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Kids Keep Me Sane

This is another story when Daddy is  away on his long business trip.   Instead of getting upset and moody, I kept myself sane with self motivation like positive thinking and be cheerful.  This incident happened very recently.

Whenever Daddy is not around, I will take over the ‘driver’ role.  That morning as I was get out from the house, there is a huge and I mean really HUGE vapour trail right above the sky.  I quickly shouted for the kids to come over to have a look.  It’s nice to see the expression on their face and I boasted that it was a rocket who did that trail 😉 .  I know, bad me.  You see, they was so thrilled and thought that it is such an amazing trail.  We have not seen such a HUGE trail before!  And I was talking to them how world is so amazing, God created amazing things, bla bla.  We strike a very cheerful conversation that morning.  We even sang Amazing Grace in the car.  I’ve never felt so good (in the morning) before.  As our car was turning into the 2nd block of our house, we saw an adult dog and a puppy playfully biting each other.  We all know dog’s language  of affectionate is by biting right?  And I go, “Look!  There’s another amazing things happened!” And the kids goes, “WOW!”,  “WOOOOO!”

Another turning towards their daycare, my 9 years old Daughter said, “Things are so amazing this morning even  eggs grew on plant.” And I paused for a moment.  Did I hear her correctly?  and I asked her one more time, “HUH!  Where got eggs grow on plants wan.”

“There la.  I did not bluff you.”


After dropping the kids at daycare, I was still smiling from ear to ear.  That morning, I know the rest of my day is going be a smooth sailing day 🙂

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Bento Mania #78 – Nissin Noodle

Left:  Checkered apple (I used Fuji apple as Rose apple is out of season)
Right:  (what you see) Grilled sausages, edamane & narutomaki (kamaboko) aka fishcake
(what you can’t see)  Nissin noddle at the bottom.

I love my Lock & Lock container.  When I am in the mood for neat arrangement and dislike cutting food into odd shape for decoration purposes, this is when I turned to my faithful Lock & Lock.

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Daddy, Your House Is In a BiG Mess

Don’t know what to name this post and since Daddy is away again on one of his working trip to U.S., I decided to title this post like what you saw cos the house is really really really in a BIG mess!  The biggest culprit is Little MissTroubleMaker.  Now I have clothes hanger and toys on my kitchen top. And more clothes hanger, food crumbs, books, colour pencils, you just name it!  Each time I arranged my stuff, the next moment they are in a mess again.  At one point, I have to send her next door so that I can work in peace.  Last night, she has been eating Milo  and milk powder straight from the spoon that is in the tin.  And each time you say NO to her, she will look at you in the eye but her hand is still moving.  That makes you really wants to yell at the top of your lung.  *sigh……… ok, this is not what I want to write but I just got carried away.

Actually today I want to write about my dear Hubby that I called Daddy.  Don’t know about your Husband but if I send him out to get me a packet of sugar, he will come home with two packets of sugar.  If you ask him to buy 2 tomatoes, he will buy 5 tomates.  And I was once was told this story by BIL.  Daddy was around in his mid 20s.  The first time Daddy earned some money from the stock market, BIL ask him to belanja durian.  So they went to the stall in SS2.  Instead of buying few durian, Daddy told the man, “I buy all of them (the whole lorry)!” Wakakaka…

The not-so-recent case was:

I asked him to buy the kids gummy vitamins and look, we ended up with 4 bottles of gummies at home.   And knowing kids, they will want to finish up the whole thing in one day.  No body warned that ‘child safety cap’ doesn’t work with a 9 and 7 years old child. p/s:  Don’t buy the Spiderman brand.  They are not chewy.  Very yucky.

Oh, this one I did not ask him to buy:

If you want to eat peanut butter, buy the Skippy brand. Very famous among Americans.  At least I can rest assured that they doesn’t contain melamine!  2 x 2 liters pack.  Our ordinary pack is only 750gm.  Eat till lausai.

*sigh… I so missed Daddy now.  Fai tit come back!  Beh tahan ade!!!

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Meme: My First Pregnancy

Even if I was not tagged by my Sister, I will still hijack this meme from her blog.  I find this meme very different from others.  They are quite informative and reveal something that happened before I was into blogging.  I took sometime to follow all the previous link (kaypoh ma) and when I ended up on AnnieQ’s meme (sorry, lazy to dig the link.  She is on my blog roll anyway) I was quite surprised to know that her first pregnancy was a success from IVF.  And my million dollar question to her was, “did you asked the doctor to give you twins or it just happen that you have twins?” Very interesting meme right?  Here goes my meme:



3. WHAT WERE YOUR REACTIONS? Thankful and thrilled!


5. HOW OLD WERE YOU? Initially I was shy to reveal my age cos everyone thinks getting pregnant at 25 y/o was a bit too young. But now, they envy me cos now I CAN FLY!  Hokkien say “ho miah”.

6. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT? Missed the monthly thingy and the pregnancy test kit says it all.



