Bento #98 – Bola Rice

Pardon the title as I am really out of idea as what to name this post.  But bola (ball in Bahasa) it is and  it fit the bento well 🙂

This bento is a repeat from what I’ve prepared before.  It’s been quite a while since I last post a bento post so I decided to go ahead with it.

I like using the onigiri mould as it gave a nice and even shape.  If you don’t have a mould, shape them with your hand.  Best to be done by slipping on a plastic glove.  That way, rice won’t stick too much to your hand.  Make a well in the center of the rice before stuffing them with chicken floss.  I find the one with sesame seed and seaweed is more tasty.

Initially I wanted to have a rabbit theme (in conjunction with the Lunar New Year) for the bento but it seems that my rice ball is too big like kena lipozene scam and doesn’t suit the punch out seaweed faces.  Note to self:  Must look for a smaller mould. Looks like no rabbit theme then :(  but if you look closely at the bottom picture, I still have the pink rabbit food pick and green rabbit side dish. Yay!

Scattered around are various type of kamaboko, slices of lotus root and carrot.  I think they compliment the rice well.  My 9 years old son came home with the unfinish lettuce.  That makes me a beaming Mom!

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