneyland. Weeeeeeeeee….. Disneyland! Another tour that we booked at US$75 (RM263!).

The park is very big. From the car park we have to take a shuttle/tram to the park and the crowd the unbearable! Long queue waiting for the tram and even longer queue at the security check point before entering the park.

Hmmm… let me see where should I head first. Something that I like. I know I have a date with Mickey. I’m all excited for it. Toontown is for kiddies.

The song of “It’s a small world afterall… It’s a small world afteralll…” has been playing over and over again like a broken record. It started to annoyed me. *grrr…. Then I saw Minnie Mouse.

ooOOoo… her house is so nice. Life-sized & 3D furnitures. Everything in there looks so real but it’s not movable. Except for the fridge, the door is flexible so the kids is trying to steal some cheese from Minnie. Bad! I can’t resist the letter box. They are so cute. Wish I have one for my house.

I search high and low for Mickey Mouse. He’s no where in sight. I thought we have a date? Where is he? I’m so mad at him, I feel like eating him for lunch.

He is so delicious! His skin is very chocolatey and his filling is so cold, creamy and hard! Something good to savour during the Spring’s weather. Now I’m missing a good cup of hot teh tarik kau (milk tea) to wash that down. *sigh…

Oh, the human in Goofy’s costume is breathing/panting so loudly. I can even hear him. Pity him. He must’ve feel very exhausted hugging people *Pun intended*.

Something very unusual from the others. Chipsmunk in their tree house.

Very extraordinary especially the leaves. They look so real.

Are you bored yet? How can you get bored! Let me show you the Queen in the her castle with her Princesses and Prince *cough*

See how they are! Those are just the Princesses helpers. Can you imagine how beautiful is Cinderella? I bet they looks like what you see in the fairy tale books.

“Where Happily Ever After Happens Everyday” – I love that quote. Some visitors take the effort to dress up their girls in princess dress. They look so lovely and I think angmoh babies are the cutest baby in the whole wide world. I miss my own Princesses too 🙁

Are you bored yet? Cos I am! Other than those kiddies thing that you saw just now, it is only 20% of what they have in the park. I have not touch on the rides for the grown-ups like “Pirate of the Carribean”, “Indiana Jones”, haunted house, etc…. “Back to Future”…. oops! Sorry, “Back to Future” is in Universal Studio. lol They are all marvellous rides! If I were to blog on the whole Park, I think there will be Part 2, Part 3 or maybe Part 4. Hmmm….

This is my first time seeing Tulips! They are so lovely. I’ve not seen all those flowers in my life before. They are so unique with 2 shades of colours. Oh, they have some giant cactus too. Let me squeeze in another picture for that.

They have a parade at 8pm but our tour bus is leaving the park at 5pm. That’s the disadvantage of being in a tour group.

If my memory still serve me, this is Tony Roma’s. They claimed that they served the best spare rib in American. Well, anyone can claim that, right? The truth is, not only they served the best spare ribs, they even have the best and most scene of patronage licking their fingers! I thought only Malaysian does that? Makes me crave for TGIF’s spare ribs *slurp*. Fyi, that’s lime margarita *slurp, slurp*

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I Dreamt of Tsunami and….

I was in Pangkor Island. After the 2nd wave hit some fisherman’s house, I jumped to the thought that Tsunami is here again. I jumped in a jeep that looks like the one driven by Indiana Jones. We drove the jeep so fast and the road was so bumpy. Then I woke up.

I think I can tell this dream.

1) Why was it in Pangkor Island? That’s my mother’s hometown. We just visited my maternal Grandma during CNY.

2) It’s was raining so heavily this morning. No wonder I dreamt of Tsunami. Today is the 2nd day flood occured in Klang Valley.

3) And why is it Indiana Jones’s jeep?

I’m in the mid of putting Disneyland photos in collages and have drained all my thoughts and energy doing it. Now I’m getting nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going back to my corner continue doing what I’m supposed to do. Thank you very much 😐

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Day 3 – Universal Studios

(Please proceed reading at your own risk as this post is heavily loaded with pictures. There are 60pcs of pics, cropped & photoshopped into 18 collages to save bandwidth).

Last night in the plane, I had 2 hours of sleep and today, I hit the sack at 2.30am and woke up at 4.30am. Dang! I know I’m in deep trouble but I can’t help it. My eyes just won’t fall back into dreamland. Remember Lawrence dogs? He heard me walking in the room and came scratching on my door. Hehe… i just sat on my bed and giggle. He’s so alert and cute. Good thing Lawrence house is equipped with wi-fi. I get to clear my mail and moderate whole lots some comments to kill time.