9. DUE DATE? 13 April 2000.

10. DID YOU HAVE MORNING SICKNESS? At one time, puke till blood vein burst. Lucky from 4th month onwards everything is back to normal.

11. WHAT DID YOU CRAVE? Wah, nine years ago man!  I can’t even remember what I ate 30 days ago.

12. WHO/WHAT IRRITATED YOU THE MOST? Refer to question number 11.


14. DID YOU WISH YOU HAD THE OPPOSITE SEX OF WHAT YOU WERE GETTING? I was stunt when the Gynae told me it’s a girl.  And later before i left the room the Gynae ask me again, “Are you alright?” LOL, I think my behavior is very obvious.  I have to put on a fake smile.

15. HOW MANY POUNDS DID YOU GAIN THROUGHOUT THE PREGNANCY? Twenty Three!!! 23!!!  I was around 40kg and by the 3rd trimester I was 63!  You can’t believe how bad my stretch mark is.

16. DID YOU HAVE A BABY SHOWER? Baby don’t shower.  They take a bath daily.



19. WHERE DID YOU GIVE BIRTH? Private Hospital in Klang. (I almost want to give a cheeky answer again. LOL)

20. HOW MANY HOURS WERE YOU IN LABOR? Hmm… let me see.  From the minute I started to realise the twitching was a contraction till the baby delivered to this world is about 7 hours.


22. WHO WATCHED YOU GIVE BIRTH? The Gynae, Midwife, Nurses, Daddy.

23. WAS IT NATURAL OR C-SECTION? Not very natural leh.  It was vacumn.

24. DID YOU TAKE MEDICINE TO EASE THE PAIN? What is that painkiller that make you drowsy and sleepy?  So drowsy till you can’t open your eye to push and you keep on drifting in and out? And I swear I will never let them poke me with that meds again.  Reason, refer to question number 23.


28. WHEN WAS YOUR CHILD ACTUALLY BORN ? 2 days earlier than the schedule date


31. HOW OLD IS YOUR FIRST BORN TODAY? 9 years and 8 days old.

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You Don’t Like Pet?

JZ:  Do you like pet?
Me:  Yes.
JZ:  Do you have a pet at home?
Me:  No.  Why?
JZ:  How come I never see any animal pics in your blog before?
Me:  Haha.  No pics doesn’t mean that I don’t love animal.  Aiyoh, how to have pet at home when I don’t have enough time for the 3 monkeys.  Don’t forget I am FTWM (full time working mum).  By the time I reached home, gotta juggle between housework and the kids.

I was quite surprise that this blogger is quite observant on the things that I’ve posted.  So, for the sake of showing to the world him that I love animal and not necessarily to have a pet at home, here are some pics of my Niece’s 8 weeks puppy which I took during Chinese New Year.  They have to bring back all the 3 dogs (2 puppies and the Mummy dog) to hometown during CNY!  You tell me la, where to find time to keep a pet at home?  However, I did extend my offer to friends who need someone to babysit their dog.

Super cute, right?

Conversation with my then, 6 years old Son:

Son:  Mummy, can we have a dog at home?
Mummy:  Well, you tell me.  Who feed you rice?
Son:  Mummy.
Mummy:  Who bath you?
Son:  Mummy.
Mummy:  Who cook for you?
Son:  Mummy.
Mummy:  Well, wait till you can feed yourself, bath yourself and cook for yourself then only mummy bring back a pet dog, ok?

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Bento Mania #77 – Crappy Teddy Bear Fishcake

Top:  Flower bun, omochi and peanut butter in monkey container to compliment the flower bun
Bottom:  Rice with black sesame seed and crappy looking teddy bear.  Their eyes is like a vampire. Yikes!  But taste good lor.

This back dated bento was somewhere way back around February.  SIL bought this teddy bear fishcake from the wet market for our CNY steamboat and I just hijack a few pieces from the buffet table. *ngek, ngek, ngek*

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Princess For A Day

We had a small party at home on Easter Day to celebrate my eldest Princess 9th Birthday.  Initially we was supposed to have an Easter egg hunt too but too bad, the rain just wouldn’t stop.  There goes my Kinder Joy (Bye-bye $$$).

When I say a small party, I was trying to limit her friends to at least 6 person but later, the crowd just grew bigger and bigger and she even invited her Sunday School friends :S .  And I ended inviting my Sisters.  If you must know I have a lot of Sisters.  If invitation was extended to Sis 5, then Sis 1 and Sis 3 will be included too.(If not, later they don’t want to flend me then how?)    Then Hubby ask if he should invite his Siblings.  Aiyoh, make me feel bad only but how to fit all of them in our house?  SIL, if you read this, forgive me.  Next time round, ok?

It is very easy to think of a theme. Any teenager her age is crazy over High School Musical.  Sis 5 help me with the banner while I was busy whipping up food in the kitchen.

There are other food like the bolognese sauce, yam samosa, california roll, unagi kabayaki, tamago (egg sashimi), foochow red wine mee suah (for the adult).  Each time I pick up my camera, there are always someone calling me or something to be done and I kept on forgetting about the food pics.  What do you expect la.  ‘M’ is for mother and ‘M’ is for maid.  Organizing a party is not easy, ok.

