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UPM 30th Convocation

Getting ready for my youngest sister’s big day i.e. her convocation. Got this for her.

Roses all the way from Cameron Highlands and a cute little bear. We sent them to the florist to tie into a bouquet. Unfortunately was turned down by the florist. Her excuse was the bear doesn’t have support. Nah, see this *CENTRE finger for her*. I know it can be done but we do not have the proper tools. Anyway, it’s DIY time. We took 1 hour to get this result.

See, it is not that difficult after all. All we need is some common sense and skills 😉

The final process of putting up the coloured papers was a bit difficult. I keep telling myself, we do not have to get the prefect result, as long as we get the end result. A bouquet is a bouquet after all.





This! will cost us RM180 from the florist. We spent less than RM50 to get this.






Beside this bouquet and another daisy bouquet, we bought 10 octopus balloons at RM3.50 each.

Do we look like balloons seller? There are peoples who actually approached us and we sold 3 octopus for RM6 each!!! hahaa… not what we plan for but making profit out of the blue really is a fun thing. We giggle and joke too much about it.

This! Is the girl on her big day. ooppss…. she’s not paying attention.

One more shot.

This is the girl. Graduated into the working world and is still the pet in my family.

And this…. are the GIRLS in the family.

We are so proud of her and so do our parents. And it’s drizzling *grrr….

Quote:  Graduates who cannot secure a job after graduation is because of their attitude – not willing to work hard, too dependent, complain tremendously, impolite and worst, never realise their attitude problem – by Ms Ling, MMU Lecturer

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Reward Point Card

Yesterday with only 10 bucks in my purse, feeling a bit sad cos no one wanna lend me 50 bucks *sob sob*. When I reach home received this in my mailbox.

Wah, so darn happy! Jusco gave me rebates again.

For those ppl that doesn’t have Jaya Jusco (JJ) at where they stay, they are one of the biggest shopping chain around Klang Valley and other states too. But I think Sabah and Sarawak doesn’t have JJ.

The catch is, you pay RM12 per annum and became a member there. Each ringgit you spent, you get one point. With those points accumulated, you can redeem for a selection of gift from their magazines or you can redeem their cash voucher to be used in their departmental store and earn points from there again. See the catch? This is what we called money make money.

On top of that, if you spent more than RM500 within 6 months they gave you 5% (during normal day) or 3% (during sales) rebates and converted to cash vouchers. See the catch again? This is what we called earn while you shop.

And the best part of being a JJ member, you are invited to their members day sales. This is only for members (but can bring along 2 friends). They have many many good bargain and prices are thrown relatively low with lots of discounts store wide. And during members day sales every RM100 spent, they will give you RM10 cash voucher on top of the usual points accumulative and cash rebate. The last sales I went, I spent around RM800 in 3 hours.

That is what I get.

If you are not a member yet, go join now! If you are a existing member, welcome to the crazy money spending shopping club!!!

And with this RM20, I took Ghostie advice. Went to their supermarket. Waited there till 9.30pm when they would put up the 50% tag and get ourself a teriyaki chicken. Poor children. You should see how they globble down the whole chicken within minutes. They are so hungry!

*sob, sob* <~~~~ this is tears of joy. Finally God answer my prayer and drop 20 bucks from the sky! So happy until can die lidat. *sob sob* <~~~~ and this is tears of sadness. To all my readers out there "YOU ALL ARE SO CRUEL!!!! Willing to see Queen eat expired KFC, borrow from the ah long and STARVE TO DEATH!!!!"

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Money Not Enough

This month is my poorest month in my life *sob sob*. I have never live my life with only less than RM200 in my bank account. And worst, I forgot to balance my check book.

