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*Green, Green, Grass

Recently I was invited by a friend to her house warming. The moment I stepped into her house compound, the greens attracted me instantly. I can’t help myself but to ask for her secret as how she maintained a big garden and yet, her plants look so fertilised.

Her secret is TruGreen. I see. She actually hired a professional gardener to help her with the designing, planting and maintaining her garden. I have to admit that I don’t have green fingers. My grass look so deadly where else, hers is so green like the one we saw on the golf course. Many people did not know that grass need fertiliser too. And without fertiliser, weeds then to grow on our garden. Gosh, talking about weeds, where do I find the time to tend to my garden? Maybe I should hire TruGreen to maintain my garden as their fees is quite reasonable too.

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