We signed up with a tour agent for Universal Studios. US$70 (RM245!!!) per person for the entrance fee plus transport.

Once we are in the park, the first thing you do is hop on the tram for Studio Tour.

Get on the tram and it will bring you around Universal Studios for some tutorial like how films are made. Stage 25, etc, is like a big warehouse. Majorities of movies are shot in the warehouse with makeshif rooms inside.

Let me show you a bit of the tutorial.

What you see on TeeVee is fiction. The car doesn’t drift. It was attached to a…. dunno what they called that.

This is how they made floods…

1. All you see is dry river.
2. And the lightining began to strike and the rain falls down.
3. Suddenly the water started to gush down. Remember, you are in the tram watching all this. It’s amazing.
4. The floods came crashing at the river banks.
5. It then flows back into the tunnel where the storage are and it was then repeatedly used to show audience.
6. It takes minutes for the flood to happen. If you are there, don’t blink your eyes. Soon the water dries up again.

The making of fire/explosion…

Some of the tutorial went in my right ear and goes out thru my left ear 😳

The making of…

Everything is from control of a button. Small pond with miniature ship. When our tram reaches, the pond was split into half. That is when Moses split the Red Sea and walk across. Too bad, the Ten Commandments never make thru our teevee. All thanks to our censorship board.

Crops that are left behind from scenes…

Please bear in mind that all these pics are heavily photoshopped into collages for viewing pleasure. For example in the 2nd picture, the logo is not there at all. I photoshop them there.

There’s so many things to see but so little time. We don’t have a leisure walk in Universal Studio. Not even have proper lunch.

All I ate is a piece of some kind of deep fried batter. There’s strawberries dressing underneath and topped with whipped cream. They are superb.

Other than taking pics with cartoon characters, we have to rush thru shows. All types of shows – pirates and even animal shows.

Not sure if Lessie in the pic above is the actual Lessie that filmed the movie Lessie. Hmm… Lessie, Jessie, Lessie, Jessie, Lessie, Jessie. It rhyme!

I find marvel heros in leotard a bit crappy especially when that “thing” is bulging up. So obvious can die lidat! I don’t watch Dora nor a fan of hers. I took pics with Dora cos Princess like Dora 🙁 . It makes me wonder, if Princess saw this pic, will she get even more sad and jelous?

If you happen to be in Los Angeles,I would highly recommend you Universal Studios. This is a place that you must visit yourself to see all the amazing things that happen behind tube. Most of the time we go “wahhhhhhhhhhh” “oooOOOOooo” or “I seeeeeeeeeee”.

I saw this apple coated with chocolate.

It reminds me of Albie licking the red apple candy in Paris *jeles*. I’ll forgo this for the time being and scout for apple candy instead.

It’s the begining of spring when I was in LA. There’s flowers everywhere.

They are so beautiful and lovely. I’m sucker for flowers.

Ok. That’s so much as what I can show around Universal Studios. Too many things to see and do + Too many pics to take and show = Too little time in hand. I have tones of pics to share. It’s impossible to show them all here.

We soon met up with Lawrence again for dinner at 6pm. Like I say, he’s such a humble person. He insist on paying during meals which makes us a bit uneasy and paiseh. But when we get our chance to pay during breakfast, he say he’s not a breakkie type of person 😡 . We never get any chance to buy him meals.

What’s for dinner?

We eat almost anything that is served. Lawrence learnt fast. No point asking us what we want. Just order! I can say he’s good with food and know what’s best. This is not the best pizza I’ve ever eaten but this is my type of pizza. Thin crust. BBQ sauce makes the pizza even more yummilicious. Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino – You must try them! It is very very creamy.

By then, Lawrence announced, “You better take pictures of the pizza and show them to Mona. She’s buying you this meal.”

OMG! I almost wanna cry then I hear that. Mona is another friend of ours. We are all from the same hometown. I was supposed to meet up with her too. Unfortunately, she was schedule for a surgery on the same day I arrived. She called from her hospital bed shortly after we had finished our bites. It makes me wanna zoom off to her hospital and give her a big bear hug. Thank you Mona for this meal. Make sure I repay you when you are back in Malaysia. *snif snif*

It’s so freaking cold out there yet you can see folks queuing up for Cold Stone Ice-cream.

Lawrence make sure we try them before we are freeze to death on the street. What’s special? They slap a scoop of ice cream on a slab of stone and work them out by mixing nuts, fruits or candies of your choice. The ice-cream is already very yummy by itself. I don’t see why a slab of stone can improve the taste. *brrrrr…. we definitely gonna froze to death this time.