There are 3 incident that makes me poorer:

  1. You see, I’ve actually book a tickets for my parents to Langkawi too and their ticket is not cheap. 3x more expensive than my tickets. 3 days later, my mom said they can’t go cos she was posted to teach in Ipoh. We have no choice but to forfeit the money. It was RM300!!! So sim tia (heartache). I thought nevermind lo. Only 300 bucks.
  2. On the way back from LCCTerminal, there is this idoit that didn’t know how to avoid a metal plate on the road. He drove over the metal plate and the plate flew to our direction and hit our car tyre. The whole tyre gone! It suffered a deep horizontal cut. We have to come out RM198 for a new tyre to replaced our 6 months old tyre. So sim tia (heartache)!!! I thought nevermind again lo. As long everyone is safe. Luckly didn’t hit our windscreen.
  3. I’m sure you guys have heard how famous is our Proton Waja. Their power window is always faulty. Then sui-sui yesterday night, the window couldn’t wind up. Die la! I know another few hundred dollar. Got the bracket change for RM220. I ask the workshop,
    “can charge to credit card ah?”
    “Can!!! But must charge 3%”
    “Knn, ok la. What to do. I got no cash liao.”So, another RM226.60 gone! So sim tia (heartache)!!!

This morning when I checked my purse,

die la…. left 10 bucks only. é’± 不 够用 Money not enough. How am I going to survive till month end??!!! *snif, snif*

Any kind soul out there can lend me 50 bucks or not?

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Day 3 – Sightseeing in Langkawi

Woke up late this morning as we don’t have any plan for today as our flight home is around 2pm so we have at least till noon to shop a bit in town. As today is Friday and to them is their off day, we can hardly shop at all as all shops are still closed. Trying to catch a fast high calories breakfast at 11.00am but to our dissapointment the food arrived at 11.30am only! And don’t you ever think of trying out the KLG Fried chicken. Even I can fried a better chicken than them!

Among all things, alcoholic beverages are populor on the island and cheap too. For example a bottle of DOM may cost RM80 for 70cl in KL but on the island you may get RM75 for 1Liter. Even if you don’t drink, just buy them for gift to your parents or… keep them for your confinement days!

It’s about time we leave for the airport at 12noon. This is what I missed:

No jam, no rush, no deadline! (Eldest Princess say “NO HOMEWORK!”) And most of all, I missed the bitches beaches there.

Below Pic taken in Awana Porto Malai

Below Pics taken while having our Breakfast on day 2!

Everywhere you go there are bitches beaches. You can even have roti canai breakfast on a beach front.

Window Shopping

Food! But the prices is too $$$$

We return the car in one piece at the airport where we pick them up on day 1. No scratches, no dent. Checked in our luggage one hour before the departure time! hahaa!

Earlier on, we drove to the airport and park our car in LCCT. Their parking rates is RM30 per day. So I would presumed we have to pay RM90 for three days. But to my surprised, they charged us parking for 2 days and 4 minutes. That rounded up to roughly RM63 for our parking. Unbelievable! It’s cheaper than taking a public transport.


We are back on Friday which means I have Saturday and Sunday to recuperate and continue with housechores and laundries (mind you, 3 full loads!!!).

Monday morning is the usual routine. Stuck in the traffic jam for hours before reaching the office. grrr….

And the news that saddens me – a friend of mine who’s daughter is same age as eldest princess i.e. 6y/o passed away over the weekend. May that little soul rest in peace and flock happily in heaven.

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Day 2 – Underwater World, Langkawi

Early rise and shine. We had malay breakfast just across the street at 9am. Wanted to try their local mee soto or laksa but both dishes will be ready at 11am only. I was warned that life in Langkawi is kinda slow. Now I started to get the hint. Looks like we have to settle with nasi lemak (spicy rice) and roti canai. I ordered the cheese roti canai. It was good. I think they used Philadelphia cheese and sprinkle some sugar in it. Yummilicious!

Schedule for this morning will be visiting the Underwater World. It was a 5 minutes ride from our hotel. I love our hotel location. Places that we intend to visit was just a stone throw away.

The gate was supposedly scheduled to open at 10am but when we arrived at 10.15am, many tourist are seen jamming up the entrance. Instantly it Snap! my mind. Malaysia Boleh! They are late again. Sigh…. Don’t they know this is a tourist attraction? Can’t they be a little punctual? Shortly after that the entrance was open. There are about 50 tourists in the queue but only one counter was open. Grrr…..

The left pic says RM28 for Malaysian while the right pic says alien will have to pay RM38 for the entrance. The problem is how do they know I am Malaysian or Singaporean? The catch is if you are a Singaporean better learn few words like – “Dewasa Dua, Kanak-kanak Dua”. There you go. Save you RM40!!! 🙂 But if you are ang moh, kwai low or westerner, just too bad unless you get the chinese or local to help out with the tickets *wink*. But if you are chinese malaysian and has been speaking slanggggggggggggg …. haha… I’m just exxagerating things here.

