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Six Years Ago Today I Became A Mother For The Third Time

Just a quick post there to commemorate Little Munchkin 6th Birthday.  She is seen here happily posing with her cousin brother.  Both can be real buddy and enemy at the same time!  But they look forward to each other’s company whenever possible.

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Pre-Birthday Wish

The Little Munchkin is turning 6 and out of the blue, she asked, “I wanna sit on tu-tu train.” So we granted her the wish and went for a train ride.  And I recalled when Jie-Jie was her age, we went on a train ride too.  Good thing I blogged about it!  And viola, just punch in “KTM” as the keyword on the search engine and Google pulled up my old post. Easy job right 😉

Left:  Jie-Jie (then 6y/o) with Di-Di (then 4y/o) Right:  Mei-Mei (now 6y/o) with Kor-Kor (now 8.5y/o).

Another significant is the dress the girls are wearing.

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Baby Alive

While loitering around the airport during our recent holiday trip to Bali (will blog later) Minka Aire, we was fascinated by this new toy called “Baby Alive”.  They are made to react to touches, call out for attention and is able to drink and wet! After months of pestering by the Little Munchkin, finally Daddy bought one that says:  “I Drink and Wet”.

The set came with a toothbrush, toothpaste, biscuit, a real drinking bottle(!!!) and a real disposable diaper (!!!).  This is where the fun is.  Just simply fill bottle with juices, milk or any liquid.  Feed the bottle to the doll.  You will be surprised to see that the tongue actually retract and liquid goes in through the mouth and out it goes to the diaper.

As we did not have a spare diaper, I refrained the Little Munchkin to feed the doll any liquid.  Maybe will tailor made a cloth nappy.  That way, we can wash and reuse. Another way to save the diaper is to removed the diaper and sat the doll in the basin.  But I won’t encourage anything like that.  You know, it is not very appropriate to feed a baby naked while sitting in the basin. We don’t do that in real life, so we better not do that even if they are unreal.  Kids tend to pick up thing very fast.

The only thing the doll doesn’t do is poo and making sound.  Well, if you want ‘her’ to poo, try feeding ‘her’ some yellowish liquid.  That is the closest to poo colour *wink*.  There are a few version of Baby Alive in the market.  Little Munchkin preferred the one that “bounces and babbles”.  When we first saw it, the doll was bouncing in her crib and making gurgling baby noises.  Daddy made a bad choice this time or else we would have request him to get one that is more interesting. Lesson to learn – kids doesn’t like anything quiet.

The Little Munchkin actually commented:  “Mummy, the YouTube bluff people wan.  How come my Baby Alive can’t talk.” Call this a technology advancement or what?

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Which Is Better?

Without fringe or with fringe?

This little cupcake of mine loved to get a haircut.  Whenever someone is getting a haircut, she will want one too.  If I did not managed to persuade her, the most she will get a little trimming here or there just to stop her persuasion.  Oh, don’t let me start on how persuasive she can become (No pun intended but all the verb, noun, adjective is out lol).

Few days ago when Kor-Kor was due for a haircut, little cupcake turned into her usual broken record and irritate the hell out of me!  Then it got me thinking that it’s been a while since she is spotted with a short hair.  But the girl wants more! She wanted a fringe too.  So there she goes, shoulder length and a fringe.

If you were to ask me, I’ll definitely say “without fringe” 😉

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… of Bubble Gum and Peanut Butter

This conversation happened between my 5 years old daughter, Kharlette and me.

K – Mummy, see?

Me – OMG!  What happen!  How did the bubble gum get to your pants?! (picking up gum with my fingers)

K – Mummy, the TV say use peanut butter.

Me – Urgh!

Apparently, the little rascal picked that up from Astro TV IQ and trying to experimented it herself. This is what we called, “Monkey see, monkey do.”  Very dangerous girl indeed.  Who knows what she is going to do with the box cutter knife after watching MacGyver?  Oh, oh!  Must not let her watch Superman too!