On the way home, we saw In-N-Out Burger.

On their menu, they have only 3 type of burgers 😉 Got the hint now? Can you imagine with only 3 type of burgers and their business is still blooming, you can tell that their burgers must’ve taste very very good. Lawrence again insist we must try their burger. Altho I’m so full, I just have to give them a try. I’ll have that for supper. Maybe? Do I have to tell you how good it is? It’s heaven! I love the thick and crunchy lettuce. I’m dying for greens actually. lol.

So much for pening down the whole day of event in words. Half of the time, I really dunno what I’m crapping about. 😳 See you tomorrow in Disneyland 😉

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Day 2 – From LAX to Walk of Fame

That’s Curry chicken with bok choy, pasta with bake dory fish, pathetic looking fruits and tiramisu.

What happen to our lunch? Did I have lunch on board? Gee… Nevermind about that.

We touched down around 4.30pm (US time).

We don’t have a smooth clearance at the Custom. They are one bunch of @#$&*. I’ll skip the unhappy incident. It was such a relieved to get out from that tangled knot.

Our escapade start right on the dot at 6pm when Lawrence came with his red Mercedes to pick us up from the airport. There is no words to describe him. Lawrence treat us more than a friend. He makes us feel so comfortable yet not comfortable. In another word – make us so paiseh lidat.

So, a tourist ought to do what a tourist need to do right?

We drive thru Chinatown. A very quiet place. Then we spotted this…

Foo Chow Restaurant. This is where Jackie Chan filmed the movie – Rush Hour. I did not watch the movie but Hubby keep on commenting, “The place is so small. Amazing how Jackie Chan can fight in there.”

It’s only 6.30pm. See how dark the place is. Next, we went to Downtown. We are a day late for the Emmy Awards.

Kodak Theatre is the official venue to host the Emmy Awards.

Oh, who? Me?

Thank you! Thank you! *muaks, muaks, flying kisses*

Oh, who? Me? A speech? *duck from rotten tomatoes*

Right at the street, you won’t miss this cos everyone is taking pic at the walk way.

Walk of Fame – Tom Cruise is hiding from me 🙁

When you are in America, eat what the Americans eat. Yea, Beef! This is the most tender and juciest Kobe beef that I’ve ever savour. Oh, everybody. Say hi to Lawrence and Lawrence, say hi to everybody.

We soon head over to Lawrence 3 bedroom mansion. Nice and comfy home with 24 hours security. I’m not kidding you.

Everybody, say hi to Baby. I hope I get their name correct as Lawrence had 2 dogs and I can’t tell who is who.

That’s all for the 2nd day. I still miss my babies at home. At least this could brighten up Princess’s day.

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Day 1 – From KLIA to Taipei to LAX

Actual event took place on 27th Feb 07 (Tuesday).

We had a quick breakfast with the kids before sending the 2 eldest to daycare centre. Environment in the house has been a bit tensed the day before when all things go wrong and to made matter worst, Princess had 2 weeks of school exams to dealt with. She’s afraid she can’t do well in her papers and has been crying on and off. That makes me even more tense to leave them behind. I can’t control my tears. I cried my way to the airport.

I tried my best not to worry about Princess. I texted my Sister and Mom telling them to have a talk with Princess later at night cos she has been crying in daycare too. Tears just rolled down my cheek again whenever I think of my babies. It’s a very very sombre take-off.

We had a very late lunch at 5pm on board.

That’s Sweet and Sour Fish with rice, Teriaki Chicken and Udon noodle, Bun and butter, smoke tuna salad (thumbs up!) and cheese cake.

Five hours flight from KLIA to Taipei. I’m stuck on my chair playing with joystick. Blueh… Good thing the stop-over is only 1.5 hours. We continue our flight from Taipei to LAX at 9.15pm. That will be another 11 hours flight (oh, my poor butt). Dinner was served shortly after boarding. That was so late.

I slept at 11pm after loosing 6 matches of Reversi in a row. Sucks! I think the Robot captured my technic. Suddenly at 2.15am (US time – 10.15am) I woke up from my sleep. Not good.

Good thing is, I get to witness the cross over from night to daylight.

From total darkness, within minutes I see daylight. Very facinating. Of course I took pictures and more pictures.

This is the only view to equalize those travelling on first class. God is fair, when it comes to million dollar views, first class, business class, economy class and cargo class, all share the same views.

Was a good thing tho I was awake. if I could keep myself concious for another 5 hours, I don’t have to be the slave of “jet-lag” 😉

I left Malaysia on 27th and it is still 27th when I reach Los Angeles. Woohoo!

Ooops! Shall we proceed to day two now?

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