Well, I’ve been to Brisbane underwater world and I think the Langkawi’s was a baby and really dissapointed as how unadvance they are. No shark feeding show at all! How boring! Flamingos and mandarin duck greeted us at the entrance to the aquarium. How cute and….. out of theme!!!

You like penguin?

…brrrr…. it’s cold in there….

All they do is tickling their armpit. Bah!

I won’t be posting up any fish pic as my camera really sucks. It doesn’t have a image stabilizer and everything goes blur and shadowy. Lots of night mode function to applied and i am without a tripod. What a sad sight. I almost cry when I couldn’t get the correct lighting.

Out of 20 probably 5 can be use provided the fish doesn’t move. So how ler! tsk, tsk…

You want more pic? Actually those corals has nothing to shout about.

The 2nd pic is actually a fish and not seaweed. Forgot the name liao.

Tunnel view

Gigantic stingrays and sharks. I started to get suspicious. Is the glass made from magnifying glass? Some fishes are really hugeeeee!

Camwhore a bit here. Tehehee…

Self portrait! Finally got the hang of it.

*ahem!* all England supporter.

3D Theater

The 3D spects they gave are low quality. It doesn’t give us the 3D effect instead it makes our eyes blur and gave us headache.
Overall, I’ll give this a 6 out of 10. Probably I’ll throw in one more points being the only tourist attraction place found on this island that can be considered as … interesting? and air-conditioned?. But I won’t be back IN here for another 5 years. Maybe NEVER if they ignore my request to bring in the whale. *rolling eye*

Read Day One on Langkawi Trip here.

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Day 1 – Langkawi Trip, Aseania & The Datai

Few days before I went on my holiday trip, I’ve read and heard bad comments on the new LCC Terminal as how bad and unorganized the terminal is. I’ve got to proved them wrong! The air-con is colder than the one in my room and the check-in counter are well indicated on the destination!!! And 2 things I like about this LCC Terminal. We I can check in 2 hours before the schedule time (sheesh…) and….

instead of a dunno-what-you-called-them canopy escalator, we get to board the plane using a stairs which means, the kids get to see the plane at close range and those experience walking along the runway are priceless. You don’t get this truely experience in KLIA. And what I do missed in LCCT is all those duty free shops, free perfume spray and the tram ride while waiting to board the plane.

Birdview on the island before we hit the runway. Marvellous view. This is the 1st plane ride for the kids and I’m surprise they did not jump hysterically in the plane but sits obediently and constantly watching out the window except for Baby Princess (grrrr…) who is like a worm moving here and there.

Upon reaching the island, we rented a Proton Wira for 3 days 2 night for RM120 only. This is really cheap, affordable and convenient. We grab lots of road map on the island as we will be driving ourself to get to places. Our hotel is about 5 minutes ride from the airport.

I would highly recommend this hotel. It is located at Pantai Cenang which is at the centre of the island and tourist spots. 15 minutes to the Cable car and 15 mins to Kuah town and other spots are scattered along the way. Although they don’t have beach front, they claimed they had the longest lazy river in Malaysia which is not to my interest but I do like their pool.

Most importantly walking distance to the beach, convenient store, eateries and window shopping.

By the time we check-in to our hotel it’s about 3.15pm. Remember I’ve talk about my friend who is a chef working in The Datai? I was invited for lunch there! It’s about 30mins ride from our hotel. Sign boards are everywhere you won’t get get lost. At least we started to have some confidence driving on the island.

While waiting for my friend Chef Raymond, I try not to act like a jakun *cough* although couldn’t help it.

They have a big pond with lots of lotus flowers in there. Too bad it’s frog season and not blooming season. But the lotus are beautiful. Ya! My friend caught me snaping this pic and ask,

“Why? Never see a lotus flower before issit.”

“See before. But never see sooooooooo many of them before!”

While waiting for a buggy to arrive….

