*My House Has Termite!

The first time I encountered termite in my house was about 3 years ago. From there onwards, I have engaged a pest control company to have my house check every 4 months. I thought my problem will be solved while the guys take care of it but little did I know, the termite attacked again on the bathroom wooden door frame.

I was advise by my neighbour to bait the termite and not just killed them as there is a colony of termite elsewhere in my house. She highly recommended Terminix as they have 60 years of experience in pest control. With just one visit, they have solved the termite problem in my house. No more annoying people coming to my every 4 months just to have my house smell of chemicals.

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  1. Rice Blogger said,

    March 26, 2008 @ 11:46 am

    i got this too at my appartment…i used sentricon system…it is pretty good..

    my recommendation is to get a few and get the quotation first…do not commit …so u can learn more about different system

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