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Things That She Said

Things that blurted out from a 4 years old mouth.

Scenario 1

On our way back to kampung while the kids sleeping at the backseat:

Mummy:  Kharlette, since you are up we stop for you to shee-shee (passing urine) ok?

Kharlette:  *nod head*

Mummy:  If later Kor-kor (brother) wants to urine he can always urine in the (mineral water) bottle. *jokingly*

Kharlette:  *giggle* *giggle*

Mummy:  Kor-kor can shee-shee in the bottle or not? *holding up the plastic bottle*

Kharlette:  Can!

Mummy:  Daddy can shee-shee in the bottle or not?

Kharlette:  Cannot.

Mummy:  Aiks, why?

Kharlette:  Because Daddy’s penis is too big.


Scenario 2

One of the night Son gave me a good night kiss on the lips and I asked him to kiss his Baby Sister too and Kharlette said, “If he do that I’m going to use his shirt to wipe! I don’t care!” *while closing her mouth with her hands* LOL!

Isn’t this the best anti wrinkle cream in the world?

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Little Ballerina: Continuation

Aiyoh, don’t ask me la.  I also don’t know why suddenly all my blogging inspiration has lost.  The thing is, I find updating in Facebook so much convenient these days.  Sharing photographs online doesn’t require much words at all.  Unlike blogging, I have to crack my brain what to write and also have to watch my grammar, which sucks big time.  And I think I’m going to go slow in  my blog till I get bored with stuff like farming, fishing, Twilight, New Moon, OMG! NEW MOON!  They are screening in cinema next month.  I am so excited!  I can’t wait! *jumping like a college girl*

OK,  just a few more photographs on the Little Ballerina like I’ve promised previously.

After looking at this photo, it gave me an idea.  The next time I’ll have to include the full shadow in the frame.  The reflection is just too breathtaking, too shiny like the granite tile.

The last one is my favourite.  Obviously they have gone thru a series of colour editing.

More photographs has been uploaded to Facebook.

Ciao, Bella.

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Little Missy

During our recent 2 days/one night trip to Cameron Highlands, I came home with over 400 shots.  Day by day, my pc memory is running low.  Thanks to the 16gb external hard.  Instead of clogging up my blog with pictures, now I have them uploaded in Facebook.  I will still choose some of my favourite shots to share with those who is not in my Facebook account.

This is my 4 years old Little Missy occasionally aka Little Miss Troublemaker or Baby Princess but today I shall address her as Little Missy.  You will know why after looking at her poses.

Tips:  The thing with .jpeg files.  The more editing (resizing) you do, the quality is reduced by the number of usage.  So each time you resize them, got to sharpen it.  By then, you will get very crappy picture. The lazy me always do this.  Open the original picture (2888px), resized them at 600px for Facebook upload (sharpened it), resized them again at 200px for scrapbooking (sharpened it), finally resized again the scrapbook layout to accommodate my blog. (No more pixel to sharpen)  Crappy isn’t it!  If can, always use original picture and never reuse the resized picture.  Geddit?

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The Angelic Look

She may fool you with that droopy look but the very next moment when she removed her finger from the mouth, fuyoh, like monster only.  Took these pictures of no.3 when we was in the hospital visiting my Sister and her newborn.  Didn’t know No. 3 was sitting at the lounge all by herself taking her ‘fix’.  She looks like she has been drugged!  Somemore can help me to jaga my bag. LOL!

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Have Hands Will Draw

Sometimes when I was busy in the kitchen and did not hear a single sound from coming Baby Princess I know it spelled T.R.O.U.B.L.E.  But to my amazement this time, she was scribbling something on her hand.  So full of concentration.

I sneaked up quietly next to her to steal this wonderful shot but the Little Missy soon realised my antics.

She was trying to grab the paparazzi’s camera. LOL

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