See this?! Naza Ria!!! My first time in this recliner seat. The hotel is so big unless you wanna walk from the lobby to the restaurant. But you can’t expect the Queen to walk right? (*wink, wink)

Bare Bear in mind that this is more than 5star international hotel. No kids running and shouting around and definitely no kids at any restaurant after 8.00pm!!! I can’t promised how my kids will behave but I know what is the consequences. I’ve been whispering to kids and feeling a bit awkward after that. Too high class for me liao. I wanna leave!!!!!
My lunch! Magura Tuna salad.

I’m feeling so hungry and this is what the chef recommended! Salad! Knn, come so far only eat salad meh?

Chef: Well done or medium?

Queen: (huh? tuna wor not steak la) Make it medium. *trying to look pleased but also a bit blur liao*

Since I didn’t want to sound rude, so I’ll leave everything to the chef. And I hate tuna. I mean, I do eat them but not my favourite tho. They have a strong fishy smell. But when the food arrive, I almost forgot that it is a tuna salad till I stumble upon a chunk of raw looking meat and took a bite. Hmmm… It taste heavenly! A fresh piece of tuna is nothing like the canned tuna! No fishy smell and chewy. Overall, the salad was good. Not at all regret and I know the Chef knows his cooking well!

This is hubby’s chicken salad and he keep on arguing that the tuna belongs to him. Wakakakaaaa…. Chicken breast! Pui, pui. I hate chicken breast! The taste? No idea but he finished them too while the kids had spagetti and pizza.

According to the chef, everything in The Datai are homemade. Nothing is from the store except for raw materials that is including their chili sauce, ketchup, salad dressing and ice creams!


Homemade Mango sorbet. Taste heavenly. Hubby and the kids had ice-creams. Their vanilla ice-cream are made from the real vanilla seeds and not from the essence there fore it is not that smooth. A bit nutty but nice!

Chef Raymond

Cute or not? He looks so handsome in his uniform that I feel like hugging him *ahem*. I’ll like to extend my appreciation to him for the wonderful afternoon and indulge like a Queen. Imagine the chef sitting next to you and snapping his fingers to get attention and orders from the waitresses. So grand lidat I almost forgot my table manners.


On the way back to our hotel, we passed by this tunnel.

If you watch CARS, you would know this looks familiar. But if you haven’t, go watch CARS. It’s a nice movie.

And when we stopped at the petrol kiosk for gas …

Forgot the name but it’s a harbour. Very nice scenery with lack of entertainment.

That’s all for day one. So far, kids behave themself well and no one throw any tantrum. We had chinese food for dinner at 8.00pm and kids are so tired they wanted to called it a night. I’m fine with it. It was supposed to be a family holiday and not a shopping spree for me but eldest insist that I should shop a bit since we are already in town. awww…. she’s so understanding but I don’t want to take advantage on them. 10mins ride in the car, the 3 of them fall soundly asleep.

Read Day 2 tomorrow.

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MV Doulos Trip

Have you heard of MV Doulos? If not, it is a good opportunity to take a look at this 90 years old cruise. We went there quite late about 9pm, the crowd was overwhelming with late visitors like us.

A good view of the cruise. It’s beautiful (of course nothing to compare to Star cruises)! This is my first time climbing on a cruise. I remember when I was a little girl being live near Lumut, we had the priviledge to visit TLDM (Royal Malaysian Navy) and go on board their war ship. These two are a totally different feelings for me. On board a Navy ship, you see lots of young, masculine, handsome navy walking around *cough*. A Doulos? Hmm… I’m still trying to sum up my feeling. A little of dissapointment – small, crowded, humid book fair.

Back to the cruise, this is what the book fair looks like…

… low canopy ceiling with lots of peoples and books.

Tho I don’t find their book cheap, more at the normal price but they do have about 6,000 titles of books for sale, covering a wide range of subjects, including science, cookery, sports, technology, classic literature, dictionary, children’s books and a large selection of Christian titles.

I spent less than 20 minutes at the book section and started gasping for cool air. *slurppppp…. soft cone vanilla+strawberry ice-cream for RM2 only!!!

As I was standing at one of the deck enjoying my ice-cream, this old looking lamp post facinates me the most.

… and of course we walk around in the cruise. Since it is at night, nothing much you can see as it is all dark outside with beautiful neon light.

Baby Princess and me :). If we are allowed to enter the lower deck, probably I’ll do a Leonardo Di Caprio style ala Titanic with hubby *cough*

Now can go puke ade!!!

