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Mummy’s Ranting

Lately, I’ve found out what type of blogger I am. Basically a Ah Soh mummy blogger. I’m more comfortable to rant about my family, places that I went or even food that I’ve cook. I think I’ll stick to that way. So, read on, it’s a mummy blog from now on.

This post is basically my reply to Gerah who has just delivered a cute little baby boy last month and now she is puzzle as work or not to work since she have a heavy heart to leave her baby son at the daycare. My comment on her blog is just too long so I thought maybe I’ll put my thoughts in my own blog to share with the rest.


From the moment I stepped out from my college with PSC (Private Secretary Certificate) cert in hand, I’ve been working and job hopping ever since to the day I got married and have kids. I love my job. I love my company. I love my boss *cough*…. and of course what goes in to my bank account every month end.

After I delivered my eldest Princess, I am so eager to get back to work after my 2nd months of maternity leave. At the same time, I am bored staying at home, looking after kids full time which is not what I’m looking for. I manage to get a good nanny (and of course with some hicup here and there) and that save me half of my worries when I’m at work. The same goes to my Prince but I returned to work after 6 weeks of maternity leave. (That’s another story cos my boss lack of a pair of helping hand and really need me there.)

Being a full time working mom has it’s disadvantage too. I leave home at 7.30am and home by 6.30pm. My responsibility as a mummy continue. Cleaning, laundry, cooking, yada, yada… till it was bedtime at 9pm. ( Don’t even talk about getting a maid. They give me more problem than my kids!!!! and I am better off without them.) I’m lucky cos hubby help around the house occasionally like doing the dishes and picking up toys (dem! Maybe I should donate those toys to charity). But hubby only does 5 out of 20 things around the house. We can’t depend on them all the time right?

When my Baby Princess came along, my perception of being a full time working mom change gradually. Like the saying goes, “2’s a company, 3’s a crowd”. End of the day when I am home from work, I felt that this old soul of mine is getting exhausted. In a way, I wish that I am not holding on to my day job and be a stay home mom.

To me, a stay home mom gets to juggle between playtime with kids and household chores. To a husband when they return home from work, they expect dinner to be there, house to be squeeky clean, no wailing cry baby but do they know that us, being a working mom can’t meet that expeactation without a little whining? No, they don’t and they won’t understand what we are going thru. It’s is undescrible. Sometimes I think women are curse with housechore. Lately, I have been thinking of quiting my day job and be a stay home mom but I know it’s not easy financially and physically. Give me another 2 years maybe I will. I admire looking at those mothers that drop and pick their kids from school and walking around the mall during OFFICE HOURS!!!

And my answer to Gerah, Malaysia had a lower cost of living. Even if we don’t work, we can still afford luxuries and spent like no body business provided our hubby bring back a good pay. To work or not to work, it solely depends on your priority. Do you need that income apart from what your hubby brings home? If yes, no matter how troublesome (expressing breast milk and so on) and how much you miss your baby, life goes on. Bring back the money, lay food on the table and everyone had a hearty meal and a good night sleep. If your prority is your kids and family then you should stay home and put on the apron and pants (gee… be a professional chef!). Both had it pros and cons. It all depends on how you look at them.

Anyway… *sigh…. I really need to get away from the city and let loose my hair. I’m going bonkers! And yay! I’m almost there 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Half Term has over….

Read the speculation of Zidane butthead in BBC news. I think Materazzi should be equally given a RED CARD if this is true.

*gulp* …. and it’s time for us as a parents to be called in the principal’s office. I know what to expect for Princess’s report book but little Prince…. *sigh…. he’s a bit playful. I’ll presume that boys mature later than girls thus he still can’t communicate like a boy his age.

And last weekend when we got his report book….

… fingers was a bit shaky and forehead is perspiring non stop.

We flipped the first page. Yeah, we still remember his first year in school.

LOTS OF “C’s!!!!!

Keeping my finger crossed for the next page…

Wah, not bad wor! A’s and B’s only. Of course he get lots of praises from his teacher. Compared to last year, he has improved tremendously academically and verbally.

Now, for my Princess report book, it is just a snap of fingers. She’s a brilliant girl. I can’t deny that. I would be surprise if she get a ‘C’ (and I will skinned her alive for that!!!).

Instead of flipping thru, I just turn the book to the last page. Yeah, my girl is in her final kindie year. Next year she will be in Standard one. *sob, sob* she is big girl now and how time flies.

See this! All A’s!

As for her mandarin…

… couldn’t careless actually. I’m a banana myself. I blame myself for not able to guide her in her mandarin. But she can read and write better than me. I am more than happy for her.

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Hard Stuff that knock you off overnight!

flab·ber·gast (flăbər-găst)
tr.v., -gast·ed, -gast·ing, -gasts.

