Bento#99 – Luncheon Meat Burger

Luncheon meat is something that I rarely cook because ‘they’ say it is the most unhealthy food especially those imported from China.  SPAM was highly recommended tho.

Few weekend ago, I spotted this round looking luncheon meat that is made locally (according to the prints on the packaging) .  So let’s just assume that it is far more safer than those from China.  On the other hand, I bought them cos the round shape is just nice for a burger.  Just pan-fried without oil on a non stick pan.  You will find how much oil it can produced!

My daughter doesn’t fancy much raw veges so I made hers with cheedar cheese and zucchini only.  Halves the burger and they fit nicely in the bento box!  I used a Hello Kitty separator so that daughter won’t get confused by the alternate bun, vege, meat, bun, vege…. you get what I mean?  That way, their little finger just reached out for the sandwiched bun.

Since it was a weekend, my fridge was stocked with plenty of fruits.  The shop that I frequented provide Fruit Deliveries if we order a lot.  Love the purple grapes so much!  They looks perfect on the food pick that I have.  Make it looks like a balloon.

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