Let me throw in 2 more pic.

See the tungsten light? Still find them very facinating. Duhh. And look at Prince. Chun leh. This one qualified to a future navy kua.

Princess overlooking the cruise as backdrop.

I’ll probably will go again during day time to take more pictures as my cam really sucks at night scene and since they have a cultural show end of the month. As I have mentioned previously MV Doulos will be in Port Klang till end of July before they sail to Kuantan port. It is worth a visit if you had no plan over the weekend.

Read previous entry on MV Doulos here.

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Cabbage Package


Cameron cabbage (don’t use Taiwan cabbage as the leaf are harder to wrap)
Minced Pork – season it with soy sauce, pepper and tapioca flour (you may substitute pork with chicken or beef)
Carrot – diced finely
Luncheon meat (you may substitute it with corned beef) –
Tapioca flour
3 cloves of garlic

Step by step:

Seasoned the pork with soy sauce + pepper + tapicoa flour and finely chopped carrot. Lay out the cabbage on a top and place a spoonful (quantity varied from individual) of seasoned pork on the cabbage with the luncheon meat on it. Wrapped them the bolster springroll way.

Amount of pork and cabbage is varied from individual. You might want to try out a few times to get the correct amount of pork. For me, a big bowl of pork can make about 8 pieces of package.

Arrange them in a tray and steam for 15minutes. Make sure the water are boiling hot before putting in your dishes. We believe food will turn out more delicious this way.

Remove package and transfer them into a serving plate. Reserve the liquid for gravy. Saute shallot in a wok. Pour the gravy in them. You may add more water or seasoning. It all depends on individual liking. Lastly mixed in the tapioca flour. Mix well and pour in the package.

Best served hot with rice!

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Smiling from ear to ear!!!

I’m so darn happy!!! I’m so in cloud nine!!! I feel like jumping and dancing in the office!!! But cannot la. Later my kolig thought I crazy liao.

Come, let’s do the boogie!!! I want to do the banana dance. Where to find ah? Nevermind la. I just do the Chicken Little dance. Music pleaseeeeeeeeeeee……

Need to pump up a bit heat in here. ….

errr… you may want to ask why.

Come, let me tell you. You go and download this and install them on your toolbar. From there, you can check the website ranking. After 3 months of blogging and today is their update, I’ve got 4 rank. That is very good already. I am only hoping for 1 or 2 rank. As I know, my grammar and English sucks big time. But 4!!! 4!!!!

Currently I did 5 entries each week. Now can go a bit relaks. But I still want to achieve the 5 rank cos with that I can rent my space for advertisement easily which means pocket money opportunity for me too. That is what I am aiming for.

Don’t want to talk liao. I am so darn happy!!! H.A.P.P.Y!!!!


*throwing coloured confetti in the air*

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MV Doulos is back in Port Klang, Malaysia

MV Doulos was built in 1914, two years after Titanic’s ill-fated voyage. She was first named Medina as freighter serving the Atlantic; during World War II and later they renamed the ship the Roma, and converted her into a passenger ship and later on renamed it as MV Franca C. and converted her into a motor vessel and a cruise liner. 63 years later, in her current role as Doulos, she is manned by a volunteer crew and visits sea ports world-wide.

In every port that the ship visits, conferences are held in the ship lounges which promotes international understanding and world-wide education. Among the subject topics are leadership, family life, marriage, youth training and cultural show.

Do catch the opportunity to see this vessel, buy books and share experiences with crewmembers of the vessel which is widely acclaimed as the ‘floating Book Fair’. The fair has about 6,000 titles of books for sale, covering a wide range of subjects, including science, cookery, sports, technology, classic literature, children’s books and a large selection of Christian titles.

The following are events happening onboard the ship. (Taken from Kimmysia and from the brochure)

Book Fair Opening Hours
6 July 2006 (Thu)

  • 2:00PM – 10:00PM

7 July – 31 July 2006

  • Tue – Sat: 10:00AM – 10:00PM
  • Sun & Mon: 2:00PM – 10:00PM

There are also some cultural show on 18 July (Tuesday).

Do catch this unique experience as I’ve heard that this might be their last docking/cruise. Don’t know how true it is.

See you there 😉

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