To cause to be overcome with astonishment; astound. See synonyms at surprise.

Last week I received a call from Jimbo and says he’s heading back to KL from Johore with Alkapocino with a package for ME! I was flabbergasted! What more when he said it is from Happyghost. Wah!

Yeah, Ghostie mentioned many times to me that he has reserved 2 bottles of wine for me. That was almost a year ago. Just that, whenever he’s in KL for a business trip, his boss will be with him thus make us quite inconvenience to meet up.

Awww…. isn’t that dog cute???As you know, I’m a sucker for cute stuff. So aint gonna sacrifice the Shadow’s run.

And this two bottles of red wine was added to my collection of wines!

Note: These are just part of my wine collections. I have more in the cellar ;). The best part is….. I can’t drink. Just a little. sheesh…..

Thanks Ghostie for the red wines.  And not forgetting JC being the DHL guy all the way from JB and Alkapocino the UPs guy all the way from DP. *muaks!


Oh ya! Talking about wine collections, I am also a hard liquor collector.

As you can see, I am running out of space for display and all those liquor is sandwitch in the small display cabinet thus making them look not so outstanding. I’ll have to think of what to do next.

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Kampar Curry Chicken in a Bun

Short Talk: I so love to see the way Zidane (France captain) bang that Italian guy’s forehead yesterday. Like watching wrestling lidat, wakakakaaa. Anyway, Italy win. Boohoo.

The first time I set my eye on the famous Kampar Chicken curry bun, I know I must bake one myself too. Ain’t too difficult cos I just put 2 recipes together.

Curry Chicken in a bun is a combination dish of curry chicken which was pre-cooked and wrapped in parshment paper or aluminium foil and bake them in a bun or bread. This is how I do it.

55g of yeast, 600ml of warm milk, 60g of sugar to be fermented for about 30min or more. In a mixing bowl, place 1kg of high protein flour, 8g of salt, 180g of sugar, 180g of butter and rub the flour till it became like bread crumbs. Add in 2 large egg into the fermented yeast, mixed well and add to the flour. I don’t use a electric bread mixer as I prefer to knead them manually altho it may take quite sometime to form a smooth dough.

Let them raise for 40minutes in a warm room.

Punch them down and knead the dough again. Repeat the process twice.

Place your pre-cooked chicken curry in aluminium foil….

… and wrapped them tightly.

Divide the dough into 2 portion and place the packet of curry in the centre.

Wah, didn’t know my finger looks so sexy when camwhoring. wakakakaaka!

Leave them in a baking tray for about 15min to allow rising.

Before and after raising.

Bake in a oven at 220C for 15min and reduce the temperature to 180C for another 15min.

The finishing product….

Crusty on the outside….

soft and fluffy inside ….

Cut or break open the bread and dipped in the curry chicken.

Remember! Must eat them while it’s hot to enjoy the crispy crust. We ate that for lunch and had leftover. What we do is bake them again and the bread is even more crusty.

I bake another one for my sister using a rectangle tray. Look more pleasant and nice.

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Travel Trivia

Do you intend to adopt a Chow Chow? Drop me a note.

Since my buddies Sila and Lilian are doing it, I might as well join in the fun to create a little travel map. Basically they show countries you’ve visited and produce a map of the world with those countries in red.

Mine looks like this….

Create your own visited country map at World66.

Wow! Look at Australia. I’ve only been to 2 states and they shaded it all red. wakakakakaa….

Basically these are the country/states that I’ve been too.

  1. Oslo, Norway
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Paris (item 2 and 3 falls under France)
  4. Brisbane, Australia
  5. Perth, Australia
  6. Phuket, Thailand
  7. Singapore
  8. Seoul, North Korea
  9. MALAYSIA!!! wakakakaaaa….

Althogether 7 countries and that is only 3% of the world that I’ve conquered! Boohoo! Anyway, I shall include Maldives in my travel list in May 2007 ;).


Updated – 3.34pm

Lilian, thanks! for highlighting my mistake. I’m sucks at Geography. *paiseh.  So, if Amsterdam falls under Netherland, woohoo, another red paint on the map.

Check this out…

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Superman Return

Photo ©Warner Bros. Pictures. All rights reserved.

Kate Bosworth & Brandon Routh

Look up in the’s a bird…it’s a plane…no it’s a guy in form-fitting tights, that’s the spitting image of our mind’s eye’s Superman…now how’d they do that.

There’s a lot riding on this Superman’s broad blue shoulders. Not only does newcomer Brandon Routh have to deal with a comparison to the late Christopher Reeve (the definitive screen Superman) but “Superman Returns” has to blow the stink off two very weak sequels, “Superman III” and “Superman IV.” Many has shown two thumbs down for the “Returns”.