No pix on the whole lots of Kinder Joy too as I kept on forgetting or was too busy.  Muahahaha!  What an excuse.  The kids was so disappointed as they was looking forward to the egg hunt.  To keep noise at minimal, after the kids ate, they was in our room playing PS2 (HSM game too).  It was so peaceful as now the adult can sit down and yak while digging in the fondue pot!  Thanks Selena for the fondue pot!  I know that was like one year ago since I received them. LOL.  I just melt the dark chocolate with cream and had marshmallow, ice-cream balls and strawberries digging into it.  No pix again.  I was darn busy serving guest.  Refilled the drinks.  Wipe the spills.  Clear the rubbish.  Serving ang chiew mee suah *wink*  Good thing my Sister’s maid help me with the dirty dishes or else my back will break man!  And the poor me gotta finish up all the left over.  The best diet pills also can’t help me this time.

The weird part  is where after the song was sung, the birthday girl was supposed to cut the cake.  I almost ask, “where is the knife?” but realised it was a cupcake.   So weird to cut them and so weird not to cut them.  So I go, “Ok, everybody just take one and eat”. LOL

Happy 9th Birthday Sweetie!

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Getting Busy On Someone’s Birthday

Sis was helping with the deco while I was busy in the kitchen.  Little MissTroubleMaker in action *rolling eye*

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Fondant Cupcake

I will skip the cupcake recipe and go straight to the fondant.  But before I do that, I die-die also want to post up my double chocolate cupcake.  The fresh bake makes my kitchen smells heavenly!

The cracks on the cake tells that they are a bit dry.

Pre-made fondant can be purchase from bakery shops but they are so easy to made that you can save money by making it yourself and keep the bragging rights of having made it all from scratch, right?  There are many different type of fondant you can google from internet.  So I just pick one that is the simplest.

15g powdered gelatin
60ml water
10ml liquid glucose or corn syrup
1tbsp glycerin
500gm icing sugar


Sprinkle gelatin in the bowl of water and let it soak for 2 minutes. Use double boiler to dissolve it for about 2 minutes.  Use a wooden spoon instead of a metal spoon cos the metal spoon will make your fondant turn black (not really black but your fondant’s colour won’t be snowy white).  Remove gelatin and add a tablespoon of glycerin.  Some recipe said it is optional but I think it’s a must if you want your fondant to be smooth.  Make a well on the icing sugar.   Pour gelatin in it and stir them into a dough.  Jeng, jeng, jeng, it’s showtime!

You need plenty of icing sugar for dusting as they are very very sticky and make sure you have a clean work top.  Knead your dough for few more minute.  Tips:  prepare the dough the night before so that they will be less sticky and easier to work on the next day.  Leave them in a zipper bag.  I did a mistake by keeping them in the fridge.  The next day, they are as hard as stone.  I have to cut them into pieces before heating up in the microwave again.  And they are so sticky I almost gave up!

You just need some creativity with the fondant.  I get this fondant mat from Michael’s (U.S.).  They produces very nice vines to your fondant.

And the process goes on for about 2.5 hours before I get this result.

My first ever attempt in fondant, ok.

Of course can’t beat the work of professional.

Promise you won’t laugh, ok?

Jeng, jeng, jeng:

High School Musical cupcakes!

Someone’s birthday is around the corner *rolling eye*.

p/s:  Smells good.  Looks good.  But I never say they taste good.  wakakaka

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Black Clouds Never Stop Coming

1) I started going for vacation when I turned 21 years old. I did all adventurous vacation from rv to jungle trackking and never did once, I was down with food poisoning.  And finally, I got that while vacationing in Beijing.

One week after coming home from Beijing,

2) My smart tag and touch ‘n go card was stolen from my car.  I think I forgot to lock the door.

Two weeks after the stolen smart tag,

3) Our car out of the blue lost control and bang the highway steel divider.  Thanks God all of us are safe.

SIL ask me to cook mee suah & eggs for the whole family to eat.  I cooked ang chiew mee suah *slurp* minus the egg.  Last weekend I went back to my Mom’s.  She wanted to cook red eggs for us but don’t have time to do that.  So she gave me fresh eggs and a red paper.

Anddddddddddddd on Monday,

4) The daycare called and said Prince had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD).

5) At night when I hang my laundry, I noticed that my bicycle was stolen!

And you think that is all? No.

On Tuesday,

6) The kindie cum daycare  called at 12pm to inform that the Kementerian Kesihatan instructed them to close the kindie for  a week.  Looks like my son is the 7th person down with HFMD in the school.  Good thing I’ve gather enough information on HFMD from a mothering forum.

Can you believe this?  6 (666) bad luck happening to us!  I cannot imagine what will happen next.  And with the closure of the kindie cum daycare, I have to look after the kids for a week.  Meaning I am not working for the whole 7 days!  OMG!

p/s:  My BIL said not bad for 6667 = 6 disasters and 7 days off.  Kanasai!

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