Ban All Tobacco

I remember long time ago on November, 2006, I’ve blogged about Shisha when I spotted one in Planet Hollywood, Kuala Lumpur.  So this photo is dated back then.

Recently the newpapers reported on the danger of smoking Shisha.  Why does it take so long for them to realised smoking a Shisha is equivalent dangerous to cigaratte or cigars?  No matter what it is, they all uses tobacco and is deadly in any form.  Shisha or sometime known as hookah is a  flavoured tobacco and contained opium or hashish which can get addictive. Smoking Shisha for hours is like smoking 400 cigarettes and to make it worst, by sharing the pipe, contagious diseases is passing from one to another.  So if you wanna die young, might as well make it luxury.  Smoke a cigar!

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