I’m just thinking, can Brandon Routh win the hearts of movie goers like how the late Christopher Reeve affirming the role of Superman as our ultimate superhero saviour and break the movie boxoffice?

One thing I realised that this hensem chap has got the 5 ‘S’ criteria that I’m looking for in man.

Superhero, Saviour, Sexy, Slender and Single! He definitely deserved the ‘S’ that boldly crafted on his sturdy, six pack chest. 😉

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I’m going on a holiday. Woohoo!

The above ticker bar tells all. Yay! I’ll be in Langkawi in less than 2 weeks. I so needed to get away from the City and let my mind loose for a while. With 3 little devils in tow, it’s hard to plan for a holiday. We can’t go anywhere adventurous. The princess and prince who is 6 and 4 y/o prefer places where they can run loose. We have been to Genting Highland numerous times. Having to see them on the spinning saucer cup or jumbo ride over and over again really gonna make me puke. Wherelse the Baby Princess need to get a nap in between and her calls for milk!

Why do i choose Langkawi?


I managed to get a fair price on our budget carrier i.e. Air Asia for RM9.95 only (excluding taxes which cost more than the seat!!!). And since the kids have not gone on the plane before, I think it’s a good start for them especially my prince who is a automobile geek. I haven’t mentioned a word to him about the trip for I am very sure he will bug me every single day tho I’ve mentioned it to my princess and yesterday we had a little conversation about the flight.

Princess: Do they serve food in the cabin?
Queen : No!
Princess: But I saw Mr Beans’ and they served food.
Queen: Our flight cost us only Rm100, whereby Mr Bean’s cost him RM1000!!!

So my princess is a bit dissapointed about the real luxuries you can enjoy in a plane and I’ve found out she is a very good observant too (die la lidat!). I turned to the King and told him I am prepared to forked out RM5 for a small tube of Chips just to see the kids happy.


if not of the existance of Langkawi Underwater World, I would not have step into that island and I’ve read a lot of good review on their aquarium compared to KLCC Aquaria. I just have to go and witness myself on all the good things that I’ve heard. Plus, Langkawi Underwater has penguins!!! Aquaria don’t have. That win hands up for Langkawi, definitely!


unlimited invitation from my friend (Raymond) who is a chef (to be precise ‘Executive Chef’!) in The Datai. Holy cow! I’ve just done a google search on their Hotel and the room rates for a nite in the deluxe room cost RM1,135.00!!! … and no, I’m not putting a nite there nor get a sponsorship from Raymond. Basically, I get to dine in their 5 star lounge and probably savour one or two dishes cook by the Chef (hmmm… dream on. lol) for free. Unfortunately, he have to leave the island on my 2nd day there which means I have to explore the island by myself. *ggrrrrr….

So much for such an important event my digi cam decided to give me a little hick-up last week. But, ah well, at least I have time to get it repair. Was thinking of getting a new cam but if I do that, I’ll have to cough out another RM1K. Talking about cam, I’ve sold my Sony DSC T7. Longggggggggg story. (actually I don’t like that cam at all). Mean while, I’m trying to brush up my photography skill here and hopefully will have a few nice shots (at least) to put up in the blog when I return. *keeping my finger cross*

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If stretch marks were brains, I’d be freakin’ genius!

Why??!! Why it has to be me? (Fyi, I’m not Oops!-I-did-it-again. Touch wood!) Before I was pregnant, I have this silky and smooth skin on my body. Weighing only 40kg. Pregnancy definitely ruined everything :(.

Imagine if you put on average of 2kg for 9 whole month and by your 40weeks you weight 60kg, the skin on your tummy has already stretchhhhhhh 20 times of it’s originate state. And when it stretches that big, our skin gets thinner and thinner and instead of exploded (kaboom!!!) and all your intestines, baby, womb all splattered on the floor, your body instinct tells your skin to split into small silvery line which is costing damages on the elastic fibres that help skin stretch.

Many women uses various types of creme, lotions, and oils to try to prevent stretch marks from forming. Unfortunately, while such products soothe and soften the skin, there is no medical evidence to prove that they actually work! So beware of advertisers trying to sell you expensive products claiming that they prevent stretch marks! Some women will think that that particular brand of lotion they use is not effective. It’s wrong. Whether you get them or not is simply a matter of genetics… that is, how elastic your skin is. There’s nothing you can do. I used 6 tubes of lotion and by my 3rd trimester….. it turned out pretty…. (go filled in the blank yourself)

This is how it looks like at 30 weeks.

I heard you guys! It’s dem aweful ugly right. This is one of a big sacrifice of motherhood and I haven’t come to other parts of body like thigh or breast.

The saddest part is looking at celebrities or even my girlfriends posing in their 2 pieces bikini. Envy! Envy! and each time when I look at Britney, I’d go “Why? Why it has to be me??!!” 🙁

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